My sister gives me to a demon

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“By me, yes. By him, no.”

The demon smiled, “Such is life.”


“I have this, should I use it now,” she said gesturing to the large phallus hanging from her waist.

The demon’s eyebrows raised. “What’re your plans with that?”

Confused, Jess said, “In the ass, I thought.”

“Wow, you’re an animal, but I think my boy will be able to handle things on his own. Once he’s finished baking, of course, no way he would’ve been able to use what he had on you.”

Jess stepped forward. “No, I’m supposed to defile him, like the ritual says. I translated it myself.”

She frowned, “No, you badly translated an already bad translation of the ritual. Between that five-hundred-year-old idiot’s confusion of grammar and syntax and yours, I’m surprised I get any business anymore. You know when I wrote the first ritual, it was just about as basic as you could get. Find a body to sacrifice, mix a potion, say a chant, and pour the mixture on. Then we make a deal, simple right? Apparently, to simple for some people because suddenly I’m showing up to things like this. Nowhere, not even in that bastard of a version, you translated, does it say stake him down and fuck him with a ball bat.”

“I don’t understand, it says he will become submissive, I thought–”

The demon laughed, “It didn’t say he would, it said in order for you to get what you want, you will submit to him. You will feed me by having sex with him.”

“But, he’s my brother.”

The demon’s eyes smile stretched across his face, “I know, I must be hashtag blessed.”

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“You want me to have sex with my brother? Isn’t that wrong?”

“Of course it is, why do you think I like it so much? Mmm mmm, there isn’t anything more delicious than that initial coupling of sibling lust.” She laughed, “You could refuse, it’d suck, but I’d understand and if that’s the case I’ll just collect your soul and go about my business.”

“What?! My soul, that wasn’t part of it.”

“That was always part of it, sweetie. See, I’m promised at least one soul just for showing up. So, what’ll it be, complete the deal you already started, or forfeit your soul?”

“But that’s not fair, I didn’t understand what I was doing. I thought I was going to get what I wanted.”

The demon shrugged. “And you will, but nothing is free. At the moment, your only salvation, as it were, is by my grace. From the second you made the vow, your life, your body, and your soul became mine to do with what I will. So, do you want something for it, or do you want to go with me right now? I mean, it’s not really a hard choice, is it? A life of pleasure or a life of… well Hell to be blunt about it. So, ticktock, a life of luxury or a life of the damned.”

“But either way, I’ll be going to Hell, right?”


“Then I want to amend the deal. If I complete the ritual and submit to the vessel, I want my soul to be free from Hell when I die.”

“Hmm, interesting, but–”

Jess gritted her teeth. “No buts, I performed the ritual, I summoned you, by coming you agreed to give me what I want.”

“True, but the bargain is for your soul, he is just icing on the cake, but I tell you what, if you do a good job with your fame then I’ll give you a job when it’s all over.” I could see her thinking it over before she nodded. “Good, now, complete the ritual.”

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