Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

Debbie came back to our table and Shirley sucked Steve’s cum from Debbie’s blouse. Debbie was embarrassed. Bob and Shirley told Debbie how sexy she looked fucking and sucking Steve’s big cock. Debbie looked at me and I told her that Steve had raped her mouth. Everyone was really drunk and horny and it wasn’t her fault. We danced and everyone looked at her big almost naked tits. All six of the guys danced with her and uninhibitedly felt her tits, ass and pussy. Steve danced with Debbie again. He put her hand down his pants. She stroked his hard thick curved uncut prick. While we watched, knowing he’d cum in Debbie’s mouth twice while everyone watched. Steve felt Debbie’s naked tits and her naked ass and cunt. A crowd had slowly gathered around Debbie and Steve. Steve had her halter top up over her tits. Debbie was dancing and letting everyone look at her naked tits, bouncing and jiggling. Steve lifted her skirt up and tucked it into the waistband of her skirt. Debbie’s tits, ass and cunt were exposed. Shirley was egging Debbie on. Steve felt both of Debbie’s tits. Then he felt her ass. Debbie took Steve’s prick out and stroked it, again. Six couples and five single guys were watching. Steve tried to fuck her again. Debbie knelt and sucked his cock again.

Four guys lifted her up and dumped her on an empty table, on her back, her legs spread, and ass hole and cunt invitingly exposed. Steve’s cock slid easily up her willing horny fucking cunt. My wife was being fucked in front of me and a bunch of total strangers. Steve’s nine inch cock was slamming in and out of my wife’s cunt, stretching her out like never before. Steve jack hammered her cunt. Debbie was telling Steve to fuck her. Steve fucked my wife’s cunt while we all watched. Steve shot his load up Debbie’s cunt and pulled out of her. One of his buddies mounted her and fucked her. He came in her cunt in two minutes and another guy fucked her. This went on until all five of them had fucked her and cum in her cunt, each only taking two or three minutes to cum up her cunt. By this time, at least ten couples were watching the action.


Steve dipped his finger up Debbie’s cunt. He lubricated her ass hole with her cunt juices and their cum. He finger fucked her ass hole. Debbie squirmed, working her ass back in to Steve’s finger. The lights came on announcing that the club was closing in ten minutes. Debbie was bent over the table with her skirt up over her ass and Steve finger fucking the shit out of her ass hole with two fingers.

We fucked our brains out at the motel. Debbie said she couldn’t believe that she had sucked Steve’s huge cock. She asked how she looked with his big prick her mouth. I told her she looked very sexy sucking his cock. She asked me about how she looked when Steve had his cock up her cunt. I told her she looked really stretched out. Like the women fucking huge porno cocks. I asked her how it felt. Debbie said her cunt felt really filled. It totally stretched her opening and almost made her cum while he worked his cock into her pussy. She said it stretched her cunt like never before.

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