Hypersexual Mother — New medication leads to mother-son incest

My mother was all smiles after we arrived to our camping destination. We found a nice spot on top of a hill, which overlooked the forest and a nearby river, and we set up our campsite.

What made this simple trip such a big deal was that she had been taking a groundbreaking new pharmaceutical drug she had helped to develop at the lab to treat migraines. Apparently it can work wonders, but also has a few kinks to it. So far it’s been working great and mom has never seemed happier.

“God, what a beautiful day,” she said happily as she unpacked. “I’m so glad that we’ve made this our annual tradition during the Spring because it’s the perfect time of year for this type of getaway. It’s a wonderful change of pace from our busy schedules isn’t it?”

I couldn’t help but notice the big smile on her face along with the sparkle in her eyes as she spoke.

“I couldn’t agree more,” I told her. “And you seem like you’re in a really good mood. No offense, but you’re usually tired and grumpy after a long drive.”

“Yeah, well, I had a good night’s sleep and a hot cup of coffee this morning. So what do you say we finish setting up our tents, and then afterwards, we could start grilling dinner. I’ve got some really good food packed along with some marshmallows and chocolate for…”

She abruptly stopped mid-sentence with her face suddenly looking flush and her body becoming stiff.

“I…uh…I need to use the ladies room…”

“Are you okay?” I asked, concerned over how startled she looked.

“I’m fine, I just need a quick bathroom break…uh…women’s issues…”

Thinking fast, I replied, “How about we just use those bushes down the hill for our bathroom this time? It looks like the most private spot around this place.”

“Okay…uh…gather up some branches for us to make a fire and promise me you won’t look in my direction,” she said, almost in a state of panic.

“Sure, of course,” I replied

“I’ll be right back…”

As soon as those words escaped her lips, she turned around to grab a roll of toilet paper, and in a flash she headed down the small slope towards the bushes.

I did as I was asked and gathered up branches for the fire. But at the same time, I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to see my mother’s bare body parts for the very first time. And unlike our previous trips, our bathroom area this time was fairly close by and on the bottom of a hill, where someone could be easily seen.

I took my chances. After quickly throwing the branches down and grabbing my binoculars, I slowly made my way towards the edge of the hill to peak down in her direction. And what I saw left me speechless…

My mother was crouched down behind a bush. Her pants were around her ankles. But what caught me by complete surprise was that I could see her right arm moving at a furious pace, with her hand seemingly at the direction her crotch. One look through my binoculars confirmed my suspicion; she was masturbating!!

It was a surreal sight. My intelligent and sophisticated mother was pleasuring herself in the open forest. What the hell had gotten into her? Whatever the case, I found myself becoming hard as a rock.

But if the sight of my mother masturbating wasn’t hot enough, I was soon able to see trickles of fluids gushing out from between her legs as she squirted (and I couldn’t help but think of how glad I was that she was willing to pay top dollar for an expensive pair of high quality binoculars for me).

She quickly finished up, wiping herself with toilet paper, before pulling up her pants to head back to our campsite as if nothing was out of the ordinary. And when she came back, I tried my best to act casual as well.

The only thing I knew for sure was that I had to see more, and soon.


My mother wasn’t around the campsite when I woke up early the next morning. She wasn’t around our camp area, and she wasn’t around our designated bathroom area either.

I got up and looked for her. It didn’t take long for me to finally see my mother from afar; she was down the hill where the river was, crouched like she was the day before, masturbating on the shallow end of the water. I immediately became erect and grabbed my binoculars to watch her once again.

She was wearing only her t-shirt and was naked from the waist down like before as she pleasured herself. Her shorts were on the dry surface near the river, right next to her sandals. But before I could take out my erection to masturbate, she got out of the water, bare bottomed, and got dressed.


“You’re up early this morning,” she said as she came back to our little camping area, looking nervous and unsure if I saw her or not.

“Yeah, well I was so tired last night that I feel asleep once I hit the sack,” I replied.

She smiled, “Same with me. I woke up early and I needed a little fresh water to freshen up.”

“Well what you did down there really did look refreshing.”

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Her jaw dropped. We both froze after realizing what I had just carelessly blurted out.

“So…you saw me?” my mother asked nervously.

“No. That’s not what I meant. I meant that you look refreshed after…”

“Just admit it,” she said sternly. “Did you see me? It’s starting to become obvious that you did.”

“Fine. I saw what you were doing down there.”

“Just what I needed,” she sighed sarcastically. “I can’t believe this is even happening right now. And just so you know, that wasn’t me doing what you saw.”

I tried to calm her down. “It’s okay mom. You don’t have to worry about me judging you for that. You’re a woman with needs, just like everyone else.”

“You don’t understand. It was me, but I wasn’t myself. I’m SURE that it’s the chemicals in the medication I’ve been taking that’s been affecting my hormone levels lately. That’s the only explanation for my hyperactive behavior these past twenty-four hours.”

My mother looked like she was in a state of deep-thought as she was saying this, as if she was having an epiphany speaking about her recent sexual behavior.

Now, it was finally time to take the risk. What did I have to lose? Both of us needed it.

“Well, do you need help at all?” I asked innocently.

“Excuse me? Did I hear that right?”

“I saw you yesterday behind the bushes as well, and you’re obviously suffering. And I’ve always had the feeling that you’ve wanted me to follow in your footsteps in the medical field, so why not learn from one of the best firsthand? Think of it as a lesson in human biology.”

She raised her eyebrows, “You know, if you ever plan on switching majors, you should try law. You have some mouth on you.”

“Thanks I guess. But I’m being serious here. You’re starting to look exhausted from everything you’ve been going through, and I’m sure you need someone to look after you. So since it’s just us here, I wouldn’t mind providing assistance for whatever you need.”

She paused and gave me that ‘motherly look,’ just staring at me, thinking, and giving me an expression as if she wanted to scold me.

“I suppose it would be a lot better than having to run up and down that damn hill for my privacy,” she said reluctantly. “Both of my hands are starting to get sore as well. And this technically is a medical emergency on my part.”

“Does that mean you need my help?” I asked to be sure.

She gave another long pause, “As long as you PROMISE to be mature about this, and that this will be our secret.”

“Of course mom, I promise.”

“Good. Because I’m starting to feel that burning sensation between my legs and I may need assistance. Wait here a second…”

I held in my excitement as my mother went inside her tent and came out with a fresh towel. She unfolded it and spread it across the ground.

“Remember, you promise to be mature about this, right?” she asked sharply.

“You know I’m always mature about these things.”

“And I also expect this to remain confidential between us, and that you’ll NEVER ask for this again outside of this camping trip. This is STRICTLY for medical reasons as it relates to my health.”

“Mom, you know that I would never do anything that would ever embarrass you to anyone,” I replied in a reassuring manner. “And you can count on me to be professional about this. We’re both scientists remember?”

My eyes looked down at her bare feet as she stepped out of her sandals. Her face remained expressionless as she began to unbutton her shorts, and with one pull of her hands, she bent down to remove her shorts and her panties at the same time. She was completely bare from the waist down, and my eyes marveled at her mature legs, which were nicely toned, and her cleanly shaven crotch.

“God, you look really se-…I mean, you look like you’re in great shape mom,” I told her.

“Thanks. It’s from years of running and cycling. But that’s not the issue here. Come on, I literally need a hand right now.”

She laid down on the towel and she spread her legs apart. I bent down and immediately became rock hard at the sight of her engorged clitoris, just above her light brown labia which were glistening from her fluids.

“Jeez mom, your clit is throbbing right now. And you’re really really wet. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

“Now you understand why I couldn’t turn down your offer to help,” she said in a desperate tone. “Now start rubbing it. I’m sure you’ve done this before. But if doing this for your mother is too awkward for you, just look away and pretend I’m someone else if that makes it any easier.”

I put my hand on the mound of her vagina and the tip of my finger on her clit. “It’s okay. I actually like the thought of doing this to my own mom. It’s more fun that way.”

She smiled, “I can’t believe you just said that. I…uhhh…ohhh!!”

My mother let out an incredibly loud moan as my fingers started rubbing her clit. Her eyes widened and so did her mouth. It suddenly dawned on me that I had complete sexual power over my well-respected mother while she was in this state of hypersexual-arousal. My fingers, which were becoming wet with her fluids, didn’t let up as I continued to furiously rub her clitoris and labia.

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“Oh god…that feels so good!…Please don’t stop!”

Her face twisted with pleasure. And when two of my fingers went inside her little vaginal hole, she squirmed and fought her body just to stay in place. It was like she was a woman possessed. I repeated the same back and forth repetitions, which were clearly working wonders on her.

“I’m almost there…Don’t stop!…I’m cumming!!”

Her back violently arched and her toes tightly curled. A sudden stream of fluids squirted out of my mother’s vagina and sprayed between my fingers. She squeezed the towel she was laying on tightly as a I continued fingering her clit. And I continued rubbing until she became completely relaxed and her orgasm was completed.

When it was over, my mother just laid there, eyes closed, as she struggled to catch her breath after the powerful orgasm she just had.

“Jeez… I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but that was absolutely incredible to watch,” I told her.

She remained relaxed and tried to quickly compose herself.

“Well I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your little ‘biology lesson’ as much as I did,” she replied. “Now you see what I’ve been going through since yesterday afternoon. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get cleaned up.”

Before she could get up, a sudden thought came to mind – a naughty one.

“Mom… Do you think you could… you know… help me out with the problem I’m having right now?” I asked hesitantly.

She gave me a serious look. “If you’re asking what I think you’re asking, the answer is no. That’s not a good enough excuse. You don’t have a medical issue like I do.”

“Maybe not. But I just helped you out with your condition, and who’s to say that it won’t come back anytime soon and you might need my help again? Fair is fair isn’t it?”

“Are you serious?”

I nodded sheepishly. “Yes.”

After a brief moment to think, she replied, “Fine. Take it out and I’ll give it a few strokes for you. And that’s it. Nothing more.”

I didn’t miss a beat as I pulled out my hard cock through the top my shorts. I felt unashamed as my mother looked over my manhood, which stood erect for her, and she took it between her fingers and held it tight.

“You’ve grown,” she said, looking at it and slowly beginning to stroke.

“I have. And I’m probably going to regret telling you this, but today is a dream come true for me. I’ve fantasized about you for a pretty long time.”

The grip of her hand became tighter and she gave me longer strokes.

She looked up at me and smiled, “I’ve always known that. I’m a specialist in human biology remember? Plus I’m your mother, and mothers know these things about our sons.”

Her attention turned back towards my erection and her continued hand job. Her eyes became wider and it almost looked as if she wanted to lick her lips. The taboo was unreal. My own bare-bottomed mother was jerking me off and she was getting aroused again!

“You were right,” she said as her attention stayed on my cock. “Fair is fair, and you gave me a wonderful orgasm when I really needed it most. So how about I suck it for you? Would that make us even?”

My cock twitched at the very notion and it was clear that mom was getting more aroused by the second.

“It would be a good start.”

She leaned forward and sucked the head of my cock. She leaned forward just a little bit more and took my hard shaft inside her mouth. Her head slowly bobbed back and forth and her other hand continued stroking me, giving me an erotic feeling which was unlike anything I had ever felt before. Her sucking and licking my cock became even more sensational and I was on the verge of an orgasm. But then I stopped her for a moment.

With her pussy glistening and her legs squirming, I knew she needed more. So did I. As good as this felt, there was something more intense which could satisfy our urges.

“Mom, you’re getting aroused again. So why don’t we do something that feels even better for both of us. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.”

She stopped sucking and paused to think for a moment. “I don’t know. You think so? I’m starting to ache again.”

“Wouldn’t it help if I was inside you? Both of us would be relieved at the same time. We’ll keep it strictly professional and medical based.”

She sighed, “Gosh, I don’t know.”

“What’s the worst that can happen?”

Mom took a deep breath. “Okay. But just this once since you’ve earned it. Make it quick.”

My heart pounded and I gleefully positioned myself between my mother’s legs. She was welcoming about our first time together as she opened her legs, and then wrapped them around me once I was in position. We looked each other straight in the eyes and she used her hands to guide my saliva covered penis towards her orgasm covered pussy.

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“Ooohhh,” she moaned as the head of my erection entered her. “That feels good. It’s been awhile since I’ve made love. Keep going, those urges from the medication are coming back again.”

I pushed my cock all the way in her small vaginal opening. Her warmth and wetness were all so very inviting, and so was her opening. She felt as titillating as a woman could possibly feel.

“I love being in you,” I told her.

“I haven’t been with many men,” she groaned, struggling to get her words out. “Uhhh…god this feels so good. Do it harder.”

She didn’t need to ask twice. Once her body became accustomed to having an erect cock inside her, I slowly made my way in and out. Slowly. It didn’t take long for her vaginal walls to become slick and loosen their tight grip on my cock and we were on our way to actual fucking – the kind of fucking that’s hot, nasty, and best of all – INCESTUOUS.

“That’s it! Fuck me! Fuck your mother hard!!”

Hearing my well-mannered and highly-educated mother scream those filthy obscenities was music to my ears. And the sight of my mother with her face clenched tightly while I fucked her was even more erotic. Her eyes looked like they were on the verge of rolling back as I continued to thrust harder and faster. Her moans and panting became louder as well.

“Mom…I’m about to cum!” I yelled.

As soon as I said that, my mother’s body became tense and her muscles contracted. Her eyes squeezed shut and I once again felt a steady stream of my mother’s squirting, this time it was through my cock as I fucked her mercilessly.

“Oh god…” she mumbled after opening her eyes. “Cum inside me! Cum inside the hole where you were conceived.”

I was done holding back, I couldn’t anymore. My long time fantasy of fucking my mother was finally fulfilled and I ejaculated inside her body.

When it was over, I collapsed on top of my mother and laid there for a long moment. We felt each other’s chest heaving up and down from our rapid heart rates.

“What a morning,” she said with relief after she had me roll over so she could stand up. “I can’t believe we just did that together. And what’s even more amazing is that I just had the best sexual experience of my life. I’m not sure if it’s because of you or the medication.”

I looked up at her and replied, “Why not both? You probably already knew this, but mother/son incest is actually a really popular thing nowadays. You might have actually loved that aspect subconsciously.”

“No comment,” she said with a grin as she walked away.

I continued resting on the towel where we had sex, and when my mother came back a minute later, she was still wearing only her t-shirt, and her wet vagina and rear end were still completely exposed. She was also holding the small container with the experimental medication inside.

She poured all of the tablets in the palm of her hand and stared at them.

“It’s been an interesting experience with you,” she said playfully to the medication. “Leading me to have sex with my son is where I have to draw the line unfortunately. But I can’t deny that it’s been fun and I surprisingly enjoyed it. Goodbye.”

She reached her arm back and prepared to throw the medication out in the forest.

“Wait!” I yelled, stopping her. “Are you sure you have to throw those out? I mean, your lab has spent a lot of time and money to create those. Plus you don’t have to go back to work for a couple days either.”

She looked at me and smiled, “Well, I guess one or two more wouldn’t hurt. Maybe three…”

Mom put the medication back inside of the bottle and closed it. After she put it down, she pulled her top away, then her bra, standing completely naked with her breasts fully exposed now. There was a surprising confidence in her demeanor. She loved being naked in front of her son.

Even more surprising, she got down on her knees to clean me up. She held me by the hips and took me effortlessly inside of her mouth. Her tongue worked wonders. As she sucked my cock, bringing it back to life, I saw her left hand slip between her legs, and she was playing with her pussy.

I was able to cum again, a much smaller load, and mom lapped the whole thing inside her mouth. Her hands were shaking and so were her legs. She came again.

She sat upright and winked at me. “All clean. Shall we go into the water and wash ourselves? Come on.”

Mom finished licking her lips and swallowing my cum. Then we got up and headed towards the water together. There was a wet spot between her thighs from her squirt, which was something neither of us would ever get tired of.

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