My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

“Oh I’ve got a few more for you,” she said.

“More tits? My God. Where?” I asked incredulously.


“No silly. More presents.”

“Mmm, when do I get them?

“Soon,” she replied, as she leaned forward, pulling up on her knees a bit and dangled her left breast inches from my mouth. She was offering me a taste and I partook. I stuck my tongue out and twirled it around her stiffened nipple. I pursed my lips and sucked it into my mouth, eliciting a low groan of appreciation and another round of grinding at our lower connection.

This new position allowed my hands a little more leeway as I reached behind to clasp her ass. I was not going to be able to get enough of this young woman or her body. My hands wandered everywhere – along her back, down the outside of her thighs, under the waistband of her shorty shorts to cup the upper slopes of her bubbly little butt. She offered me one breast, then the other, to suckle and lick and kiss. I was in a very happy place.

I was finally emboldened and turned on enough to reach down between her legs and gently cup the generous gap between her legs. Her shorts were completely soaked with hot juices and she gasped as she pulled her tit away from my mouth and closed her eyes. I squeezed what felt like very fleshy lips, still covered by a thin silky material.

Lanie suddenly got an evil grin, the first of many, and disengaged from our embrace.

“Time for another present,” she cooed as she dismounted and kneeled between my spread legs. She began to drag her hanging breasts along my throbbing dick. She cupped her tit and directed the right nipple to rub along the length of my brief clad erection. She rubbed up and down a few times before palming the throbbing bulge in my briefs with the gentlest touch.

“Ohh,” she exclaimed, rubbing the length of my shaft. “Is this a present for me?”

“Yup,” I replied. “Just waiting to get unwrapped. Brought it all the way from Austin.”

She smiled, but seemed to be in no hurry to unveil the rigid flesh barely encased in my briefs. Instead she continued to squeeze my package and slide her slender hand along the thick unmistakable bulge of my cock. I was coming to see that this girl was a tease of the first order. Finally, flashing that evil grin once again, she grasped the waistband of my tight boxer briefs and began to pull them down. The head of my throbbing cock emerged, followed by the tight sac of my balls. My cock, finally unleashed, bobbled skyward as she pulled my underwear down and off my legs.

“Oh my. What do we have here?” she asked, obviously delighted by the thick wavering erection towering before her. “Merry Christmas to me!” she exclaimed. I was so fucking hard and so very turned on. I wanted her to grab me and suck, but she had other ideas. She quickly tied up her long hair so it wouldn’t get in the way of the action or the view.

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