He fucked Mom by mistake and then

He fucked Mom by mistake and then, Mom used to stay in our village home to look after our ancestral property and rarely visited us in the city, since I graduated and got a job in the city. I married to a girl selected by my mom. After my mom introduced her with me before our marriage, I met my wife Jina several times and we both liked each other and we found out that we could be a good couple. After we got married, my wife stayed with my mom for a few months, and after I hired a three-roomed house for us, my wife joined me and within a few months, she also got a job and we were comfortable with each other, fucking each other whenever we get time. I liked to fuck my wife, when she lies in the bed turned left or right and I used to lie beside her spooned with her body and enter her from behind. We also fucked in some more multiple ways too.

We used to visit my mom in the weekly holidays and enjoy her hospitality. I lost my dad about ten years back and since then mom remained alone. I sometime thought how mom is passing her time alone in our village home with some helping hands, some of whom were poor widowed women and their under-aged children.


On our third years of marriage, my wife got pregnant and doctor said that she could get miscarriage if she work in office for long hours or do any menial job in the house. Doctor also said that she shall have bed-rest for at least first trimester, except going to toilet, have bath or the like. She even should not do washing or cooking or cleaning the house. I was nervous at first, thinking how I could alone manage the house-hold job, cook and wash, including my office. My wife suggested why we shouldn’t invite mom to stay with us for these three months and help us overcome the ordeal.

I went to our village and talked to my mom, who immediately packed her belongings and took one young village girl of about eighteen years of age with her and came with me on the same day. My mom loved her daughter-in law very much, as if she was her own daughter and took up the whole thing in her direct control. Jina also became happy seeing her. I also go relieved and concentrated to my work.

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After Jina got pregnant, the main problem I faced was that she lost her sexual urge and didn’t let me fuck her as regularly as we had before. By the next four weeks, I became so horny that I had to jack me off almost everyday. Jina sometimes helped me masturbate with her hand and rarely with her mouth. But still, I was not satisfied and started to sneak around thinking how I could have a good fuck.

Then one day, I decided I would fuck Jina straight, whether she agrees or not. I knew that she remains in the bed in the evening, when I return home, most of the time dozing. I planned that I will lie down beside her silently and slowly raise her sari from behind, I would apply some body oil on my cock, before I shove it inside her pussy, so that it enter the hole easily before she could say anything or protest. I knew she won’t object in fucking her, after I insert my dick in her vagina.

So, one day, when I returned to my house, I found out that there’s no electricity in our locality. I thought was it an added benefit, for me! I unlocked the front door and entered the house silently. The house was dark. I sneaked into my room and I found out that silhouetted body of my wife is lying turned right, with both of her legs folded into almost half. I lost my head and rapidly I undressed myself and when naked, applied some body oil on my already hardened dick and cautiously crawled beside her and lowered my body beside her in lying position. Then I slowly stretched my hand and started to remove her sari from over her leg, knee and over her buttock.

Now the indention between two of her fat asses were exposed to me. I eased myself nearer her and holding my cock at its shaft I slowly pushed my cock into the canal right towards the pussy and being slippery with body oil, it entered into the hole with one push. And I am there! Oh, what a relief. I got half of my tension gone right away. Jina moved a little, shivered and then remained stiff and silent.

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Naturally when I enter Jina from behind she would have moved her face protesting my action or kissing me to show her acceptance. But this time she didn’t move, rather became stiff and caught her breadth. I didn’t have anything in my mind and started to fuck her, first slowly and then faster. Jina should have responded with me making many weird sounds and sighs, but this time she was silent and didn’t move at all. I was in my highest heat then and moving my cock fast into the soft vagina as fast as I can, so I didn’t have any other thing in my mind to think or concentrate about.

Then I felt, I was about to cum, one of the best cum I shall ever had. The knob of my dick stiffened a bit and started to spurt hot ropy cum into the vagina with full force, once, twice and thrice! I became wild with the frenzy of my cumming and I moved my hand to squeeze one of Jina’s boob and push my dick far inside her vagina to fill her farthest depth with the last drops of my hot cum.

As soon as I touched one of the boobs, I was turned aback. It’s not the firm round one of my wife, but somewhat sagged and soft one! Oh, my God! It’s my mom’s boob that I touched! I AM FUCKING my mom and filling her vagina with MY muck by mistake! But then, where was my wife?

Instantaneously my dick got limp and I took out it from my mom’s pussy with one swift pull and jumped out of the bed, took my cloth and ran to the next room, which was my study, where I kept my computer and work there. And again I had another blow! Jina is sitting beside my computer table and is looking at the door from where I entered that room. She looked at me and shoving her scarf on her mouth laughing soundlessly. When I came near her and asked why she was not in the bed. She said she and my mom was having chat lying side by side and suddenly my wife had to pee and went to the toilet to release her. When she returned, she found out that I have already started the game. All she could do is to sneak away from that room without making any sound and waited until I finished fucking. She whispered, ‘Served you right, you pervert!’

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For the next two days, I remained obscure in the house and tried my utmost to avoid my mom, always thinking how I could face her, in the rest of my life.

‘It was very kind of her that she didn’t leave the house instantaneously and went back to her village home.’ I thought with relief. May be she was not that angry upon me. Whatever happened, it was an accident. I didn’t make out whether Jina had told her anything or not. Even she also kept mum after that day. I kept on passing my days in a very uneasy atmosphere.

About a week passed. One day I had a report to be prepared, so I was worked on my computer for quite a long time. When I finished the report it was about 2 o’clock in the morning, I stretched my hands up to release my tension and suddenly became aware that somebody is standing behind me. I turned and looked back. It’s my mom! I wanted to get up in a hurry, but she came near and put her hand on my shoulder.

‘Don’t get embarrassed, son.’ She said.

I said, ‘I am extremely sorry mom, I thought it was Jina. I didn’t . . wanted ‘

She placed her right hand on my lips and stopped me, ‘Sh. . I knew it was by mistake. I didn’t mind. I knew if Jina looked into this matter more attentively, it shouldn’t have happened,.’

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