My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

I was looking down at the exquisite shape of her hips and ass, tapering down to the tiniest waist. It was a vision from heaven and I felt like I was encased in silken flesh. I stared down at her bottom as it jiggled with each deep thrust. She was on the receiving end now and loving every pump. Our rhythm picked up pace and pretty soon we were banging hard and as deep as I could go. My lower hips were slapping against her ass in a relentless rhythmic bang. She kept pushing back as if she couldn’t get enough. This only inspired me to give her more and more.

At some point we reached that epic draw where two people are totally in sync and fucking with an abandon that can only be sustained long enough to reach release. We were rapidly approaching climax and we both knew it.


It wasn’t the physical motion that drove us over the edge. It was the sights and smells and sounds of our sex that pushed us both to our second release. I’m not sure which of us screamed louder; not that it mattered. It was a cacophony of slapping skin, grinding grunts and pummeling flesh that brought us each to a synchronized and very powerful orgasm. Lanie was flowing like a river at this point and I emptied myself into her. That very moment of mutual release was, and always will be, the highlight of that Christmas visit home.

We collapsed, literally, on the leather sofa – both of us panting and groaning. Step siblings shouldn’t return for the holidays and fuck like this! But we did. We had. And we would again.

That night was momentous on so many levels. Once we had exchanged fleshly gifts, there was no turning back. We fucked all night long – finally falling asleep in the wee hours up in her bedroom. A few hours of rest and we were back at it, knowing our parents would be home by the early afternoon. By the time they did arrive, the house was back in order and no one would have guessed that we had been fucking up a storm only hours earlier.

It was very difficult to say goodbye two days later. But life goes on and we both needed to get back to our daily lives and routines. As crazy as it had been, we both kept it in perspective. We were two people at very different points in our lives and we had taken advantage of a wonderful moment in time.

Lanie and I had crossed a line that we would cross two more times in the years to come. While those moments would be few and far between, we had established a private connection now that we took advantage of when we could. And even though we both went our separate ways after the holidays – she back to school and me back to Austin – we kept in touch in a very sexy way.

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