My sister gives me to a demon

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“Can I have sex with anyone else or just with the people you contract with?”

“Anyone. Matter of fact, I strongly encourage you to fuck as many people as you can.”



“Because I feed when you have sex. Doesn’t matter if it’s with someone who’s made a deal or if it’s with a random hookup, you have sex and I get fed.”

“What if I’m not horny when you call?”

She laughed, “Don’t worry, I sprinkled a little incubus demon into the mix with I cooked you, your cock is on a hair trigger and will get hard anytime you want.”

“What is an incubus?”

“Nothing evil, just a minor sex demon. Oh, that reminds me,” she said as she crossed the room to me. She placed her hand on my chest and I could feel her searing something into my skin. When she released me I could see she had branded me. “That is my mark, it lets other demons know you’re mine and not to fuck with you so don’t try to remove it. Alright, last question.”

“Can I make deals?”

“No, but if you find someone who is looking for one, call me and I’ll come running.”

As I thought about everything she had said, she sent a text. Within seconds, she received a reply and suddenly, a woman was appearing in my room.

She was a gorgeous black woman that stood almost six feet tall, even taller than my new height. Like me, she was very fit with large perky breasts which seemed to defy gravity, a smooth taut stomach, and a round firm ass that begged to be manhandled. Her clothes, what little there were, clung to her body as if they were painted on and her high heels almost made it impossible for her to stand upright in my low-ceiling room.

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She looked around for a moment and said, “Hey, Lu, this the guy?” The demon, Lu, nodded and the woman frowned. “I mean, I get wanting to get out of this dump, but he doesn’t look like the normal type.”

“Stacy, this is Alex, he’s one of my vessels and we’re striking a deal.”

“If he’s already one of your vessels, then you don’t need to strike a deal, you’ve already got him.”

Lu rolled her eyes, “Do I come to your place of business and tell you how to do your job?”


“Well, then this is another one of those times, get to work.”

Stacy chuckled and I started seeing a little bit deeper into who Lu was. She wasn’t just a demon who took people’s souls, she might actually be a decent boss. I shook my head as my new co-worker lied back on my bed and pulled her skirt up. She smiled at me as she spread her legs and presented me with her glistening pussy.

“Come on, sweetheart, let’s make mommy happy.”

Still naked, I got hard, and as I started for her, Lu stopped me. “This isn’t a fuck session, especially with you two, it’s a down and dirty eat her twat until she pops in your mouth session.”

Stacy stared at the mini log between my legs and said, “Hold up now. It really wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t give him the full experience.”

“Uh-uh, I don’t get fed if you two fuck so do it on your own time. Right now, I need you to initiate him so I can get back to work. I hear someone starting a ritual.”

Groaning as I knelt pissed that all I could do was eat this woman’s delicious-looking pussy, I grabbed her legs and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. “You like to be in charge, don’t you baby? Good, then maybe I won’t have to tell you where the sweet spot is.”

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