My sister gives me to a demon

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“Hey,” I called out, “I’m not sure what’s happening here, but I don’t think I’m the guy for you. I mean, you can see I’m not working with a lot.”

“This isn’t going to be that kind of night,” the one who had begun to set black candles around me as she worked.


I don’t know why, but her words and the way she said them made my heart pound. Whatever was coursing through my system began to clear as fear-induced adrenaline shot through me burning off the effects. I began to struggle, the hooded figure at my feet looked at me and my heart stopped. The person kneeling between my legs, who I would’ve given anything to be in this position at any other time, was one of my sister’s best friends.

“Traci? Holy shit, Jess’s going to kill you when she finds out what you’re doing.”

“Are you sure this is absolutely necessary,” Traci asked as she pulled her hood back.

Traci, like my sister, thought of herself as a social media influencer. She had a modest following because she was slim and liked to wear next to nothing in her videos, but she was ditzy and didn’t know how to capitalize on her natural qualities. I doubted she’d rise much further than she was. That went for my sister as well, except for the ditzy and slim part. Unlike Traci, my sister was an angry chubby woman and unless she did something viral, and I’m not talking about the guys she dated, then she would be stuck in mediocre hell with her friends.

“Yes,” the leader said pulling her hood down. My eyes grew wide as I recognized my sister Jess. I started to calm down because I knew without a shadow of a doubt that while my loving sister liked to pick on me, she would never actually endanger my life. Torture me a little, sure, tease me a lot, absolutely, but never actually put me in any real harm’s way. At least, that’s what I thought until she spoke again. “The ritual says we need a sacrificial male who was born during the time of Samhain. Alex was born on All Hallow’s Eve, and if anyone is perfect for sacrificing, it’s him. Plus, Mom’s gone for the week and this will give us time to come up with a story of what happened to Alex.”

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“Yeah, but this seems kind of… I don’t know, a little murdery.”

“Ha ha, Jess, jokes gone on long enough, I’m starting to get scared now, let me go.” I looked at her, “I mean, we both know you’re not going to kill me. This is just another Tik Tok or something, right?”

Jess finally acknowledged my presence and stared at me. Not the loving stare of a sister who was trying to create a viral video, but the blank stare of a psychopath. Her eyes sent me over the edge and I began screaming for help. As I yelled, the third figure dropped and covered my mouth, it was my sister’s other best friend, Brenda.

“I’m so sorry, Alex, but you know how difficult it is to get views and this is our only chance to be famous.”

“Views,” I screamed into her hand. “Are you out of your fucking mind? Brenda, let me go or you’ll be famous for going to go to jail.”

She pressed her hand harder over my mouth until I couldn’t speak as she looked at the others. “Oh my God, is he right, all we going to jail?”

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