My sister gives me to a demon

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The demon moved so fast it looked like she disappeared from next to me only to reappear behind Jess. My sister’s screams ripped through me as the demon cut off anything else she was going to say. I wasn’t able to look directly at them but from the sides of my vision it looked like the demon’s hand was inside of my sister’s back and she was being lifted off the ground. Her voice gave out and even after the air left her lungs her mouth was open trying to scream.


Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, the demon released Jess and I watched as she fell to the forest floor. Her knee began bleeding from where she’d been dropped onto some rocks scattered across the ground. “Please, stop, you don’t have to make me do this.”

“You’re confused, I’m not making you do anything,” the demon said as she stroked Jess’s head. She made a face as she looked at her palm. She wiped it onto her pants, and said, “Ew, sweat? You’re going to need to control that.”

“You’re not supposed to be able to touch me.”

“Let me guess, the translation again.” Her hand passed through my sister again and again Jess screamed as she was lifted up. “As you can see, I can do whatever I want. For example, what I’m doing right now is slightly squeezing your soul. Would you like to feel what it feels like when I close my fist?”

“No! Please, God, stop! I’ll obey! I’ll obey!”

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“Willingly obey?”

“Yes, I’ll willingly obey you.”

The demon smiled and glanced at me, “And him.”


“He’s my vessel on Earth. Does me no good to have you willingly obey me if I’m in Hell or on the other side of the planet doing my job now does it? How am I going to feed if you’re so far away?”

“But, I thought this was a one-time thing?”

“You aren’t asking for a one-time thing like a bunch of money or anything like that, you’re asking to be famous. So, as long as you’re getting what you want, I get fed.”

“That would mean, you’re giving him control over me for the rest of my life.”

“No, pumpkin, you’re willing to submit to him for the rest of my life, and it’s not even that. It’s more like when he whips his dick out, you satisfy him in any way he wants. Maybe it’s once, maybe it’s a million times. Doesn’t matter.”

“You know what I want, how will I be able if I’m his slave?”

“I’ll take care of that part, don’t worry, I always keep up on my side of things, but only if you never refuse him. Do you understand what I’m telling you? You can choose to refuse him, but if you do then…” Her hand disappeared into Jess’s body and my sister screamed. Jess said she understood and was released. “Good, then COMPLETE THE GODDAMN RITUAL!!”

My sister, the woman who once thought she was smart enough to outsmart a demon meekly fell to her knees and crawled toward her burnt brother. I could see in her eyes the slow realization that the only choice left to her was to serve the overweight loser of a brother she was so eager to sacrifice only moments ago. To become who she wanted to be, she would have to become my willing slave or suffer the torments of Hell.

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