My sister gives me to a demon

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She finished and looked up at me with a smile on her face. “You taste so good, Master.”

“Is that our new role now? Am I your Master and you are my slave? Is that part of what you agreed to?”


She looked at the ground and shrugged. “All I know is that I know what I did and I know how shitty it was, and I know what I have to do to keep it.” She looked up at me and said, “Alex, I know I put up a good act, but it was what was expected.” She laughed, but it was mixed with tears. “Wanna know what’s fucked up? The only time I’ve ever felt good, like a deep down contentment with life is when I’ve been used sexually. You fucking my throat back there without regard for my comfort gave me such a sense of purpose. Bending me over and satisfying yourself with my body… even now I can feel my body glowing from the warmth of your hot cum.”

“That’s the most twisted thing I’ve ever heard. Especially from someone who’s had a life like you’ve had.”

She laughed and there was a little maniac quality to it. “You don’t think I don’t know that? I mean, I was never diddled by a pervy uncle or anything like that, but all my life I could feel something missing. Then I got into college and I started experimenting with my sexuality. The more I played the more I realized I wanted and needed someone to control my life, but none of the guys I know wanted to be my Master.”

I petted her head and said, “Is that why you’re life went to shit?”

She nodded. “I started feeling like my sexual needs were wrong, like my wanting what you’ve been giving me tonight was something I shouldn’t be wanting so I just stopped. Stopped living, stopped taking care of myself, and started diving deeper into social media. I mean, I still want that life, but God, Alex, I want you so much more.”

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“And that’s why you sacrifice me to a demon?” She nodded. “Are you even sorry?”

“I want to say yes, but… Well, look at you, Alex, you’re a god now,” she said as she ran her hands up my stomach to my chest and kissed my dick. “You heard the demon, you’ll have a life most people could only dream of, and with me by your side…”

“With you by my side, what?”

“For one, you’ll never have to worry about pussy, or blowjobs, or even anal. I’ll give you whatever you want, I’ll be whatever you want. You want a threesome? A foursome? Hell, you want me to help you pack a room full of women all begging to be dominated by you? I’ll start scouring the countryside.”

I sighed and held my hand out to help her up. She went around my neck kissing me. I hesitated for a moment then gave in. She must have sensed my acceptance because her body melted into me. The fire in my groin began to grow again and even though I would’ve been happy to bury myself in her again, I knew I needed time to think. She dressed and led us to the car. While she drove us home, I leaned the seat back and dreamed.

I was standing on a balcony under a blanket of stars. The sky was clear and I felt as if I were looking into eternity. I knew it was a dream because I could see moons, planets, solar systems, and galaxies moving over my head. When I looked around I discovered the platform I was standing on was attached to a large castle. It was made of some kind of reddish black stone which was held together by a vibrant blue mortar. All of it, the stars and the castle, blended together into a gorgeous tableau. At least until I looked over the edge. The balcony jutted out from the castle to hang over a large cliff that seemed to disappear into nothingness.

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