Mom’s invitation opens up new world for son

Dancing with Danger Mom’s invitation opens up new world for son, family taboo, incest stories,

“So you can see my problem. I know you are usually busy on Friday nights but I just wondered…”

My mom, Sandra, seemed to run out of steam and sat back heavily on the sofa as I stood and looked at her.

“You want me to go with you to your company’s annual dinner and dance?”

I guess the astonishment sounded in my voice because she shook her head.


“No, no, it’s ok, I’ll see if Jean can come with me.”

Jean was my mother’s best friend, a lovely lady, but somehow not the best partner for a posh do.

“You don’t have to ask Jean, I would love to come with you but I don’t dance, not even a little bit.”

“I suppose it’s not cool for a twenty-three year old to waltz or quickstep is it?”

“No, not very. I’m sure I can find out how on the Internet though, when is the dance?”

“Oh, you have two weeks and Michael?”


“Thank you, sweetie, it means a lot to me. Taking your poor old mom out for the evening.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll find something for you to do in return, not that you are poor or old. Sexy and youthful is how I would describe you.”

“Oh you, go, get out of here before put you over my knee!”

Mike laughed and headed out to his truck, he had football practice and didn’t want to be late.


The instructions on the Internet looked totally baffling and Michael found himself moving around his bedroom like a constipated chicken. After his third night of watching himself in the closet mirror and getting utterly discouraged he knew he’d have to speak with his mother. There was no way he was gonna let her down, not if he could help it.

Mom, can you come up here?” He called out over the banister and listened for a reply.

“I’m already up here.” The voice from behind made him jump and Mike turned to see his mother standing outside her bedroom door wearing just a robe. Her face was flushed and her hair wet; he knew she’d just had a shower.

“Oh … oh, I um … I’m sorry, guess I didn’t hear you above the music.” He had never noticed before how tall his mom was, her legs seemed to go on forever, and the pink silk material wrapped around her left very little to the imagination.

“What did you want, baby?”

“I … I.” His brain seemed to have turned to mush, what had he wanted to say? “Oh, yeah, I’m trying these dances, but I can’t do it, can you help me?”

The sound of his mother laughing made him grin, it was wonderful, and he realized he didn’t hear it often enough.

“Let me slip into something else and I’ll come give you a lesson.”

He just nodded. Dancing with her in the robe would have been fine, but somehow he didn’t think his mother or his rapidly hardening cock could have dealt with it.


Slumping down onto his bed Mike ran a hand over his pants, pressing down the tenting and groaned. What was happening to him wasn’t right, and if it were anything other than his mom’s special evening he would have backed off already.

The first time they danced together his mother had changed into a pair of the Lycra pants she used to exercise in and a vest top. She’d had no bra on because of her recent shower and her breasts had been soft against him as they practiced. She had smelled wonderful and he had tried to keep his lower half away from her and she had scolded. Telling him his positioning was all wrong.

The following night they had danced again and he’d had the same problem. In the end he’d decided he just had to go with the flow, so to speak, and if his mother felt him he would deal with it, if she didn’t say anything he’d keep quiet as well.

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It had been a great plan, but every time their session ended he had found himself lying on his bed jacking off to visions of his mother dancing with him in just her underwear. He knew she wore stockings and suspender belts because he’d seen them in the laundry. Her panties too weren’t the sort you imagined your own mother wearing and on a few occasions he had held them to his face, sniffing and even sucking on them before putting them in the machine on a delicate cycle.

For the session they had just finished his mother had worn a floaty knee length skirt and silky blouse explaining how they needed to start dancing in the type of clothes they would be wearing in three days time. A rummage through his closet helped his prom suit to surface but it was clear the years since he’d worn it had contained some major growth spurts and it no longer fitted. He wore overalls for his job as a mechanic and smart for him usually meant jeans and a polo shirt.

His mother had offered to buy him a new one for the dance and the following day they would be going shopping. Not a trip that filled him with delight except it meant he would get to spend more time with her and Mike was finding he wanted that more than anything.

With her shoulder length dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a figure that belied her years Mike knew his mom turned heads wherever she went. What he didn’t know was why she hadn’t dated in at least a year if not longer. His dad had left when he was five, moving in with and then marrying his secretary. She was a nice woman, but nothing like as beautiful as his mom.

He heard the shower begin to run and instantly his cock hardened as he pictured his mother, naked, with the hot water running over her body. He could see her ample breasts, imagine her having big dark nipples, which were tightening to show stiff, protruding nubs he could pull on, suckle and lick.

“God, what am I thinking?” His hand was moving up and down his cock, although he hadn’t been aware of pulling it from his pants. The head, hard and shining, was already leaking precum and he ran his fingers over it before sucking them.

An idea suddenly struck him and he pushed his erection away before moving out into the hallway. His mother’s bedroom door was open and he crossed to her laundry basket, opening it and pulling the soiled panties from their position resting on the top. He ran back to his own room, closing the door and lying back down. This time he undid his pants and pushed them off, his shorts too. His cock was rock hard and he ran a hand over the smooth skin of his balls. He had begun shaving almost as soon as he had a full pelt of pubic fur. He preferred the feel of his own skin as he wanked off, and now, as he ran the silky material over himself he shuddered and shivered to the new sensations.

Holding the lacy material to his nose he took a deep breath. Her scent, heady, musky, filled his senses and his hand moved faster on his cock.

“God, mom, so sexy, so … fuck, cumming, ohhhh!” His breath shortened and he pressed the panties to his face, inhaling one more deep sensuous breath. His spunk pulsed out of him, shot after shot gushing over his hand and onto his stomach. His body spasmed as his cum was released and he grasped his treasure tightly before running it through the sticky crème. Again he held it to his face, but this time he sucked at his mother’s juices mixing with his own swallowing it all down before sliding the panties under his pillow and closing his eyes.


The day of the dinner seemed to come round very quickly and Mike wasn’t at all sure his dancing was good enough for people to watch. His mother, on the other hand, was delighted with what he had done for her, and told him so over and over.

He had decided to go all out to give his mother a wonderful evening and so about a half hour before they were set to leave he told her he wouldn’t be a minute and headed out the front door.

“Michael, don’t be long, we have to go soon.” There was a panic in his mother’s voice he wished he could counter, but he didn’t want to spoil his surprise.

Fifteen minutes later he was back, sitting, waiting, and watching, as the first part of his plan unfolded.

“Mrs Marshall?”


“Good evening, ma’am, your date said would you please join him in the limo?”

“My date? Limo? I … I don’t understand.”

Michael leant out of the car and waved and saw relief wash over his mom’s face.”

“Ohh, Michael, oh, thank you. I won’t be a minute.”

He watched as his mother, stunning in her new outfit, walked down the path and then waited impatiently as the chauffeur helped her into the back next to him.

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“I just wanted to make this a special night for both of us. You look so hot in that dress and far too beautiful to be driven in my beat up truck.”

“Well, in that new suit of yours you are a very handsome young escort for your old mom, but I tell you what. Oh thank you.” She paused for a moment as Michael handed her a flute of champagne, the second part of his surprise.


His mother looked around a moment in a conspiratorial manner.

“No one knows you are my son and you look older than your twenty-three years, let’s keep our relationship a secret.”

“Ok.” Mike nodded, the idea appealed to him too. He knew his mom didn’t look her age, and he’d been able to get served in bars and clubs since he was eighteen, especially when he was with older friends. For tonight he could fantasize they were a couple and he felt his cock harden in his pants at the thought.


The meal had been delicious. Mike had found himself sitting next to one of the managers of his mom’s department, a man called Jeff who, he knew, his mother thought was a bit of a jerk. They had chatted amiably enough though and when the tables had been cleared and the dining area became a dance floor Mike and his mom were still at the same table as Jeff and his date, a woman called Muriel.

Mike bought the first round of drinks, two white wines for the ladies and a beer for Jeff and himself. For about half an hour no one got up onto the dance floor and the band seemed resigned to their fate. Then two younger women, laughing and giggling, pulled their reluctant partners to their feet and began to gyrate in front of them.

His mother laughed as well for a moment and looked in Mike’s direction.

“Would you like to dance, Sandy?” He stood up and extended his hand.

“Yes, thank you.” His mom smiled and he bowed slightly. The band was playing a tune that meant they could dance close together. His mother had said there would be some waltzes and other dances they had learnt as the night went on, but the band would try to get everyone on the floor first.

They stayed together for two dances and then the tempo slowed and he felt his mother lay her head on his shoulder. He moved his hand so it rested against her butt and she stiffened slightly.


“I’m your date, remember? Besides that creep Jeff is watching our every move, you want him to see we’re together don’t you?”

“Ok, sweetie, this feels so good I don’t want you to move anyway.” He smiled and nodded. He felt so at home holding her in his arms, it seemed right that he should be her man, leading the dance, taking her out for a good time and at that instant he knew they would do this more than once.


The dance floor wasn’t empty again for the entire evening. Mike watched as his mother danced with her boss as well as a couple of other work colleagues and he took a few turns around the floor with some of the ladies who hadn’t brought partners with them. None of them turned him on like his mom though and he tried to be with her for at least every other dance.

Finally, after a couple of hours, Jeff held his hand out and, reluctantly, his mom stood up.

“You don’t mind, do you, Mike? Only your date is the hottest woman in the office and I’ve been waiting all evening for my turn.”

Michael nodded, knowing to say no would cause his mom problems, but not really wanting her anywhere near the guy. He wasn’t sure why except his mother didn’t like him and he respected her opinion.

For a couple of minutes everything seemed fine. He had offered his hand to Muriel and they were dancing as close as he could get to his mother without seeming too possessive.

The tempo slowed and Muriel stepped back.

“I think I’ll sit this one out if you don’t mind.”

He nodded, not wanting to force her but wishing he could stay nearer to his mom. As he escorted her back he heard a sound and turned, his mother was moving Jeff’s hand from her left breast and he took a step towards her.

He saw her shake her head and so backed off, but his eyes never left her.

For a minute Jeff behaved himself but just as Mike made himself comfortable at the table, and took a mouthful of his fourth beer, he saw the hand move again, this time to take a firm hold of his mother’s butt.

Again his mother moved the hand but Jeff wasn’t having any of it. He placed it back over her breast, his fingers moving to grasp where Mike knew her nipple was.

“Excuse me.” He got to his feet, left Muriel looking unhappy, and strode to his mother’s side.

“You don’t mind if I cut in do you, Jeff?”

“Actually, I do, why don’t you dance with Muriel, I’m sure she’d love to have you take her home.”

“Jeff.” His mother tried to speak to her dance partner but this time it was Michael who shook his head.

“I would like to dance with my date, now back off.”

Michael knew he had at least five inches on Jeff and he stood as tall as he could.

“Ok, geeze, I only wanted to dance. She puts out all the time, but never lets anyone in. Good luck, man, you’re gonna have a lonely and frustrated night.”

“Go back to your date or meet me in the parking lot, the choice is yours, I’m gonna dance.” Michael took his mother’s hand and she almost fell into his arms. He manoeuvred her to a more densely populated part of the floor and then turned so her back was towards Jeff.

“Thank you, baby, I am so sorry.”

“Shhh, he isn’t going to ruin our evening. Just go with me, ok?”

His mom nodded and he took advantage of the situation to do something he’d wanted to do all evening. Pressing his lips against those of his mother’s he tenderly kissed her before running his tongue across the soft skin.

“My date remember? Kiss me.”

He knew his mom had had a few drinks and hoped her inhibitions had been reduced. He heard her moan slightly and then felt his tongue slip into the warm wetness of her mouth.

The music had slowed and as his mom leant against him he pulled her closer, their kiss lasting far longer than he’d ever dare imagine. Gradually though his mom pulled away and, guiltily, smiled.

“Thank you. I know that was naughty but it was wonderful too.”

“No problem.”

The managing director of his mom’s company stepped up to the microphone as the music died.

“Ladies and gentlemen I hope you have had as great an evening as I have. It’s almost time for the last dance but first we have a few awards to hand out. Most of you know we do this every year and, as we do every year, we hope you’ll agree with our choices.”

Michael and his mother stood together on the dance floor. Some of the couples still sitting got up to join them and soon almost everyone was standing.

The two girls who had got the dancing started received awards as heroes of the evening, there were small statuettes for the best dancers, the worst, the best smile, best outfit, and then, the next award was announced.

“The final one of our little statues goes to the best new couple. Apparently last year’s recipients ended up married, so who knows what will happen to this year’s winners. Would Sandy and Mike please step forward?”

“Oh my.” His mother blushed furiously but to his surprise pulled him enthusiastically towards the microphone. “Thank you, thank you so much.” Clutching the gold coloured little man, who bore a startling resemblance to Oscar, his mother smiled and raised the statue above her head. “We’ve had a great time, I hope you all have too. See you next year.”

The music began again; a slow, tender love song and Mike took his mother in his arms, holding her close as she kissed him slowly on the lips.

“Love you, Michael, thank you too for a wonderful evening.”

“It’s not over yet. Come on, let’s enjoy the final dance, then, Mrs Marshall, I’ll take you home.”

His mom just nodded her head before resting it against his chest. He placed a hand on her butt and began to sway in time to the music. Other couples smiled at them and he felt himself grinning. He was in love with his mom, on a date with her, and everyone accepted them as a proper couple. How could his evening get any better?


The limo was waiting outside as they left the hotel and Mike waited as the chauffeur held the door for his mom. Once he too was safely inside the car pulled away and once again he offered his mother a flute of champagne.

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“I do believe my date is trying to get me a little tipsy.”

“I do believe your date has succeeded.” He placed a gentle kiss on her lips, wondering if now it would be deemed improper.


“Sandy, tonight you are my date, my wonderful, beautiful, sexy date, and I intend to take full advantage of the situation. I have the limo booked for another hour, so watch the world go by and enjoy the ride with me, please?”

His mom nodded her head and then, to his delight, nestled closer to him and again rested her head against his shoulder.

He had never realized quite how lovely the city looked at night and Mike, even though he was conscious of his mother’s body next to his all the time, enjoyed the tour enormously. Finally the car drew up outside their house and for the last time the chauffeur held the door and they climbed out to stand together as the shiny black limo drove away.

Mike let his mother enter the house first and then quietly closed the front door. He couldn’t believe how horny he was and knew jacking off to memories wouldn’t be enough, not tonight. He quickly hung his new suit jacket on a hook and then, as she carefully eased a shoe off, he moved up behind her. Not really knowing if he had the courage to say or do anything.

“Leave them on, I want another dance, here, where I can be alone with the most beautiful woman at the dance. We were the best new couple, after all, I think I deserve it.”

For a moment his mother was silent and he moved over to press play on the CD player. He had set up the track he wanted before they left and as the music began he pulled his mom close to him, not giving her a chance to refuse.

The music was slow and sensuous and Mike moved his hands over his mother’s body and down to her butt as they danced. He knew his cock was hard in his pants, knew his mother could feel it, and hoped it wouldn’t make her back off.

“Michael …”

“Shhh, I love you, mom, I … know it’s wrong but I want you.”

“Want me?” She looked up into his eyes and for a moment Michael smiled before capturing her lips with his own. He kissed her tenderly, just for a moment and then looked into her eyes again.

“I want to tell you this is wrong, Michael, but your kisses are so hot.” His mother rested her hand against his cheek and smiled at him.

He moved closer again and his tongue was accepted immediately. As they kissed he began to move her back towards the sofa and then pushed her gently so they were sitting together. The kiss continued, her hands running into his black curly hair, holding him in position until in the end they moved back to breathe.

“Oh, Michael.”

“Show me, mom, show me what you like, I … I haven’t done this very often, please?”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes, I want you to teach me, please.”

His mother nodded her head before standing and pulling him to his feet.

“Come with me.”

They walked up the stairs and Mike tried to ignore the throbbing of his cock and the beating of his heart. He couldn’t believe his mother was taking him to bed, but he also knew it was what they both wanted, however wary they were.

“Come in here, baby, unless you’ve changed you mind.”

Mike did as he was told, watching as his mother closed her bedroom door and then moved closer to him.

“Let me help you out of your suit, then I’ll show you what to do to follow up on those kisses, ok?”

Unable to speak he stood, almost like a statue, and waited while his mom undid his tie, unbuttoned his shirt and then removed them. Her hand traced the outline of his cock through his pants before carefully lowering them. His tight white shorts were bulging and she leant down to kiss the tip of his mushroom head through the material before they too ended up on the floor with the rest of his clothes.

“Now, lay down on the bed and let me strip for you.”

“Oh, god, mom, yes, show me your beautiful body.” His voice was already husky and as he lay down his hand instantly grasped his cock and slowly wanked it.

His mother found the zipper at the back of her silky but figure hugging dress and carefully lowered it. As she did so the material slid from her shoulders and she shimmied a couple of times so that her outfit soon surrounded her feet. Stepping out of it she moved closer to the bed.

“I wasn’t going to wear ordinary panties tonight, I love to put crotchless ones on when I go out, but I know you like my juices. You’ve sucked the material, tasted me that way, so I wore these for you just in case you borrowed them again and I got a chance to share.”

He was speechless, his mother was seducing him, or almost, and all he could do was moan and carry on watching as her hands went behind her to release her bra. The black lacy cups loosened and as she took it off altogether Michael saw the dark nipples he had fantasized about.

“For now I will leave the panties on, and the stockings, suspenders and shoes. I like to be made love to when I am wearing them, and you did ask me to teach you.”

“Ummm, yeah. God, you look so hot, mom, so hot.”

His mother climbed up on the bed next to him and placed her lips against his. For a few minutes they kissed, nothing more but then, just as he began wondering what was next, Mike felt his mom’s hand on his cock.

“You are so big, baby, and shaved, I never knew you shaved your cock and balls.”

“I like the feel of the air on my skin. I don’t have to though, if you don’t want me to.”

For an answer his mother moved down the bed and began placing chaste kisses on him. The chasteness though, disappeared as her lips got closer and closer to his cock and his smooth balls. He lifted his butt off the bed, wanting to encourage her to take all of him into her mouth but instead she looked up and smiled.

“How often can you cum, baby? If I suck you off now, will you still be able to fuck me?”

Mike felt himself slipping away from reality. His mother had been reluctant downstairs, but now she wanted him to shoot his load twice and for a moment he had no answer for her.

“I, uh, I can make myself cum two or three times. I’ve only had sex with one girl, and she would push me away after I’d cum, I don’t know how many times I could have done it.”

“Oh, poor baby, she didn’t know what she was missing. I am going to make you see what loving a woman is all about.”

His mother had definitely taken charge and Michael lay back and watched again as she began to touch him. This time her fingers moved up to his chest, circling his nipples, pulling on them as he writhed beneath her. He had been so fascinated by women’s nipples that he hadn’t realized how sensitive his own were. Each time she kissed one of them he felt the sensation head straight for his cock.

“Yours, let me touch yours, please, mom.”

“Yes, baby, your mom loves to have her tits sucked and played with, it makes her cunt so wet.”

Her dirty language was turning Michael on more and more and with a groan of pure pleasure he raised his head and captured a dark brown nipple with his lips.

Rolling slightly he manoeuvred his mother so she was lying on the bed and he was leaning over her. Slowly, deliberately he began to kiss, suck and lick at her soft, fleshy tits. He made his way from one to the other, covering the skin with butterfly kisses and tracing swirling shapes with his fingers.

“Ohhh, Michael, move lower, baby, use that tongue on mommy’s clit.”

The kisses trailed down across her stomach towards the black lace panties. When he reached their band he looked up and for a moment smiled. He moved so he was positioned between his mother’s legs and leaned down, kissing the crotch of the panties and then sucking at his mother through the filmy material.

“Yes, fuck, yes, son, like that, just like that.” He felt the material become wet almost instantly and he sucked at it again, tasting her fresh juices for the first time. Instantly he was addicted and began kissing and sucking over and over, hearing her breathing increase and her moans get louder.

“Don’t stop, Michael, keep … keep going, son, gonna cum, ohhhhhh, yes!” His mother’s hips lifted from the mattress and she froze in position. He did as he had been told, sucking where he knew his mom’s clit and then pussy lips were. The material was suddenly sopping and the nectar flooded his mouth again and again until, with a final cry of his name, his mother fell back, exhausted and breathing heavily.

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For a few minutes Michael lay next to her watching as she gathered herself. He ran his hand up and down his cock still unable to believe what he had just done. Finally his mother turned to him and smiled.

“Thank you, sweetie, that was wonderful. Tell me, what else turns you on as much as eating your mother out?”

His hand sped up on his cock as he looked at his mom. All the different fantasies he’d had about her over the past two weeks came up in his mind, but his favourite, the one which made him cum the hardest was the one he spoke about.

“I want you to suck me, suck my cock, my balls, and then, when I’m ready to shoot I … I want …” He felt himself blush and stopped talking.

“Baby, why don’t you just show me? Lie so you are comfortable and I’ll take that big old cock into my mouth, suck it, and lick at your balls, like you want. Then you take over, ok?”

“Yes, ohhhh, yes.” He had readied himself as his mother spoke and almost exploded instantly as his cock was enveloped in a warm wet heat he could never have imagined.

Expertly his mother sucked on his cock, he knew he was almost eight inches long and quite thick. He had been sucked off before, but never as well as he was now. A groan escaped him as his mother let his cock leave her mouth with a pop. His balls were then licked at and laved and each one was carefully, lovingly, sucked into his mother’s mouth before she smiled at him and took his cock back between her lips.

His hands went to his nipples. He’d never pulled or pinched them before, but as he couldn’t reach his mom’s he played with himself instead. The sensations only added to his pleasure, and when his mom took his entire cock in and began to hum against the head he knew he was gonna lose it.

“Fuck, mom, gonna cum, please, let me, God, let me.” He pulled out and pushed his mother back so she was leaning against the headboard. His hands went to her tits, pulling the tight nubs out and away from her body, watching as they stood proud. He straddled her and then, grasping his cock, he began to jerk himself off until, just a few seconds later, he let loose a cry of ecstasy as his spunk coated her tits, running over the nipples and dripping from the tips.

Leaning forward his lips made contact with his hot crème and he began to lick it up, sucking the nipples into his mouth as he cleaned them off.

“Taste me, mom. Please, let me feed you.”

He looked up; his tongue coated with his own cum and saw her nod. His lips met hers and then he was snowballing his crème into her mouth, feeling her tongue against his own and he felt her swallow.

“More, baby, feed mommy again.”

He needed no second bidding and gathered up as much of his load as he could before kissing and snowballing again. Already he could feel his cock responding and as they kissed he knew it wouldn’t be long before he could fill his mother’s cunt with sperm and then suck it from there too.


For almost five minutes he had lain next to his mother holding one of her hands inside his own and listening to her breathing, wondering if her concerns had returned or if he would get to carry on.


Mom, please, don’t stop. I want to put my cock in you so badly, and I know you’ll enjoy it, please.”

His mother didn’t answer, instead she began to kiss him, running her fingers into his hair and rubbing her slightly sticky tits across his chest.

His cock, which had returned to its flaccid state immediately reared its head and he ground against her, enjoying the feel of the silky panties but wanting more.

Mom, can I take your panties off now? Not the stockings, just the panties.”

“Yes, baby, but keep them close, so we can use them later.”

Slowly, almost reverently, he eased the lacy underwear down his mother’s long legs. The black stockings made them appear even shapelier and he followed the slip of material with his lips, kissing her through the nylons as he did so.

Looking up his eyes took in her almost naked, shaved pussy. A narrow landing strip of hair was all that remained and he ran a finger through it before looking down at his own denuded cock for a moment.

“Like mother like son, baby. What do you think?”

“I think it’s beautiful. My cock is so dry though, mom, maybe you know what we can do about that before I put it inside you?”

“Oh, I think I have an idea. But you must do the same favour for me.”

Not sure what she meant Michael watched while his mother guided him into position. Once she was satisfied he smiled. Now they could suck each other; get each other ready at the same time for their first proper love making session.

He felt his mom’s lips on him again but her soft puffy pussy lips muffled his moan as he began to kiss and lick at them.

“Suck mommy’s clit into your mouth, son, make it hard.”

His lips were there before she finished speaking and as he did as she had asked he felt it become firm, grow against his tongue and he lavished attention on it until he sensed her arousal increase. He moved back to her pussy lips, his tongue darting inside her, first quickly, then slowly until he left it in there, licking up the juices which were flowing freely.

His cock was being saturated, the warm wetness moving him closer to his second climax and, reluctantly he moved back.

“Let me take you, mom.” He didn’t want to say fuck, he didn’t want to fuck her any longer, he wanted to love her, to make love with her.

Moving down the bed Michael once again got between his mother’s legs. This time, on his knees, he held his cock at the entrance to her tight wet hole and looked up.

“I don’t have any protection, mom.”

“Don’t stop now, baby, just be careful.”

He pushed forward, not answering, and felt himself encased in a deep, tight cavern, so wet, so hot, and he was pumping, moving in and out, as he watched her tits bounce. Michael saw her tighten her hands in the sheets and heard her begin to moan.

“Yes, baby, yes, so hard, so big, take me, son, feed me your seed, mix it with mine, ohhhh, yes, Michael, yes.”

His cock was encased again, this time in her hot juices, and he felt himself begin the inexorable rise to fulfilment. Relentlessly he plunged into her, sometimes hard, sometimes not, feeling her tighten her muscles around him until, finally, not able to hold it back any longer, he cried out.

“Cumming, mom, gonna cum now, inside you, ohhhh, god, yes, now!” His spunk shot out, pulse after pulse filling his mother’s cunt, and then, as the first eruptions lessened he pulled out, sending the final shots over her tits once more before slumping down onto his hands, knowing he wasn’t finished but needing a moment.

Slowly he picked up the panties his mother had worn and ran them down through the juices escaping from her pussy. He looked at his spunk mixing with her juices and held it to his face. The aroma was as heady and intoxicating as ever, only now it was mixed with his own seed and he placed his lips against it sucking at the material until he couldn’t taste it any longer.

Bending down he ran his tongue along his mother’s blushed and bruised pussy lips. He collected more juices on his tongue, feeling his mother tighten and relax her muscles to help it flow out into his mouth. Michael treated himself, swallowing the first mouthful before moving up to share with his mom. Their lips met in a sweet kiss, but their tongues danced, exchanging the fluids, moving it back and forth until, finally, they both swallowed.

His fantasies fulfilled Michael looked into the beautiful face of his mother. Her lips were blushed and swollen from their kisses, her face flushed from the exertion and he didn’t think she had ever looked so stunning, so sexy, so satisfied. He collapsed down beside her, pulling her close as he did so. He had made love to his mother and she had enjoyed it. They were the best new couple at the dance, and he knew life would never be the same again.

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