My Elder Brother : My Fuck Lord

My Elder Brother : My Fuck Lord

Hello everyone, My name is Megha, and I am new here. I have a lot to share with you guys. And I will be sharing everything with you in my stories from now. I hope you will be interested in reading my story.

I recently came to know about this site. Now, whatever I will be posting here, everything will be truth and no fantasy. Without wasting much time, let’s start.

This is the story of when I was in 1st year in college. We have five members in our family. Mom and dad work in an office, so they are outside during office hours.

My elder brother was doing Master’s at that time and my younger brother was in school. This story is about my first sex encounter with my elder brother.

It was my exam time. I studied till late at night so I woke up late in the morning. My parents were out as usual and my younger brother was in school. I was half asleep, and it was 11 in the morning. Then my elder brother stepped into the room to check something. My eyes were half closed and I knew when he came to my room.

He checked the drawer for something. After a while, he found my panty which he took in his hand and sniffed! He was also watching me and rubbing my panty on his dick over his pants. I could see it clearly even though my eyes were half closed.

My elder brother then came near me and touched my thigh. He even checked whether I was asleep or not. He touched my lips with one hand and with the other hand, he was rubbing his dick.

When he touched my lips, a current ran down my pussy. I could feel the wetness building up in my pussy. My heartbeat increased and my heart was beating faster.

My elder sibling then moved his hand toward my boobs (I will reveal my stats later). I don’t know what happened to me, I shook my body a bit. And then he got scared and left the room immediately!

Then I woke up and could not believe what just happened. I was not able to react. Somehow, I freshened up and the day went as normal. I was trying to study, but could not properly because of the incident. I didn’t know whether it was good or not, but I was liking it somewhere.

The next day nearly at the same time when my parents and my younger brother had left, I woke up early and was pretending to sleep. I was waiting to see if my elder brother comes or not.

After some time, he came into my room. He came near me. At first, he made sure that I was sleeping, which I was not, and was pretending to sleep. Then he started to touch my boobs over my t-shirt. I was not wearing a bra. He was touching my pussy and a current was running through my whole body. I could feel my pussy was very wet by then.

Then my elder brother moved my t-shirt up a little and found my bare boobs. He was rubbing his dick. Then he started to fondle my boobs. My nipples were erect, and he was rubbing my nipples. And I know how hard was it to pretend to sleep at that time.

He then lifted my frock and was trying to reach my pussy. But even he was afraid to do that if I might woke up. Then also he was trying to insert his hands in my pussy, but was not able to get access.

Then he again came to my boobs. He was trying to lick my nipples, but he had no access due to my hand being in middle, and I could not move. Then he tried to kiss my lips gently. He licked my lower lips.

Then he started to smell my pussy over my pants. He was getting mad every second. He was rubbing his dick hard.

His hands were over my boobs and I was feeling nice inside. I liked his touch.

All this was new to me, and before that, I was never touched like this. I never even imagined all these that was happening to me. Then he took off his dick from his pants.

For the first time, I saw a man’s dick, which was big and thick. It was pointing towards my face and he started to stroke. He was moving his dick front and back. He was stroking it very fast.

I could see his facial expressions. He was enjoying my boobs, touching my pussy over my pants, and stroking his dick. He was rubbing my erect nipples. And every minute it was being hard for me to pretend as if I was sleeping, with half my eyes open.

My legs were shaking, and my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. But I could not do anything. Then he ejaculated and put his dick into his pants and then he moved out of my room.

I woke up and found a wet patch on my panty. I could not study the whole day, as I was thinking about that. His dick image was in front of my eyes. Thinking of that incident the whole day my pussy remained wet.

All this was new to me. So I could not react to it. I knew nothing about all this, and I was not able to focus on my studies. I was continuously thinking about what happened early morning.

With curiosity, I checked on Google. I started to search for many things, even asking Google whether it was a good or bad thing if your brother is doing all these things to you. Even while searching, I browsed different videos where I found brother-sister sex videos.

I was vigorously waiting for the day to end and then the next morning came. By then, everything faded from my mind and I only wanted the same incident to happen!

I went to take bath and while bathing, those incidents came in front of my eyes. Without realizing it, my hand reached my pussy and I was rubbing it! I was so into it that I did not know that I had entered my finger into my pussy.

As I saw many videos in the morning. I was continuously inserting my finger in my pussy. I didn’t know about climax neither I reached it on that day, but I liked it so much.

The day passed as usual. At night, I watched more sex videos and was rubbing my pussy. I was not able to sleep properly.

Somehow, the night was over and now I knew many things about all these. I removed my bra in the morning so that my brother would have good access to my boobs.

The time came and as usual, my parents and younger brother left.

My heart started to beat faster and I was thinking about what was going to happen next. After some time, I was pretending to be asleep and waited for my brother to come. He didn’t come at the usual time. I was waiting for him.

After some time, he came slowly, opened the door and then closed it. He came near me, acting he was searching for something. I could see him properly with my half-open eyes. He came near me and checked if I was sleeping or not. He tried to wake me up by calling my name and shaking me. But I was pretending to be deep asleep.

When he found out that I was in deep sleep, he slowly took his hand to my boobs and squeezed them. At that time, a current ran through my whole body and also my pussy got wet at the same time. He then started to press my boobs, and my nipples and I was on cloud 9. I was enjoying his every touch.

He then kissed me on my lips, stomach, and thighs, and then he was trying to reach my pussy. My pussy was hairy down there. I had not shaved it for weeks.

My brother somehow inserted his finger from the side of my panty. I could see a tent on his pant. He was rubbing his dick with the other hand inside his pant.

He slid his one finger inside my pussy. I could not control and I moaned, “AHH!” He was scared and hurriedly took out his hand out. Even I didn’t know what to do next.

I opened my eyes, looked toward my brother, and acted as if nothing happened. And then I asked my brother what was he doing in my room to which he replied he was searching for his bike keys.

I was so dumb and I regretted opening my eyes. I wanted my brother to do more as I was liking every touch of him.

He then went out of my room. I could not resist, I opened my panty, closed my eyes and started to rub my pussy. I got so involved in it. I was inserting my finger and was rubbing hard while remembering every moment of touch of my brother.

Even I forgot that the door was not locked and my brother was at home. I didn’t even think that he might come to my room again.

After a while, the door suddenly opened. It was my brother and he saw me in that situation where my frock was raised, my finger was in my pussy and I was rubbing my clit with my eyes closed.

I saw him standing at the door but I didn’t stop rubbing my pussy. I couldn’t stop! The devil inside me was at a high level at that moment. I was watching my bro and was rubbing my clit!

After that, my brother also didn’t care about anything. He must have understood that I knew everything. I gave a naughty smile which was a green signal for him.

He came near me and started to press my boobs hard. He nearly tore my dress! My brother was behaving like a monster. He started to kiss my neck, lips, and boobs. He opened my top and started to play with my nipples. Then he licked them one by one.

By then, we had both forgotten everything. The only thing that we wanted was to go on with whatever was happening. Even I was supporting him and I was enjoying every bit of his touch.

He then moved down to pussy and placed his tongue there like in those videos I had watched. My horny brother started to lick my pussy with his tongue. He then opened his pant and placed his dick on my pussy entrance. I had no idea how it would feel but I just wanted it inside.

His dick was of normal size, not too big and not too small. He pushed it a bit. I was a virgin and I could not take it inside. It was paining like hell! I started to scream in pain. Tears rolled down from my eyes. I was crying. He kissed my lips to control my scream. That moment for me was unforgettable.

Again, my brother tried to enter his dick into my virgin pussy. This time, it went a bit inside. But it was paining a lot.

He moved his dick in and out and I could not bear the pain. I was bleeding too. So I asked him, “Can we do this later?”

To be continued.

After this, there are many incidents of how we both fucked almost whenever we were alone at home. We even fucked when our parents were around. I am going to share every incident in detail…

Stay tuned and wait for the next part…

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