My sister gives me to a demon

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I didn’t make a noise, I didn’t move a muscle save for my thumb as it slid the zoom in on her gorgeous holes. She wiggled and struggled and made sure I had enough material in my spank bank to last the rest of my life. I was able to get almost two minutes’ worth when she started to sit back up. I silently lay back hiding my phone as I did and pretending I was still asleep. After they left for the day, I watched and rewatched the video as I jacked off until it hurt to pee.

While I recovered from that self-abuse, I went frame by frame of the video until I found the perfect spot and grabbed a screenshot of Traci’s vagina and asshole. When I got back home, I printed it out and put it in my special book and found I loved jacking off to my original photos more than I did to my ‘Beauties’ magazines. The demon was right, my mind was drowning in dirty fantasies about not only my sister’s friends, but my sister also. I hated she was taking it, but I knew I could make another.


“You ready to make a decision?”

I started searching for something to wear as I said, “Just so I’m clear, if I decide not to work for you, then I go to Heaven?”

“No. Your soul is released from your body and then will go into Judgment.” She held up my photo album, “Yeah, we’ll be seeing each other again.”

“C’mon, what’s the harm in a few photos?”

She shrugged and said, “Ever put any online?” My face turned red and she smiled, “So, what’ll it be? Work for me, or take your chances?”

“Fine, I’ll work for you.”

“Excellent. Then we need to get the ground rules out of the way and then we can seal the deal.”

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“You mean you and I will fuck,” I asked looking around at her.

She smiled again, “No. One, you wouldn’t survive, and two, I don’t seal my own deals. Don’t worry, I’ve got the perfect woman, you’ll love her. Okay, first off, we can’t have you living like this.” She pulled out a black card and handed it to me. “This has an unlimited limit on it. Tomorrow, you’ll be visited by an associate of mine who’ll set you up with clothes, housing, and a car. Seriously, how the fuck do you not have a car?”

“Well, technically the car Jess is driving is mine. Hers got repossessed and since I don’t really go anywhere…”

“She took it. You know it’s always the angry aggressive ones who love to be dominated. Don’t worry, the new ride will be a thousand times better. Oh, and here,” she said tossing me a phone. “I don’t care if you’re balls deep in someone, you answer that phone.”

“What if I’m sealing a deal?”

“I’ll know about it and won’t call, but any other time, answer.”

“What if I’m in the shower or something and don’t hear it?”

“Take it with you. If that rings, it means I’m ready to seal a deal and your services are needed.”

“I won’t have to force myself on anyone, will I?”

She rolled her eyes, “What kind of demon do you think I am? I’m making deals and everything has to be consensual.”

“What about Jess? It looked like you were forcing her to complete the deal.”

“Yeah, that’s what it looked like, but it wasn’t. The moment your sister started the ritual, I knew everything about her. Particularly her triggers. Your sister likes to be made to do things, that’s why she’s so defiant so I performed a little tough negotiating with her and she responded.” She thought for a second, “Although, I may have gone too hard as she is calling you Master and following you like a puppy.” She shrugged and said, “I’m sure it’ll work itself out. Any other questions?”

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