My sister gives me to a demon

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Eating a woman who was more legs than most of the women I’d ever dated was a challenge, but she was an expert and did her best to keep her long stems from flopping too much. She was damn near gushing by the time my tongue stretched out to trace her folds. I’m not sure if it was because of her supernaturally gifted body, or if she had always tasted so good, but within seconds of her flavor hitting my mouth, I was lapping her like a dehydrated dog. I couldn’t get enough of her and it didn’t help that the more I ate her the wetter she got.

As I was slipping my tongue into her body, Lu’s hand pulled my head away from my new favorite food causing both Stacy and I to groan in dissatisfaction. “Hey, dummy, see the clit? Lick the clit and drink the yummy reward. I told you, we’ve got places to be.”


I smiled and said, “Yes, Mommy,” before diving back into Stacy.

Once I switched to her clit, she bubbled up much quicker than either of us wanted and soon her cum was flooding my mouth and I was gulping her down. I started to go a second time, but Lu pulled me away again and said, “About time.” She waved her hand and as Stacy faded away she smiled and waved at me. After my new friend was gone, Lu ran a finger across my face scooping up a nice portion of Stacy’s juices before sucking her finger clean. “She does have the best-tasting twat, doesn’t she?” I nodded and she looked at me. “Alright, I’m out of here.”

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“None of my clothes fit,” I said holding up my old oversized underwear.

“First off, I didn’t know they even made tighty whiteys anymore. Second, I can make all of your old clothes fit, but they’d still be ugly as shit. Don’t worry, tomorrow you’ll be visited by one of my people and she’ll set you up.”

“What am I supposed to do until then?”

“Wear a belt,” she said as she disappeared.

I looked at my underwear before tossing them toward the hamper. Fuck it, I thought as I entered Jess’s room. I was hard and ready to bury my cock in her tight little cunt. As I climbed into the bed of the woman who changed my life forever, I contemplated my new existence, and as she spread her legs to allow me to slide into her, I knew no matter what else happened, at least it wouldn’t be boring.