Family taboo, Saturday with The Pervs Family

Saturday with The Pervs Family, sex stories, family taboo… Saturday morning came bright and quiet to Perv house. Sam Perv, aged 18, lounged on the living room sofa, absently petting the family cat Clit and watching his aunt Jillian’s latest DVD on the flat screen. He was a tall, slim youth, with uncombed light brown hair clad only in a pair of boxers. His erect cock jutted unabashedly from between his legs.

The movie’s plot was simple but fun. Jillian played a dedicated teacher who was giving extra instruction to a student who was struggling with sex-ed after school. She had removed her top to give him a better idea of the breasts and was sliding out of her panties when Sam heard footsteps shuffling down the stairs.


“Morning Mom” He called, setting his OJ down on the coffee table, next to weathered photo album that had been left out.

“Morning sweety,” Alice Perv said, smiling, she glanced at his hardon and cocked her eyebrow “You’re up early,” she said. She was a curvaceous woman, with auburn hair that fell just above her shoulders, dressed in a sheer pink nightie. She stooped over the back of the couch and gently ran her fingers through Sam’s hair. Her lips touched his and Sam’s tongue slipped casually into her mouth. She stroked his cheek and her fingers glided gently down the length his body, caressing his erection.

“Mmmm” Sam sighed, as she broke away, “careful not to start something.”

“Looks like it started already.” Said Alice, turning and walking into the kitchen. She poured hot, strong coffee into a “World’s Greatest Mom” mug and walked back to the couch. “So,” she said as she sat down, “How was you’re night?”

Sam grunted, “A bust. Went to see the new ‘Twilight’ movie with Jennifer.”

“Is she the brunette with the cute little butt I saw you with last week?” Alice asked, sipping her coffee. On the TV Jill and her student were on top of the desk, straddling each other’s faces.

“That’s her. Anyway, we were in the theater, making out you know? I’ve got my hand on her tit and everything, hard as a rock. But as I try to put my hand up her shirt she stops me. Says she doesn’t want to have to stop, that we should wait til’ we have privacy.”

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“Well that’s kind of understandable dear. Why didn’t you just bring her back here?”

“I was going too, but half way through the movie she runs off to the bathroom. When it was over she said she’d just gotten her period, totally killed her mood. So I just came home alone and jacked off into a pair of Susan’s panties.”

Alice frowned sympathetically, “Sorry to hear that dear. Why didn’t you knock on my door? You know my legs always open.”

Sam scooted up a little and cocked his brow as he grinned cheekily. “When I got home you sounded a little busy. This sound familiar, ‘oooh! Oh! Fuck me! Harder! Harder!'” He stuck his tongue out at her and winked.

Alice tittered and blushed a little. “Well, your Aunt Jill and I went out to the bar. I met the nicest young man. He was in the army. Or was it the Navy? Anyway, he was so cute and so proper it was just adorable. I could tell he was desperate to get into my pants, but he was too nervous to make his move. Finally he said ‘ma’am, may I buy you another drink?’ and I just smiled at him and said ‘what if you just fucked me instead?'” She giggled.

Sam rolled his eyes. “Oh mom.”

“What can I say, I support our troops.”

“Where’s the nice young man now?”

“Hmmmm, after four goes he was pretty spent. He left at about 2 in the morning.”

Sam sat up and scooched closer to his mother. He nuzzled his head into her shoulder. “So mom…” He said innocently.

“Yes Sam?” Alice asked warily.

“I haven’t eaten breakfast yet…”

Alice sighed, “I see, and you want me to feed you I suppose?”


“Oh alright” She ruffled his hair playfully, “Whatcha wanna eat?”

Sam look at her musingly, putting his hand to his mouth, as if contemplating carefully. “I don’t know. I’m in the mood for something sweet and salty…” His other hand rested on her bare thigh. “Something juicy…can you think of anything mom?”

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Alice laughed and played along, “Hmm, do you want…eggs?”

Sam’s hand slid further up her leg. “Noooo…”

“Do you want… waffles?”

Sam kissed her neck, “Nope, uh-uh.”

She laughed again and petted his cheek. “What about my pussy? Want to eat that?”

“Mmmmm, that sounds good.” Sam said, continuing to kiss her cheeks and neck. Alice giggled, “Well eat up then.” She shifted her butt off the couch cushion and pulled her wispy thong down over her legs and kicked them aside. Sam began to kissing his way down her body His lips ventured down the length of her thigh, over her knee, down her calf. Then he started his way back up her other leg. She opened her legs wide, revealing her neatly shaven pussy. He kissed it as well. His tongue worked its way up her slit and as it reached her hard clit it rolled in a deliberate circle. Alice gasped.

“Ohh, you do that good dear…”

“I had good teachers.” Sam mumbled from between her thighs. “God you taste good mom…” His tongue pushed down harder. It circled her swollen nub firmly. His hands gripped her hips. Alice groaned contentedly and laid her head back. Her fingers slipped into Sam’s hair. He opened his mouth wider, his lips covering hers.

The speed of his tongue increased. “Oooohyes… oh, that’s good sweetie…”

He let one hand fall from her hip. Gingerly he slid his pointer finger up her dripping vagina. Alice gasped again. His middle finger joined it. He pushed them neatly against the upper wall, baring down firmly on he g-spot. He knew it’s location well. He motioned his fingers back and fourth, come hither, rubbing harder, and harder. Beckoning her to cum. All the while his tongue still danced on her clit.

“Mmnn! Yes! OH fuck! Right there! Keep going! Finger me! Finger mommy’s pussy!”

He moved them in and out, pistoning them vigorously, not slowing down, building in intensity gradually. He suckled on her throbbing nub. A soft whimper escaped her lips and her toes curled. Her hips bucked as he shot his fingers inside her once more. “MMMMMNNNNNN!” Sam felt a rush of warmth envelope his hand. He kept going, not stopping right away but slowing, letting her ride his fingers through the crescendo of the orgasm. After moment he easily slipped them out. He smiled up at her, chin dipping with her juices.

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“Yummy.” He licked his lips. Alice grinned back her eyes alight with desire.

“Quick, stand up, get your shorts off. You’re gonna fuck me.” She ordered. Sam was happy to obey.

“Well, something has certainly gotten into you.” he said as he got to his feet.

“Yes,” said Alice, as she brought her feet up on the couch and held her knees, pussy open and inviting, “you, in a second. Now get that cock out!”

“Yes ma’am!” Said chirped, pushing his boxers down his legs, his cock spring out and throbbing between his legs. As he leaned over her, his hands resting on the couch behind her a thought struck him and he laughed to himself.

“What’s so funny?” Alice asked, flushed with anticipation.

“Oh nothing. I was just thinking, you with your legs up like that, the first time you and I were in this position I was coming out of you and now I’m going back in. Visiting my old bedroom”

Alice rolled her eyes. She swatted his tush playfully. “You dirty little devil. Well come on in then, it’s just like you left it.” The engorged tip of his member rested right on the edge of her vag. He relished the warmth pouring off of her, before pushing himself forward, inch by inch filling her as he had so many times before, each time like the first. She groaned pleasantly.

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