Consoling friend’s grieving mother

Consoling friend’s grieving mother
Life is more dramatic than drama
Some events appear to be abnormal crazy, extraordinary, diabolic, taboo, unethical, unbelievable, and even perverted and unacceptable to societal norms. Analyzing the behavior of people involved in such incidents without bias opens a door and reveals human psyche. The persons in the story happen to fulfill their inner psychological need and physical desire the basic instinct in peculiar circumstances. Some people may call it animal instinct and indecent but the desire to satisfy hidden, craving physiological need erupts despite all reasoning, logic, traditions, religious beliefs, and possible consequences. Love and romance made them happy and consequently lead a normal satisfied life without guilty complex. The story is based on real life incidents. Names changed for obvious reasons. However, the essence of what happened described in detail revealing the inner thoughts and feelings of the people involved. There are erotic moments described in detail wherever necessary to reveal their inner psyche.

Chapter 1
It was a Sunday early morning, hearing loud noises from the Hostel corridor, I came out of my room and learnt to my shock and surprise our classmate Mohan was found dead in his room, obviously committed suicide. An empty arsenic bottle and a suicide note found besides the bed.

He hails from a wealthy rich landlord family, the only son of his parents and doing well in studies. He married six months earlier Madhusmita. No one could imagine plausible reasons for his suicide. The Warden informed the Police and the body was sent for Postmortem.

His parents arrived the following morning from their native place. All of us were in the Hostel Common room when Mohan’s parents arrived. The moment, they got down I went near Mohan’s mother Padmavathy and took her hands into mine. She instantly leaned on to me as I put my hands on her shoulders. Mohan’s father accompanied by the Warden and some of our friends went to the hospital to complete the formalities and take his son’s body to their native village.

I being Mohan’s close friend, I stayed back to take care of grieving mother Padmavathy. I took her to the Guest room situated on top floor. She was obviously exhausted and tired. I requested her to take bath and she went to the bathroom. I went out and brought breakfast and coffee in a thermos for both of us from hostel Mess.
She was looking refreshed after having bath and changed into a fresh thin georgette sari.
I said, ‘Amma, you must be starving since yesterday, have some breakfast’
She said, ‘No Shiva, I am not hungry. Please go ahead and have your breakfast’
I said, ‘Let us have some coffee at least.’ On my insistence, she sipped a cup of coffee.
I told her if she wanted to take some rest, I would leave her alone.
She said pleadingly taking my hand, ‘don’t leave me please. I want you to be with me’
‘I will not leave you Amma, I will be with you.’ I said and sat on the sofa.

She was standing in front of full-length mirror. Sitting on the sofa, I could see both her back and front, her huge voluminous bouncing breasts hung heavily from her chest moving as she lifted both her hands to remove hairpins from hair bun. She raised her hands, inserted fingers into hair bun, removed hair pins, lifted up and flaunted her hair to loosen further. Her long thick luxurious lustrous wavy oily smooth silky soft shining hair cascaded down reaching mid thighs. She combed her hair slowly and carefully to disentangle her hair. She combed hair backwards from forehead, parted her hair perfectly and neatly in the middle and put two equal parts onto the front over both the shoulders. She combed uniformly thick voluminous long thick hair until the perfectly trimmed ends. It was a time a consuming task and took long time to disentangle and comb her thick voluminous hair. I was captivated and fascinated watching her comb oily long uniformly thick jet-black luxurious lustrous voluminous smooth shining silky wavy hair. I wanted to comb her long hair but restrained to volunteer for the fear of being rebuked. She tossed her hair back and combed downwards. Her hair spread wide covering her entire back reaching mid thighs.

It was a visual feast to me watching her back and her front image in the mirror watching the fluid moments of her huge heavy firm hung bouncing breasts, curvaceous lean taut hourglass body and the fluid movements of her beautiful hands while she was combing her hair. She arranged her hair with deft hands covering her ears and left loose till the hem of the wide deep very low cut blouse and skillfully arranged by making loops with hands into a neat loose big beautiful bun without hair pins resting on her back.

I watched the moments of her beautiful loose big hair bun, her curvaceous hourglass shaped body draped in a flowing thin transparent chiffon plain sari with plain border, pleats tucked neatly much below the deep navel, taut belly, and the narrow waist widened as it went down to wide huge bouncing hips. The sari pallu open along her shoulder as well as arm highlighting her top heavy breasts and hour glass figure. The shape and contours of her top-heavy big extra-large huge firm swinging bouncing breasts, proportionately large areola and long nipples were visible through her thin matching color blouse and bra in the mirror. Her breasts looked from the side view like mountains with firm erect large brown nipples.

At that moment, I remembered her beautiful exuberant confident smiling happy and joyous sexy sizzling image exuding and flaunting her beauty and feminine sexuality during her son’s wedding ceremonies. She was like a Beauty Queen. She was wearing rich pure silk gold Zari border silk saris low hip and backless blouse. She was adorned with elaborate heavy gold and diamond jewelry from head to toe, showing off her beautiful curvaceous hour glass sexy sizzling sensuous body. Her wide expressive large eyes kajal lined, top heavy extra-large big bouncing conical huge firm voluminous provocatively swinging mountainous full breasts with firm large erect nipples extending out of lean frame, thin taut lean midriff, jasmine flower threads adorned thick silky thigh length long braid.

She was undoubtedly a beautiful and sexy sensuous woman exuding feminine grace, epitome of sensuality, the height of prime sexuality and crescent linger of explicit womanhood.

I recalled her actively encouraging engaging indulgent flirting conversations, her bewitchingly beautiful and inviting smiles, her deep husky sexy voice, her invigorative intoxicating body scent mixed with aroma of jasmine flowers in her braid, the unmistakable infatuation, mutual fatal attraction and love at first sight, and the longing desire to spend time with each other. I felt bit surprised at myself having such thoughts about her at that juncture. She was a grieving mother. I looked into her eyes with admiration, love, lust, compassion, empathy and desire.

She sat on the sofa, adjusting her sari pleats and pallu neatly. She was calm but her large sorrowful expressive eyes revealed showed the agony and grief.

She asked ‘when did it really happen?’

Even before I replied, she started crying, stream of tears rolling down continuously on her cheeks making her sari pallu wet.

I said, ‘Amma, I can understand the pain and agony you must be going through ever since you heard the news. I have so many fond memories of him hanging out and but most of all we remember the beautiful days we spent. I talked about some memories and the good times I shared with Mohan. I said, ‘he became my closest friend in the college and I miss him very much.’

She was crying and said, ‘He is a nice boy. he is very sensitive too. He told me many a time that you are his best friend. Did he not share even with you any of his problems or feelings that led him to take such a drastic decision to end his life?’

I said, ‘No, had I known the reasons or had any slightest inclination, I would have definitely helped him in whatever the way I can. He did not tell me about his problems. It is a mystery to all of us and I cannot see any problems which could not have been solved.’

She was restless and continuously crying. She got up from the sofa walked to the window looking out. I went near her, standing beside her.
She said, ‘I wish he could have told me, shared his thoughts and feelings, his problems, inhibitions and fears to me, confessed to me whatever his problems were. I could have helped him, comforted him, and counseled him to overcome and solve his problems whatever they were. I would have done anything he wants. I brought him up with so much love and care and we provided everything he wanted. He has everything, property, money, social status, good education and so much life ahead to enjoy with his beautiful wife. What more a young man wants from life?

’Shiva, Did he have any issues academically or otherwise,’ she asked.

I said, ‘No, Amma, no issues I am aware of, actually he was good in academics. I agree with you that he should have told you about his problems and come to you for advice. You could have helped him. Who can understand him better than his own loving, caring and giving mother?’

It seems my statement triggered agony and she continued to cry, tears rolling down her cheeks, she said, ‘who else can understand him better than me? I should have helped him, but I wonder how I could have helped him, unless he tells me. Why did he not come to me?’

Not knowing and not having any clue how to console a crying, grieving and mourning mother, to comfort and to console her, placing my hand on her shoulders wiped tears from her cheeks. She got up and instantly leaned on to my chest. I hugged her and put my hand on her head stroking to soothe her and to show empathy as a gesture of sharing her agony and thought ‘let her cry out.’

I stroked, fondled and caressed her hair and the back of head affectionately and lovingly. She hugged me tightly, an intimate hug, her hands encircling, enveloping and reaching fully around me. She leaned forward, wrapped her arms around me. The grasp was soft and gentle yet firm. Impulsively, my fingers slipped into her huge big hair bun and caressed her silky hair and nape affectionately hoping that my gesture would comfort and relieve her stress and tension.

While she was hugging me tightly, I loosened and unfastened loops of her hair bun and her hair cascaded down like a waterfall, spread wide and covering her entire back reaching mid thighs. I ran my fingers through her thick silky hair downwards along the length of her hair, feeling the oily silky smooth texture and softness. Feeling her beautiful silky smooth long hair, and smelling aphrodisiac erotic natural scent of her body aroma and her huge firm breasts pressing against mine sent electric waves though me.

“Her huge heavy breasts hung from lean chest before her, offering me a different view of them. They were not the spheres they normally seemed. Suspended from her chest, they were more like slightly elliptical inverted domes, capped with the jutting of her big, hard nipples and their surrounding abundant areolas. The sight of her breasts made me want to hold them in my hands, as if to weigh her big heavy voluminous, full, fleshy breasts. The slope of one breast seen from the side in profile was triangular shape with a circular base, from which her large long extended nipple projected. Her soft breasts flattened between us as she embraced me tightly. I loved the feel of their buoyant fullness and their satin smooth touch, the inward curving slopes of her breasts which felt like the sweep of satin.

I continued running my fingers through thick strands of her oily smooth wavy hair, while she was hugging me tightly, an intimate whole body touching hug. I cuddled her tightly, closely and intimately, watching her back fully covered with her beautiful thigh-length hair, cupped her big arse cheeks with my hands pressing and squeezing.

Padmavathy’s hair is jet black, mid thigh length long, lustrous, uniformly thick, lustrous, voluminous, oily, smooth, silky, soft and shining. I was enjoying the feel of her oily sexy long hair immensely. She did not object and did not pull herself away. I continued stroking her head and gradually her crying reduced to sobs.

We were entwined, entangled and interlocked in an intimate and tight embrace. The hugging mutually became more alluring, coaxing, engaging, engrossing, encompassing, involving, indulging, intimate, intense, inciting, invoking, invigorative, seeking, sensuous and feeling each other’s body.

My fingers ran through combing her uniformly thick oily voluminous thigh length hair disentangling from head to the perfectly trimmed ends. Her hair was uniformly bewitchingly tantalizingly thick and voluminous until the ends reaching mid thighs, a rare phenomenon. Her extra-large voluptuous heavy huge firm soft hanging pendulous mountainous and conical breasts were pressing against my chest.

Every part of her whole body was closely touching and pressing mine sending electric waves through my nerves. We were completely entangled, entwined, encircled, enjoined and enticingly enveloped in each other’s arms, as if our two bodies were trying to unite with each other and become one. I could smell her distinctive erotic feminine body aroma. The effect was a sudden fullness in my cock and its unwitting rise, touching and pressing her mound. Her pressure against me did have the effect of pushing her breasts against her open neckline of her deep low cut blouse giving me a delightful view. My fully painfully erect, rigid, turgid, throbbing and pulsating long thick cock was pressing her mound thorough my lungi. I felt awkward, since I was not wearing underwear. My blood ran faster in my veins into my cock. I hugged her more closely and tightly moving my cock forward and pressing against her mound while cupping and pressing her arse cheeks with my hands towards me.

I could see that she was obviously excited in our intimate indulging and tight erotic embrace. She did not try to wriggle out or move away as I expected. I was afraid that she may chide me, since I was sure she felt my hard cock pressing against her. Instead she moved herself forward even more closely pressing herself towards me, her whole body touching mine indicating her eagerness. I was delighted to feel the heat and pressure of her soft sensuous body. I pressed my hands on her hips bringing her more closely. Simultaneously, She was pushing her backside intentionally towards me more closely and her heavy breasts were pressing against me in the front. Our arms were encircling each other tightly. I could hear her breathe heavily, feel her heart beat faster, and smell her invigorative distinct erotic exciting exotic enticing body aroma. I looked at her back. She was undoubtedly thrusting herself against my hard cock gyrating and rubbing her mound. I cupped her soft big inverted pot shaped round fat soft arse cheeks with my hands pressing, squeezing and pushing further towards me, while my hard cock pressing hard against her mound.

She was holding me tight, she does not want to leave as if she was so enthralled and in love with me and she doesn’t ever want to let go and was too afraid to express with words. Her tight full body hugging full chest to chest and hip to hip contact indicated a different level of intimacy, need and desire.

I pressed my painfully erect hard throbbing cock against her mound like I was already deep inside her. She was being overwhelmed by the speed and force with which I was grinding against her mound and she was visibly excited and groaning.

Her clenched hands were gripping me tightly and fingernails were digging into my back. The softness of her thick long silky hair touching my hands further aroused my basic instinct, banal, carnal, irresistible and uncontrollable physical desire. For a moment, I thought it was indecent and improper having sexual thoughts and desire for her at that moment. But her eager response feeling my cock against her, gyrating her mound alleviated my doubts and prompted me go further.

My hands pressing her soft hips travelled slowly and gently upwards on her back. Her sari pallu already dropped to the floor, I ran my hand upwards, touched her shoulder with the tips of my fingers, placed my hands on the back of her shoulders, and stroked them downward with a bit more force. I also ran one finger along her shoulder. I used both my hands to push firmly into the area above her shoulder blades kneading out some of the tension in her body. Her hands were on my back gripping and digging.

I took her beautiful face in my hands, stroked her cheek, her ear, chin and the side of her face along the jaw line with my fingers. I stroked the back of her head, slowly massaged her scalp, running fingers through her thick hair, brushed the strands of hair away from her eyes as I made eye contact, leading her to want something more. I liked the feel of stroking her oily long thick luxurious lustrous smooth shining silky jet-black hair. I tucked some strands of her hair behind her both ears to give her ears an extra caress.

Padma felt my callused hands, and the sinewy muscles leading up to broad shoulders. When Padma inhaled my rich natural sweat scent Androstenol singed her senses and slid over her bare skin like a powerful aphrodisiac.

I cupped her face in my hands gently with love, desire and empathy. I wanted to love, comfort, possess, own, make love and devour her. I could see in her wide expressive eyes pleading desire to be taken, to be owned, to become united, to be filled, an unmistakable urgent need. It was an uncontrollable, irresistible and intense desire. Her large expressive eyes wide open looking into my eyes were inviting me.

Impulsively, I kissed on her forehead, eyes, eyelids and cheeks. She was moving her face conveniently to receive as I kissed, licked, and nibbled lovingly, delicately, slowly and passionately all over her neck, cheeks and face. I licked and nibbled at her earlobes while my fingers caressed at the back of earlobes. I kissed her earlobes, the sides of her ear, and the area behind her ears gently. I stroked her ears as I continued to kiss and also brushed my lips along and behind her ears and nibbled her earlobes taking into my mouth. I kissed her chin and nose.

I lovingly stroked the sides of her neck while kissing, tossed her hair back so that I can caress her neck a bit more by running the sides of my fingers up and down her neck down to the base of her shoulder and all the way up to her earlobe. She was eagerly enthusiastically accepting and receiving my sensuous loving licking kisses moving and turning her face closely and conveniently to receive as I kissed each and every inch of her fore head, her eye lids, cheeks, chin, neck, shoulders and all over her face. I ran a finger on her juicy soft thick lips and holding her lower lip gave her a soft kiss, paused to caress her lips by holding the kiss for a few seconds. I ran tip of my tongue on her thick full beautiful pouting wet juicy soft top and bottom lips. Finally, I ran my tongue between her wet juicy thick pouting inviting lips forcing her mouth to open.

She opened her mouth fully inviting and taking as my tongue slipped into hers. My tongue explored her mouth, touching her inner cheeks, her tongue and deep into her throat. Her arms snaked around me tightly and our tongues caressed each other and she tasted my tongue. She took my lower lip into her mouth and started sucking, chewing and biting digging her teeth, all the time pressing herself against me. She was biting and chewing my lips till bleeding. She sucked and chewed on my lower lip for a long time. In turn, I took her lower and upper lip one after another alternatively chewing and sucking them gently.

Our tongues entwined, exploring and sucking hungrily each other alternatively. Her tongue attacked my mouth, probing my tongue, teeth and gums. Our bodies were pressing at each other. Our hearts beating faster, blood running through veins faster and faster at high speed. We kissed on for long time, endless with small gaps for taking breath. I could feel her long fingernails digging on my back. I can smell her body aroma, an exotic body odor of passion, sweetness and desire. It was if we both want to drink nectar from each other’s mouth. Her hands were around me encircling and clutching tightly. Her fingers digging into my back. We kissed each other unmindful of the time and circumstances for a long time taking turns.

It was obvious that our Kissing relieved her stress and significantly dropped in Cortisol hormone (women who showed a decrease in Cortisol had higher scores of sexual
functioning in the domains of sexual arousal, desire, and satisfaction). The levels of her love hormone – Oxytocin sky rocketed and created feelings of trust, empathy, pleasure, and emotional bonding.

Her sucking of my saliva passed my testosterone hormone to activate her sex desire to the peaks. Our kissing stimulated nerve endings on our lips which sparked release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain associated with pleasure and feeling of rewarded which made us want to kiss for a long time. Endorphins and Phenyl ethylamine levels also increased during the kissing working as an aphrodite. Our adrenal system got excited releasing adrenaline and noradrenaline making our whole body into an excited, revved up state, our heart rate increased. Blood rushed away from the stomach to our muscles and our sexual organs. Pheromones released extensively when we kissed and we can sense them with our nose and mouth and was able to detect that we were aroused and we are ready for the action.

The long arduous kissing was not enough for both of us and we want to have more of each other. The kissing, intimate indulging, hugging and cuddling ignited fire in both of us, our hearts beating faster pumping blood into each every minuscule part of the body and mind. The mutual sexual desire is mounting to unbearable and uncontrollable heights.

The signs of sexual arousal in her was obvious. Her cunt juices started flowing out profusely, her cunt lips and clitoris swollen and engorged.

It was an absorbing, acclaiming, acclimating, acclimatizing, acknowledging, active, acute, accumulating, adsorbing, adrenalizing, alluring, alleviating, aloud, amazing, amorphous, aphrodisiac, arduous, arousing, assimilating, assertive, astounding, awakening, bawdy, begging, besieging, beseeching, beguiling, beholding, bewitching, belonging, biting, bonding, captivating, caring, chewing, churning, clamoring, coaxing, comforting, compulsive, commanding, converging, convulsing, coaxing, cajoling, consoling, concupiscent, craving, crazy, crowing, compulsive, demanding, deep, delightful, delicious, delirious, devoting, eager, ecstatic, elated, elaborate, emotional, encompassing, enthralling, encouraging, enduring, enrapturing, encouraging, engaging, engrossing, enjoying, enjoining, ensnaring, enticing, enthralling, entreating, entwining, erotic, erogenous, euphoric, evocative, evolving, exciting, exhaustive, exhausting, exhorting, exhilarating, exploring, explicit, exotic, exulating, fantastic, fervent, frenzied, generous, giving, goading, gripping, harmonious, horny, hungry, hunting, imploring, implicative, imbibing, indulging, inciting, inflaming, intriguing, inveigle, invigorating, inviting, involving, intense, intoxicating, joyous, jubilant, lascivious, lavish, lecherous, libidinous, licking, loving, lustful, mesmerizing, magnificent, magnanimous, mnemonic, mouthwatering, mutual, nibbling, orgiastic, passionate, permeating, persuading, pleasurable, provocative, probing, prodding, prompting, prurient, pursuing, ravenous, rhapsodic, rapturous, raunchy, redolent, rewarding, revealing, romantic, reciprocating, receiving, rejuvenating, rewarding, rejoicing, rousing, salacious, savoring, screaming, screeching, searching, seductive, seeking, sensational, sensuous, soaking, soliciting, steamy, suggestive, supplicating, squawking, sweet, taking, tasty, thrilling, tantalizing, teasing, touching, uninhibited, unifying, wailing, whipping, whooping, yawping, long drawn, lip locked, nectar sucking and slurping kiss.
I continued to french kiss her possessively and with all the love that I could muster. With her lips and hands and hair and our bodies pressed together in the most intricate and intimate manner, I wouldn’t even dare to stop. I wanted to be there with my arm cupping her cheeks sometimes briefly pulling her hair sometimes pushing her to the very edge and she was being absolutely ravishingly submissive and receiving and reciprocating forcefully.
We had been kissing for seconds, minutes, hours – I could not tell. I just wanted this to never end. I was in the kiss so much so that I wasn’t even allowing space for her to moan with delight. It was apparent that every part of her body was tingling with the electric buzz of love, want, lust…Her lips were wet, beautifully full and supple and slick with saliva and inside our mouth it was all tongue and teeth. She moaned and tried to call out my name but I kissed that away just like I wanted to kiss every other thought that culminated in her mind right now. I wanted to break every possible barrier and inhibition between us. I wanted to burn every rope which comes with a knot between us. I wanted to cover all the distance that took me to Padma’s very being at that moment and as if by kissing her harder she was giving me the same access to her soul. For her, there was nothing.. Nothing in this whole world.. just Shiva, his lips, his tongue and his hands, her needs, her desires, her happiness, and her urgent need for love, to be taken by him, to take him into her and togetherness. Padma’s muscle tension increased, Heart rate quickened and breathing is accelerated. Her skin became flushed and her breast nipples become hardened or erect.
Our kissing was a sensory explosion of mutual body scent emitting subtle chemical attractants that intensified our arousal. The kiss sent shock waves throughout our bodies that increased blood flow resulting in her stiffened nipples, fluttery stomach and tingling genitals. Her adrenal glands unleashed adrenaline resulting in pounding heart, heavy breathing, and sweaty palms. The physical thrill prompted our brains to cue up dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure. At the same time, other parts of her brain are shutting down negative emotions. Our lip locking have prompted her pituitary gland to release Oxytocin, the bonding hormone. forming an emotional attachment reducing her tension and hike happiness. It was obvious that the intimate, involving, indulging embrace, cuddling and long sucking kiss relieved her pain and agony in her mind, but her body excited with utmost desire was seeking more involved togetherness and union. The physiological need and desire mounted to uncontrollable heights.
My overpowering maleness made her submit herself to me. Her whole body was aching with irresistible, unbearable and uncontrollable desire. She became aroused and excited beyond control, the blood running fast, her nerves electrified and tensed, her pulse rate and breathing quickened. Her heavy huge breasts became painfully heavier and swollen, areola expanded and enlarged, her nipples became stiff, hard and jutting to come out of the bra and blouse straining at seams. Her clit swollen, engorged and stiff, and her soft cunt lips enlarged and opened like flower petals. Cunt juice from her pussy was overflowing and running down between her thighs. She could not think of anything else except that her hungry burning insatiable desire to be quenched. She was like a simmering volcano with hot lava ready to explode. A throbbing from her pelvis overwhelmed her body. She could not bear the urge. She wants my cock inside her cunt. She wants to be fucked. She wants her cunt opened, filled and fucked. She was ready and waiting for me to initiate.

There was no need for words. The intimate embrace, kissing and togetherness, silent unspoken psychological, emotional physiological need and uncontrollable physical desire well communicated through her eyes and body response conveyed me beyond any doubt that she needs to be thoroughly fucked.

I lifted her by slipping a hand under her arm and around her back, leaned over her placed my other arm behind her knees and scooped her up into my arms. She put her hands around my neck holding on to me, buried her face on my shoulder and groaned. I carried her to the bed room, dragging her sari pallu, illuminated by soft sunlight diffused through white curtains and lowered her on to the white bed sheet that covered the bed.

Padma lay down on the edge of the bed, her feet touching the floor and her hair spread wide on the bed. I could see her flawless blemish less glowing smooth skin, full extra-large voluminous conical mountainous big breasts with large dark areolas and hardened jutting upright erect big nipples, her mound of deep navel, the rise and fall of her abdomen.

Lying back down on the bed, her partially nude erotic body revealed in the soft diffused light that came through the window curtains. Her extra-large huge mountainous breasts had proportionately large conical areolas with big long elongated and stiffened nipples that pointed out from the considerable mound of her firm tits. I sat next to her, cupping, stroking and feeling her huge voluminous firm pendulous conical extra-large breasts. I unhooked and removed her blouse and bra as she lifted her hands up willingly to ease them. Her naked heavy breasts were firm; big enlarged areola and engorged nipples were long stiff and jutting out. I bent down to kiss her big mountainous breasts. I nibbled and stroked her erect engorged stiff nipples. My hand sipped through below her sari and petticoat feeling her big thunderous thick fleshy soft thighs. Her blood flow to her cunt increased, clitoris and labia swollen and her vaginal lubrication began. Her breasts become fuller and the vaginal walls begin to swell. Her muscle spasms in the feet, face, and hands are clearly visible.

Her heavy breasts became heavier and full almost painful. She sat upright on the bed leaning over me so that her breast hangs an inch above my face, offering the jutting nipple, carried her breast to my mouth in the gesture of a nursing mother, the dark engorged jutting long nipple of her breast.

Leaning over me so her breast hangs an inch above my face, offering the nipple. Suddenly, the entire world is nipple-shaped. It hung there in space for me to kiss. I sucked it, nuzzling it gently with my teeth. The nipple grew larger and firmer in my mouth. She withdrew it, and replaced it with the other. It too, swollen to my sucking.

In the movement, she made by taking her two hands to bring it towards my mouth, a drop of milk appeared at the extremity. I licked it eagerly, seizing that heavy breast in my mouth like a juicy fruit. I suckled in a greedy and regular way. I passed both my arms around her waist and I sucked on with slow sips of her breast milky juice with a movement of the neck as a breast fed child.

I sucked on her big brown heavy engorged hard and jutting nipple, while stroking the other and squeezing it. I kept on sucking like a hungry baby sucking milk from mother’s breast while her hand was below my head holding it like a feeding mother breastfeeding her baby son. She was like nursing mother, breasts heavy with full of milk, aching painfully and wanted to feed her hungry baby son, to relieve unbearable ache caused by overflowing milk. She wants her breasts to be sucked and emptied. Her mother instinct triggered hormones in her mind and her body was responding with uncontrollable need to breastfeed and her breasts to be sucked and emptied.

I sucked on her jutting nipple while caressing her breast. I could feel milk coming out of her breasts. I sucked on more intensely and could taste her milky breast juices till the flow stopped.

Suddenly she said, “That’s enough for this one, take the other now.”

I took the other. She had placed her hands on the back of me, and she was breathing forcefully now. I sucked milky juice drop by drop coming into my mouth. I was surprised that milky juices coming out from her breasts and happily sucked on.

I could sense her immense uncontrollable desire and need to breastfeed me. I continued sucking her breast milk juices from both the breasts alternatively. I was surprised that she was having such intense reflexes that her breasts became so big and heavy and her nipples grew erect, enormously swollen and oozing out milky juices. She was actually lactating. She moaned with great relief and pleasure as I sucked on and emptied her breasts and massaged her breasts and nipples.

She felt relieved after her heavy breasts were emptied by sucking her breast milk. But her sexual desire further mounted to greater peaks. She was eager to submit and surrender herself and ready to be taken and fucked.

Yanking off my shirt and lungi I undressed completely. She was obviously surprised, shocked and fascinated by seeing the enormous size of my erect long thick rigid big pulsating monstrous young and virile cock as I walked towards her flaunting my huge cock proudly. Padma was shocked by the size of my big cock. It is so long, thick and meaty. She was amazed and terrified, her eyes wide expressing surprise and eyebrows rose seeing the enormous size of my monstrous cock in surprise and disbelief. Her surprise is not unexpected to me.

My monstrous gigantic cock is big in length and thickness, and the knob is even bigger and menacing. I am well aware of women’s reaction of shock and surprise when they see the size of my huge nine inch long five inch thick monstrous cock with menacingly bigger knob. I know women love to feel, to suck and get thoroughly fucked by big long thick cock. The feel of such big cock stretching and expanding a woman’s cunt and filling deep to the bottom, rubbing her G-spot makes a woman reach vaginal whole body orgasm and achieve multiple endless ecstatic continues orgasms while fucking.

It’s no secret that women tend to place more importance in penis girth and length. The clitoris, small external structure that is packed with nerve endings, is actually a very large internal network of erectile tissue that responds to sexual arousal. The only part that is external is the glands clitoris, The clitoris is mostly internal and covers almost the entire pelvic floor. The more extensive internal structure of the clitoris explains the fascination with thickness of an erection. Beyond the glans, the clitoris extends back and inward like an inverted “V” on each side of the vaginal opening. Next to those ‘legs’ are vestibular bulbs, one on each side of vaginal opening. These are almond-shaped areas of erectile tissue – similar to the corpus spongiosum in men – that fill with blood during arousal becoming firm and pushing outward on the labia. There are also areas of erectile tissue surrounding the urethra (just in front of the vaginal opening) and underneath the area of the perineum (between the vaginal opening and the anus). There is pleasure in her erectile tissue when there is pressure against it.

During sexual arousal, all of this erectile tissue fills with blood to form a cuff around the entire vaginal opening. When there is vaginal penetration, a woman will feel pressure against all of this erectile tissue, resulting in a pleasurable sensation. Perhaps the best comparison is the feeling that a man has when he squeezes his erection in his hand, creating pressure against the erectile tissue. Not only is this feeling delicious all on its own, but it also that pressure also serves to create a little tugging and pulling on the entire clitoral structure when there is movement in and out of the vagina. This is a major source of stimulation for women during vaginal intercourse since the clitoris is blessed with so many nerve endings! Learning how to create the sense of pressure can give a woman a great deal of pleasure.

It’s not difficult to see why women enjoy the sensation of girth during penetration. Men can give their female partner maximum stimulation during intercourse using the shaft of their erection to rub against the sides of the vaginal opening, creating the sensation of more thickness. Stimulation of the entire clitoral structure from penetration is the main way that women are able to reach vaginal orgasms when not directly touching the head of the clit.

I stood there in front of her showing my cock.
‘Oh my God, You are gigantic. Your cock is like Shiva lingam,’ she said.

She took my rigid long thick erect hard and turgid cock into her hands with awe feeling it and held it in both of her fists. She was able to contain only part of its length and thickness. It was the first time in her life to see and hold such a big long thick monstrous enormous sized cock with rock hardness. Her eyes opened wide with surprise. She heard women gossiping about men’s big cock in her village, but she never even heard a man can have such a big cock. She never imagined a man can have such a big cock. She remembered the sculptures on the temples and also thought of Shiva lingam. She felt my cock and squeezed. It was like a long thick hard rod with very big menacing knob. She was overwhelmed to hold such a massive monstrous long thick cock in her hands. She held the knob in the palm of one hand and caressed it with her fingers of other hand slightly squeezing the knob.

She was afraid, terrified and very much apprehensive whether she could take all this meaty enormous cock in her cunt. She could not help but compare the enormous size of the cock she was holding with that of her husband’s timid small soft lifeless cock. She was holding and stroking my cock in her hands. Her hands running along the shaft lovingly and ran her index finger nail on my bigger pink knob. She took hold of my scrotum, feeling the balls and then her fingers reached encircling the big knob of my cock as if to measure. She was afraid that her cunt may not be able to take this monstrous cock with its even menacingly bigger knob and her cunt my get torn and ripped apart. Yet, she was excited with anticipation and want to be fucked by such a massive cock. She thought it is as big as horse’s cock.

Though she was afraid, she wants my big monstrous cock to open and fill her cunt. She was excited, her cunt petals enlarged, clitoris became stiff and hard, and her cunt juices started overflowing with excitement and expectation. Excited by the arousal she sucked in a tight breath, the scent of her arousal and body language telling me just how needy she was to get fucked. She kissed the knob and ran over her tongue over the knob. ‘Oh, my god, Shiva, I cannot wait, Please do it. Come into me. I want your lingam inside me,’ she said holding and stroking my cock.

I took off her sari and petticoat as she lifted her big wide ass to ease out. She was naked and spread her legs and thighs wide apart. Her beautiful thick wet juicy cunt flower and engorged glittering stiff big clit were inviting. She has beautiful thick cunt lips, erect big clitoris and long triangle of thick black soft pubic hair.

She put her hand and covered on her cunt. I took her hand off, bent over her between her fat fleshy thighs and rubbed my cock on her wet cunt lips and massaged her clitoris, gently. I Opened her cunt lips with my hands, slowly and firmly entered into her cunt opening going in deeper and deeper between the clinging lips of the vulva. My cock entered tightly, opening and widening her soft cunt walls.

When my cock entered her, she gasped. It was the first time in her life she had ever experienced what it was like to feel a cock opening her cunt and stretching her cunt and full from the inside her cunt. Despite her cunt filled with juice it was painful for her. The truth was that she was definitely turned on, and her cunt overflowing with juices, the size of my cock did hurt her. She cried in pain and said, ‘You are hurting me, Please be gentle.’

My thick cock stretched her vagina to the utmost limits. In the next few attempts my cock slowly inch by inch got into her touching the bottom of her cunt.

I kept my cock still without moving. Her cunt was completely filled with my cock. She never felt that way with her husband’s small timid cock. She could feel my cock filling inside her cunt stretching and expanding. It was a surprise for her that my big long thick enormous cock filled her cunt to the bottom and still some length of it is outside her vagina. Her hand was on my cock which remained outside. She raised her bottom slightly to take more of my cock into her cunt. Her cunt muscles were gripping my cock tightly like a fist. It was obvious that she never had such an experience of her cunt filled by a big cock. She was tightly encircling and gripping my cock as if she wanted to take all of me into her. I looked into her eyes. She wants more. Her cunt muscles opened up, stretched by the enormous size of my thick long cock, and her hands on my hips were pressing me more into her. I took her breasts into my hands fondling them. It was a moment of unison, of our bodies and souls.

“It feels like your cock split me in two. I feel your cock in my throat!” she stammered. She slowly turned to look in the mirror across from the bed behind her. What she saw horrified her. Her cunt was stretched wide open by my huge cock. There was at least half of my cock still out of her cunt. ‘Oh, God I feel like I’m a virgin getting fucked. “It’s so big…do you know how much your stretching me?” she whispered.

I looked down in front of me. The juice had traveled down my cock and was staining the sheets.

I looked into her eyes keeping my cock still to enjoy the feeling, I was not in a hurry. I wanted her to feel and enjoy enormous size of my cock. Slowly I slid back and forth. ‘I want to fill you and fuck you Amma,’ I took my cock out to the knob and entered her again to the bottom.

Oh my God, Shiva, You are tearing me apart.

I settled down to a steady, relentless rhythm, fucking her straight and hard.

She said, ‘fuck me, deeper, more and more. She urged me as my cock was going in and withdrawing to the tip and then sliding into her cunt slowly and steadily. I could feel her cunt muscles opening every time my cock going in deep.

She was moaning, and said, ‘Oh, my son, fuck me, fuck your mother, fuck me, my son, fuck me hard. Tear me apart. I need it. I have been waiting and hungry for so long to take your cock. Give it to me all the way in.’ She was repeating the words again and again, cooing and crying loud, while moving bottom up to meet each of my strokes. ‘Fuck your mother. Fuck me hard,’ she said. Her pussy juices were flowing out running down my cock and my balls were soaking wet.

I lifted and placed both her legs on both sides my shoulders, slightly lifted her ass just off the bed, re-entered her cunt and fucked her slowly, steadily and rhythmically deeper and deeper. I whispered, ‘Amma, You are a sexy bitch and your cunt is like a heaven, and you need to be fucked by me.’ I fucked fast with all my energy digging into her deeper and deeper opening her cunt with each stroke with more and more energetic thrusts. She was making husky and horny sounds, cooing and groaning very loud with pleasure.

Padma, my sweet sexy darling aphrodisiac Amma, you are a cunt. You are a sexy bitchy slut. You are a tramp and whore. I am going to fuck you so hard and rip off your cunt.

‘Yeah, son, I am a bitch in heat, I am your slut Amma. You are a mother-fucking son. Fuck me, my son. Fuck your mother. Fill my cunt. I am yours. I am your slut and whore. Your fat cock is so long and big. Fuck me deeper deeper and more and more, rip me off. I have been waiting for you all these years to fill my cunt. ‘Fuck me my son’ she said huskily.

She was thrusting upwards raising her arse with equal vigor and enthusiasm making erotic sounds. She was like a bitch in heat now. She wanted my cock in her. Our bodies with each stroke were trying to unite with each other, attempting to unite, to become one, to achieve oneness. It was a beautiful unique and ultimate expression of love and desire between man and woman and their souls to become one and achieve oneness.

Her hands around me, her legs spread wide, her cunt inviting and receiving my cock each time. I was digging and rotating my cock in her cunt making it bigger and wider, as a thick iron crowbar rod digging and deepening into rain drenched soft earth, taking my massive hard cock out and sending back with more vigorous force and rotating in circular motion to make her cunt wider and deeper. After few minutes her hips began to rise and fall with me in harmonious perfect rhythm and made undulating circular movements that quickened and heaved, and she began to emit throaty erotic exciting orgasmic sounds. She squirmed and moaned as I pulled almost all of the way out and then thrust back in to hilt with full force again and again rapidly gaining speed.

The rhythm became faster and faster as I placed my hands under her ass cheeks bringing my cock into her cunt deeper thrust to the hilt. As I fucked deeper with more forceful thrusts, digging and rotating in her cunt holding her arse cheeks, she came violently crying a loud as if a simmering volcano erupted, as if an earthquake occurred and shook her, her whole body in frenzied uncontrollable spasms and she dug her finger nails deep into my back scratching wildly drawing out blood. Her orgasm was visible in her reaction of complete abandon, her legs and pussy tightening around me in a squiring movement. She moved back and forth, up and down and wiggled tighter and tighter. She screamed and moaned with absolute pure pleasure and it was more than obvious that she was having a great time. I pumped mindlessly faster and faster deep into her cunt. I kept my cock rooted in her cunt without moving and her cunt muscles gripping, releasing and squeezing my cock like a fist, repeatedly.

I massaged her clitoris slowly until she lifted her hips and came again. Her body was shaking in a frenzied motion sweating profusely. Keeping my cock still in her cunt, I massaged her cunt and clit smoothly and she had three more consecutive endless orgasms. She came as if all her pores opened up and juices coming out of her body crying out loud like a wild animal. Her muscles of her vagina contracted. Her uterus was undergoing rhythmic contraction

I kept on fucking her more and digging into her cum filled cunt. I fucked on with all my energy continuously and finally I was ready.

After long fucking, I could not control anymore and came very big. I said “Amma, Amma, Ammaaaa, as I ejaculated thick loads of sperm into her cunt, pouring my thick hot sperm filling her cunt. Suddenly her fingers dug into my shoulders and she was ready again. She was orgasmic phase again and experienced multiple orgasms Finally we came together in unison and in a harmonious motion. She surrendered to orgasm as her entire body contracted and convulsed in frenzied movements. She cried out very loud with joy and her fingernails dug deeper and deeper scratching my back violently, drawing blood profusely. Her fingers dug in deeply drawing blood.

She squeezed all my juices with her cunt contracting muscles. All my thick sperm juices drained to the last drop filling her cunt. I lay with my head between her breasts and her fingers played with my mussed hair. It was an extensively exhaustive intense and exhausting orgasm for both of us. She almost went into a trance. She experienced cervical orgasms which is so different from clitoral orgasm. Her body slowly returned to its normal level of functioning, and swelled and erect body parts returned to their previous size and color and felt a sense of well-being, satisfaction, enhanced intimacy and fatigue and closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, I looked into her eyes and saw her blushing. Her blushing, feeling shy at that moment was amazingly beautiful to see. It was the shyness a woman feels naturally, after being fucked thoroughly to orgasm and submitted her body and herself completely to her man. She kissed me all over my face. Her eyes and face were glowing with contentment and satisfaction. She looked at me, with love, devotion and submission and said, ‘Oh! God, Shiva, You have shown me heaven. You seeded and filled my cunt with your potent sperm.

I said, ‘it was astoundingly beautiful and lovely pleasurable experience for me Amma.’

We lay side by side, cuddling, her face buried on my chest, my hands around her, until our satiated bodies gradually returned to normality.

She saw the scratches and blood marks on my back smothering and said, Did I hurt you? I did not know What I was doing at that time. I was clutching at you not aware that I was scratching you so deep.

I said Yes, Amma. But It was a pleasurable pain. It is Ok. Amma, It seems you have Odaxelagnia.

She asked ‘What does it mean?’

Amma, “Odaxelagnia is a paraphilia involving sexual arousal and orgasm through biting, being bitten, and scratching.. Odaxelagnia is considered a mild form of Masochism and sadism.

‘Shiva, You made me do it. I could not control and I was lost in abandoned pleasure. My whole body was experiencing violent spasms. I was in space and I had to hold on to you. I have not been fucked like this before.’

Padma, ‘When a woman has a tornado of orgasmic frenzy, the sensations she’s experiencing, usually for the first time and this volume and duration, makes her feel as if she might burst wide open with sheer pleasure and to prevent that feeling of bursting, she needs to have a release valve, to help her and one of these release valves is biting and scratching. Whenever woman is in this frenzy of orgasmic pleasure, they’re not in their right minds, more of their primitive jungle brains and fighting back, clawing, scratching, biting, and snarling, helps them until they learn to relax and enjoy the pleasures rather than fight it. Women can flip back and forth into that primitive jungle brain, in and out of it, most of the time they don’t even know when and what they’re doing it.’

We have spent long time fucking which relaxed you and become comfortable with me. The orgasm you experienced relieved energy blockage and stress stored in your body. Orgasms are profound opportunities to let go of things like stress, pain, and grief you are holding on to or things that are holding on to you. You have enjoyed it! Your continuous orgasms offered infinite waves of self colliding, partner embracing moments as you melt surrendering again and again.

Amma, you just experienced such an extreme pleasure, a full-body orgasm, the most enjoyable really good extended long and multiple orgasm. I am happy that I could give you such a tornado or tsunami of orgasm to the extent of awakening your hidden Odaxelagnia.

‘Shiva, You are so knowledgeable about sex psychology, women’s feelings and sexual behavior. You aroused me to uncontrollable desire, made me forget the circumstances, and time, opening me up and fucked me for so long. It was almost one hour since we started and you have been playing with my body and my mind. You are saying that I am a sadist after fucking me for more than half an hour like a wild animal. You filled, stretched, widened and tore my cunt apart. Your cock is so big that filled my cunt and stretched to the extent of tearing me apart. You made me unleash my sexual energy and overcome inhibitions and talk dirty words shamelessly. But I enjoyed it. You are a fucking animal. I have been starved for sexual satisfaction. There was so much pent-up sexual frustration stored in my mind and body. You made me overcome and release all my energies. You drained out all my stored juices. I cannot even walk. Now I need to go to the bathroom to pee.’

Padma, ‘I am happy to hear you that I helped you to bring the real woman in you.’

As she walked naked to the bathroom, I watched her bouncing hips moving in rhythm provocatively in harmonious motion and her flowing thigh length cascading loose hair on her back.

Padmavathy is thirty eight years old, tall, slightly dark woman with oily smooth, clear, unblemished and radiant glowing skin, beautiful oval face, high cheekbones, natural arch shaped curvaceous well defined eye brows, large expressive eyes, thick black long natural eyelashes, full wide juicy wide thick pouting lips, long smooth neck and sexy round shoulders, thin long smooth arms, artistic long fingers, pleasant smiling face, perfectly shaped ears, and beautiful nose. She has clearly well defined, angelic, attractive, beautiful, and perfectly symmetrical facial features with ideal golden ratio. Her huge, large, voluminous firm pendulous, mountainous and conical breasts hung from lean chest and big nipples extend out of her slender lean frame made her brazenly top heavy. Her narrow thin taut waist curvaceously spread onto wide bottom and big hemispherical protruding inverted pots-like round hips. Her long, naturally oily, soft, silky, jet-black, lustrous, smooth, shining, wavy, voluminous, bewitchingly beautiful uniformly tantalizingly thick hair reaches her thunderous smooth banana trunk like thighs. Her lissomly curvaceous body firm yet full at the bosom and wide hips and longlegs is erotic. She also has another very unique feature, her belly button is very prominent by the way the flesh in her stomach curves and carves lusciously in a vortex to make way for the jewel, deep hole and wide rim.

Taut & Fit Body Padma has an unusually taut and fit body for a 38 year old. Her stomach is flat and her curves are well defined and taut. Her breasts are large, globular, firm, conical and outstanding. Her arms are long, large yet highly toned, her hips and butt are enormous and yet tight and well controlled. Her thighs and calves are breathtaking from another planet altogether! She has a perfect large pear body with measurements of 34-26-38. Incredible hip size, that is! Also, her bra size is 36D.

She is extremely curvy because her body has incredible definition, with everything being tight, toned, and feminine, with low body fat, narrow waist and wide hips. She looks very much younger than her actual age. She has sweet, melodious, soft husky and sexy voice. Her cunt hair was thick curly and soft. She is every inch a woman, glowing and exuding and flaunting utmost feminine sexuality. It appears that she was at her peak age sexually and matured beautifully like a ripe fruit. She is at the epitome of sexual prime.

She has an admirable, adorable, altruistic, affiancing, amenable, amorous, angelic, appealing, artistic, attractive, beautiful, bewitching, benevolent, breathtaking, caring, charitable, charming, creative, commanding, cooperative, compassionate, considerate, curious, curvaceous, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, elegant, empathetic, enchanting, enthralling, enticing, epicurean, erotic, exemplary, exciting, exquisite, exotic, fabulous, fascinating, gentle, glamorous, gorgeous, hedonistic, horny, intelligent, inciting, interesting, inquisitive, invigorative, jubilant, kind, lascivious, lovely, luscious, lusty, luxurious, magnanimous, marvellous, magnificent, munificent, noble, nubile, nurturing, passionate, parsimonious, philanthropic, pleasant, pleasing, proactive, provocative, positive, ravenous, rapacious, rich, sensitive, sensuous, sexy, sensational, submissive, sweet-tempered, stunning, sybaritic, tolerant, and voluptuous personality.

She has feminine looks attenuated by flaunting of perfect curvaceous body and expressive eyes & luscious lips. She has authentic femininity portraying externally. Her femininity expressed in the from effective communication and lifestyle. She was alluring, had something far better, a radiant loveliness, captivating femininity that reminded me of the love goddess. I was awed and inspired by what I saw.

She came out of the bathroom arranging her hair into a loose bun. I watched with admiration, love and possessiveness her naked sensuous and curvaceous body, her huge extra-large full heavy voluminous breasts hung from her chest swinging up and down. I made her sit on my lap naked. She put her hands around my neck and my hands were holding her protectively. She was hugging me, her face buried on my chest and I cuddled her.

I said, Amma, you are a beautiful, sexy and erotic goddess.

She said, You are my God.
When he entered me, it was the first time I had ever experienced what it was like to feel a man from the inside. ‘It was the first time in my life I have experienced such beautiful orgasm while fucked. You made it safe enough for me to be my truest sexual form and from that came the flood of euphoria and ecstasy that is a cervical orgasm for a long time almost more than twenty minutes. I had orgasms repeatedly which was entirely new experience for me. My entire being was alive. I had awareness of every molecule in my body. I knew we were in the same place at the same time feeling the same thing and that was it. You have taken me to a state, the closest thing to God I have ever felt. Now I know what it is like being fucked. It was filthy and rough and selfish and it was amazing.

I know it is selfish on my part. Where were you all these years, lover? Why did not you come to me earlier, claim me and fuck me? You should have claimed me long ago. I am your property. I belong to you. I have been waiting for you all these years. Why did you deny me this heavenly pleasure all these years? Ever since you set your eyes on me, during my son’s wedding ceremony, your charming seduction invoked and incited my long hidden suppressed dormant desire. This is going to sound crazy, but from the moment you first set eyes on me I haven’t been able to stop thinking of and about you. You have occupied my mind and body. I loved you at first sight. And the very first time in my life, I ever felt passionately in love was the moment I saw you. It was a feeling so loving, so tender, so wild, so overwhelming and breath-taking, and all-involving, a feeling I did not know before. The moment I saw you I know that you are the tall handsome man I have been dreaming about since my childhood. It was my dreams come true. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, in your arms as your woman. I experienced the pleasure of submission of myself, surrendering my soul and body to you transcending all limits. Finally I found my man, my Master who owns me.

She laid down keeping her head on my lap, and looking into my eyes with love, devotion and submission. I was fondling her body feeling the smoothness of her skin, caressing her glowing face and lovingly fondling her big breasts.

I asked, ‘Amma, how do you feel now? I assume that your grief must have been reduced temporarily.

Shiva, At this moment, I still feel your cock in my cunt. You are calling me Amma now, after fucking me thoroughly for so long time and calling me a bitch, slut, tramp and whore?’ she said smilingly. I deserve that because I fit the description of all these words and strangely, I thoroughly enjoyed you calling me such filthy abuse derogatory words.

‘Shiva, You ask me ‘how do I feel? I experienced orgasm for the first time during fucking. I am fucked thoroughly. I am the luckiest woman on the earth. Finally, I am with you, my master to whom I belong. I need you. You should have claimed me, your property long ago. I have been waiting as a fertile land parched waiting to be ploughed properly deeply, watered and seeded to flourish. Why were you born later than I was? You should have born earlier to me to claim me and fuck me ever since I was a young virgin girl. I feel like a virgin girl fucked for the first time. You should have impregnated me many a time and produced many children. ’

“Shiva, You filled my heart with love and my cunt with your monstrous cock. You filled the void in me, fulfilled me and gave me such a wonderful unbelievable life time experience, made me forget everything, the pain, the agony, the grief and the sorrow of losing my son. I feel happy. Nothing else matters in this world except you for me now. I experienced pure heavenly pleasure perhaps banal, carnal and animalistic pleasure akin to nirvana. It may be an unpardonable sin to experience such pleasure on this day in the eyes of other people. I do not care even if I go to hell for committing this sin having forbidden sex with you on this day.

I do not care if the whole world calls me an immoral unethical selfish slut. I experienced unimaginable, the ultimate, abandoned uncontrollable blissful pleasure akin to nirvana of highest level, which I never thought even in dreams that such happiness and pleasure is plausible to experience during sex. It is strange we had to meet second time in these circumstances. Would this experience perhaps have been more pleasurable if our mating and fucking happened in otherwise normal circumstances. I think, It is most definitely the pleasure experienced with you now is more intensified because it happened especially today. I do not hesitate to admit such a thought, even if it is called kinky, sexual obsession or abnormal behavior. I am supposed to be crying sitting next to my son’s body. Every one expect me to do so. Instead, I enjoyed being thoroughly fucked by you. My mind is filled with pleasure instead of pain. My mind, body and soul is occupied by you, filled by you, owned by you and devoured by you. You have shown me that fucking can be powerful and pleasurable beyond words can express and make me forget grief of losing my son. You not only fucked me to console but also gave me divine pleasure akin to nirvana and moksha. I submitted and surrendered myself to you happily.

People may think I am cruel not feeling sad for losing my son. I am sad that my son did not have such beautiful experience and such heavenly pleasures with his young beautiful and sexy wife. Perhaps he never had such intense pleasure in his life. Do you know, what could be the plausible reason for my son to end his life?
“I don’t know, Amma.”

Padma said, ‘Can you believe that he could not enter his wife’s virgin cunt and fuck her the first night and thereafter. She is still a virgin’.
‘Is she?’ I said surprisingly, I did not think of this possibility.

Shiva, ‘Yes. She is now a beautiful, sexy, young and virgin widow. It is the truth that my son did not and could not fuck his wife. It seems that he tried but could not get his cock up and fucked his wife. His inability to fuck his virgin wife must have caused him to take such a drastic decision. He was not like you. I wish he was a man like you with vigor and virility and had such a monstrous cock like yours so big, beautiful, and virile and fucked his wife. I wish you were my son. You would have fucked and deflowered her virgin cunt so thoroughly on the first night and made her pregnant by now’

I said, “Amma If I were your son, I would not have married any other girl,” I said.

“Why, Shiva”, she asked taking my already erect and hard cock in her hands, stroking it. ‘Any girl or woman would be happy to have this beautiful big long thick gigantic and monstrous cock. Even If I were your mother you need a girl to fuck. Your monstrous gigantic cock is erect and ready again. It seems your cock is always ready.

“If you were my mother, why do I need any other girl? I would have married you and fucked you, Amma”

You would have married me, even if I were your own mother? Do you love me and like me so much? Shiva You could have definitely fucked me without marrying me. You need not have to marry a woman to fuck her. Do you like me so much to marry me and make me your wife, she said, toying with her managalsutra. I am fascinated to think you would have tied mangalsutra to me. I am thinking how happy and pleasurable it would have been to be your wife.

Yes, Amma, I said, I have not seen any other girl as beautiful and sexy as you are. You are a beautiful sexy and lovely erotic sex goddess. I would have been happy to have you as my mother and wife.

Shiva, I am very happy, excited, enthralled and thrilled to hear your intense love and desire for me that you would have married me, even if I were your mother. You cannot marry me if I were your own mother. Our Society does not accept such an incestuous taboo marriage. Though it is the greatest utmost unpardonable sin and taboo, you would have fucked me. The society cannot object, if they do not know. I would have enjoyed the utmost sinful taboo and incestuous fucking relationship with you as my son immensely. You would have been my permanent resident stud son and secret lover fucking me daily. We would have been living happily in sin like a husband and wife enjoying secretly. To the society, we would have been loving and caring mother and son living together. If you were my son You would have fucked me from an early age, from the age you could get your cock up to fuck me. I would have been the happiest and luckiest mother fucked by a horny stud son like you. I would have become your kept woman and lifelong secret mistress. I would not have allowed you to marry any other girl. You could have impregnated me and produced many children by now. I would have been the happiest mother nursing your many children, breastfeeding you along with our children as long as possible.

I am curious to know at what age your cock was ready to fuck my dear lover. I envy your mother who had the opportunity to bathe you, clean your cock and kiss you while you were a child and growing up.

‘Amma, I do not exactly remember. Ever since my childhood my cock has been ready most probably even at the age of seven or eight. I said, Amma, do you want me to be both your son and lover?’

She said, ‘Yes Shiva, why should I allow you to fuck some other girl or woman, if you were my own son? I have every right as a mother to enjoy your youthful energetic virile fucking. I would have been the happiest and luckiest mother to have a handsome stud son with such a monstrous cock as big as horse’s cock. I would have been happy to see your cock growing up to become a stud and stallion man with such colossal, huge, humongous, gargantuan, gigantic massive, monstrous cock and be ready to fuck me. I would have been sucking your cock from your young age while giving bath. Why should I allow you to fuck and give to other woman such incredible pleasures?

Shiva, When you saw me first time during the marriage of my son, I remember you looking at me with intense love and burning desire, as if you wanted to fuck me. I was captivated and enamored by your hungry looks. I was besotted, Infatuated, smitten and was madly in love with you. I was bewitched, beguiled, charmed, enchanted, enraptured, enthralled, entranced, fascinated, and love-struck by you. I was head over heels for you. I was under the spell of you, consumed with desire for you. I had wet dreams thinking about you.

Shiva, During my sn’s wedding ceremony You were not looking at me as mother, that too your best friend’s mother but were looking as if you want to have me, disrobe me, enter me, eat me, devour me and fuck me. I was overwhelmed to see your cock bulge in your pants. You flirted with me. You praised my beauty looking at me from top to bottom, every inch of my body with penetrating eyes. I am curious to know what you saw in me the very first time, elder to you and of your mother’s age, to make you want me, desire me and fuck me. Did you think I am an easily available slut and whore.

Padma, ‘My first thought when I saw you was that you are a sexy and horny fertile woman who is at her peak sexually. Here is the woman I want to fuck now. I remember our first meeting as if it had happened yesterday. It was fatal attraction, admiration, infatuation, desire and love at first sight. An intense mutual desire communicated between us when I saw you first time in your house. I felt that we have known each other for a long time, perhaps for so many lives. I felt you are mine. You belong to me.’

You were wearing a pure silk red and gold color sari with broad heavy gold zari border. I remember your large kajal lined expressive beautiful inviting eyes looking at me. Your extra-large big huge hung voluminous conical pendulous heavy breasts proudly and visibly extending out of blouse and sari.

Your beautiful long thick jet-black lustrous silky smooth shinning silky hair neatly parted in the middle, arranged in a thigh length braid adorned with gold hairpins on side. Your wide bewitchingly thick braid with neat loops fastened just below your protruding big arse with matching color hair band and left loose reaching mid thighs and adorned with beautifully arranged long jasmine flower threads oscillating and swinging harmoniously with your huge breasts and big arse cheeks provocatively and seductively as you walk.

You were wearing a glittering diamond nose stud, gorgeous gold chain held by a hook at the center parting of the hair with the diamond studded gold pendant falling on the center of the forehead just above the stone studded dark red bindhi. Your beautiful neck adorned with a diamond collar necklace. A diamond pendant on a thick wide gold necklace chain beyond your breasts, a heavy gold rope design mangala sutra, a gold chain with a heart shaped diamond studded pendant was resting in between your breasts. Another gold long multi layered step chain hung on your front up to navel swinging rhythmically as you walk. You were wearing beautiful glittering diamond studded hanging earrings. Two gold ear step chains interlinked in a criss-cross pattern extending to the both sides of hair hooked with precious stone studded hairpins.

You were wearing diamond studded gold armlets and hands full of gold and matching colored bangles, gold and diamond rings on your slender long beautiful fingers. You were also wearing a beautiful gold precious stone studded wide waist band around your thin waist, a gold key chain tucked in the sari on the side below your beautiful flashing deep navel, ornamental gold two sari brooches connected with three layer long chain and pin, and series of heavy precious stone studded gold brooches at the end of sari pallu to weigh it down. You were wearing a V-neck deep low and wide cut short sleeve backless blouse. The blouse was cut so deep from the front to expose your chest lines in the front and is backless from behind to give a sexy look flaunting your curves catching all the eyeballs in the party. Your beautiful feet decorated with intricate design mehindi, gold anklets and diamond studded silver toe rings. I could have licked your feet if there was an opportunity and time.

You were the only woman who dressed so sexily and boldly in the wedding ceremony. All the gold, precious stones and diamond studded elaborate jewelry complimented your natural beauty. I told you that night that you were looking like a bride. You were looking like a rich beautiful sexy long haired love Goddess descended from heaven to grace the marriage ceremony moving around exuding divine feminine charm, beauty and sexuality. I noticed women were looking at you with admiration, appreciation and envy looking at your beauty and men looking at you with desire.

I thought I should marry you. I know it is not possible. I thought I would have married your daughter or younger sister resembling you. You were looking like a divine beautiful sexy Kama Goddess.

Oh! Shiva, I would have been happy to have you as my son-in-law or brother-in-law. You remember me so well, and all those minute details of jewelry I was wearing.

Amma, “the image of you permanently etched in my mind and scent of your body aroma is still fresh in my mind. I inhaled aphrodisiac aroma of your sweat stained armpits when you lifted your hands.’

Shiva, I did notice that you smelled my armpits. You are so naughty to smell my armpits. Many a time I deliberately lifted my hands to allow you to smell my sweaty armpits. You were so naughty you almost licked my armpits and smelling.

Padma, I wanted to remove your blouse and lick your armpits smelling with female body scent. I do remember, it was love, infatuation, intense, fatal and irresistible attraction and desire at first sight. I knew it was indecent to look at you being my best friend’s mother.

You knew it was indecent. But you never left me for a second. You were always looking at me or standing beside me touching my body whenever and wherever possible. I even felt your hard cock pressing my arse.

Padma, The moment I looked at you I felt I own you. I could not take off my eyes even for a moment from you. All through the marriage ceremony, I never missed an opportunity to be around you, watching you, admiring you, appreciating and drinking your beauty. I wanted to feel and touch you. I touched your midriff as if it was inadvertent action whenever possible. I inhaled your body aroma standing behind you and smelled your intoxicating sweat stained armpits. I wanted to talk to you in privacy but mostly you were busy with so many relatives and guests around. I could only talk to you in the crowd. For me, there was no opportunity to express my admiration, desire and intense love and true feelings to you in privacy. I tried to communicate my intense feelings of love and desire with you mostly by looking at you. I knew you understood, noticed my attention, love and desire for you. I also wanted that you create an opportunity for us for a private meeting, knowing that it was not possible for you being bridegroom’s mother.

Shiva, ‘You expressed and conveyed your desire for me very well in words and in action. I even felt your hard cock against my ass, as if you wanted to penetrate my ass hole.’

Padma, You reciprocated with bewitchingly inviting beautiful sexy smiles and encouraging me silently. I felt you are mine and you belong to me. You were born for me. I wanted to fuck you. My desire was so intense that my cock was hard and erect and I pressed your ass with my hard cock.

Shiva, I remember when you came to me, and said, ‘You are lovely and the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You are looking like a bride’. I blushed, felt overwhelmed, very much happy and excited to hear such intense adorable compliments praising my beauty from an young handsome hunk and my dream man. I was also surprised you said that to me, your best friend’s mother so confidently and daringly without hesitation as if I am your lover. Though I was bit surprised, I was happy, pleasantly surprised and delighted that you found me the most beautiful woman despite the fact there were so many beautiful desirable young sexy girls and married women of all ages flocking around you.

Padma, no other girl or woman attracted me except you.

Shiva, I have seen young girls and women giggling and looking at you obviously interested in you and trying to flirt with you shamelessly. However, I was thrilled, disregarding all the attention from the girls and women, you did not leave me and followed me oblivious of so many people around. Shiva, If you paid so much attention as you showed on me, You could have fucked any girl or woman you want on that night. Some of them were ready and available for you.

Padma, But I wanted only you.

Shiva, I still remember as if it happened yesterday, you were always following me, flirting with me openly all through the wedding ceremony and later. You smelled and inhaled me standing beside or behind me. I could feel your breath on my neck, shoulders and face. You were so confident that I would not say no to you and trying to woo me with your charm and chivalry. You said that I was more beautiful than the all the young girls there. In group photos during reception, you were standing beside me closely, placing your hand around my waist as if you were my husband. My sister and mother also observed us and while looking at wedding album said, ‘you both were looking like incurable romantic lovers having an ongoing steamy affair. I did not realize then that body chemistry and attraction between us was so apparent and visible to others. Some might have assumed that you must have been fucking me.

You never left my thoughts since that day. You entered my mind, my thoughts, my soul and my dreams and have been thinking of you always since then. My desire for you increased day by day and has been waiting to be in your arms and to be possessed by you. I have been feeling like a young girl falling in love for the first time in her life with her dream man. Since that day, I could not think of anything else except you while awake or asleep. You have been always in my thoughts, in me, and around me. You have occupied me. You possessed me.

‘You are really lovely, beautiful, sexy and exciting slut, Amma,’ I said stroking her big hard jutting brown nipples with my tongue and fingers. Her breasts became engorged and her nipples grew bigger and harder. You have such big extra-large beautiful bouncing firm huge hanging breasts Amma,’ I said.

I noticed your looks especially at my breasts. She smilingly replied, ‘Ever since my teen age men always looked at my extra-large breasts. I knew you were looking at my huge breasts in the first encounter as if you wanted to suck and eat them. I would have offered them to you then, had there been an opportunity and time. You are the first man I want to offer my breasts to suck when you looked at them with desire’.

She said, ‘truly, I was romantically and sexually attracted to you when you first saw me and I wanted you to fuck me. That was the first time I felt so much happy as a woman that a man desired me to fuck me, but the circumstances, the occasion and the presence of other people being around and so many other factors prevented me to express my love for you. I involuntarily without any hesitation reciprocated when you were flirting. Though I was busy attending to the guests, you did not leave me. I did not want you to be away from me even for a moment. You were naughty. You brushed against my breasts, touched my hips, and put your arms around my waist. I knew your desires and obvious intentions and I felt happy. You were praising my long hair and you even counted the number of loops in my braid, which surprised me to such extent that how keenly you were observing me. The mutual desire and fatal attraction between us was undoubtedly evident. It was the first time in my life, I experienced such an intense fatal attraction to a man, that too my son’s friend. It was a pleasurable surprise to my own self. My long dormant sexual desires surfaced.

I was like a musical instrument, kept unattended, unused for a long time, you opened the cover, dusted cleaned and started playing my strings tuning beautiful melodies and ragas. I wanted you to play with my body. I wanted you to take me in your arms, hug me, cuddle me, kiss me, enter me, open me, occupy me, and fuck me. I felt you were the man I have been dreaming about all my life since I was girl. I thought, finally I found my man to whom I belong. I asked you to come again during the holidays with my son because I want you to fuck me. I have been waiting eagerly to meet you and be fucked by you. I had dreams of you overpowering me and seducing me and sometimes even forcing to fuck me.’ I enjoyed all my dreams. I was imagining that you would take me by force if I refuse.

Shiva, “why did you not hug me, take me into your arms, kiss me and fuck me on that night? You should have fucked me on that night. I was ready and available for you.’

Padma, I knew you were ready but not available on that night. You were busy surrounded by so many guests and performing various wedding rituals. I wanted to kiss you and fuck you desperately but controlled myself. I took your hands in my hands, and I took you her long braid in my hands on that night. Padma, There were so many guests around you. I really wanted to fuck you that night. If you were not bride groom’s mother I would have dragged you to a room and fucked you.’

‘Shiva, today despite meeting in unimaginable, unexpected, fateful and strange circumstances, the inevitable mating happened between us. My longing pent-up desire to mate with you has been increasing ever since our first meeting. My mind, soul and body responded to your love and touch. I am surprised that you did not hesitate to arouse, excite, entice, enthrall, enter and fuck me today to satisfy my desire. You have awakened my dormant and pent up desires. I had been faithful wife to my inept husband until today, whether he fucked me or not. You made me a sinful slut today.

Shiva, ‘do you think I am an amoral, amorous, cock crazy, concupiscent, debauched, depraved, iniquitous, insane, horny, kinky, incestuous, lascivious, lecherous, libidinous, lubricious, yearning, unethical, sex starved sizzling slut actively arousing, encouraging, inviting, indulging, seeking, giving, sharing and receiving carnal animalistic sexual pleasure to quench my sexual desires instead of feeling sorrow and pain, satisfying my desire instead of feeling depressed, satisfying my lust instead of lamenting, moaning with pleasure instead of mourning, cooing and crooning instead of crying, groaning instead of grieving, squirting instead of sobbing, rejoicing instead of refusing, wallowing instead of weeping, offering my cunt instead of objecting, opening up my cunt like a slut and giving myself shamelessly to an young man who wants to share my pain and agony, comfort and console me, young enough to be my son, on this fateful and sorrowful day when my son is dead and his cold lifeless body lying in a mortuary?’

Here I am in the arms of my dream man. I opened and submitted myself completely shamelessly uninhibitedly surrendered to you like a slut, offering and opening myself and my cunt to my son’s friend, a young man of my son’s age, immensely enjoying being fucked thoroughly by your monstrous cock and enjoying carnal sinful pleasure of being fucked thoroughly like a cow ready for mating.’ Shiva, I behaved like a selfish, self-centered self-indulgent slut, pleasure seeking wanton woman with carnal desire. Do I deserve to receive and enjoy such love, heavenly pleasure and feel happy especially today?

I listened to her every word attentively and fascinated by her feelings as she revealed her inner most thoughts. It was as if she was pouring out her feelings and inner most thoughts, she was afraid of admitting to herself in the form of words loudly. She continued her monologue, pouring out her feelings. It was like catharsis and abreaction. She was in the process of self-analyzing, self-criticizing, absolution, purification and seeking my approval of her behavior, trying to absolve herself from guilt conscious.

Amma, do not criticize yourself. You are not guilty. We have not committed any sin. There is no reason for you to blame yourself. You have not done anything wrong to feel guilty or blame yourself. Because energy knots from emotional wounds are found in the area of the body where feelings are held and processed and also associated with sexuality the sacred intimacy and sexual healing process uses sexual energy to reveal, clear, and release any “energy knots” The conscious activation of these energy knots allows the previous pent-up energy to flow naturally and return the receiver to vitality and full experience of their sexuality. The benefits of which are: less stress, fear and anxiety while adding greater self-awareness and capacity for intimacy in relationship. Breath, sensual touch, movement, sound and visualization create opportunities for discovery, release, and integration of the contracted energy knots, emotional wounds, or desperate feelings.

Amma, with the right partner the Receiver can relax and open to the wisdom of the body and spirit to direct the session’s experience. For the Giver, it takes an understanding of the partner’s needs with sincere intention and steadfast attentive presence to create the safe and sacred container where the partner feels safe and able to relax and open up within.

Amma, When experienced regularly, Sacred Intimacy sessions allow a person to stay in-touch with developing feelings while discovering previously hidden sources of compulsive behavior or unconscious motivation and clear or release what wants to be let go of, process and integrate disparate feelings —while providing more clarity and deeper connection in relationship not to mention personal understanding and empowerment. Amma, what you have experienced is called sexual healing.

Shiva, Have I not committed ultimate unpardonable sin fucking today? Is it not forbidden to get fucked today? When you hugged me, involuntarily my breasts became bigger and full with love to feed you. I wanted my breasts sucked and emptied by you. Surprisingly, I lactated when you sucked my breasts. I experienced pleasure similar to the higher state of bliss and pleasure achieved in yoga or meditation. You opened, filled and stretched my cunt completely. Shiva, I am surprised at myself submitting my body, to be fucked by you, opening all my pores experiencing the bliss, ultimate joy uninhibitedly and endlessly such an intense pleasure having continuous multiple endless orgasms hitherto unknown to me. You ignited fire in my mind and body and I could not help but melt in your indulging and intimate embrace and kissing. You made me forget all inhibitions, moral ethics and indulge in forbidden, sinful, abandoned and taboo sex.

Shiva, I did not object, rather I welcomed, and submitted to you willingly and uninhibitedly. Don’t you think that I should have objected.

Yes, Amma, I thought you would object. I was afraid that you would chide me while I was hugging and pressing my cock against you. You did not object. You reciprocated willingly with equal enthusiasm and eagerness when you felt hardness of my cock and hugged me tightly.

Shiva, any sane woman would have got offended, objected, avoided, refused fucking today. If our fucking happened on any other day it is different. Why did I not object? You may also think I am insane. I have to tell you that I was thinking of you yesterday night while travelling, recalled our first meeting and mutual fatal attraction we had, knowing we that will meet today. I am glad that I did not object. However I did not imagine that we will have such a romantic passionate mating. I submitted and surrendered to you, despite strange and unbelievable circumstances, I now feel happy and lucky that you fucked and made me orgasm thrice continuously in one fucking session, which I never knew or imagined I could experience. Your cock is so big that you almost raped me. It is so intensive that all my juices have been drained out. I never imagined that a woman can have such continuous multiple intense orgasms.

‘Shiva, Is it not insane and sin to get fucked by you and experience such incredible pleasures today?’

Padma, it is not a sin to have passionate sex and pleasure on any day, even today. Time and place does not matter. Sex is beautiful and divine experience. We enjoyed the experience. If it is a sin, let it be. It is necessary sin for us. We both committed the pleasurable sin. We should continue to have pleasures of sin.

Shiva, ‘Do you think so? Getting fucked by you may not be a sin. But, It is definitely immoral and unethical to have an extramarital affair with an young man of my son’s age. Is not a sin that a mother getting fucked by her son’s friend on the day even before the funeral when her son is dead and his body is lying on cold slab in a mortuary? What can be more sinful act that a mother can commit on a day like this? If someone else comes to know about what happened now between us, they would think that I am an amoral, indecent, insatiable, selfish, sinful, sex hungry horny slut, cock crazy unethical bitch and a wanton whore. People may even think that I am a sex maniac, having abnormal psyche seduced you, an young man that too her son’s best friend. They may think I am a slut having many lovers. They may think that we have been lovers having extramarital affair and you have been fucking me for years, and I could not wait to get fucked by you today. I would not have imagined and definitely not endorsed if someone else tells me such incident could happen. Tell me Shiva, ‘what do you think of me honestly. Am I not an immoral and unethical slut? Tell me, Shiva that I am your slut only’’

Padma, You may be called immoral and unethical for cheating your husband. ‘You are a lovely sex goddess an angel. You have denied yourself having sexual pleasure so long. I suggest you should unnecessarily not worry about what others will think of us. No one will know. We will not be telling the world. What happened today is between you and me and important to us. It is divine intervention. We love each other. We are definitely not abnormal, crazy, immoral and unethical. You and I are perfectly normal people who are madly in love with each other. We want to experience, enjoy and have each other. We did not imagine that we would meet again in such circumstances. We have not done anything to be ashamed. What happened today is natural and normal expression of loving, romantic passionate union and unique expression of love between us. We have been in love with each other ever since we met for the first time. We are soul mates. We are made for each other. We are perfect couple. We have been in love with each other ever since we met. We have been waiting to meet again and today we have met. It really does not matter that I am younger to you and happens to be your son’s friend. It might be divine interference that we should make love today, especially today.

Shiva, Do you think that our inevitable meeting and mating today is because of divine intervention. I think it is your active intervention. I have been thinking about you yesterday night. Today you have become my God and Master.

Amma, I am not a stranger to you. We have been in love with each other ever since we met first time. We are soul mates. We have been lovers ever since. You being married, and being mother of my best friend does not change my affection, desire and love for you. It is extramarital. Yes. It may be unethical and immoral to have sex with an young man other than your husband as per societal standards.

Padma, People may also obviously assume that I have taken undue advantage of a helpless grieving mother, misused the opportunity and in the name of showing empathy and consoling seduced you and fucked you. But I feel that I have to do it.

Amma, ‘today your long awaited love and dormant desires flared up. I understand, your desire after losing your son, your need to have your son back in you, especially now, you want your son in you, you wanted to take him back into your body. You see your son in me. Since you could not take him back into you, you have opened yourself to me, desired me and invited me to enter you, taken me into you, allowed me to enter your open cunt, to explore your depths, your body and soul, receiving me into you and opening up for me. Your abundant love for your son and pent up sexual desire simmering like volcano for a long time as a woman prompted you to have a man to fill you and fulfill you.

Shiva, You only can understand me completely, my inner thoughts, appreciate my feelings and know my mind so well, Shiva you have put my feelings into words so clearly and succulently better than I could have expressed. You make me confess, pour out my secret desires and dreams. I need you. I have been waiting for you to satisfy my desires, to share and shower my love and to make my dreams come true. It happened on this peculiar day in an unbelievable way.

Shiva, I would have definitely submitted and surrendered myself to you, invited you to have me, had there been an occasion to meet you again, after our first meeting. If you had stayed one more day after the wedding I would have definitely invited you and offered myself to you. You would have fucked me. Today, the loss of my son triggered both my motherly instinct and long awaited desire for you, actually flared up when you hugged and kissed me showering love. I was not thinking, It so happened in such a natural way. You did not give me a chance even to sort out my feelings. You excited me to an uncontrollable state of desire and I was ready and in urgent need to take you into me. Your kissing me with so much love flared up my desire. You entered me, opened me and filled me with your cock. It was like you actually opened me psychologically and physically today.

I would have come into your arms instantly the moment we meet second time in normal circumstances. You have become my god and my religion. I have been thinking of you, about you, about us ever since I saw you. Even yesterday night while travelling all through journey, I thought of you, knowing that you will be there to meet me with your handsome personality, charming chivalrous confident attitude. I remembered our first meeting and I am not ashamed to confess to you that I had feelings of anticipation, sexual tension, feeling of pining, a deliciously uncomfortable sensation that was both exciting and excruciating. Instead of feelings of depression, I was expecting you to be with me when I arrive here. Ever since our first meeting I was expecting you would take me and fuck me in the second meeting. Oblivious of today’s circumstances, disregarding logic and reason, in my mind I was expecting that you would take me. I was surprised at my own self having such thoughts. The moment I got down from the car, I was relieved to see you and instantly came into your strong protective arms, as if it was the most natural thing to do. I was upset and angry with my son, knowing the reason of his death was that he could not fuck his wife. He could have taken help, undergone medical treatment and could have been cured of his ED problem. I was angry with my husband because he passed on his weak genes. Despite of having anger, grief and helplessness your thoughts surrounded me. I remembered your charming, confident, handsome, masculine, irresistible personality. In the night, while travelling, I recalled feeling your male hardness pressing against my hips when you stood behind me during the wedding ceremony, which excited me and aroused me. I did not expect this intense spark of chemistry and romantic love and lust leading to amazing sexual experience and satisfaction because I did know such heavenly experience of continuous orgasms can exist.

Shiva, ‘Would you have fucked to console any other woman in similar situation, if it is not me. Would you have fucked your own mother in similar circumstances?’
Why did you stay back with me, when all your friends went to the Hospital. You stayed back, to console me and fuck me.

Padma, it is a strange and hypothetical question. Every circumstance is unique. Perhaps I would have fucked any other woman to console, even my mother, if the woman responds like you have to my touch, hugging and cuddling. I would have fucked my own mother or any other woman too without any inhibition to heal them sexually. However, I never felt such an intense strong desire to fuck and love at first sight with any other woman, except you. For me Love between a man and woman means fuck. I do not believe in so called platonic relationship between a man and woman.

Padma, the first time we met I felt that we knew each other for a long time, longing and waiting to meet, know of each other’s existence, familiar with each other, and know about each other intimately for many years but separated by unknown forces. Perhaps our relationship extends beyond this life, existing for so many janmas. Perhaps you were my wife, mother, sister, niece, friend or lover in earlier janmas. It might be you are related to me one way or other in each reincarnation. I feel we have been waiting for an occasion to meet and unite. Padma, Sex is sacred and not a sin. Sex has to be considered as a beautiful unique positive expression of the life force.

She said, ‘you are right. ’I also had similar feelings that I know you for a long time. You are an expert in mind reading and understanding others’ inner feelings.

Shiva, “At the moment of orgasm I knew that I was in a great, golden light and I experienced myself as transparent, luminous energy. I saw seven star-like, golden, swirling points that lined up in my body. My energy centers looked like radiant golden lights in my body. Every inch of my body undergone blissful experience ”

Padma, what you had visualized was the life force freely flowing through all seven energy centers that were illuminated and energized by your orgasm. Very few people can have such spiritual sexual experience and spontaneous ecstatic experiences like you. To have such experience repeatedly is rare and eternal.

Shiva, you gave me the ultimate unimaginable experience, you are my Lord and Master. I am your slave, dasi, bhaktha.

Shiva, thinking of my son, I should have helped my son with love. I could have taught him to fuck. It is so simple, because he could not fuck his wife during first three nights, and subsequently when they were together, he must have thought he was impotent. He came back to college probably depressed and frustrated. He should have told you, being his best friend.

Was he completely impotent? How do you know Amma?

He thought so. Perhaps he was. He wrote an apologetic letter to his wife, a week back and she showed it to me. I was planning to talk to him, help him fuck me with love, if necessary and he would have learnt how to fuck a woman. “He should have told me, come to me, I would have made his cock big and hard. She took my cock into her hands stroking it and said, ‘He could have fucked me. I would have helped him enter my cunt and fuck me. I would have taught him how to fuck a woman. Why he did not share with me, talk to me in confidence, he knows I love him. I would have encouraged him to fuck me.

Padma, now I understand and guess he wanted to fuck you. He was in love with you. He used to see your photo album and admire your beauty. He saw you in his wife and wanted her to love him, and wanted her to show love and affection like a mother, fondle him like a lover, and make his cock erect and bigger, help him to enter her, guide him with love, and take him, his cock into her and fuck him like a mother. But he could not tell her and he could not fuck her unless she makes him big and hard lovingly. Padma, tell me honestly, you would have offered yourself to your son and fucked by him, had he expressed his desire?

Shiva, honestly yes, I would have fucked him. Had I known that he wants to fuck me, I would not have hesitated to fuck him though it is taboo and incest. I would have helped make his cock erect and bigger to fuck me. I should have known his desire for me. I should have fucked him to save his life.

Padma, he might have expected you to do just that, take the lead, initiate him lovingly, make his cock erect and bigger, seduce and fuck him. He desired you, wanted to fuck you or wanted you fuck him. He could not express his feelings to you because of taboo. He wanted you to know his feelings and initiate him. He was waiting for you to take his cock into your cunt. He was waiting for you to fuck him. He might have been afraid of expressing his desire for you and could not do so fearing your rejection and losing your motherly love too. you should have fucked him.

Shiva, how can I take the lead and intimate him being his mother? You know very well that a woman always wants and waits for the man to take the lead, initiate, seduce, praise and woo her to submit and make love. My son should have treated me like his girl friend and seduced me. You are an expert in this art of seducing and fucking women. You should have advised your friend that he should treat his mother like his girl friend, seduce and fuck his mother.

Yes. Padma, I know what a woman wants. Woman, whatever their age wants caring, to be treated like a young girl during the process of seduction and courtship. Do you mean that I should have advised your son to seduce and fuck you? I knew that he fantasized you and I saw him once masturbating looking at your photo. He loved you and desired you, however could not express his love to you. You were expecting him to seduce you? Padma, ‘you should have sucked your son’s cock like this to make him big, I said. ‘Why you did not suck him?’

Shiva, Yes, I should have, I should have sucked his cock and make it bigger, but he did not show it to me like you have shown. See how big is yours like a horse’s cock, you motherfucker. Talking about my son’s desire to fuck me, you made me horny again. She took my cock in her hands and stroking, she said, he did not have such a big monstrous cock as yours to show and exhibit proudly so that even mother could not resist sucking. You are a stud and stallion. I wish my own son had a cock like this. You say that I should have fucked my son. Perhaps if he had such a big cock like yours I could have not resisted and got fucked him.

Shiva, Your monstrous and magnificent cock is always ready to fuck woman under any circumstances. Your cock is already erect and ready to enter and open me up again. You make any woman irrespective of their age, mother or grandmother open up and offer her cunt to enter her with your monstrous cock. I never imagined a man could have such a big cock as yours. I am happy that I have your cock.

Let me suck your cock, my son. Kneeling down, she took my cock into her hands kissed the beautiful big pink knob, she said, “Shiva, your cock is so big, enormous, magnificent, long, thick and beautiful. Your cock is so big like a horse’s cock. You must have been a horse in earlier janma. She ran her tongue along the shaft, licked my scrotum and balls, then took my cock into her mouth and sucked. I allowed her to suck my cock for some time.

I took hold of her long hair and pulled her up, asked her to bend. She obeyed, bent, her ass high up, her legs and thighs spread wide, resting her hands on the bed, and her hair fell down on both sides of her shoulders touching the floor. Her juicy cunt spread wide, wet and inviting. It was erotic and exciting. I bent down and could smell her scent – the cunt of a horny woman. I licked her cunt, lapped and inserted my tongue into her cunt. I slurped up her cunt juice with loud noise. She doesn’t just have a cunt between her legs. Every inch she is a cunt! And I mean it as in ‘she is a hot, feminine, delicious, sexy, and I need to be eaten and fucked hard cunt.’ She is a walking piece of sex! Her legs were spread wide despite her trying to close them and my mouth and nose were pressing into her labium. I could actually feel my face pressing ever so slightly inside her body!

She said, moaning, Oh, son, You are actually eating my cunt. I cannot wait. Fuck me my son, with your horse’s cock.

I entered her juicy cunt holding her hips, doggy style, slowly firmly opening her cunt, deep filling her cunt to the bottom.

Oh! Shiva, you filled me up to my belly button. Fuck me hard. Fuck me, my son. I took her hair in my hands, holding her luxurious thick hair wrapped around my wrist pulling it with one hand and other hand holding her hip, I fucked leisurely enjoying each stroke. She was also enjoying immensely with her groaning throaty noise. She was like bitch in heat receiving, submitting her cunt for fucking.

“Oh god yes… fuck me Jim… fuck me hard… yeah, right there… oh god… I love your cock… Oooohhhh… fuck me…”

The tightness in her tummy increased as her release continued to build. Her head began to spin. Her pussy tightened around my cock. Padma bit her lip and started to shake. Her hands looked for something to grasp as though she needed to anchor her body to absorb the impact.

An explosion ripped through her pussy. Padma screamed out from the unbearable pleasure that surged through every muscle in her body. She gasped for air. Her body jerked hard, then again and again. My big cock continued to pound into her over and over. She could feel her pussy twitch and gush around my swollen girth.

She reached orgasm violently, I could feel her cunt muscles contracting and expanding, gripping my cock tightly, and her whole body in ecstatic spasms, her cunt muscles all of a sudden gripping my cock, squeezing my cock. I stood still, allowing her to enjoy the long drawn multiple orgasms and then allowed myself to ejaculate hot loads of thick juice filling her cunt.

Her orgasm didn’t stop it just slowed. Juices streamed down her thighs. My hands moved up to her tits and pinched her nipples sending her off on another wave of uncontrollable spasms. It was almost surreal, as if Padma was standing outside her body watching my cock pound into her yet being able to feel it in every nerve ending in her pussy. When I finally pulled out it was almost a relief from the intense pleasure. At the same time her pussy felt empty.

We lay on the bed, I took her into my arms, and her head buried on to my chest, the she looked up into my eyes, expressing shyness, satisfaction and contentment.
She said, ‘I want to have a son like you. ‘I am fertile, I wish today you might have already impregnated me. Somehow, I feel it, because it is the right time for me.

I laughed and said, ‘Amma, You are greedy. You mean You want to have my son with a big cock? I promise you I try my best to impregnate you to give you my son with big cock’

She smiled, ‘You are a mother fucking son. Do not laugh. I do not mean that I also want to fuck our son’. Shiva, woman could feel safe, protected, satisfied and forever happy with you. You know how to make a woman happy and satisfied.’
It was the lunchtime and I was hungry.
I said, Padma I am hungry.

She smiled and said, ‘you are always hungry to eat. Get some food to eat. Otherwise you will eat me again.’

I brought lunch for both of us from hostel mess. We both had a light lunch and she relaxed in my arms. I was sitting, her head resting on my lap while we were talking.

She was still concerned and confused about her inner contradictory, conflicting thoughts and feelings about her abnormal sinful behavior. She was trying to analyze and sort out her own psyche and behavior prompted by hidden desires. She was surprised at her own body responding to me with desire seeking and enjoying pleasure. Her mind as a mother feeling the pain having lost her son, at the same time her joy thinking about the experience she had with the young man in whose lap she was lying resting on her head. Why she was not feeling the acute pain a mother normally supposed to feel as everyone says when she loses her son? Is it because her sinful pleasure overshadowed her pain or his son was not a worthy man did not live up to her expectations? She was confused that she was experiencing intense pleasure instead of pain. Is it because she had such a unique, unbelievable, pleasurable experience on that day? She was not feeling pain or agony but feeling pleasure and satisfaction. The feelings of submission, attachment, love, togetherness, romance, fatal attraction overwhelmingly filled her mind overshadowing the pain, which surprised her.

I asked her, ‘Padma, what if your husband see us like this now?’

‘So what, if he see us now? he may think I am being consoled by you. I do not care even if he see us fucking. Actually he should watch me getting fucked by you. He should feel happy, finally his wife is getting fucked properly and thoroughly by a stud. He will thank you. He knows that I have been faithful to him all these years. It is you who made me like this-a slut, whore, tramp and what not.’

I said ‘ what if he objects?”
If he objects, I do not care. Will you take me as your mistress. I do not care what people say, she replied.

Someone knocked the door and I opened. It was Padma’s husband. He looked at Padma, and said, Let us go down, you will see your son. We went down stairs to see her son’s body lying in the vehicle in front of the hostel gate. She was allowed to see only her son’s face briefly because the body turned black due to poisonous effect. She burst into tears. Her husband requested me to take care of her.

I took hold of her placing my hands on her shoulders protectively and brought her back to the room. Padma’s husband followed us to the room and told her to travel by train, requested me accompany her to their hometown for which I agreed. He said, Please take care of her. He took Mohan’s body by taxi, to their village. Our friends went to railway station to arrange train tickets for Padma and me.

Padma and I were again in the room. We were on the bed lying down, her head on my chest and my hands around her cuddling possessively. One of her legs was in between my legs interlocked. It was a caring, loving and protective cuddle to communicate reassurance of my love.
She was silent and after some time, said, Shiva, Do you really love me?
I hugged her tightly, and said, ‘Padma, you are mine now.’

She smiled, ‘I am yours and only yours. Surprisingly I do not feel that I am cheating my husband because I feel that I am your wife. I belong to you. It is like I have been waiting for you all these years, and now you found me, living with someone else temporarily. I should look beautiful to my man and want to take bath and shampoo my long hair which you love.’

I said, ‘I would help you. Your husband left you with me and asked me to take care of you’

She said smilingly, ‘my husband did not ask you to fuck me. Taking care does not include fucking, eating my cunt and bathing. You want to help me bathing. You are certainly a caring and romantic lover.’

She sat on a stool nude in the bathroom, her long hair touching the floor. I took her hair in my hands, poured warm water on her head and rinsed thoroughly twice. Poured shampoo lathered up her long hair from roots to ends in straight stroking motions running my fingers through her hair with care and love. I rinsed her hair twice thoroughly with normal water and opened the shower. I arranged her wet hair into a bun.

I applied soap on her body. Standing at the back and holding her huge hanging heavy breasts, slowly massaged her breasts from the bottom and with my fingers stroked her nipples. Her nipples became hard and engorged.

I said, Amma, You have beautiful big bouncing breasts, placing my hands under her breasts lifting them.
I soaped her face, lovingly cleaned with light massage. I soaped and cleaned her every inch and corner of her body with soap. Her nude curvaceous body was beautiful and erotic.

Shiva, You are so considerate and loving.
Soaping her beautiful thighs, and her cunt hair, I said, Padma, Your fat cunt lips are very sexy. your pubic hair is so thick and sexy. You do not shave your cunt and armpits.

No she said, ‘I never shaved my pubic hair till now.’
I will do it now for you, I said.
I would enjoy that, but not now, Shiva, some other day, you are in a hurry to do everything possible now.

I asked her to stand, and soaped her thighs and legs, poured water and cleaned thoroughly including her ass. I cleaned her cunt hair and inserted fingers in her cunt. I kneeled down and kissed her cunt, clitoris and ass hole.
‘Oh! God, Shiva, You are cleaning my ass hole too,’ she said.

I started licking her cunt and inserted my tongue inside her cunt. She raised her leg placed on my shoulder and pressed my head with her hand. I devoured and ate her cunt, slurped up her cunt juice. She was ecstatic, and her cunt muscles quivered. I could feel the sensations of orgasms.

Padma, I really want to fuck you now.

Shiva, you ate my cunt and I can see that your cock is up and erect and ready. I want to you to fuck me. We shall get ready to go the station. Once you start fucking, you will never stop. You have me now. I am yours. You can do whatever you want later.

I opened the shower cleaned her body and washed her hair thoroughly, toweled her body. We came out of the room and dried her hair with a towel. She put on petticoat and a lacy bra, and stood in front of full-length mirror. I combed her hair carefully enjoying the feel of her long silky thick jet-black luxurious lustrous shining hair. Her hair became puffy, more voluminous was more beautiful.

Shiva, you are the first man to bathe me, eat my cunt and comb my hair and I am very happy to receive all your love.

I am at your service, Amma and I enjoy doing all these things for you, my sweet lovely baby. I took her into my arms, and kissed her. You look beautiful and sexy. I smelled her hair and said, ‘arrange your hair into a braid’.

She said, ‘I wish I can, but not now dear hubby, what everyone will think of me? ‘I am not a wife travelling with husband on a pleasure trip. I am a grieving mother and should dress and behave like one in public.

‘No one in the train will know that you are a grieving mother and our relationship, especially strangers once we are in the train, Padma, you look sexy when you arrange your hair into a bun. You look sexier and much younger if you arrange your hair into a braid or in ponytail or leave it loose, I said.

I took her to the bed and made her sit on my lap, her flowing hair spread on the bed and touching the floor.

She smiled, what people unknown to us think if they see you and me in this position.

Padma, my dear sweet darling, It depends on their imagination. They may assume that you are my loving wife or we are lovers having a secret steamy extramarital illicit affair. Some may also think that we are mother and son or aunty and nephew or brother and sister or brother and sister=in-law, or mother and son-in-law having extramarital affair, illicit incestuous immoral taboo sinful sex.

‘Do I look young enough to be your wife, Shiva? You are saying that only to make me happy. I look definitely elder to you. People may think that I am a sex-starved slut having extramarital illicit affair with an young stud and lover boy to get fucked, I am of your mother’s age. If any of your friends see us now, they think that I am a crazy sexy slut nymphomaniac to be fucked by you especially today.’ she said.

You definitely look younger than your actual age. You are an ageless angelic beauty. Some women like you look more beautiful, sexier, glamorous, gorgeous, and desirable as they mature. Women like you are like wine. They taste better as they mature. If you arrange your long beautiful hair in a braid adorned with jasmine flowers, you look definitely young enough to be my sweet darling, adorable and loving wife. However, age does not matter when a man and woman are in deep love.

Shiva, you are chivalrous, romantic man and know how to win a girl’s heart. I wish you were my husband. I want to be your wife. Do you love me and take me as your wife permanently. Even if I divorce my husband and then marry you, people may think I am crazy to marry my son’s friend. I don’t mind if people come to know about our relationship and call me your mistress. Actually, I will be happy and it will be more exciting, if people call me your mistress. The best way to keep you as my resident stud love is to adapt you as my son. You can fuck my daughter-in-law and me every day.

Yes, my sweet darling, I want you to be mine, my wife, my lover, my mistress forever. I felt you belong to me, the first time I saw you. I possess you and I want you forever. I will marry you if you divorce your husband.

Shiva, You know that marriage between us is not possible. I want you to be my son and fuck me. You are an incestuous mother fucking son. She got up and said, Shiva I think we should get ready. I wish we had more time together. Shiva, tomorrow I will not be able to spend time with you at my house.

‘I wish we can stay here forever, I want time to freeze. I know it will be difficult for us to see each other at your home with so many people around. Everyone will be coming to meet you to offer condolences’, I said.

‘Shiva, I do not know what my husband will tell people, definitely not the fact. Perhaps we shall tell people that he met with an accident. I will find a way for us to meet in my house,’ she said.

‘Did you discuss about me with my son. Did you tell my son, that you love his mother, about your love and desire for me and you want to fuck his mother? Did you actually discuss about me with my son.’ She asked.

I said, ‘How could I? I could not tell your son explicitly that I want to fuck you, but he knew or guessed from the way we were flirting during wedding ceremony and were later on talking on phone. Whenever he made a call to you, you enquired about me and asked to give phone to me so that you could talk to me. He was there while I was talking with you. He also noticed me following you during and after the marriage ceremony.’

I said, ‘Padma, He asked me when we were looking at his wedding albums, ‘Do you like my mother so much? I observed that you were always flirting with her during my wedding ceremony. You were standing next to her so closely always in the photographs as if you both were husband and wife. You were always there with my mom’

I said, ‘yes, I like her. She is an extraordinarily beautiful woman, hesitated to say further for a while.
Mohan said, Please continue, say whatever you want to say.’
I said, ‘she is very sexy and I like your mother.’

When I said that your son was not angry or upset, he just gave mischievous smile and said, “I know she is sexy. I am happy that you like her so much. He asked me to accompany him during the ensuing holidays. He said, ‘She has been eagerly waiting for you. You will have enough time and opportunity to be with her. Both of you were like love birds. My mother actually asked me to bring you along with me. She has been eagerly waiting to meet you. I know that she likes you and is very fond of you.’ Shiva, Tell me. Do you like her so much and you think she is sexy? He asked me.

I said to him, ‘I love her, she is sexy’.

He said, ‘I guessed and noticed that, the way you both were spending time together like love birds during and after my wedding ceremony. I have never seen her so happy and exuberant with any other man in all these years except with you. She likes you. She is like an young girl fell in love with you. She has been always enquiring about you, and asking me to bring you along with me during the holidays, whenever she talks to me on phone. Shiva, I want my mother to be happy.’

She said, ‘Shiva, Did you actually say that ‘you love me’ to my son? ‘I am surprised that he knew about my feelings of love and desire for you and approved. I just told him to bring you along with him during the holidays. Was it so obvious in my voice when I talk about you that I am deeply in love with you. Did he think that I asked him to bring you along with him, to get fucked by you. We do not know what he really thought about you and me. We will never know. He told me that he would bring you along with him to stay with me. Did he tell you anything else?

He said, you will be happy with me. He wanted you to be happy. He told me ‘You will have time to spend with my mother when we visit our house. Make her happy.’ Your son thought that I am the suitable lover to fuck his mother. He indicated that he saw us during the wedding ceremonies and noticed that we were attracted to each other. You were happy with me.’ It was obvious he wanted us to meet and mate.

Shiva, ‘It sounds like ‘animal mating’. Do you mean he really wanted you to fuck me?’ Did he say that or imply that he wanted you to fuck me?

Yes, Padma, He implied that he wants me to fuck you and make you happy.

Oh! God! He knew it. Shiva, Did he know that I have been asking him to bring you along with him to our home to get fucked by you? Did he think that I need a young man like you to get fucked. Yes, I am like a cow in a mating period and I need to be fucked by a stud like you. It is crazy, thrilling and very much exciting to know that my son knew my desire for you and wanted you to fuck me. Did I look like a woman who has to be fucked by a stallion like you to my son? Perhaps he thought that you are a perfect stud and stallion for mating and fucking his sexy slut mother,’ ‘Did he think that I am a slut,’ she said lifting her leg placing on my back and thrusting her mound. ‘It is exciting to know that my son wanted you to fuck me.’ He must have thought that I am sexually unsatisfied slut. Since he could not fuck me he selected and invited you to be my lover. I am also happy to know that my son approves our fucking and must have been eagerly waiting to see me happily fucked by you.

Padma, He must be happy or his soul is happy now that I have fucked you.

Do you think that my son’s soul is watching us from above, she said.

I lifted her up as she put both her legs around my waist. I placed my hands under her arse holding her in Totem Pole position, and said I want to fuck you. I carried her in the interlocked position. We kissed for a long time.

I said,’ I want to fuck you, Amma. ‘Now!
Yes. My son wanted you to fuck me. You said that my son’s soul must be watching us from above
Shiva, you want to fuck me in all positions, I know. I am ready but not now, we do not have enough time. We have to get ready and go to the station

Padma, There is enough time for a fuck always.

She said, ‘Shiva, My son wanted you to fuck me. That was very exciting. Perhaps he wanted to see you fucking me. I wish that he should have seen your monstrous cock stretching and fucking my cunt. That could have made him excited and his cock hard. You should have arranged that. Was he planning secretly to see us fucking in my house? He offered his mother to you. He could have also offered his wife to you. He could have asked you to fuck his wife. Perhaps that would have solved his problems. Had I known his problem, I would have advised him to offer his wife to you. You would have fucked her, made her cunt big so that he could enter her cunt later. He should have asked you to go and fuck his wife, the first night.

Fuck me now darling, she said. she raised her self balancing herself and slide down my cock into her wet cunt, holding on to my shoulders. I was holding her with my hands below her ass, stood before the full length mirror so that we could see ourselves fucking. Seeing her in this position, her long hair loose cascading down touching the floor was aphrodisiac to me. My cock filled deep into her cunt.

Seeing our reflection in the mirror she said, My son would have enjoyed seeing me and you in this fucking position. Let his soul be happy while you are fucking me. I would have asked him to see me fucked, If he was alive. Perhaps his cock would have got erection to fuck me.

I said, ‘You are an ultimate kinky bitch, holding her ass and I fucked her.

In the position my movements to thrust were limited, but I gained movement by grasping her buttocks as I moved her back and forth on my cock, watching our image in the mirror.
Her long hair touching the floor and bouncing as I moved her on my cock. Holding my shoulders she pressed on to me, keeping my cock fully inside her and gyrated her ass and cunt in circular motion.

Shiva, she said, ‘I want your seed in my cunt. I walked holding her, my cock deep inside her cunt to the table, placed her on the table, as she raised her legs. Padma’s bottom was resting on the table, holding her leg, I fucked her more vigorously.
I fucked her leisurely enjoying each stroke.
I then began to pump her good, the way we stood: my hands on her thighs, pulling at her “love-handles” as a contra to my thrusts; her hands grabbing any hold she could find and on her own thighs, looking for support against the waves of excitement and pleasure that coursed through her. We fucked like our lives depended on it, giving in to every thrust, reaching every top together. The rhythmic thumps as her cunt bounced off my pelvis was like standing ovations, soon to be followed by moans and grunts, and as the beat grew quicker – so was the intensity of the mumbling.

“Fuck meeee… fuck meee!!!! Oh, fuck meeeee goooooddd…” she cried in between thrusts.

“Oh baby, your pussy is so tight… you like my cock, don’t ya?” I replied as I hammered my shaft into her love cave again and again, battering away every day of forced abstinence, every moment of longing. Her breast wacked back and forth as the motion made them flap – adding to the building rhythm.

“Oh. yes. I love your cock right there just like that” with every pulse another word escaped your lips, as if trying to hold against the tide of pleasure.

I could feel her vaginal muscles wrapping and contracting around my hard shaft, deep inside of her. Then I felt it – the shivering from deep within – and I knew something marvelous was coming. Her.

With a few more rigorous stokes, she flanged her head backward while pressing hard against me to a standstill, voicing her insurmountable burst of passion loud and clear. I could feel her nectar flowing, dripping down my balls. As I held her carefully against the breaking tide. A moment passed, then another, then she breathed heavily I ejaculated to fill her cunt with my thick sperm.

Realizing that it was time to go the station, we disentangled from each other satiated.

Do you like my daughter-in-law?
Padma, Yes. She is a beautiful and sexy girl, I said
Smilingly she said, ‘you have an eye on her too. I am not surprised. Your roving eyes did not leave the bride also on the wedding night. You would have fucked her eventually, even if my son were alive. I am surprised why he had to take such a drastic decision to end his life, when he has a stallion friend like you to fuck his mother and his wife. He would have enjoyed watching your monstrous fuck my daughter-in-law and me. He should have asked you to fuck his wife on the first night. If he had told me, I would have happily arranged, you going to her on the first night instead of my son without any one being suspicious. If you had stayed after the wedding and fucked his wife, my son would have happily accepted and enjoyed seeing you deflowering his virgin wife and he would have been alive today.

Padma, perhaps his male ego destroyed and shattered. He did not mind to offer his mother to me, but he could not bring himself to admit his problem even to me, must have got depressed.’

Yeah, Shiva, Perhaps what you said was true. He could have offered his wife to you and solved all his problems.

‘Shiva, I want you to fuck my daughter-in-law. You should fuck her mercilessly and I want to see her beg you to stop fucking. I think you would have fucked my daughter-in-law eventually, even if my son were alive. I know you have an eye on her too.’

I said, ‘Yes. She is sexy and I want to fuck her. I would have fucked her definitely eventually.’
She said, You are a Casanova. ‘You ruffled my hair, now I have to comb and get ready.’

‘Now let me help you, my sweet sexy wife,’ I said. I took her face in one hand combed her hair backwards and parted her hair neatly in the middle and combed her hair.

Shiva, it was a great loving gesture parting my hair, you are so romantic. She arranged her voluminous thick hair into beautiful bun, applied kohl to her eyes, and got dressed wearing a flower printed thin chiffon sari and matching low cut wide neck blouse. Her firm big breasts were visible through her sari. Arranging her sari pleats neatly. She asked, now do I look like your wife or your mother?

‘You look like my sexy wife,’ I said.

‘And You are a handsome horny husband,’ she said, kissing. ‘But we have to behave like mother and son not lovers In front of others. Please remember that.’

Padma, I need not have to remember that you are like my mother, when we are not alone and in midst of your relatives and friends. You do not worry. I will behave like your dear loving son.’

She smiled and said, “I know what you mean by ‘loving son, calling me Amma, and fucking me.
‘Do you love me as much as you love your own mother?’
I said, ‘yes. you should see me and my mother together to know and understand.’
She said, ‘I wish to meet your mother who has given birth to a romantic hunk of man with horse’s cock’
Padma, ‘I will take you to meet my mother eventually, she will be happy to see you, my lover.’
‘OK, my dear stud lover son and handsome horny husband, Will you tell your mother I am your lover?
Yes, definitely, My mother will be happy to see you.
Shiva, We will see. We shall get going, now to catch the train.’

We got into the waiting car to take us to railway station. During the short journey in the car, she was holding my hands, resting her head on my shoulder. She whispered, ‘I want to be yours always and forever. Please do not leave me.’

I said, ‘I will not leave you my sweet sexy mother and wife.’

Shiva, you are a naughty son and horny husband, you are unique. You make me feel like a mother and in the next moment, you can make me feel like your girl friend or wife. I feel that I am the luckiest woman to have you as my son. lover and husband.

Padma, I feel that we belong to each other and we are born for each other. You are mine. Ours is a divine relationship for so many Yugas like Shiva and Parvathi. Perhaps we have been in relationship for so many janmas.

Shiva, Perhaps you were my son in earlier janma and fucked me.

Our friends waiting to see us off at the station gave us tickets, packed food and fruits for dinner. They left us after we boarded the train.

Chapter 2

We boarded the train, got into first class coupe reserved for us by our friends. After TTE checked the tickets, I locked the door. Padma got up, looked at me and said smiling, ‘do you want me to arrange my hair into a braid now?’

I will be delighted, no one will see us until morning, and you need not have to think about others seeing us.

She untied her bun, hair got loosened cascading down reaching her mid thighs. I combed and brushed her hair straight down and she arranged her hair into a long bewitchingly thick loose braid reaching her thighs.

I hugged and encircled her from back, putting her long braid onto her front. Looking into the mirror, I said, Padma, you look definitely much younger in long braid, anyone who see us envy me having you as my wife. I should have brought Jasmine flowers.

She said, Yeah! We are not a husband and wife on a honeymoon trip. ‘Do I really look so young enough to be your wife? I feel like a young girl at heart in your presence, because you treat me as one. You are my real man, lover and husband. You made me a complete woman. Despite being younger to me, you have maturity to make me feel like your wife.
Padma, It is very convenient that your husband left you with me tonight.
‘Shiva, Yeah, do you think that my husband left me with you to fuck in the train,’ Padma said.
Shiva said, ” perhaps”
I made her sit on my lap and asked, ‘How about having dinner?’
She said, ‘I am not hungry. I will have some fruit.’
I took out a banana from the bunch our friends brought for us, peeled half of the skin and offered her in to her mouth.

She opened her mouth, provocatively licked the big banana with her tongue, and said, ‘your cock is bigger than this banana.’
Amma, You want to eat my cock, I said.

I fed her bits of banana into her mouth from my mouth.
She said, Shiva, You are so caring, even offering me food like this.
Yes, my beautiful baby, I love you. Padma, you are an ageless divine beauty. Women like you become more beautiful, glamorous, attractive, sexier and desirable with advancing age, I said, fondling her earlobes and kissing behind her ears, licking them.

‘I would have been sexier and more desirable, had I been properly fucked, satisfied psychologically, emotionally, sexually by you all these years thoroughly enjoying my beauty. My unromantic inept inactive insufficient husband wasted my precious youth and beauty without romance and sex. My husband never appreciated or enjoyed my beauty. We are rich, have money, property, social status, and respect in the society but none of these things could give me happiness and satisfaction as a woman. You are the man who gave such happiness.’

Padma, you mean you did not have marital happiness.

Yeah, my husband do not know how to fuck and make his wife happy, how to treat a beautiful woman like me, does not have any knowledge of enjoying sex, fucking, giving and receiving sexual pleasure.

Amma, you mean that! You have not been fucked thoroughly enough to satisfy your sexual desire, so far all these years except by me. What a waste of time and your beauty.

Yes! My husband never saw me completely nude and never sucked my breasts. In one day you have seen every minute part, explored, and appreciated each and every part of my body, entered and explored me, have shown me the heights sexual pleasure, entered and opened my mind and know everything about me. You are the only man who has seen the mole on my right inner thigh. You have fucked my body and mind inside out, and emptied my thoughts and juices.

‘I confess, Shiva, I have never been so thoroughly enjoyed, my cunt sucked, licked, eaten and fucked so far till now except by you, though I gave birth to a son. I never had experienced such an intense ecstatic vaginal and whole body orgasm until you fucked me. You are the first man who made me reach such ecstatic long drawn multiple orgasms. I have been dreaming and waiting for you all these years, for you, Shiva, who can appreciate, admire, eat, enjoy, excite, experience, feel, fondle, fill and fuck me thoroughly. I have been dreaming and waiting for a man like you who can own me, dominate me, possess me, and command me. The first time you saw me, I felt that I have known you for a long time. Instinctively, I knew you are the man I have been dreaming about all these years. Your intense looks conveyed that you are a romantic stud capable of winning me, my heart and giving me all that I have been dreaming of’

‘You won my heart with your loving gestures, made me to open up my heart and become my soul mate. You filled my cunt with your monstrous cock so completely and filled my soul and heart with love, opening up inner depths, touching me deep to the core, made me pour out all my juices, making me melt and open floodgates, and flow out all stored juices and thoughts, feelings, and desires. I have opened up my heart and soul; submitted myself uninhibitedly, shamelessly and completely to you. It was like opening of dam brimming with water and the floodgates opened’ she said It may be surprising to you, And it had been many years since I had felt desire, that slow ache in the abdomen, blood surging as on a fast-moving swing. … and when he entered me, it was the first time I had ever experienced what it was like to feel a man from the inside.

Shiva, first time in my life I experienced such an intense multiple long drawn never-ending multiple orgasms while fucking. I never experienced orgasm so far with my inept and useless husband all these years. I experienced such an intense ecstatic uncontrollable never ending multiple orgasms, every inch of my body, head to toe experienced orgasm, all my pores opened up, opening the flood gates, my stored kama juice melted, pouring out like flood gates of a dam opened, like a volcano erupted and lava gushing out.

I said, ‘I feel happy to know that. I made you orgasm for the first time while fucking. That’s why you scratched my back drawing blood’

Shiva, I realized, how a woman can experience heavenly pleasure and enjoy eternal bliss reaching nirvana through ecstatic orgasm. I have been doing meditation, yoga and puja worshipping the God to control, channelize and divert my sexual thoughts, desire and energies. You made my dreams come true, achieve and reach much higher levels of nirvana, ultimate pleasure, satisfaction and unknown to me so far. You have become my religion ever since I met you thinking of you while doing meditation, yoga and puja and you have become my God.

Whom do you worship? Padma, I asked.
She said,’ it is you Lord Shiva. ‘I worship Shiva lingam. I have been fascinated by Shiva lingam. All my prayers to Shiva lingam made Lord Shiva came to me in your form. Your lingam is like Shiva lingam.

Shiva, a woman submits and surrenders herself and worships the man who can give her sexual bliss. She becomes his subject, Bhakta, dasi and devotee. I submitted to you. You are my God, Lord Shiva and Master. I am your Parvathi. Even now with you surrounding me, my whole body is reacting with enthusiasm and expectation. You have the sensuous touch to ignite me, put me on fire and capacity to make me explode.

Padma, now that you have me. I will explore every part of your sensuous and sensational beautiful body, enter, open and fill all your holes dear. You need to be fucked now dear. Her sari pallu dropped to the floor, I removed her blouse and bra, releasing her huge voluminous heavy firm hanging conical breasts. Her firm jutting brown nipples was hard in my fingers as I stroked them, and then lifting her breasts up stroking from bottom and said, Padma, I wish I could suck milk from your breasts.

“You can, Shiva, my Lover Stud Son, surprisingly you made me lactate milk in the afternoon. I was surprised that I could lactate without delivering baby. I do not know whether it was because of my love for my son or the sexual desire you evoked in my body or both. Your ignited both fire in my body, and motherly instinct in my mind, made my stored milk juices flow out of my breasts. I have experienced such continuous ecstatic multiple endless orgasms I never knew such intense orgasm can occur. Impregnate me, and once I give birth to your son, I can feed my breast milk to both of you forever. I want a son from you, our love child from you, Shiva.” She said.

I will give you a son, Amma, I said

I kissed her breasts, sucking her engorged hard nipples, and removed her sari, untied her petticoat and took off my pants, asked her to sit down on the berth, her thighs spread wide, placed her fat thighs on both sides of my shoulders.

“I want to eat you, eat your cunt. Amma”
You are the first man to eat me, son, Eat my cunt. It is all yours.

Her legs were spread wide, my mouth and nose were pressing into her labium. I could actually feel my face pressing ever so slightly inside her body! Her cunt smells like heaven; I wish I could eat this cunt out. I started licking her engorged big protruding pink wet clitoris, slurping and lapping up her cunt juice with my tongue, inserted my tongue into her cunt deep and licking all over. I sucked her overflowing cunt juice.

I bent forward, licked her cunt from bottom to top, flattening my tongue. I inserted my tongue deep inside her cunt, making my tongue stiff clutching it with my teeth. Running my tongue around inside her cunt, probing and licking, I brought my tongue out of her cunt and lapped up her tasty delicious cunt juice having a peculiar pleasant smell. I put my lips against her cunt and slurped with loud noise, the more I slurp, the more juices were oozing out. It was like drawing water out of a well, never dry.

I started devouring her cunt, sucking her juices, slurping, licking her all over cunt sucking her juices, pressing my mouth to her cunt and sucking, making slurping noise.
“Oh, God, you are sucking out all my kama juice. She pressed my head, onto her cunt. As I slurping up her juice, I could feel the sensations of her cunt muscles pulsating, quivering against my lips and face. She pressed her thighs around my face lifting her legs and keeping them on my shoulders. It was as if she was trying to take me into her cunt, trying to push me all of me back inside her. However, she could not take me in. We want to unite, to be one, an attempt to achieve oneness. Two bodies having one soul trying to become one body.

Oh. Shiva, you are sucking all my stored juices, you are emptying all my Kama juices stored for you all these years.

I got up and turned her around. She offered her wet juicy cunt, her hands holding onto the berth. I entered her juice-drenched cunt, opening her up, penetrating slowly and steadily going into her like a knife in slab of soft butter mound, filling her deep cunt to the bottom. I kept my cock filled in her cunt without moving for a while. I took hold of her long braid into one hand and pulled roughly holding her ass with another and started fucking her cunt deep.

The train was moving with a rhythmic noise and my cock was moving in her cunt like a piston, forward and backward at a steady pace rhythmically enjoying each stroke opening up her cunt, every time like a boring machine tool boring into a soft rain drenched earth and her cunt receiving my cock with equal enthusiasm.

“Oh, God, Amma Your pussy is so tight.”
“You’re so wet. Are you wet because you like the feel of my cock ramming you?”

You are sexy slut, longhaired luscious bitch and a dirty whore. Do you like my cock ramming your cunt? I am going to rip off your cunt.

Oh, Shiva, my god, fuck me my son, fuck my cunt deep yes. Fuck your Amma. She was making loud noises with abandoned carelessness. She was thrusting her ass up to meet my cock, every time making thapak, thapak noise. I increased the momentum matching the increasing speed of the train. I rotated my cock in her cunt sideways and the opening her cunt wide.

“I think I’m going to come I’m going to fill up your little cunt.”

Her cunt was gripping my cock and releasing it, repeatedly; her orgasmic response was gradually increasing and then reached its peak as her cunt gripped my cock tightly for a long time and slowly releasing. It was like Tsunami waves one after another; her body was shivering. She was like a wild animal crying aloud with ecstatic orgasmic pleasure. Gradually her orgasm subsided, as I still was fucking at a high speed with all my energy, pounding into her cunt.

My cock finally ejaculated loads and loads of hot lava, thick sperm into her cunt. She gripped my cock, squeezed and sucked all my sperm with her cunt muscles into her, draining and emptying me. This is what she wants, she wanted to be fucked, become pregnant that day, and I determined not to disappoint her. We disentangled, and she cleaned my cock with towel and lie down on the berth to allow my sperm to enter her womb and couple with her waiting fertile egg.

She smiled and said, Shiva, I have never been fucked so intensely and so many times in a day till today and experienced such an intense ecstatic violent orgasms and nirvana in my life. You are a passionate fantastic lover. You fuck like a lion. I think you made me pregnant today.

I said, do not worry, we shall have more opportunities to enjoy and ensure impregnation.

She said, I am in fertile ovulation period. It has been two weeks since I had menses. Woman intuitively knows when her hormones are at peak and her egg is ready to receive the sperm. It was on such rare occasion she wanted and got pregnant by me. It so happened, she was actually impregnated by me on that day. Later on, it was confirmed by the pregnancy test.

Shiva, you treat me as if I am your young newly married loving wife though I am of your mother’s age. You have the maturity and confidence in you to make me feel like a young newly married girl. I am sure many a woman might have submitted herself to you enamored by your charm.

She was tired and sleepy. She put her head in my lap slept peacefully. I also slept in the same position. It was early in the morning and the time for us to alight. I woke her up. She got up and said, Oh! I slept off talking to you.
She washed her face, unbraided her hair, combed and arranged into a bun.

I asked her to sit on my lap and kissed her on cheeks.
She crooned, ‘do not look so happy as if we are newly married couple returning from honeymoon. Someone will come to the station to receive us. Do not forget to call me Amma properly in front of others.

I hugged and kissed her and said, ‘You are looking so lovely and beautiful and happiness written on your face. It seems you want to show your new young husband proudly to everyone.’ you are my loving Amma, and I am your loving son in front of others. It is more exciting to call you, my wife as Amma. However, when others are not there, what do I call you baby?’

She smiled, and said Shiva, You called me so many names yesterday. Call me whatever name you want to call me. I am your wife. I will ensure that we will have enough private time together in my house. I am surprised that you fucked me so many times in the last twenty four hours and I enjoyed immensely. You made me a nymphomaniac. I want to continue to be a libidinous woman enjoying with you.

The train reached the station. We got down to the platform and I led her placing my hands protectively on her shoulders. The car driver and a servant were waiting to receive us. She did not speak to them. She sat in the car holding my hands.

Chapter 3
We reached their house amidst many waiting people in front of the house. She asked a housemaid to show me the room upstairs. It was huge two-storied bungalow. The second floor has only one big room with all the facilities. I showered, refreshed had breakfast served by a young housemaid and went downstairs to witness the rituals. There were so many people around. All the women were inside. I went inside to see Madhu surrounded by so many women. Padma came to me and told me in a low voice, it is OK, and you can go upstairs to your room and take some rest. You can console her later.

In the afternoon after all the religious rituals were completed, Padma came to my room in the afternoon. She had washed her hair. Her thigh length hair still wet, arranged into a loose ponytail. She wore a thin sari and no bra. She hugged me and said, I have been waiting for your sensuous touch all the day, Shiva, to be with you.

I hugged her, and kissed on her cheek, saying, I have been waiting for you, Amma. You have been busy and surrounded by relatives and friends.

Many people are coming to see me. I just came to see you. Take some rest. I will be with you in the night.
Do I have to wait until night, Amma, I said, and tightened my hug.
Why do you call me Amma now?
You said you wanted me as your son, yesterday.
That was yesterday. However, I am your wife now. I want to come to you dressed like a bride, but you know it is not possible now. I want to be your wife, Shiva. You cannot marry me. Our relationship has to be like mother and son for the society. Frankly I wish the whole word know that I am your lover.

In private what do you want me call you, Padma?
Call me whatever you want to call me, call me as your wife. I am yours and only yours for life, until death. I am your wife, mistress, lover and slut. Do not leave me, my young stud lover and husband.
Am I your husband? Am I your stud, Amma?
Yes, you are both my husband and family stud.
I raised my eyebrows and said, ‘Family stud?’
Yes, my dear husband, you are my family stud. You have to impregnate my daughter-in-law and me. I want you tie mangalsutra to me and my daughter in law also, so that you become our joint husband.
‘It is interesting and to be a Joint husband to you and daughter in law? ‘I said
Does Family stud include the right to fuck other females in your family?
Who are other females, you want to fuck? My mother and my sister?
Yes. Padma, and others too including your sister’s daughter.
Shiva, do you want to fuck my mother too? That would be fascinating. My mother is only 57 now.

My daughter in law Madhu should not go out of this house as virgin. I do not want the society to know that my son was impotent and could not fuck his wife. You have to deflower and impregnate her, at the earliest, so that the society should think that my son made her pregnant.

Oh, it is a good idea to keep up family honor.

You have become my son and hence you have a moral right to fuck my daughter-in-law. You have become my husband and it is your duty to protect family prestige. As a father-in-law, you can fuck daughter in law and make her pregnant to keep the family prestige. I will offer our virgin daughter- in- law to you. You will impregnate her with your seed, my husband. Things would have been more happier, if my son offered his wife to you, when he was alive.

Padma, I will be delighted to see you become beautiful sexy grandmother soon.
Do you like to fuck grandmothers too? Shiva
Yes, my beautiful ‘would be sexy grandmother’. Does Madhu agree to be impregnated by me?
She has no other choice and she will agree. I will convince her. I will talk to her, explain and convince her and prepare her to be your second wife.
Yes, I said.
She said, I have to go now, though I do not want to leave you. I have to see off some relatives. I will be with you in the night. Please leave me lover boy. She gave a kiss on my cheek and was about to leave the room.

I grabbed her and hugged her.”You are looking so sexy and beautiful in a ponytail, baby. I kissed her on the lips and sucked her lips and she took my tongue into her mouth.

We could not stop kissing and it was long drawn kiss.
She was holding my already erect rigid cock, and said, your cock is always ready, and so big like a horse’s cock. Shiva, you are tempting me. You are an insatiable stud.

I removed her sari petticoat, bra, blouse, and laid her down on the bed.
Show it to me, show me what you want, tell me…tell me what you’re thinking.”
“Oh I’m thinking Ohm! About last night and your mouth on me…on my open pussy and…”
“And what?”
I kneeled on the bed behind her
“You must say what you want; you have to tell me Amma .”
“Lick me …oh please lick me…”
“What lick what?”
“Me…My my pussy lick my pussy, son”
“Say cunt”
“My cunt yes… lick my cunt”
“You want me to fuck your cunt and asshole with my tongue. You are a dirty mother. Aren’t you?”
“Yes I am a dirty mother. You made it pretty.”
“Oh please lick me like you did last night please…”
“Say it as dirty as you can”
“Lick me and eat my cunt son, suck my juices.”
I will eat your cunt, Amma, I said.
I got up and took a big ripe banana kept on the side table, peeled off the skin and inserted slowly into her wet juicy cunt.
Shiva, what are you doing?
I will eat banana from your juicy cunt. I wish I had honey now I would have poured honey into your cunt and sucked. Her excited pussy gushed juice at that statement, and she trembled in anticipation.

Shiva, you are full surprises, you are teaching me showing me all dirty kinky things, prompting and encouraging me to do unthinkable and encouraging me to talk dirty and filthy language. Surprisingly I am enjoying all these dirty things and filthy words..

Amma, you are enjoying all these dirty and filthy things and words because you are a filthy dirty slut and bitch.

I have been pious and orthodox house wife all these wasted years. You made me enjoy these filthy things and I have become a slut. Now you are eating my cunt.

I bent down, and started eating cunt juice coated banana from her cunt, slowly as she pushed it out. Cascading falls of melted honey flowed down the velvet sides of her pussy. I slurped all her cunt juice with loud noise.

Shiva, you are really eating my cunt. It is wonderful. I can
feed fruits stuffed in my cunt from now on wards.
Yes, Amma, I want to eat sweets and fruits stuffed and soaked in your cunt juice from your cunt. You can think of variety of fruits like cherries, grapes, plums, mango juice, and sweets like gulabjamoon, rasagulla, mysorepak, Kakinada kaja, to feed me from your cunt. I leave it to your imagination. I want to pour honey and lick your whole body. Now I will eat your juicy cunt.

I lay behind her and licked her open cunt from behind. I licked her cunt up to her asshole then inserted my tongue into her asshole. I licked inside her cunt with my whole face pressed into it. Her cunt was dripping juices as I sucked. She was quivering and humping my face with her cunt. I slipped up to her ass and wildly tongued her asshole probing it with the tip of my tongue. She did not expect my tongue in her ass hole. She shuddered.

Shiva, You are a dirty and filthy son licking my cunt and ass hole. Oh god, your tongue in my ass hole sending shivers throughout my body and its ecstatic. you are an ultimate bastard.

I picked Padma up and placed her on the bed. I pushed her knees up and wide open giving me full access to her bare cunt. I sat down between her spread thighs, leaned forward and looked at Padma’s exposed pussy. She had a very small landing strip right above her sweet cunt. The lips were wet with her juice. Her hard little bud was swollen and throbbing, and she was already so excited that she was raising her wet pussy trying to get me to kiss it. I blew lightly on her hot pussy, and she moaned in response. She licked her lips just as I began to lick her hard little clit. She squealed with delight as my tongue flicked across her sensitive bud, and she pulled my head deeper into her excited pussy. “God, yes” she moaned, as she arched her back, head tilted back, eyes closed. Her chest heaved and her breasts strained upward as she began fucking my face almost as fast almost as I could lick. “Oh God, you’re good, “She Panted! She was moaning and bucking wildly as I sucked on her clit. I slid two fingers into her tight hole again, and located her G-spot. As I began to slowly massage her spot, she went wild throwing her cunt at my face. “Oh Baby! That’s it. Yeah baby. You’re making me cum.”

I kept sucking and licking her clit and riding my fingers into her juicing cunt. Her ass was leaping off the bed as her climax built. She put both hands behind my head and began to fuck my face with her whole body.

“That’s it. Like that. Oh, yes. That feels so good. Now, suck hard! Suck me harder! Ohhhhhhhh!. suck all my juices” I could feel the whole tension in her body building. I ground her bud gently between my teeth and she exploded.

“UUUuuggggggghhhhhhh!” Her cunt thrusting at me as my face became soaked with her cum. I ate Padma to five quick orgasms each bigger than one before. When I stopped, she was breathless and dazed with her thighs spread wide and her cunt red and leaking. I stood up. My cock was rock hard and ready to go and pointed directly at her cunt. I grabbed the thick cock in my hand and placed the head inside the lips of her juice drenched pussy. My cock slowly pushed into her soaking wet cunt.. She felt it press against her wet pussy, and the huge tip spread her lips. As the head popped inside her, Padma’s breath almost stopped in fascination as the plum-sized head of my cock parted her labia and disappeared into her hot pussy. Her tight cunt squeezed around my thick cock and her inner muscles seemed to be trying to pull more of my cock inside.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned. “God, I want your cock all the way into me!”

I pushed into her nice and slow, feeding another inch into her pussy every couple of thrusts. She was amazed at the unending length of my cock. I met resistance at about eight inches. I rotated my hips and she felt the thick shaft brush her clitoris. She moaned again. I began to slow fuck her, my cock managing to penetrate another quarter of an inch with each thrust.

Padma’s head was spinning. “Oh my God, it’s so fucking good” she gasped. “Your monstrous big cock makes me so fucking wet.” She felt me filling her insides, invading her warm wet folds. I was going so deep, spreading her so wide. It was like I could break her in two with one thrust, fucking deep and filled her hungry cunt. My shaft was so thick; it rubbed against her clit with each stroke.

Her hands were gripping the hard muscles of my arms. She ground her pussy into me and let out a long anguished moan. “Your body was built for my big cock,” I said down at her. She was sweating and breathing heavy, but she looked like she was in heaven.

“I love your big monstrous cock. I want your big cock. Fuck me like a slut with your fat cock.”

Answering her request, I said, Amma, You are an ultimate slut, pulled back and slammed my fat prick deep into her vibrating cunt. As my entire cock entered her, Padma gave a little yelp as the powerful thrust triggered an orgasm. Her cunt squeezing my long, thick boner tight as Padma shuddered around my thrusting cock.

“Unggghhhhh.” she gasped as I thrust deep inside her gushing tight little cunt opening. She grunted in satisfaction as I felt her cunt grasping and pulling at my plunging cock. My massive cock was burying itself between her tightly stretched cunt lips with each stroke. My thick tool was cleaving her tight hole, as thick inch after thick inch drilled down the length of her spasming tunnel to the end of her cunt.

“Oh my god! Fuck, that feels good!” she groaned. Cunt juice started to ooze out of her hot hole as I drove my prick into her. Thick syrupy stuff enveloped my cock, coating it and her silky insides as my plunging shaft sunk into her cunt again and again. She pressed her clit upward against my thick cock as I sawed back and forth into her. She was on fire and groaning loudly as hot sexual energy flowed through her. She had no idea of what was coming her way.

I jammed my rod up inside her belly, luxuriating in her cunt’s tight squeezing action around my thick shaft, and the grip of her cunt lips around the base of my pole. My cock bored into her smoking cunt and bounced against her cervix, she struggled for breath as I crammed her full of thick muscled cock until she felt my big swinging balls pressing against her ass. I sighed in pleasure. I was in her to the hairs! We had just started fucking, and she was already Cumming. I was going to rip her apart.

I drew back, pulling the long, fat pole from her hot, silky depths, and then pushed forward again. My hands moved to her waist as I drove my dick in and out of her tight pussy. I was starting to pick up the pace, and she whimpered as my giant cock moved back and forth inside her. Padma could feel her body responding to my powerful thrusts. She felt awe as my immense organ pumped in and out of her astonished cunt. She could already feel another orgasm starting to build. She looked up at my face in the dim light of the room, and I wasn’t even sweating yet. Her rising passion made her feel dizzy. Her skin seemed to be burning up. She opened her mouth cried with desire as her body trembled and danced on the end of my powerful cock. She tilted her cunt to a different angle so she could take my long prick even deeper. With each lunging thrust, my cockhead bounced off her cervix building and building her excitement.

I was hammering my cock into her tight, hot hole as she groaned and moaned beneath me. Her body shook and thrashed in my grip, her sucking cunt trying milk the sperm out of my balls. Her cunt shook with spasms around the long prick moving in and out as a blur. She was close to another orgasm as my plunging prick tore into her.

“Take it, baby! Take my cock!” I gasped. My cock pushing in and out of her now drooling twat, her cunt syrup covered their crotches and dribbled down her thighs onto the table.

Ohhhh, goddddddd!” she groaned.
“Cum! Cum around my prick! Cum for me, you bitch!” I said, jamming my hips forward and skewering her with my cock. Her arms flailed, her back arched and her breasts swelled even more. She was right on the edge of another climax. She could feel it rising higher and higher to an impossible level. She felt like someone had taken her mind and flung it about like a doll. I slammed into her with fast, vicious strokes, my cock a trip hammer as it sliced in and out of her. Her breasts were bouncing, her ass was bucking, her eyes wild as she came with a mind shattering ecstatic intense climax that ripped up and down her spine.

“Uuunnnngggghhhhhhh!” she screamed at the top of her voice.”Aaaarrrrgggghhh! I’mcccooommmmmminnnggg!!” Her body went rigid and her cunt muscles clamped down hard around my fully impaled dick as she came. Her body convulsed, twitching and trembling as another orgasm ripped through her. Her cunt tightened around my prick, sucking like a voracious vacuum on my pole as I pumped inside her. I closed my eyes as I tried to fight against the incessant pull of her spamming twat. I gritted my teeth, holding still as I tried to push back my cum. I felt it so close, wanting to rise up and explode. Somehow, I managed to hang on and the urge passed.

I looked down at Padma. Her eyes were blurry, her body sapped and spent. My fat prick was like an immense log between her legs, splitting her box wide open. Her cum dripped from the union of our mating and ran down the crack of her ass. She was exhausted and drained. She closed her eyes and let the last of her powerful climax wash over her.

Letting her rest for only a few seconds, I pulled my wet slick cock from her pulsing pussy. Padma moaned at the loss. I gently pulled her to a standing position and had her lean against the wall. I nudged her legs apart and stepped in behind her.

“Are you going to fuck me again?” she asked in an astonished voice. She half-turned to see me staring at her ass, ogling her arse cheeks reverently. My hand slid over her buttocks, rubbing softly, relishing the smooth skin.

“Yes, I am going to give you more cock. That is what you need, Amma! You said you have become a nymphomaniac.” I whispered to her. I took my prick in my hand and positioned it at her tight cunt opening, then gently rubbed it up and down her dripping slit. She groaned slightly at the feeling of her hot pink folds against the head of my sensitive cock. My cock slipped inside and he sighed as he felt her hot, tight opening squeezing down on it. I pushed my hips forward and felt several inches of my cock slide into Padma’s cunt. She groaned and arched her back, twisting her ass from side to side as he fed inch after inch of thick cock meat into her tight, squeezing pussy. Again her cunt seemed to be sucking me deeper and deeper, pulling my cock into her insatiable hole. He was in her to the hairs again, my belly tight against her buttocks. I ground myself against her cunt, mashing her tender flesh as he tried to slide more cock into her.

“Oooooooooooooh.” she groaned.
I pulled back, and again slid my hard cock deep into her sodden depths once more, my fingers holding her hips as he began to fuck Padma with long strokes that took me all the way into her searing tunnel. He then pulled out until only the head of my weighty rod was left inside the slick lips of her cunt, then he pushed back in again. She gasped from the pressure as my thick cock filled her slot. Her cunt was a swamp of heat, sweat, and her cum. She could feel my cock throb and pulse as it slide into her lower belly. As the head of my great prick shot up into the deepest part of her womb, it forced her juices out through the tight seal of her cunt lips on my cock. Small rivulets of pussy juice dribbled out of her cunt and down her legs.

I worked my cock in and out of her in cunt with every increasing speed. Padma moaned and gritted her teeth against the slow waves of erotic sensations rolling through her body.

“Oh God,” she cried as my powerful hands moved to her bouncing breasts and cupped us. As I twisted her taut, stiffened nipples between my fingers and twisted us slowly, she felt her flesh burn with lust. She almost cried as she felt a bolt of fiery sexual excitement shoot into her belly from her stuffed cunt as my powerful spear slid the full length of her gushing fuck hole. My massive cock caressed her wet, silky insides as it relentlessly ploughed into her slit. My cock was wet with Padma’s cunt juices, and the union of her cunt and my cock were making wet noises as he slammed balls-deep in her cunt again and again.

“Ooooooooooooooo….!” Padma sobbed, her cunt screaming in delight. “Deeper, fuck me deeper! I need it deep in my cunt! Ohhh!” Her body shuddered and she arched her back, taking my cock deep into her. Her cunt was a steaming volcanic black hole that sought to pull in the world. He stabbed my pole into her with fierce energy as they fucked each other with raw abandon. She was building toward another huge climax. Her shaking, quivering hole was pulling and gripping at my ramming prick as I slid furiously back and forth in her dripping snatch. The sound of their fucking was audible as I slammed deep into her.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggh!” she cried as my cock ripped in and out of her cunt, her tits wildly bouncing with each thrust. “Uh, uh, uhnggh!” Her head lolled in circles and her moans came from deep in her chest. He pounded away furiously, driving her to another shattering cum, my hips slapping against her butt, my cock moving up and down her molten chute, and my balls slapping into her rigid clit and soaking cunt lips.

“Harder! Oh fuck my cunt!” My cock felt immense, enormous as he drilled into her. Her cunt gripping me tightly, and she was hot and felt very strange, with a kind of raw tingling that she’d never experienced.

“Aaahh! Oh God! Fuck me harder!” She felt my thick cock working back and forth, and felt her body responding. He was hitting her in places that no one had ever touched. She was dizzy with lust. She didn’t understand what was going on? Fuck juice flooded her tunnel. Her entire body quivered and shook as my pummelling cock punched deep into her belly.

“Oh yes! Oh god!” The hot glow spread upwards through her body. She felt like she was in an oven. She pushed herself back against my assault. Her hands clawed at the bed, her fiery cunt sliding up and down the length of my great prick. Suddenly she stiffened.

“Ungh. Ooooohhh…” A bomb had exploded in her belly. She came, an intense wave of sensual ecstasy flooding her body. She arched her back, her body bucking and jerking, her head lashing from side to side. I jammed my tool into her, embedded it in her satiny hot depths as her cunt shook and spammed around it.

“Uuuunnnnggghhhh! Uuuunnnggghhhhh!unggghhhhh!”

Padma was cumming continuously now. Tears of joy were running down her flushed cheeks, and still my cock pounded away at her overwhelmed cunt taking her to heights she never knew before. She dropped her head onto her crossed arms, causing her shapely ass to lift further into the air. She could feel my incredibly long, thick cock fuck into her and my big swinging balls bang against her stimulated engorged clit.

“Hard! Fuck me hard!” she cried as she tried to shove her hips backwards to capture more of my thick organ. “Cram your cock into me!! Make me cum!!!” I grabbed her tightly by the hips and shoved forward, burying my cock to the hilt in her steamy cunt. Padma felt the breath explode from her lungs as my gigantic tool spread the walls of her cunt. She could feel the muscles of her pussy clamping down as my cock slammed back and forth inside of her. I drove my cock into her like a jack-hammer. It seemed to hit new places inside of her cunt each time he shoved it into her, filling her up, and she lost count of the number of climaxes she was having, because they were coming so fast. She felt my weight on her back as my hands came around to grab her tits, squeezing us between my strong fingers, sending electricity shooting through her.

Underneath all the quick pounding of my thick cock, and the dripping juices of Padma’s climaxing cunt, she felt the onset of the biggest orgasm yet. She felt her stomach muscles winding tighter and tighter as my unceasing thrusting drove her to new levels of lust and pleasure. The air around us smelled of sex and creaming pussy, and a loud wet sucking sound as I fucked the living daylights out of her. Padma was crazed with lust as she shoved her hips back at me, rotating it in circles as she tried to capture more of my cock up her fluttering hole. I moved one of my hands off her swaying tits, across her quivering stomach toward her throbbing clit. The moment my finger slithered across her wet slick bud, her cunt and body reacted. She thrust her hips up back at me, squeezing all of my powerful cock into her stuff cunt. Her mouth opened wide in surprise as her body rocked in the most intensive climax so far.

“Yyyyeeeeesssss!” she screamed as the muscles of her pussy clamped down on my cock. She was going totally insane! Her body bucked and jerked beneath my as my cock plunged in and out of her quaking cunt. She could feel my massive nuts smashing against her buzzing clit each time he drove my cock into her. My hands were still busy on her tits and pussy and her body seemed to be one giant nerve ending that was sending a thousand different signals at once to her brain.

Padma was babbling now, not knowing or caring what she was saying. All that mattered was being fucked with my magnificent cock, making her experience feelings she had never thought possible. Over and over my cock ploughed into her, I was driving her absolutely wild with desire for more. As my cock sailed deep into her erupting pussy, I could feel the far off sensation of my own massive orgasm starting to build in my swinging balls. Pulling my hands out from under her, he gripped her hips and began to drive my cock into her with a new energy and power.

Ohhhhfuuuuuck!” she cried, her heart was pounding, her pussy was on fire, and her tits were rocking back and forth to the rhythm. I was merciless as he continued to fuck. My desire was overwhelming as I drove my penis into her with all my might like a wild animal. She grunted and groaned as sweat poured from me and dripped all over her heaving body. Her pussy was so tight! So incredibly hot! It gripped my cock like a vice! My hands had a death grip on her hips as he thrust up into her cunt over and over. ‘Slap… slap… slap… slap… slap…’ was the constant sound as my cock jack hammered in and out of her.

Cunt juice poured from her opening and ran down her legs; sweat flew everywhere each time he fucked into her. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” her moans were getting louder and louder as she felt yet another orgasm raise up inside her. How was it possible? She asked herself in some far off part of her sex shattered mind. How could he make her cum somuch? Her guts wound tighter and tighter with each thrust, until once more he jammed my long cock up her tight tunnel and against her battered cervix. Her mind exploded in a rush of sound and sensation that overpowered her, her body a ragdoll in my powerful hands.

“Oohhh my god!!!!” she cried out, cumming. “fuck me! Fuck me! Fffuuuuccckkkkmmmmmeeeeee!!!” She was yelling in ecstasy, Cumming violently around my pistoning cock. Her ass was jerking and bouncing as she worked it up and down at a feverish rate. Her face was contorted into a mask of lust and release as her climax thundered through her. Her tits were bouncing up and down in uncontrolled chaos as I nailed her again and again. Her pussy locked down around my driving cock. He could feel the white-hot fireball down inside my tightening balls growing hotter and hotter with each stroke. Her shuddering pussy walls clamped harder and pulled me down into the hot, clutching core of her spamming cunt.

“…can’t hold it…” I said through gritted teeth as he worked my cock in and out of her hot pussy. The velvet-lined sheath of her vagina clutched at me and he felt an electric jolt of pleasure rip through my cock making it lurch down deep inside her seething cunt. Both of us cried out as my hot cum gushed out, feeling as if it were searing her insides. She bucked up against me, as load after load of my hot boiling jizz flooded her insides.

“Take it! Take all my cum!” I yelled as I ground my hips against the cheeks of her ass, trying to push my cock even deeper into her hungry cunt. Huge, thick ropes of white-hot cum shot deep into her overflowing vagina. My cock continued to buck and squirt while her hot cunt sucked and pulled on the spewing giant, coaxing out more and more of my thick, hot cum. Padma shivered and shook under me as both their climaxes seemed to go on forever. At last, as the end of my cum spurted into her flooded hole, she collapsed and was exhausted. I stood behind her my still hard cock buried in her still clutching cunt, and my sweat-covered body cooling in the humid air.

We lay down on the bed and after taking rest in each other arms, Padma said, ‘Shiva you are a fucking machine. I have to leave now. By now my maids would have guessed that you are fucking me.’

I eagerly waited for the night.
Chapter 4

Madhu was from a middle class family, and her marriage happened because of her beauty. Her in-laws are rich, generous, and have social status. Her mother in law liked her. Her husband Mohan liked her when they came to see her before marriage. Her husband appeared to be a mild, soft and nice man. He could not fuck her, could not enter her and break her hymen. It angered her that despite knowing his erectile dysfunction problem he married her. Perhaps he thought that his ED problem is curable. She does not know. What he told her was that he was taking some ayurvedic medicines to overcome his ED problem. She could have waited as long as it requires with patience and hope. However, the news of her husband’s demise shattered her dreams about life. Though it was clear to her that she was no way responsible for his death, she felt guilty and in her mind, there is a lingering feeling that she failed as a woman and as a wife. But she did not know how she could have helped her late husband to fuck her. She was ready, willing and cooperative but he could not fuck her. Everyone was informed that her husband died due to an accident to keep the family honor.

She was relieved that her mother-in-law was sympathetic, did not blame her and talked to convince her about getting impregnated by Shiva at the earliest possible, so that family honor can be held up. Padma also told her Shiva agreed to impregnate her. Madhu was in a confused state. She was perturbed with so many conflicting thoughts of ethics, morals, religious beliefs, traditions, societal norms, future life, remarriage, personal dreams, desires, and feelings. It is almost certain that she does not have a choice. She has to get fucked by Shiva and get impregnated. She was in conflict and confusion. She could not share her thoughts with anyone else except her mother-in-law to talk about her turmoil and seek support.

Madhu wondered ‘whether Shiva likes her, if so since when?’ Did he agree to impregnate her because he has an opportunity to fuck a virgin widow. Did he like her when he saw her in the wedding as his friend’s bride? Her mother-in-law told her that Shiva likes her. She felt happy and thrilled to know that he liked her and desired her. He is a tall, handsome and confident man and any girl would be happy to be his wife. She has seen many girls and women flirting with him. Some of her friends showed interest and enquired about him. He was the most handsome hunk and eligible bachelor, girls and their mothers found during the marriage ceremony. She noticed that girls and women were attracted to him naturally. Few occasions she talked to him, he impressed her. His looks were penetrating and he even praised her beauty, saying that ‘Madhu, You are very beautiful and my friend is very lucky to have you.’ Contrary to her husband, Shiva is a strong masculine and confident man with sense of humor and charm. She was surprised how did her mother-in-law talked to him or even discussed with Shiva and made him agree to impregnate her. Does he know the real reason of her husband’s death? He must know. Her mother-in-law must have told him. She wondered whose idea it was, her mother-in-law’s or Shiva’s. She wondered whether it was his idea to impregnate her. If he impregnates her, it is obvious that the credit goes to her deceased husband. She is in fertile period and her mother-in-law is aware of it. What will happen is she cannot pregnant in the next few days. Will he continue to fuck until she is pregnant? She tried to imagine Shiva as her husband.

Imagining Shiva as her husband is a happy feeling. She is ready to be his wife, at least for few days, if not permanently. The thought of losing her virginity to such a handsome man is fascinating and now her mind and body is waiting with anticipation and excitement.

She decided to talk to her mother-in-law to find out answers to her questions and to sort out her feelings and seek reassurance. She came out of her room and walked towards her mother-in-law’s room to meet and talk to her.

Chapter 5

It was a night with clear pleasant soft moon light. I was waiting for Padma after dinner. The air filled with the aroma of Parijatha flowers (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis, Nightflowering Jasmine or coral Jasmine) from the garden was romantic and intoxicating. Padma came in a cream colored very thin transparent see through sari worn low hip very much below her navel showing off her deep navel, beautiful taut midriff, her thin waist expanded curvaceously to wide large round inverted pots like ass. The deep cut blouse exposed her voluminous heavy extra-large bouncing breasts in the front and low wide neck at the back. Since, she was not wearing a bra, her big bouncing breasts, big areolas and dark large nipples tantalizingly visible. Her thick long hair neatly arranged into a braid tied with color hair band just below her extra-large round hips and left loose until perfectly trimmed ends reaching mid thighs. The swinging braid was oscillating like pendulum rhythmically with provocative hip movement as she walks.

She brought a bottle of honey and kept it on the side table. Looking at her, my thought was she was beautiful, bold exciting, sexy, seductive and daring to dress so provocatively.

I said, Padma, you are a sexy and sizzling hot slut. If you go out in this attire, you will be definitely gang raped.

Shiva, I want to be your slut. I have dressed like this for you.

You are now looking like a slutty sexy erotic angel for me. The only thing missing is Jasmine flowers in the braid. I took her into my arms and said, I could have brought jasmine flowers for you dear.

Yeah, I know that my husband, but you will have to wait for some more time. I want to live with you as husband and wife at least for some time. Perhaps we will plan a honeymoon trip with Madhu and me soon.

Padma, it will be exciting honeymoon with two new wives.
Have you seen Madhu today? You will definitely like her. She is dressed in a long braid adorned with jasmine flowers. It is the tradition that a widow dresses up and wears sindhoor, bangles and mangalsutra like a normal ‘punyasthree’ as if her husband is alive, until thirteenth day ceremony.

I have seen her today and yes! I like to fuck her.

Did you fuck any virgin girl so far, Shiva. It seems you have had lot of experience fucking women. Do you only fuck mothers and not virgin girls?

Padma, I seduce women who lovingly and willingly offer themselves to me, wants me to fill and fulfill their insatiable desires. I make them happy and satisfied, with my love and fuck. I seduce only when woman is willing to be seduced. I do not bother about their marital status. However I do not do anything to jeopardize their social status and keep their secrets with me.

Padma, I liked you the moment I saw you and want to seduce you. However, who seduced who, yesterday, tell me who seduced whom?

Shiva, it was obviously you. You are an expert in seducing women and mothers and fucking them with love. No wonder, you seduced me instantly without much effort . You are a virile, handsome and irresistible man who can make any woman desire you, feel uncontrollable need to have you near them, surround them, hug them, and own them, as if they have been waiting for you to be owned by you and fucked by you all their life. You have the ability and charm to attract women and make them fall for you.

Padma darling, did you fall for me? Did I seduce you?

Shiva, yes I fell in love with you the first time you saw me and I was ready to be seduced and fucked by you. It did not happen. Today you seduced and fucked me, a grieving and mourning mother, crying and grieving for the loss of her newly married son leaving his wife as virgin. You consoled, provoked my carnal desires, incited, excited me sexually beyond control and made me shamelessly submit, surrender and invite you into my mind and your cock to enter me like shame less slut, wimping whore and like a bitch in heat. You wanted me from the moment you saw me, as you yourself admitted, and have been waiting for an opportunity to fuck me. Had I not submitted willingly, perhaps you would have entered me by force, raped me, force fucked me, and would have made me to submit to you. You are an amoral, incestuous and irresistible stud.

Amma, ‘There was no need to force fuck you, you were willing.’ ‘You are calling me incestuous?,’ I asked.

Shiva, you are certainly incestuous, the first time you saw me in my house, when you came to attend my son’s wedding, you looked at me as if you own me, despite the presence of so many people around us. You looked into my eyes as if only both of us were there in a secluded place. You looked at me, into my eyes, your eyes revealed compassion , empathy, love and desire for me as if you suddenly found your valuable properly after a long time. You made me feel that we have been close and intimate for a long time. Your voice commanded me, and you talked to me as a master. I felt happy that I finally met my dream man. I wanted you to woo me, to court me, to cajole me, to love me and I wanted you to have me. That is why subsequently whenever I talked to my son on phone, I always enquired about you. I even talked to you on phone, but of course, when my son was with you, I could not express myself except talking to you generally. But I am sure you understood my interest in you. I have been thinking of you always ever since you first saw me. Many a night you were in my dreams. In some of my dreams, you have raped me too.

It is wonderful, dear, me raping you when you were a young girl. How old are you when I raped you in your dreams, Padma?

I was eleven, just matured, she said, you were my brother, uncle, neighbor and sometimes a stranger.

That is nice to hear. You have to narrate your dreams in detail, later.

I should have fucked you the night I first met you. You were so irresistible. It is interesting to know that I fucked you in your dreams. In what circumstances did I rape and fuck you in your fantasies or dreams?

You fucked me when I was a young girl of eleven, just after puberty and you were my uncle. As a tradition, being uncle you presented me with a beautiful sari during the ceremony. You continued to fuck me afterwards even after my marriage to someone else. In some dreams, you were my elder brother or cousin fondling and kissing me from very young age. I always used to sit in your lap. In my dreams I was a young little girl and madly in love with you.

I wish you should have fucked me on my son’s wedding day that would have been the greatest scandal.

Padma, I would like to hear about your dreams and fantasies in detail. You are highly romantic, creative and imaginative woman having such erotic thoughts and dreams.

Yes. I want to share with you all my dreams and fantasies and you should make all of them true.

Amma, I was aware of your desire for me, when you talked to me on phone. I was constrained to express my love while talking to you because your son was always there with me. You have always been in my thoughts and I used to see your son’s wedding album many a time only to see your photos.

Shiva, I know that you certainly have incestuous feelings, calling me Amma. I could hear desire in your husky voice while I talked to you on phone. It was not a voice of a son’s love. Though you were saying Amma, your voice conveyed your love and desire for me. You called me Amma even while fucking yesterday, when you hugged me, encircling me, in an intimate embrace putting your hands on my head and stroking me lovingly, calling me Amma to console me, and at the same time thrusting your hard cock, pressing against me, a son do not press his hard cock against his Amma’s cunt.

Amma, you are so irresistible and my cock becomes hard the moment I see you. You arouse my carnal desires.

Shiva, I felt your hard cock, when you hugged me and my mind responded with love, my body responded with desire. You evoked, provoked, incited, and excited my body and mind to respond erotically and open up. My long dormant sexual desires surfaced and exploded, as if I have been a simmering volcanic mountain building up magma, waiting all these years for you to trigger. You provoked, initiated, instigated, triggered and ignited my mind and body, and my unsatisfied desires triggered, erupted, and poured out like hot lava. The moment you took me into your arms and embraced me, my dormant desires surfaced. I felt safe, loved, owned, and comfortable in your arms.

I smiled and said, please continue, I want to know your inner thoughts and feelings. You are revealing your inner self.

She said, I want to share with you what was in my mind deep inside. I want to share and confess my secret thoughts. You made me open my mind, my heart and soul. Never had I felt such an intense desire, that slow ache in the abdomen, blood surging as on a fast-moving swing.

I have never experienced so far in my life earlier such an invigorative, ineluctable, indomitable, inexorable, irresistible, intense, invincible, intoxicating, induced, sensuous, sensational, overwhelming, unbearable, uncontrollable, unique, unimaginable, unravelled, unrestrained and urgent psychological need, banal, carnal and physical desire to be fucked. I never felt such an intense urge with my inept husband even as a young newly married girl. You enthralled, evoked, incited, induced, invoked, provoked my dormant banal desires and excited me to a state that I could no longer wait for you to enter me, open me up, rip my cunt and explore my depths. You set my body and mind on fire. I want you inside me and I want to take all of you into me. I wanted to be fucked. I was like a bitch in heat. I could not wait.

I happily invited and received as your monstrous cock entered and opened my juice-drenched cunt. Your big monstrous hard long thick cock thrusting and opening my wet hungry cunt, filling my cunt deep to the bottom but still exploring, drilling further deep, widening, expanding, touching and caressing every minute corner inside my cunt and caressing my clitoris simultaneously making me experience and enjoy hitherto unknown ecstatic heavenly pleasure. I truly enjoyed being fucked by you. You are like a stallion.

I uninhibitedly and willingly submitted to you as if you own me, as if you are my God, and it was my duty to submit and surrender myself to you. I was like a musical instrument unused for a long time and kept in a corner gathered dust, you found it, dusted, cleaned, tuned, and started fondling the strings to make beautiful music. You fucked my mind and cunt simultaneously and thoroughly. Every pore in my body opened every corner in my mind and my soul opened up and experienced the bliss. You made me experience such a pleasure, which I never imagined, possible in fucking.

I lost self-identity and got enwrapped in inexplicable joy. The bliss of spiritual enlightenment and the pleasure of sensual gratification are akin and not very different.

Had we met in normal circumstances, perhaps I would have taken more time to allow you, to invite you, to submit myself to you and enter me. I would have enjoyed and waited for you to woo me, to court me and would have preferred to go through long romantic seduction, enjoying your chivalry before I accepted you into me. I even imagined and had dreams about such scenario, like a young girl, you following, teasing, requesting, and pleading for my attention and love. I never felt this way with any other man in my life so far except you. You walked in to my life suddenly at this age on the day of my son’s wedding and I could not give more time for myself to be with you, to give an opportunity for you to seduce me romantically. You wanted to fuck me, the first time you saw me. I knew it. I was waiting for you to make advances and seduce me, but there was no opportunity for us both. The first opportunity we got to be together today, you fucked me.

You called me Amma, while fucking me. Was it not? You are an incestuous mother-fucking son. Aren’t you? I being your friend’s mother did not deter you from having desire for me. Why, Shiva?

Yes Padma, Perhaps you are right. I am a mother fucking son. Both of us have incestuous feelings like every mother and son. I called you Amma because you wanted your son to fuck you. I would have courted you, seduced you and fucked you, even if you are not my friend’s mother, and if I had an opportunity to meet you in different circumstances. I love you Padma.

Padma, you are an irresistible sexy woman. You are very admirable, aphrodisiac and beautiful. The maturity has brought some peculiar glamour to your personality. I wish I was born and met you, when you were young virgin school going girl. I would have seduced you then. I saw all your photos in your son’s photo album. I saw your photos as a school-going girl with skirt, as a young girl wearing half sari and your hair arranged in two braids. You were looking sweet and sexy in those photos. I want to see you in that attire again.

Shiva, I am very happy to hear you saying so. You have seen my photos. I do not want to think that you made love to me out of pity, sympathy and had an opportunity to fuck to console me. I know that It is not pity but passion, not compassion but passion, not duty but desire, lust and love, not sympathy but sensuousness and sexuality, not empathy but eroticism, You could have consoled me in a normal way
without fucking me.

Padma, How I can I offer condolence and console you my beloved beauty, like any other person? I had to fuck you because you need to be fucked.

Padma, I was planning to come to your house along with your son during the ensuing holidays to see you, to be with you, to meet you and obviously to seduce you. Knowing that your son and his wife will be busy with each other and visiting his in-laws, you invited me. Your son asked me to go with him during the holidays obviously knowing that I want to fuck you. He obviously knows that you want to get fucked. I was happy and agreed so that I can seduce and fuck you.

You wanted to come to seduce only me? I saw your roving eyes looking at other women during the wedding ceremony. I felt jealous too.
Who did I look at?
Not one, but many. Especially, you were looking at my younger sister and mother too. Do you want to fuck them too? Do you want to fuck my mother too?
Yes. May be later if they are willing and opportunity arises to seduce them. But Fucking mother-in-law and sister-in-law is fantastic.

It is interesting to know that you want to fuck my mother. She is 54 now. She was married at the age of 14, I was born to her when she was 15.

Yes, I want to fuck your mother, younger sister and her daughters are desirable and sexy.
Yes I Know, On that night, whenever I was not around you also flirted with my mother and sister.
How did you know, Padma.
They told me, she said laughing, You asked my mother, ‘ Are you the eldest sister of Padma and Pushpa?
She was so much happy that she looked like my sister to you.
And you asked my sister Pushpa, ‘Are you the daughter of Padma?’
They both were obviously got attracted you and perhaps you could have fucked them on that night.
Oh! good Padma, You told me this, I did not know that they were so much interested. I shall take the opportunity in future.
Shiva, I was amused that you could attarct women like magnet.
Shiva, who else, you found desirable and fuckable during the
wedding ceremony. So many girls and women were flocking around you?
I wanted to fuck you only the first time I saw you.
Why did not you fuck me on that day?
I would have fucked you, had there been an opportunity to be with you alone.
You are so confident that you can seduce and fuck me in my home with your charm and manliness. Do you seduce and fuck every woman you like?

Padma, The answer is yes. For me to like a woman, she has to be very special and unique. Every woman has special beauty. It is difficult to explain, but when I see a woman, irrespective of their age I feel attracted because of some quality in them. It is difficult to explain. When I saw you first time, It was a feeling that You are my own. It is just not beauty and attraction. It was not just infatuation. It was love. It was a feeling that you belong to me. I want to possess you. I want to own you. I want to have you.

‘Padma, I admire you, adore you, care for you, devour you, eat you, enter you, envelop you, emancipate you, enjoy you, entertain you, enthrall you, engage you, excite you, experience you, feel you, fuck you, get you, humor you, incite you, involve you, love you, lust you, lick you, lap you, load you, mate you, occupy you, penetrate you, ravage you, suck you, tantalize you, tear you, and wake you.

Shiva, you are a romantic poet, so many feelings at the same time. You are great seducer of women with your words.

Shiva, how many women did you seduce so far?
Padma, do you want to know about my past experiences. I will tell you in due course later. I will reveal to you my inner self and secrets. Now you tell me your thoughts.

Shiva, ever since I was a girl, I always wanted a tall, confident, handsome, energetic, chivalrous, interesting, romantic man like you to have me, to enjoy my beauty, who can command me, and who can make my dreams come true. I do not want demean my husband but the man I married is soft, inept, incompetent, inadequate, insufficient and unromantic. He never excited me and never filled my cunt and enjoyed me. He never fucked me and satisfied my desire thoroughly. I am happy that finally, I met you, the man of my dreams and you like me.

Padma, you are a romantic beautiful sexy angelic adorable aphrodisiac woman worthy to be loved and fucked by a man like me.

Shiva, I wished to have a son who is like my dream man. It turned out perhaps he was like his father. I wish my son was a man like you in fucking, and deflowered and fucked his wife thoroughly. Since he did not fuck his wife, left and her as a virgin, I want you to fuck her and deflower her. I want to see your cock fucking her virgin cunt. I offer you my daughter in law.

Now I want you to own me, use me, abuse me, eat me, beat me, lick me, lap me, kick me, suck me, feel me, fuck me, rip me, knead me, command me, and do everything and anything you like. You are like Lord Shiva. You have a cock always ready, erect, and virile, like Shivalingam to fuck mothers. You are motherfucker.

Yes, Amma, and you are a beautiful desirable mother who has to be fucked hard. Every inch of your body exudes erotic sex. I fondled her breasts.

I kissed her belly softly, and traced my tongue down to her waist, moved back and forth between the edge of her pubic area and her belly button. Slowly I kissed her pussy upwards from her knees along the inside of her thighs. Brushed lightly across her pubic area and across to the other thigh, kissing downwards again to the other knee and teased her with my tongue when I got near the vagina, in the crook between the pussy and the thighs. I paused for a few seconds to take in the scent of her pussy. I ran my tongue slowly from the bottom of the vagina to the top repeatedly for few times. Parted her cunt lips, and then slowly teased my tongue around the opening of the vagina.

I used my thumbs to open her folds gently, poured, and filled honey into her cunt. I licked her cunt lips coated with honey, inserted my tongue into her cunt and licked. I lapped up all honey from her pubic area and around. Finally, I put my mouth against her cunt and slurped up all her cunt juice mixed with honey. I could feel her warmth radiate and it bewitched me. I went from gentle and predicable to erratic and rough in a moment.

“She grabbed fistfuls of my hair and shoved my face farther into her depths. I let my hands roam up to her breasts and grabbed hold. She groaned at my touch and bucked her hips slightly. Her continuing to scream my name only encouraged me more and I could not stop.

I slowly entered her with a finger, curiously massaging the inside of her walls and watching for those pleasure spots that got a big reaction. It was then that I noticed how flushed she was. Her chest, her face, all that smooth skin that I had caressed just minutes before, was brushed red and speckled with sweat. I loved seeing her like this.

“You look so fucking hot slut right now. You like what I’m doing, Amma?” I nearly growled as she bucked against my finger.

“Yes! Fuck, Shiva! Yes!” She squirmed and hissed. “It feels so good, baby.”

“You want more,” I teased.
She gasped. “Please Shiva! Make me cum, baby!”

There was no way I could refuse such a request. I started by inserting another finger. I fucked her slower this time, letting her feel every nerve explode with pleasure. Once she looked as though she had settled in to this movement, I curled my fingers. She nearly flew off the bed, moaning intensely sitting up and reaching for me. I used my free hand to push her back down, my hand resting in the valley of her breasts. “Relax, Padma. Enjoy the ride.”

She groaned and I could feel her heart pump surges of hormones through every inch of her. Her toes curled in to the bed beside my shoulders and she tried desperately to keep her legs open for me. It was a pure, primal pleasure she was experiencing.

I had saved the best for last. I began increasing the speed of my pumping fingers while I licked and kissed at her folds and mound. She was getting close and I could tell that this was going to be one hell of an orgasm. She opened her mouth and hinted at saying something, but was caught off guard when I took her clit into my mouth. I sucked and licked, all the while still speeding up the motions with my fingers.

Oh, Ma your cunt is delicious and tasty and your cunt juices are like honey, I said. I licked the inside of the labia, moving upwards to the hood above the clit. Her clit is swollen and peeked from the hood. I took the labia into my mouth, and sucked them gently. Moving my tongue from the bottom of the vagina to the base of the clit up and down, using the tip of the tongue to create a tingling, and teasing sensation. This will aroused her, and she lifted her hips into my face for more.

She pressed her clitoris against me, and said suck harder and faster. Licked and sucked the fold of skin around the clit, took it into my mouth and sucked and slurped while gently licking with my tongue. I parted the fold of skin to expose the tip of the clit. Licked it gently as she was pressing her cunt into may face, licked harder, and increased speed. I licked and sucked in a rhythm for a long time.

Oh, Ma your cunt is delicious and tasty and your cunt juices are like honey, I said. I licked the inside of the labia, moving upwards to the hood above the clit. Her clit is swollen and peeked from the hood. I took the labia into my mouth, and sucked them gently. Moving my tongue from the bottom of the vagina to the base of the clit up and down, using the tip of the tongue to create a tingling, and teasing sensation. This will aroused her, and she lifted her hips into my face for more.

“Shiva, yes!” she screamed loud. “I’m going to cum!”

I could feel all her muscles around me tighten. Her efforts gave way and she wrapped her thighs around my head. I did not really mind. I was pleased as punch knowing that I was putting her through this much pleasure. With a guttural groan she came. I had to stop and marvel at the release she was experiencing. I had never seen her, or anyone for that matter, cum so intensely like that. She clenched my fingers within her and I could feel reverberations along the arm that was resting up her stomach.

“Shiva?” her voice was soft and she was still recovering.
“Yes, Sweetie?” I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her in tight. I wanted her to feel every ounce of love I had for her.

“How did I taste?” I sensed a hint of apprehension in her voice.

“See for yourself.” I leaned in for a kiss, which was light and gentle at first, but she took it further and further. Her tongue explored my mouth, eager to find every morsel of her that was left. It was hot as hell.

Suck my lingam, your son’s cock, Amma.
Yeah, son, see how big it is, like Shiva lingam, like a Dhvaja sthabham standing tall and erect in front of Temple, big long thick magnificent and monstrous like the cock of Nandishvara. Your cock is so big and proud. She bent took my cock into her mouth, sucking, licking along the shaft to the know, nibbling my engorged big pink knob, licking the base and scrotum, my nerves electrified, blood flowing at jet speed to the cock. She continued sucking taking my cock fully in her mouth; I fucked her mouth deep throat.

She took my cock all the way in, trying her best to fit every inch in her mouth. I enjoyed the throat pussy I was getting from this hungry mother. She was bobbing her head up down all the while massaging my balls. She loved how salty his pre-cum tasted on her tongue and she couldn’t wait to taste his nut. She moved down to my balls into her mouth and made sure she paid the same amount of attention to them that she did on his massive cock. Holding my balls in her hands, she moved back to my cock and continued to suck all with her might.

Saying ‘Padma, You are a cock-sucking slut. You have become an expert cock sucker. If you continue sucking my cock, I may ejaculate into your mouth,’ I took my cock out of her mouth.

No, Shiva, I want my cunt to be filled with your seed. She got up, lay down on the bed spreading thighs wide open. I positioned myself on my knees, between her open thighs, lifted and placed her legs on both sides of my shoulders. I entered her juicy cunt all the way in completely and without mercy. Her cunt walls stretched and spread wider with every thrust as if it was a fitted glove. I pumped her with intensity making sure to knock the bottom out. She screamed and moaned like a mad woman as I rammed her like a mad man.

Padma made loud noise with pleasure, enjoying the brute force with which I am pounding her cunt. I took my cock off her cunt. She is wild and uninhibited during fucking, makes loud noise, her body responding to each of my stroke. Fuck me, Shiva, Fuck me hard, more and more, fuck harder and harder, rip my cunt, she was saying.

Amma, you are a slut and whore. Your arse is so beautiful and tempting, get up and bend on your knees. She obeyed, and bent her arse high up on the bed. I reentered her cunt to the hilt, took a pillow placed under her and asked her to raise her arse. My cock was deep in her cunt fucked her holding her braid with one hand.
Yes, Shiva I am your slut. You are my stud son. Fuck me dear son.
I took out my cock and stretched her ass hole, kissed and licked her ass hole.
Shiva, what are you doing?

Amma, I am licking your beautiful ass hole, I want to give you all the pleasures to you. You need to be fucked in all holes, I said, stretching her ass hole with my fingers, inserted my tongue into her ass hole and tongue fucked.

I brought coconut oil from the shelf, stretched her ass hole generously poured in her ass, inserted my finger in her ass hole massaged her ass. Her arse hole twitched, but as my two fingers going deep, her ass hole opened up. I reentered and fucked her cunt with my cock and asshole with my two fingers simultaneously. It was ecstatic and new experience for her. I wanted to fuck her arse hole, but she wanted to her cunt filled, seeded with my potent sperm for impregnation. so I fucked her cunt with my cock and her ass hole with my fingers.

She was making loud noises immensely enjoying uninhibitedly unimaginable unthinkable new experience, her cunt and ass being fucked simultaneously, groaning wildly with extreme pleasure. She squirted her cum all over and it ran down her legs to form a puddle on the floor. I gripped her hips and dug my fingers into her ass cheeks to hold on for dear life. It was like I had a diamond cut dick and she was so gone off how good it was dicking her down. I ejaculated all my hot loads of sperm filling her cunt. She lay down on the bed to let sink my seed in her cunt, mate and penetrate her eagerly waiting fertile egg.

Shiva, I am sure you impregnated me yesterday, but making sure every time you fill my cunt with your sperm that it reaches my egg. You are showing me all the new pleasures. I eagerly await what more tricks and techniques you have to fuck me.

Padma, I will fuck you in all poses. You are slut and whore and need to be fucked. And you need to be fucked by me.

Shiva, you also have to fuck my daughter-in-law Shiva tomorrow. I will prepare her and bring her to you. Shiva tomorrow night will be Shobhanam for you and Madhu. I convinced her. She may be apprehensive with past experience. Fuck her, deflower her and impregnate her. Show her what a man can do to her pussy. She should experience the ultimate joy and beg you for more. Make her your slave. You have ten days’ time to impregnate her.

Padma, where is your first husband? Had he seen you coming to me?

He went out after dinner. He knows that you are fucking me. He does not object. He is happy that I am being fucked by a stud like you. He loves me. He is happy, finally his loving wife is fucked by a young stud. He even asked me whether I am happy with you. He will be happy if I become pregnant. He also knows that You are fucking Madhu.

What would you do if your husband objects our fucking?
He cannot dare to object. If he objects, I will divorce him and become your mistress. He loves me so much that he wants you to fuck me thoroughly. He wants me to get fucked by you lover, You have his consent and approval. My son should have done this, offer his wife to you, she said.

Padma, It is so exciting to fuck you in your home while your husband and other relatives were there downstairs.

I wish to spend whole night with you and sleep in your arms, but I cannot do that to night. There are some people still around in the house. Let me go and take some rest. We will meet tomorrow during the day.
I said, do not leave now. Sleep with me.
I want to sleep with you lover.
Padma, you are looking so beautiful, I want to see your beautiful face in the morning, when I wake up. I lifted her in arms took her to the bed. We lay on the bed naked facing each other.
Padma, my sweet honey, yesterday you fed me breast milk. I want to suck your breast milk.
Shiva, wait for another nine months I will feed you. I am sure you made me pregnant.

We lay on the bed facing each other. I took her lovely breasts in my hands. Padma’s arms and hands were over her head as I devoured her nipples, biting and twisting them with my mouth. I entered her juicy pussy. My cock was still deep in her pussy but not moving as I sucked her tits.

ohhhhhhhhhhnhhhh! No! I am cummmmmmmming ohhhhhhhhhh baby this is so good I am going to cum again, I am fucking cummm mmmmmmmi ngohhhhhh hhhhhhfuck!” she screamed. She then brought her hands to the top of my head forcing me to suck her harder. She was climaxing from my sucking her tits. She then lifted her ass off the bed trying to get my cock to fuck her harder. “fuck me fuck me with your cock! Oh please please!” she screamed as I continued sucking and twisting both nipples and she lifted herself, arching her body, fucking herself on my cock as I kept my cock still in her pussy and she pushed herself up and down my hard shaft, trying to suck my cock into her. I could feel her getting hornier and hornier and when I sensed she was about to explode again, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and took my mouth off her nipples.

“Don’t stop! No! No! Oh no don’t stop!” she screamed, looking up at me desperately. “Fuck me you fucking bastard!” she yelled, and grabbed my ass trying to pull me into her.

I looked down at her, smiling into her eyes, how hungry and desperate she looked as she tried pulling me into her, but I was determined to tease and play with her until she could not stand it anymore.

‘Don’t do this to me! Just fuck me damn it! Fuck me!”

“You’re a fucking slut, aren’t you,” I said softly, looking into her eyes, my mouth just above hers.

“Yeah! I’m a slut!”she screamed. “fuck me. Fuck this slut! Fuck me!” she shouted desperately.

“Whose slut are you?” I asked, moving my mouth closer to her as I spoke, looking into her hungry eyes.

“I’m your slut! Yours all yours! Now fuck me. I cannot stand this you are driving me crazy you mother fucking bastard. Do not do this to me! I need your cock!”

I surprised her again by rolling on my back, pulling her on top. She straddled me and started rubbing her wet pussy along the length of my cock, moving back and forth with her slippery pussy and moaning as she slid up and down, slowly pressing her pussy lips harder against my cock and moaning, “Oh baby this feels so good. I love this. I could do this all night,” she said in a low husky whisper in my ear. “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm baby you feel so good, so good, mmmmmmmmmmm”

I loved how she was using my cock, pleasuring herself, sliding her pussy slowly up and down my rock hard cock. It was such a turn on.

“Use my cock, baby, play with yourself, use my cock like it’s your toy,” I said softly, my hands on her round ass, moving her back and forth on my cock. The sensation of her juicy pussy lips sliding up and down my cock was intense and I wanted it to last a long time for both of us.

She continued to slide her juicy pussy up and down my cock and then suddenly she pushed herself and sat straight up, her eyes closed as she swiveled her hips, grinding her pussy against my hard cock. I encouraged her to grind her way to number three. She then grabbed her tits and started rubbing them with both hands as she swiveled her hips on me, her eyes closed as she concentrated on her pleasure.

Watching her play with her tits and squirm and swivel on my cock as she sat up was the most erotic things I had ever seen. Her pussy felt so warm and wet on my cock and the sensation was getting me hotter and hotter.

She then lifted herself up, grabbed my hard cock, holding it firmly in her fist and started to press the tip of my cock against her clit, moaning, “mmmmmmmmmmmm!”
‘Yeah, use my cock,” I said to her, loving how her clit felt as she rubbed the tip of my sensitive cock.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh baby, baby, I love this I don’t want this to end,” she said, her eyes closed as she rubbed the tip of my cock harder against her clit, moving it around in a small circle, using my cock like it was her pleasure toy.

Watching her holding my cock in her hand, rubbing her clit with it, as she lifted herself off my body, her pussy dripping, her eyes closed was driving me crazy and it was all I could do not to just throw her on her back and fuck her as hard as I could. But I wanted this to last as long as possible. I wanted to fuck her so hard she would not know where she was. I wanted to fuck her senseless. I wanted to give her the fuck of her lifetime.

She was rubbing her clit harder and faster with the tip of my cock, her eyes closed and then suddenly she lifted herself higher then came down hard on my cock and screamed ‘Ohhhhhhhhfuck this is so good!” She then lifted herself up on her knees then came down harder, doing that again and again, harder and faster, riding my cock like she was galloping on a wild horse.

Ride me! Ride me!” I yelled. “Ride your stud!” I shouted my hands on her hips as I lifted her and brought her down, my cock going deep and hard into her dripping pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhh Baby! I love your monstrous cock!” she screamed as she fucked herself. She then slowed down and leaned forward, her tits just above my mouth as she rocked back and forth rubbing her clit and g-spot at the same time, my cock filling her pussy. She rocked back and forth faster and faster, rubbing harder and harder.

Her tight pussy felt so good and I did not know how much longer I would last. I had my hands gripping her round ass and suddenly I put a finger in her ass hole and felt her shudder and scream, “ohhhhhhhh god I can’t stand this! This is too much!” You are fucking my ass hole.

She continued rocking back and forth as my finger went in and out of her ass hole causing her to move faster and faster like she was racing to the finish line. Her moving back and forth grew more intense as she moved faster and harder on my cock, my finger moving in and out of her tight ass hole. Suddenly I felt her body tense. She started to quiver and shudder as the huge wave of her orgasm swept over and she let out a loud wail, screaming at the ceiling, “ohhhhh baby ohhhhhhhhhh god! I’m cummmmmmmmming!” She kept fucking me, her cum pouring all over my cock,shrieking “ohhhhhhhhh baby! I’m cummmmmmmming cummmmmmming! Ohhhhhy god! “She screamed, her body trembling and shaking violently as another huge wave swept over her.

Suddenly, I grabbed her just as her orgasm was ending and quickly flipped her on her back, spreading her legs wide apart, not giving her a chance to catch her breath. I got up on my knees, and started rubbing my hard cock up and down her pussy, looking down at her. Our eyes met and she knew she was going to get fucked hard. I then pushed her legs up to her chest so that her ass and pussy was completely open to me. I was above her and the angle let me fuck down into her pussy with all my power. I was crazy with lust and just wanted to fuck her as hard as I could.

“Okay baby, you’re mine now. I want your cunt!” I shouted as I reached back and then thrust my cock into her waiting pussy.

Come on! Fuck your slut!” she yelled as I plowed into her with all my strength. I pulled out and rammed my cock into her again and again and again, each thrust going faster and harder and deeper.

“Take my cock, you cock loving bitch!” i yelled. ‘Give me your cunt!”

I had never fucked anyone this hard and could not believe the words coming out of our filthy mouths as we fucked each other with complete wild abandon. We were both like savage fucking animals. I was her cock and she was my cunt both over flowing with raw lust.

My cock had never been so hard and I could feel cum boiling in my balls, my cock swelling and knew I was going to cum any minute as I fucked her like a jackhammer.

‘Drill me with your cock! Drill me! Drill me!” she screamed.

I was still determined to fuck her until she begged me to stop and though I was on the verge of exploding, I wanted to keep going. I do not know where I found the self-control but I suddenly pulled out of her, hearing her gasp and scream, oh No! No! Don’t stop!”

I sat up and leaned back on my calves, my hard cock straight up. I then surprised her by pulling her up to straddle my legs, facing me and got her to impale herself on my raging cock.

“Ohhhhhhhh baby this is so fucking hot!” she screamed as she lifted herself up and came down hard on my cock, her tits bouncing, her dark curly hair flailing all over the place. Our arms were around each other, my cock deep in her pussy as she went up and down and I rose up off my calves lifting her as we fucked each other with ferocious energy.

I could tell both of us were on the verge of cumming again as we fucked harder and faster.
“Ride me! Ride me!” I yelled. “Ohhhhhhhhh! Baby” I yelled, thrusting up ito her dripping pussy.

“Oh fuck i’m going to cum again,” she screamed, coming down hard on my cock and yelled at the ceiling, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhfuckohhhhhhh God!” Filled the room as another huge orgasm ripped through her. It took all of my strength and will power to keep from cummmmmmming.

Suddenly, I roughly pushed her off me. I grabbed her by the waist and quickly flipped her on her stomach, knowing she liked it rough. As I pulled her to her knees, she screamed, “no no, i can’t take anymore!” She quickly knew what I wanted and got up on her knees. “i can’t take anymore!”

“Oh, yeah!” I said. “Well, you’re going to get more. You’re going to beg me to stop, you slut!”

Suddenly, I had the urge to slap her ass, wondering how she would respond.
I slapped her hard and she winced and shouted, “OUCH!”
I slapped her again. “Take that, you little slut!” I yelled as I slapped her again.

“Ouch! Ouch!” she screamed. She then put her head down on the bed, smothering her cries into the mattress, her round ass getting redder as I slapped her. Her legs spread wide apart and I could see her dripping pussy open to me. I then grabbed my hard cock and started rubbing the tip of my cock up and down her pussy lips, loving the sensation on the tip of my cock. As I moved my cock up and down her pussy, she started to respond by wiggling her ass at me, tantalizing me as the tip of my cock entered and I moved it around just inside her juicy pussy. My slapping her ass got her turned on again and her ass wiggling made me realize she really was insatiable.

“You want more don’t you,” I laughed. “You are a insatiable slut mother!”

“Oh, yeah. Shiva, I want more. I am insatiable incestuous nymphomaniac slut mother. Do you think you can keep up with me, son?” she said

“We’ll see, won’t we!” I said, my hands gripping her hips.
The way she wiggled her ass, pushing back against my hard cock was getting both of more and more desperate as we teased each other. I wanted to keep teasing her but was losing control as the movement of her ass and pussy drove me crazy. She was pushing her ass back harder trying to force me cock into her pussy. She turned her head, looked me in the eyes, and shouted at me. “Fuck me! You bastard stop teasing me! Fuck me hard! Now! Do it! Do it!”

It was as if a dam had broken. I was so hot and horny I just had to pound her pussy, take her and use her. I felt so raunchy and lost all reason as I rammed my cock in her, holding her hips as I pounded her as hard as I could.

“Ohhhhhhhh yeah fuck me fuck me yeah that’s it harder harder fuck me harder Ohhhhhhhh baby baby harder harder fuck my pussy! Ohhhhhhhhh baby I love how you fuck me yeah yeah Ohhhhhhh baby Oohhhhh yeah Oohhhhhhhh fuck i’m cummmmming! I am cummmmmming! Keep fucking me keep fucking me hard harder and more,” she screamed as she moved forward and back against me, my cock deep in her dripping pussy.

Suddenly, I surprised her again and roughly threw her on her back , knowing I had more strength when she was on her back. I was already on the verge of exploding and rammed my hard cock deep into her pussy with a ferocious thrust. I pulled out and rammed my cock again and again screaming, “GIVE ME your cunt! Give me your cunt!”

She surprised me by putting her legs on my shoulders, lifting herself off the bed, arching her back, giving me complete access to her pussy. I pounded her back to the bed causing the bed to squeak and the headboard to bang against the wall.

Talk about rough, raunchy fucking – this was it – nothing could be wilder.

fuck me! fuck me!” i screamed.
“Give me your cock! cum in me my son! cum in me!” she shouted.

I’m cummmmmmmming” I yelled as I felt my cock swell and my orgasm building. I thrust harder and faster and suddenly, my cum erupted like hot lava from a volcano and gushed into her pussy as I screamed louder than I’ve ever screamed, “ohhhhhhohhhhh hhhhhhhhhhoh hhhh hhhhhhhh baby i’m ummmmmmmm mmmmmmmmng!”

“Oh fuck i’mcummmmmmmmng too! Oh fuck! Cum in me! I want all your cum!” she screamed.

I felt her whole body tremble and shake again as we climaxed together and then we both collapsed on the bed, my cock still buried deep in her pussy. We were panting and gasping as I lay on top of her, both of us unable to budge. We both lay there on the drenched sheets, our bodies wet with each other’s cum.

I then found the strength to lift my head and look at her. Our eyes met. We smiled.

I then rolled her on her side and got behind her as we spooned. My arms wrapped around her. I kissed her shoulder then moved her hair aside and kissed the back of her neck. We were both quiet, loving the warmth of our bodies.

“Do you believe in destiny?” she asked. “Do you think it was fate that we met like this?”
“It was destiny. It just happened.”
“Really? she said.
“Really, “I answered. “Everything in the universe planned. I am glad it happened.
“Me, too,” she said, turning her head towards me. Do you think that It is planned that I gain a lover and stud son immediately after I lost my inept son. You made it possible. You fucked me even before my son’s funeral.
Padma, Yeah, You could not wait till the funeral was over. You opened your cunt willingly.
How could I resist your cock lover? I have been waiting eversince our first meeting.
We kissed and smiled.
“Let’s get some sleep,” I said.
“Yes. Let’s,” she said.
“Yes, I think tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day,” I said.
She slept in my cuddle peacefully. After some time looking at her sleeping peacefully, I also slept.

Padma awoke to find him sleeping beside her. For a moment, she just lay there with him, listening to him breath slowly. Her hand reflexively reached for my chest, her fingers running through the forest of chest hair.

I awoke to her touch. I did not move, just lay there letting her hand explore him. I tilted her head slightly and looked at her face, occupied with following her fingers as they moved. I smiled. Her touch was so affectionate, so curious. She finally caught me staring at her and returned my smile.

As she leaned forward to kiss me, her hand’s exploration moved down my chest and over my belly to my cock. Her fingers wrapped around it softly and she started to move slowly up and down it growing length. As she continued to kiss me, her hand made me harder and longer. When she felt me at full erectness again, she moved her face away from my lips and kissed her way down my chest; stopping to kiss my nipples.

I felt her lips sliding down his chest and onto his belly. She was tender as her lips parted and her tongue circled his belly button, retracing the same path he had made on her earlier. I could see her look up at him; the smile in her eyes was obvious as she continued downward. Her hand raised my cock from my hips as she kissed its head. Her tongue licked a small circle around the head, licking my leaking juices off the tip. She could hear me moan as her lips parted. I could feel her lips slid over the head of my cock as she slid her mouth over it. I expected her to stop but she continued down my shaft until it was fully engulfed by her. I could feel her cheeks tighten around me, then release their tension. I tried to speak, to tell her how wonderful it all felt, but could not form any words.

Padma knew that I was enjoying what she was doing by the groaning sounds I was making. She moved her mouth slowly up and down on my cock, stopping when her lips were around that most sensitive area around the head to squeeze me tightly with her mouth. With each tightening of her lips, she could taste me leaking more into her mouth.

I was disappointed when her lips released me. I could feel her shift her body up the bed towards me. Her face drew close as she kissed his lips. I felt her pull her legs under her, then felt her slide one leg over my chest. She moved her hips up my chest until her pussy was directly in front of my face. She placed her hands on the wall and leaned forward. I knew what she wanted as she placed her moist lips on my mouth.

She felt my tongue licking her soft outer lips. Mys tongue was flat and it spread her lips open as she moved her hips along its length. She pressed her hips harder against me, finally finding her clit in contact with the roughness of my tongue. Her skin tingled as he used the tip of his tongue to lick the underside of her clit. I could taste her juices as their flow increased in response to his touch.

I felt her weight shift as she moved down his chest. I loved how she was leaned forward, causing her breasts to hang down in front of his face. As she paused, I reached up with his lips and took one of her dark, large, hard nipples into my mouth. He sucked it gently between his lips, nibbling lightly. She leaned forward briefly, accepting my kisses on her nipples, before straightening herself. She moved her body further down until she was sitting astride my hips; my cock pinned beneath her. Icould feel her pubic hairs along its length as she slid her pussy along it. Her own moisture made this motion easy and stimulating.

She knew what she wanted as she raised her hips and reached between them. Her hand firmly found my cock and held it upright. She moved her hips so her opening was above it and slowly lowered herself onto him. I expected her to move but, once I was totally inside her, she sat still and straight on me. My view was one of beauty, her body on display in front of him. She was beautiful sitting there, her hips tight against me. Her breasts were large, her nipples erect. I reached up to take them in my hands, massaging them as she moved her head back and closed her eyes.

I felt her hips rise as she started to move slowly up my cock. She released me completely, then immediately lowered herself wholly onto me again. Her motion was slow and deliberate. With every release, she would drop her weight and take me inside once again. I could see her lips forming small “o’s” every time I entered her anew.

She could feel her pleasure building and her body begging for release. My hands reached for her hips, not guiding her motion but holding her as she continued to ride my cock. She could feel my hips rising to meet her every downward motion. She looked into my eyes as her body tensed and her orgasm overwhelmed her. I could feel her muscles tighten around me and her juices flow over my cock. She could feel my hips rise to hold myself inside her. She could feel my cum hitting the top of her pussy as I released my thick hot sperm love inside of her cunt.

She moaned, “I’ve had entire life during which my husband hasn’t produced as much sperm as you just filled me in one orgasm! Precious!”

We both felt weak as our orgasms subsided. We felt cool due the sweat on our skin. She did not remove herself from me. She laid her body forward onto my chest; her breasts flattening between us. As my erection faded, I wrapped my arms around her; not wanting her to move. She said, Keep your cock inside me. I want to sleep with your cock inside me. Eventually, she slipped to my side still wrapped in my arms. We lay facing each other as we kissed gently and slept.

In the morning, Padma woke me up and offered freshly brewed coffee. She looked fresh, had a shower bath, towel wrapping her hair bun, offered me coffee like a traditional homemaker.

‘Padma, It is a pleasure to see you like a traditional wife in the morning.’ I said.

She said, ‘I am your traditional wife, You only make me talk obscene and filthy words, husband’

Both of us did not know that someone else followed her and was watching us from the moment Padma came to me. It was Madhu who watched and listened to us. Watching her mother-in-law and me cleared all her confusion, and she was ready. She went back to her room, and thinking and dreaming about Me. She was like newlywed bride ready for her first night.

Chapter 6

Madhusmitha is twenty years old, tall, lean, skinny fair girl with oily smooth, clear, unblemished and radiant glowing skin, beautiful round face, well defined thick eye brows, large innocent expressive eyes, full wide mouth, juicy thick lips. Her lower lip being thicker is very exciting and erotic. She has smooth neck, thin long smooth arms, and long artistic fingers. Her huge, large, voluminous firm round, mountainous breasts hung from lean chest and big nipples extend out of her slender lean frame made her brazenly top heavy. Her very narrow thin taut waist curvaceously spread onto wide bottom and big hemispherical protruding round hips. Her bewitchingly beautiful, tantalizing thick, long, soft, silky, jet-black, lustrous, smooth, shining, wavy, voluminous and uniformly thick hair reaches her hips. Her lean curvaceous body firm yet full at the bosom and wide hips and long legs are erotic. She has blemish less radiant and glowing smooth translucent skin. She is extremely curvy with everything being tight, toned, and feminine, with low body fat, low BMI, extremely narrow thin waist and wide hips. She has sweet, melodious sexy voice. She is admirable, adorable, alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, captivating, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enthralling, enticing, excellent, exquisite, exotic, fair, fabulous, fascinating, fetching, fine, foxy, glamorous, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, ideal, inviting, invoking, lovely, magnetic, magnificent, marvelous, mesmeric, nice, pleasing, pretty, pulchritudinous, radiant, ravishing, refined, resplendent, shapely, slightly, splendid statuesque, stunning, sublime, superb, symmetrical, taking, tantalizing, teasing, tempting, well-formed, winning, and wonderful. She is every inch an ebullient, exuberant,, sexy, sensuous, vivacious, girl glowing and exuding and oozing innocent charming feminine sexuality.

I saw Madhu first time, one day before her marriage. She is tall lean, with beautiful innocent face, large expressive innocent anxious eyes, wide mouth, thick full sensuous pouting juicy thick lips, jet-black long wavy very thick voluminous smooth hip length hair arranged into a bewitching thick braid decorated with jasmine flowers moving jauntily. Her braid looks heavy and thick on her slender frame. She has big round firm breasts, thin midriff, taunt waist, long legs and hourglass figure. She looks skinny, lean, delicate and fragile, yet gorgeously curvaceous. Her collarbones are visibly prominent making her more desirable. She has beautiful smile forming dimples on both sides of cheeks. She has beautiful mole just below her left collarbone that makes her sexier.

Padma explained and discussed with Madhu about her status of newlywed virgin widow and her plan to get her impregnated by Shiva to keep family honor. Madhu agreed.

It was a tradition that new widow has to be attired like punyasthri, and perform puja to her husband’s photo.

Padma asked the maids to bathe Madhu with rose water and shampoo her hair. Padma supervised and directed maids to comb Madhu’s hair and arrange the hair into braid, adorn the braid with jasmine malas. After maids left, Padma told Madhu that in the night she has to go Shiva’s room as bride for first night.

Padma: Madhu, don’t be afraid and cooperate, Shiva will impregnate you.
Madhu: I am afraid.
Padma: why? don’t you like him?
Madhu: I like him
Padma : why are you afraid of him
Madhu: I am not afraid of him. I am afraid of…. his thing. I saw you and him yesterday night.
Padma: Oh!…. It is good you saw us. He is big. You will enjoy his power. He will show you heaven. I will tell me him to be gentle. He knows how to handle a girl.

Padma brought her widowed virgin daughter-in-law, Madhusmitha, attired as a traditional bride for the first night (Shobhanam). Madhu draped a off white golden border silk sari attenuating her curves, hair arranged into a bewitchingly beautiful single thick braid adorned with jasmine flowers to my room with a glass of milk. It was the tradition that widowed wife wears kumkum on forehead and flowers in braid until all ceremonies performed on thirteenth day.

Padma said, ‘Shiva, here is your new wife, make her happy and pregnant soon. She is a virgin. Do not frighten her. She is ready for you and accepts you as her new husband. Make love to her. She smiled and whispered in my ear ‘Fuck her and show her what it is like being fucked by a real stud.’ She left the room.

Madhu stood there with a glass of milk in her hands. I brought her to the bed. She handed over the glass of milk. I drank half the glass and offered her touching the glass to her lips. She opened her mouth and drank the milk. I wiped traces of milk from her lips with my finger and tasted it. I looked at her, who is young, lean and curvaceous, beautiful and sexy. I traced my finger on her lips and said, Madhu, You are a beautiful girl and I want you to know that I like you very much.

Do you know the meaning of your name Madhu? It means honey. You are so sweet and I want to drink you.

She closed her eyes as I got closer, my lips connected with her jawbone instead, I made the most of it and trailed tiny butterfly kisses down her neck and to her collarbone. I went up again and gently traced her jaw with my tongue. She shivered; intense emotions running through her. Her breathing got shallower as I reached her ear and gently sucked her earlobe.

‘Come on. I’m not going to hurt you, it’s just a kiss. ‘I whispered seductively into her ear holding her hand above her head with one hand. I lowered the other one to her face and gently pulled her face to face me. She whimpered slightly but not from fear, she didn’t resist my persuasive fingers and thumb that gently caressed her chin. I skilfully closed the gap between us devouring her lips and stealing all her ability to think. Without giving a second thought to what she was doing she arched her body into mine and kissed back. She fitted perfectly.

I ran my tongue along her lower lip asking for entrance. She obliged and opened her mouth and met my tongue with hers. I let go of her trapped hands so mines could go other places and she brought her hands down, ran them over my chest and shoulders and finally let them settle around my neck. I pulled her closer.

Now it was my turn to be consumed by her, her scent, her taste. She tasted like Vanilla, innocence, promises to be kept, secrets to be told and passion to be awakened.

As her delicate hand left my neck and travelled tantalizingly upward into my hair, leaving tingling skid-marks wherever her fingers touched.

Madhu moaned against her mouth as she continued her walk of fire around my scalp, she took her hand away and brought it to my cheek where she left it. My hands wandered slowly around her back, making their way down, gently cupping her tight butt-cheeks. She moaned as I pressed myself against her, a streak of emotions running through her again. Gently breaking the kiss I looked at her, her cheeks were flushed and her lips swollen from kissing her eyes shone brightly with intense passion.

I led her to the bed, sitting next to her kissed her neck and shoulders, inhaled the aroma jasmine scent, and said You are sexy and exciting. I removed her sari pallu, and fondled her breasts. I unhooked her blouse and removed while she silently raised her hands to ease out. I removed her bra and touched her big round firm breasts and her nipples.

It was so nice to be there beside her, kissing her, fondling her breasts, sliding my hand between her legs to rub her sweet little bud and penetrate her a little with my fingers. As nervous as she was, she was very wet and excited. She passionately kissed me back. I got up and removed my lungi and shirt. My cock was already erect like a pole. I took her hands placed on my cock and said ‘Feel it’. She held my cock stroking and enjoying the sensations. Having my penis in her hand was so exciting.

Madhu: To say I was nervous about sex that night is a huge understatement. I was not only a virgin; I was a very sheltered, naïve virgin. I wasn’t completely sure how to even have sex. The whole, unknown process scared me to death. The bad experience with my late husband trying desperately and unsuccessfully to penetrate, break my hymen and enter me was always lingering.

The image of Shiva’s enormous thick cock was in a way surprised and excited me. It was huge compared to my husband’s cock. The thought of his enormous cock entering me sent shock waves through my body.

I saw his monstrous menacing gigantic cock fucking MIL and was astonished how happily Padma was able take all his cock and enjoying immensely. I was terrified, watching his cock going into Padma’s cunt fully. I could not help but compare Shiva’s monstrous cock with that of my ex-husband’s timid soft small lifeless cock. I wanted to have this cock and experience with Shiva. I wanted our bodies to meet. But, I was afraid of the unknown. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. I Knew his cock would hurt but I am ready to lose my virginity to this man.

Shiva: I already had a game plan to put her at ease and in the mood. I put my plan into action as I kissed and fondled her. I moved my kisses to her ears and neck. I had her quivering as I nibbled and sucked her earlobes, licked around the edges of her ears, and nibbled and kissed her neck. I moved a bit further down and lavished her cute breasts with kisses, nibbles, and licks. She was moaning softly and using her fingernails, on my back and butt. I continued to lick her erect nipples.

Madhu: He was so sweet and tender. He knew how I was feeling. He went so slowly, and did the things that would put me at ease. I started to feel my desire rise as he licked and nibbled my breasts, and kissed me all over the upper part of my body. I loved his warm lips on my naked body. I moaned and writhed under him.

Shiva: After several minutes of attention to her breasts, I made my final push down her stomach, past her pubic mound, and was soon facing her heavenly womanhood. Madhu had never heard of oral sex. She wondered what I was doing down there. She had a very puzzled look on her face.

Without any forewarning, I stuck out my tongue and glided it over her clit. She jumped and gasped. It scared me a little. I looked up at her wondering if she was upset. What I saw turned me on even more. She was simply looking down at me like a deer caught in the headlights, but with a look of “WOW!”

Madhu: His lips moved from my breasts down toward my vagina. I really knew nothing of oral sex, so I didn’t expect what came next. If I thought I’d jumped when he used his hands to touch me down there, I think I practically leaped when his tongue first connected with the warm flesh of my most private parts. I was so surprised that he had done that with his mouth!

Shiva: I lapped at her clit again. Again she gasped and jumped but this time she followed with a quiet little moan.
“You like that?” I asked.
“I think so?” she replied wondering as if she was supposed to.
“You want me to stop?” I asked.
“I don’t think so,” she replied with a sweet little smile forming on her lips.
“Does it feel good?” I asked.
“I think so,” she replied, “but we better make sure,” she purred.

Madhu: I was a little shocked. I trusted him, so I reluctantly let him continue. He tenderly licked me again, and I started to feel something powerful that I’d never felt.

Shiva: I slowly continued exploring her womanly folds with my tongue as she relaxed and enjoyed the sensations. She eventually showed her appreciation by reaching down with both hands and holding my head, pulling me in, pushing me away, and guiding me to the right spots. Her moans were heavenly music to my ears. Her taste was manna on my tongue. I licked, lapped, sucked, nibbled and kissed. Her sweet, wet vagina and clit were on fire and her juices were flowing. Her scent was intoxicating. I continued until she had an intense orgasm. I was lying on my stomach with my fully erect penis.

Madhu: As he continued the pleasure intensified. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. I don’t think it took me very long to have a very big orgasm. I was even more shocked at myself. He ate my cunt and sucked my cunt juices. It was so beautiful and wonderful.

Shiva: After her orgasm, I knew it was time for the big moment. I moved back up her body slowly, kissing and nibbling her body on my way, again spending a little extra time on her tasty breasts.
Are you ready?
I moved up so we were face to face and kissed my beautiful wife. She had a look of complete satisfaction on her face. “Uh oh,” I thought, “she may be done.” My aching member was throbbing and ready. I silently hoped she would answer the next question correctly.
“Are you ready?” I asked.
“I don’t know,” she replied. My heart sank a little.
“Well, let’s give this a shot,” I said. “I’ll move slowly. If it hurts, let me know and I’ll stop until you’re okay, and then I’ll try a little more.”
“Ok,” she replied apprehensively.
“Whew!” I thought.

She took my face in her hands, pulled me close to her, looked me in the eyes, kissed me with passion beyond description, and, with tears in her eyes, softly said, “Shiva, please, be gentle. I’m afraid.”

I could only look back into her moist eyes and smile. I kissed her back with the same passion and said, “I will, baby. I will.”

I placed the head of my penis at her vaginal opening as she placed her hands on my hips. I pushed the tip in. She gasped, pushed back on my hips, and told me to stop. I did. She relaxed and I pushed a little more in. She again gasped in pain pushing back on my hips. I stopped and waited. When she relaxed again, I pushed a little more in.

Madhu’s body tightened. The instinct to push him away from her was intense. The pain had been shocking to her. It ripped and burned her. She cried out as hot tears fell from her eyes. Her breathing was hard, but she knew that the pain would cease; she just had to wait. She flexed her fingers and slowly opened her eyes; the blue orbs glistened. She licked her lips. Her chest rose as she took another deep breath and shook her head yes. She hissed I, her Husband of only a few hours pulled my hard cock partially out of her. It was several minutes before Madhu completely relaxed and then after several more caressing strokes her body welcomed me. Her mind no longer focused on what had occurred, but was occurring.

As the tempo of my loving increased Madhu’s fingers moved over her warmed skin. She could feel the build-up of something special and she lifted her hips to claim it. It was there, just within reach and when I leaned down, my cock went deeper. I captured her nipple with my teeth. Madhu reached the point of no return. “Shiva” she cried as her body seemed to float and fall only to float again. The sheets of liquid silk cascaded down from her pussy and blanketed me with its warm honey. Her nails dug into me and Madhu whimpered for more.

With each push, she would gasp in pain, push my hips back and I would stop for a few moments, allowing her to relax so I could proceed. With each thrust and wave of pain, she would also tense her legs which were creating another barrier for me to push against.

Then something amazing happened. I pushed to a point that was very painful to her. She cried out in pain and asked me to stop. I held my position and waited. When the pain subsided, I tried to push again but I could not push any further. She again gasped in pain and asked me to stop. Again, I held my position and waited.

Three times she cried out in pain and asked me to stop. Three times I waited for her pain to subside before trying again to push past this spot. Three times, her pain denied my penetration.

“I don’t know if I can do this honey,” she said painfully. “Please stop.”

She began to try pushing me out and off of her. Her tears were breaking my heart. I didn’t want to hurt her but knew this was part of our consummation and it would have to happen at some point. It has to happen now.

“Madhu, baby,” I said holding my position inside her, “you knew this would be painful. We’re almost there, baby. Trust me. I’m being as gentle as I can. Can you trust me?”

She calmed down, stopped pushing me away, looked at me, smiled, and said, “Ok sweetie. I trust you,” she replied.

On the fourth push, just as she was beginning to show the “pain face” and began pushing back on my hips, I felt a small “pop” which I recognized as her hymen breaking. When her “cherry popped”, her pain melted away she let out a huge sigh of relief and enjoyment. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back as a wave of pleasure flowed from her vagina, washing her entire body in cleansing ecstasy. Her hands went from pushing my hips around to my butt and she started pulling me in.

I actually felt the blood of her broken hymen spread across my penis. It was an amazing sensation that I will never forget. My sweet, beautiful bride had just given me her most precious gift. I vowed to never break the trust she placed in me that night.

Madhu: It did hurt a little, but not like you might think. It was a feeling of pressure, then a little sting, and that was it. The pressure distracted me so much it was hard to get into the pleasurable feelings of it. After we got past the painful part, I’ll never forget how it felt to feel him inside me. It was a connection I had never even dreamed of. I loved feeling him on top of me, breathing his warm breath on me as he touched me and slid in and out of me. Experiencing it for the first time with my husband was the most precious thing. I felt so grateful that I had waited for him.

Shiva: With the pain in the past, and her pulling me closer, I was able to push my manhood all the way into her sweet, virgin wetness. She spread her legs wider and allowed me full access and penetration. She was so wonderfully tight, it was wonderfully difficult to pull out, and wonderfully difficult to slide back in. But I managed to back out slowly and then push myself back in to the deepest depths. With each stroke, I could feel the head of my penis touching her cervix. She was completely full as was I. We were becoming “one flesh”. With each outward motion and thrust back in, I could see the joy and fulfilment she was experiencing. It was right then I realized that this would be my life mission;

We started slow and steady. As we both began to relax and enjoy the sensations, we increased the pace and soon we were rocking the headboard against the wall. She had an orgasm which pushed me over the edge. I unloaded my seed into her soul and she accepted every drop.

We slowed the pace, kissed deeply and passionately, revelling in our new bond. We became “one flesh” and enjoyed the beautiful gift God had given us. Although I had just had an incredible orgasm, I remained hard and was able to continue.

Time slipped by with no meaning. We had nothing but love for each other. We had no worries, no cares, nothing but our naked bodies to worship and pleasure. We made love for a long while. Being on top, I could control the tempo while looking her in the eyes. She was the most beautiful virgin widow bride a man could ask for.

She sucked my kisses, spread her legs as wide as possible and pulled at my butt trying to increase the depth of my thrusts. My pelvis slammed against her clit with each inward thrust. We were moaning in pure orgasmic ecstasy. She had several orgasms and I had three before my penis went flaccid. We kissed and cuddled until we both fell into a deep, blissful sleep as we spooned each other. We slept for maybe an hour.

Madhu: I was lost in his manhood. He was so strong, so manly, and so big inside me. I shuddered and gasped as he slid his manhood in and out of me in long, sensuous, loving strokes. I felt so full, so complete. Shiva, the man of my dreams, was inside me, giving me pleasure I never imagined possible. I had another orgasm and as I did so, I felt Shiva’s muscles tighten and then felt a warm flow of his cum as it filled my virgin pussy. I couldn’t believe my intense feelings just became more intense as we both climaxed together.

I was in ecstasy. I was shaking and quivering with Shiva’s hard penis inside me. He didn’t stop after his orgasm. He continued sliding in and out of my insatiable pussy. I could feel his sperm leaking out and running down the crack of my bum. Fifteen minutes earlier and this would have grossed me out. At this point, it made me hotter and I wanted more. And I got more. Two more times Shiva came inside me, filling me up with his sperm.

He collapsed on me, panting and shaking. We were sweating and a total mess. I’ve never seen him more handsome than while lying on top of me, sweat was pouring out of his face and dripping on me, his throbbing penis losing its hardness and his sweet cum inside me. I knew this is the man would make me pregnant and I know I made the right choice.

After several minutes of catching our breath, kissing and groping, Shiva rolled off and cuddled up behind me. He rubbed my entire body and fondled my breasts.

I could feel his hardness in my butt crack. He was lightly humping me. I started rocking back, enjoying his hardness and the moans that were softly emanating from his mouth. He reached out and began stroking my back. He rolled over on top of me; I grabbed his shaft and guided it in to my hungry pussy. I wanted more of his manly cum in me and I was going to get it.

I was awakened by her soft moaning sounds and by the feeling of her bum rubbing against my now hard-again penis. She rolled on top of me and placed my love at her entrance, slipped my rock hard penis inside herself and eased herself down to engulf my entire shaft. We made sweet love again. I enjoyed her sitting on me. I held her hips giving me leverage to pull her down harder, rubbing her clit on my pelvic bone. She sat up giving me a view and access to her perfect breasts. I loved playing with them as she rode my hardness slowly, up and down, forward and back, grinding on my pelvis to stimulate her clit.

We made love slower and tender, without all the urgency of our first time. We took our time and enjoyed the sensations of making love as a beautiful married couple.

After we climaxed again, Madhu lay on top of me as I held her in my arms. Madhu was very happy that she is not a virgin anymore. She laid her head on my chest and we again fell into a deep, blissful sleep. This time, we slept the sleep of the contented. When we awakened in the morning, we made love and fucked again, and again. We loved. We explored. We cherished. We partook. We became one flesh; over and over again. There was blood on the white bed sheet. We fucked until wee hours and slept.

Chapter 7

When I woke up following morning, I found Madhu already left. Padma came to my room with coffee and saw the bloodstains on the bed sheet. She was happy to see the bloodstains, smiled and said, you fucked Madhu your new wife and deflowered her. I am happy that she is not a virgin now. I know she is also in fertile period. I am sure you will impregnate her in the next few days. It is going to be wonderful time – I and my daughter-in-law being pregnant soon. Is she a better fuck than me?

Padma, Madhu was eager, very cooperative and enthusiastic considering that she was a virgin. I cannot wait to have you both together.

Shiva, You are naughty and greedy and want to fuck both of us. You will have to wait for some more time for that awesome threesome. Though I am eager we will have to convince Madhu with your charm.

I will arrange your breakfast served in the room. She kissed me and to said, you will have to wait until afternoon for me my dear Stud hubby. I have so many things to do.

Padma, do you have more important things to do than being with your husband. Who will feed me breakfast and lunch dear?

she said, “I have beautiful young girls as housemaids. They will serve you. Do not show your magnificent cock to them. They will not be able to resist you. Do not eat them for breakfast. You can eat my cunt in the afternoon for dessert after lunch and left.

Two young beautiful housemaids came, to clean the room. They cleaned the floor scattered with jasmine flowers. They were looking at blood stained bed sheets and giggling, as if they knew the secret. They changed the bed sheets.

I had breakfast and lunch in the room served by beautiful young housemaids.

They said, the room I was staying was an exclusive room for Mohan when he was alive. You are now occupying his room means you have become son of the house. They recalled the happy moments they had with Mohan.

I was waiting for Padma. It seems she was busy until noon and came in the afternoon with a bowl of sweets. Padma was wearing an ethnic Venkatagiri thin green sari with pink and gold zari border and matching blouse without bra.

I hugged her, kissed her and took off all her clothes.
You are in hurry, hubby, she said.
Padma, Are you not in hurry.

She said, Yes, I am. Last night, while your busy fucking Madhu, I was only imagining you and I wanted to come to you. I restrained to come because It is important that you deflower and impregnate Madhu soonest possible during her fertile period.

I watched her large hung breasts as they bounced. I disrobed her. Her areolas were big and pink. I saw her lovely thick long hair braid, deep black eyes, glowing skin, pink nips and thick black pubic hair adorning her pussy.

She bent over to pick something up from the floor and I was privy to her glorious pussy lips, long and outsized, hanging down like thick wings of a butterfly. I imagined sucking on these for hours. By now, my cock was getting quite hard and putting wicked thoughts into my head.

Her glorious huge breasts swayed and jiggled with each move. I watched every nuance of her sensuousness that seemed to flow from every step – her full hips, the curve of her back, the bounce of her fine ass. This woman was all mine. I loved it! I felt a stirring in my loins that went deeper than the roots of my cock. This was a full body rush. The moment was a creation of wonder.

I embraced her from behind ass as she stood at the mirror. I kissed the luscious nape of her neck, caressing her thighs then her sweet ass cheeks. Her sexy humming stopped and a delightful squeal escaped her lusty lips. My hands moved slowly up her torso to knead her pendulous heavily hung breasts, something I know she loves. I moved to her large areolas and nipples, stroking them until they began to bunch and harden. Playfully, she slapped my hand.

Before things got too far, I told her I had to pee. As I turned to the toilet and pulled out my hardened cock, it took a bit for the stream to start flowing. When it did, I felt her behind me. She peeked over my shoulder, her hands on my butt cheeks.

“Stop or I’ll get too hard to finish,” I said laughingly.

Instead of stopping, she placed her left hand over mine as it held my cock. She ignored my plea and continued to grip my hand while I continued my business, watching with curious interest as my yellow stream gushedt. Her right hand stroked my right ass cheek.

Suddenly she bent opened her mouth, and I peed in her mouth.
“My, my honey, you got yourself a handful there, umm?” she murmured, pressing her head against my cock..
I nodded in agreement.
As I began to finish, she nudged her hand underneath mine and held my cock as I peed into her mouth.
“So this is how that rocket feels when you pee,” she said with a quiet, growling mew.

I could feel my cock respond in the grip of her touch, her fingernails painted bright red curling around my thick shaft. Her luscious breasts were pressing, her hardened nipples poking on my cock with turgid intent. She even pulled my foreskin back, shook my cock and queried, “All done?”

I turned my head and said in a throaty, sex-deepened voice, “Hardly.”

She led me to the bed by my rock hard cock and in a timeless choreography; she nudged me so I backed onto the bed. She quickly lay beside me and gazed at my cock wickedly, and then with both hands she grabbed my cock with one at the base of the long shaft and the other fondling my helmeted head. Shiva, “It takes my two hands to handle a whopper, your cock is as big as donkey’s” she said knowingly, then smiled and began her ministrations.

She used her left hand to hold the base of my shaft like a cock ring to keep me turgid. She used her right to explore the length of my shaft and the head with ever-increasing squeezes and strokes to the upper part of my hard length. This served to pump up my dick until veins along the shaft bulged and the head began to swell and redden like a ripened plum. My huge cock was fully erect turgid and rigid standing like pole.

Next, she licked the head, rimmed the crown with long, hard strokes with her stiff tongue and flicked at the Y junction that she knew would curl my toes instantly. She kept this up, now pumping and stroking my cock as she did to keep it long and hard. From time to time, she would reach with her hand splayed in passion and stroke the length of my thighs, feeling the hard muscles of my quads.

At this, she moaned and her ministrations quickened. She cupped my balls in her left hand as if to reassure her of the heft she knew was there, and then tugged on them the way I love – careful but not too. She reapplied herself to licking my cock shaft, even sucking on it sideways from the base upwards while licking at the same time! She spent time on each rivulet of vein, following one down and another up, seeming to draw them to the surface like tiny ropes.

She took my cock in her mouth, sucking the large head as her cheeks hollowed and she gazed deeply into my eyes. A smile worked its way around her full mouth and lips. Now, she took in half my cock, closed her eyes and headed with her lips to the base, stifling her gag reflex as my cock head touched the back of her throat.

Amma, you have become an expert cock sucker, I said holding her hair in my hands and thrusting my cock into her throat.

She eyed me with lustful abandonment then drew back, releasing my swollen hard cock from her mouth. “I am happy that you made me a cock sucker. I’m going to ride you my and fuck you my son, like a bitch in heat,” she said with a gleam in her eye.

“You are a slut and I love you. My thoughts exactly,” I said as she mounted astride me and guided my long thick dick to her hot wet pussy. “You know Amma, what I love.”

My son, We have wasted so many years. I want to make up for lost time, she said. She teased herself by rubbing her labia wings and clit with my now engorged head.

“She guided the full head inside herself, dropping onto the nicely thickened shaft. “Oh,” she exclaimed with a throaty cry as she felt me hit her cervix.

She settled and wriggled her bottom until she felt things were just right and my cock fully into her cunt. She used her hips in a gliding motion to fuck me in a steady, sensual rhythm, her huge breasts dangling above me – a temptation no man could resist!

Her dark pink cup-sized areolas and nipples hardened. I eased up and took each in my mouth in turn, giving oral supplication like a starving infant. At first, I suckled with both hands on a single breast to guide the nipple to its haven of warmth. My tongue next circled round and round each nipple, then licked each one back and forth, on and on. I used my hands to continue kneading her breasts, then to pull and squeeze her nipples.

Suddenly, she began to buck wildly in response to my ministrations. I urged her on.
“That’s right baby, you are a cock crazy slut, fuck me!”
Yes, I am your slut, she said.

This spurred her to even newer heights, and all the while I had remained still, letting her have this moment of glory on top, impaled on my swollen manhood, gliding and bucking us to sensational heights. Now, placing my hands on her ass, I began to thrust upward with my hips to begin my turn of fucking her from below.

As my strokes quickened, I began to suck and nibble each nipple in turn on each up stroke. As I tired slightly, I lay back and she took over once again with her nimble gliding fuck. Not as much traction, but it still kept the fires blazing. She arched her back, then reached behind with her left hand and felt for my cock and balls, leaning round so she was able to gather my large balls, tug, and pull.

“Love your balls baby, so full for me. Going to fill me with your gism?”
I grunted my assent.
Satisfied, she went back to her gliding fuck.
This spurred her to more gyrations on my cock, mixing the gliding motion with bucking up and down, finally settling back on her rhythm glide. All the time, her pendulous breasts were bouncing, flapping and slapping her torso – and each other on occasion when she really got going. As I looked at her I could see she was consumed by lust; her eyes were unfocused, her lips swollen, her face flushed.

Finally, as her breasts flashed furiously, she gathered one breast in the crook of her arm as she reached across and cupped the other, rolling her eyes at me as if to say it was a bit too much for her tender, sensitive breasts. I kissed the air at each of her breasts, then one directed at her lips. She just nodded breathlessly as our movements in unison continued. Her hair spread wide forming hallow around her face.

As I took my turn next, fucking her from beneath, I quickened the pace and rammed my cock even harder. This caused a chain reaction, she began to sense her cum, throwing back her head and opening her mouth as a stream of obscenities, and cries escaped her lips.

“Yes, fuck me you stud, oh, god yes… Harder, harder, fuck me harder with your dick… Oh, baby, your cock… Fuck, fuck yes, ohh, ahhh!” She squealed and screamed as her eyes rolled back in her head.

I kept up a finishing stroke rhythm and slowed to a stop as she came on top of me. She collapsed down on me while I made sure to stay inside her firmly pressed against her pubis as even now gentle shudders rolled through her body. I rolled over until I was now on top, never pulling out.

I kissed her all over; covering her like a stallion covers and mounts a mare. We rested for but a moment and then, like a phoenix rising, I began a slow fucking pace, in and out, in and out, making sure to stroke the full length of my cock.

“You didn’t come?” she cried, pleasantly surprised to feel my cock still moving inside her.

She murmured soft at first, urging me on repeatedly. I just kept fucking her, now determined to fuck her as long as I could without stopping. She soon was back into it as my length was drenched in her womanly cum when my curved cock had done its job by hitting her G spot with my swollen cock head.

“Oh god, you’re so thick, You are a stallion, so big, yes… Fuck me – hard, make me cum again and again,” she rambled in her horny ecstasy.

Now as I stroked her, on every third or fourth stroke I would ream her hard and fast. I bent down and sucked on her nipples, then licked round and round the nipple as before and flicked hard with my tongue. She wiggled underneath me in response. I kept fucking her hard, alternating the rhythm and the angle of my strokes to hit her pussy and clit all over. She had a series of mini orgasms, giving us both ever-deepening satisfactions.

I continued fucking her harder, deeper and faster until I was in that super phase of blurred action. Soon I could feel my balls tighten and my ass muscles grip and my thrusts went into overdrive as I began to come hard and long. I groaned with the effort. “Ahhhhhhhh!” I bellowed in a conquering voice as I filled her with a load of cum, spurt, after spurt. Steadily, I kept fucking, stroking and milking us both for every second of delicious aftermath. I pulled out and a small river of love juices drizzled out of her pussy.

Without hesitation, I scooted back until my face could reach her pussy and I could gaze at her lovely, swollen pussy lips. I had always loved the extra-large folds of her labia that draped around her pussy, and now I pulled them out to their majestic fullness, like big butterfly wings. I twirled them between my thumb and fingers and watched as her back arched and she thrust her pussy forward.

Then I licked them – sucked on them into my mouth like tiny ball sacs, drawing them into my mouth with building frenzy, tasting her gushed love juices and my own gism as they became one.
She let out a sudden groan.
“Ohhhh, baby!”

She bucked against my tongue in a mock fucking motion and so I fucked her greedily with my hardened tongue until she came again in shudders that rippled down her body, moaning sounds that were sweet as honey in the throes of her final coming. I had lost count of the number of orgasms she had enjoyed, and felt a rush of something like a wave of emotion rising from within me, knowing the pleasure I had given her.

I crawled up to her mouth and kissed her, returning the tastes of our love juices to her lips. She could only smile and groan as we kissed passionately, our lovemaking over for now.
I whispered to her as I held her close.
“I love you Amma, you goddess of lust.”
For just a second, a smile flickered across her countenance, as if for once she would take the compliment into her heart. She smiled and playfully slapped my shoulder.

‘Goddess of Lust and Amma, You are calling me.’
Shiva, Wow. I have become addicted to your monstrous cock. I think about it all the time. Every time I can physically get a part of my body on your cock, it is there. Omnipresent and omnipotent like Shivalingam. You have become my God. I worship your cock. I love to rub it over different body parts-my neck, my face, breasts, butt, and stomach, any part of me and not just your cock but your balls too. I love to put them in my mouth, kiss, and suck, massage them and rub them on my face and neck. It turns me on so much that I soak the bed you sleep on your back. I want to sleep between your legs with my face on your cock and using your cock as a pacifier or I fall asleep with it in my hand way. I want to wake up with my legs stuck together from my juices and my pelvic region pulsing. I want your cock in my cunt always. I cannot stop thinking about it always. Shiva, take me with you. Marry me; Keep me with you as your mistress, as your servant maid, as your dasi. I am your slave. I do not care what society thinks about me. I want to be with you. I cannot live without you. You have spoiled me with your love and fuck.

Shiva, my lover, ‘Emotionally, I felt like a whore “What everyone think of me? Already my maids know that You are fucking me. “I’m a whore. I’m a whore…. I am your personal whore and slave. Let the whole world know it. I do not bother.” She murmured repeatedly. I hugged her.‘
“No you aren’t…” I said softly.
What am I?, she asked

Amma you are mine, you are not a whore. You are a goddess. Sexy lust goddess. you are born to be mine. You are like my mother. Only that I was not born to you in this janma.
You said, I am Parvathi, Shiva’s mother and wife.

Why were you not born to me as my son in this janma?
Padma, I was born to my mother because she desired me more. She is the reincarnation of Goddess Parvathidevi on this earth.

Shiva, you said that Parvathi Devi was the mother of Lord Shiva. Where did you read that?

My mother told me. Adiparashkthi created Saraswathi for Brahma, Lakshmi for Vishnu and she gave birth to Shiva, the Mahalinga from. She herself became Parvathi to be the wife of Shiva. Shiva has very large cock to fuck and give pleasure to his mother Parvathi Devi.

You are so knowledgeable about Puranas and epics. When did you study and learn?

I studied from my childhood and learnt from my mother, who is a Scholar and Teacher. She read many Puranas, Upanishads and Vedas too in Sanskrit.

Shiva, I want to meet your mother, when you will take me.
Very soon, I said.
Shiva, Tell me honestly, Is your mother Parvathi to you?
Padma, My mother Bharathi Devi is the reincarnation of Goddess Parvathi Devi on this earth in this life.
Shiva, I asked you whether your mother is your Parvathi Devi.
Padma, Yes. She is the Goddess Parvathi Devi and she gave birth to me, her Shiva. In Puranas Parvathi devi gave birth to Shiva so that he can fuck her.
Yes. She cannot marry me due to societal norms of present day society.
Shiva, do you fuck her?
I said, Yes.
It is quite interesting and surprising. You are a mother fucking son. Now I understand you, your capability of loving me as mother and fucking me.
What am I to you, Shiva,
Padma, you are one of the avatar and manifestation of Parvathi Devi or You are Ganga devi.
Oh! Shiva, I am eager to see your mother. I think, I will have to learn so many things from you.
You have to fuck my daughter-in-law and impregnate her in the next ten days.
I said, I have plans to have you both together.
She said, ‘you are a shameless family stud. You want to have both of us, together.’
Yes, Padma, it would be exciting for all of us.
Oh! Shiva, You come up with lots of interesting exotic ideas, How about Madhu, We will have to make her accept.
Padma, I will and she will be happy. She will do whatever I want her to do.
I know that, you are the master. You can make any woman your slave.

Padma, Sex by itself is not impure, evil or dirty. It is a beautiful form of self-expression, which opens the door to transcendence through one’s body. It is the context in which sex is seen that makes it a subject of moral bias. Cut off from all socially sanctioned definitions, sex emerges as just another activity that is essential for the procreation of life and for the development of a strong bond of intimacy between lovers. We live in a day and age where it has become very important for us to dispel the myths that surround sex and try to see it for the true physical and spiritual significance it has.

Shiva, you are talking about spiritual sex.

Yes, pure sex is spiritual. Lord Shiva and Parvathi have shown the way for spiritual sex. Legend has it that Shiva and Parvathi were as physical in their relationship as they were intellectually inclined to one another. They would disappear for years and spend time with one another exclusively. In one of the Puranic description about Shiva we learn that on a certain occasion Shiva and Parvathi were so engrossed in having sex with each other that they remained hidden from everybody for over thousand years and at the height of their sexual prowess, fucking, their passion shook the mountains to the utter embarrassment of other Gods and Deities.

Shiva, do you really think and believe so? Shiva and Parvathi were fucking for thousands of years.
Yes. Padma.
Shiva, Can I ask you a question? You have to give me honest reply.
Ask me anything. I will tell you the truth.
Do you really fuck your Amma, your own mother?
I said ‘Yes’
Oh! Shiva, Now my respect for you and your mother has only increased. She must be the luckiest mother on the earth.

Since how many years you have been fucking your mother, Shiva.

Since childhood, I do not remember exactly since when. Ever since my cock became erect and hard, I have been fucking mother. She was sucking my cock ever since I have been a child, especially while she was bathing me and also in the night.

Oh, Shiva, There is no surprise that you have so much experience in fucking. You are a great artist in fucking adorned with your long thick monstrous cock. Your mother has trained you well since childhood to become a fucker.
Padma, it is true. My mother is my Teacher.

Shiva, who else do you fuck.
My grandmother Parvathi Devi, mother’s elder sister Rajeswhari Devi and her two daughters and some other women.
Oh! God, you fucked the whole family. Whom did you fuck outside the family?
Some more…You want to hear the whole story now?, Padma.
Did you impregnate your mother?
Yes I did, we have our love child, a boy.
Do you have son? How old is he?
The boy died due to high viral fever at six months. After that my mother used to breast feed me for many years.
Interesting and I am jealous, Padma said. Does your father know that you are fucking your own mother?
He knows, but he cannot do anything. He silently approves and encourage. He cannot satisfy my mother. He keeps silent.
Oh! That is fantastic to know.
My mother dominates him.
Because he cannot fuck and satisfy her, he has to accept. He is a cuckold. He is happy that her wife gets fucked well. I was born to my mother’s father-in-law. He is my real father. You mean your mother’s father-in-law fucked her and made pregnant.

Yes. Padma, The truth was that her husband could not fuck her. My mother Bharathi devi was married at the age of 17, and her husband could not fuck her. He went away to study B.Ed., leaving his virgin wife with his widowed father, Rayudu. My grandmother Parvathi Devi came to see her daughter. Rayudu fucked her. Parvathidevi came to know that her daughter was still a virgin. Parvathi Devi suggested and encouraged her daughter to copulate with her able potent virile father-in-law. Parvathi devi arranged their first night, dressing up her daughter like a bride. Rayudu was very happy to fuck his daughter-in-law, Bharathi Devi and impregnated her. I was born to him. Bharathi Devi’s husband was not impotent but has ED problem. My mother Bharathidevi for all practical purposes lived with her father-in-law as her main husband, her actual husband as a secondary husband. She fucked both of them. Rayudu also fucked my grandmother Parvathi Devi.

Bharathi’s husband knew that his father was fucking Bharathi and felt happy.

It is astounding to know that your mother Bharathi Devi was fucked by three generations – her father-in-law, husband and her own son fucked her. She must be really a daring woman. She is a great woman like Kunthi and Draupadi.

Yes, Padma, she is. You are like her. My mother has knee length hair. My mother trained me to be her hairdresser since childhood. I oil and massage her body, bathe, comb and dry hair.

My grandmother Parvathidevi, maternal aunty – her elder sister Rajesvaridevi, her two daughters- Krishnaveni and Neelaveni also has knee length hair. I fuck all of them.

My mother says, ‘If I were Rama I would have fucked Kousalya, Sumithra and Kaikeyi. If I were Krishna I would have fucked Yashoda, Devaki, Kunthi, Draupadi and Subhadra and her daughter Sashirekha. She also says Kunthi must have fucked all her five sons. Draupadi must have got fucked by all five husbands. Draupadi desired Krishna, Karna and Abhimanyu as per Epics.

Oh! You fucked three generations of women in your family. You like longhaired women. My mother and sister also have long thick hair. Do you want to fuck them too.
Padma, I am interested to fuck them.

Shiva, We will definitely explore the possibility. I know they are eager and willing to get fucked by you. I promise you to arrange fucking my mother and sister too. You are a family stud.

You are Lord Srikrishna with Shiva’s lingam. You want to fuck every woman. You must have inherited the genes from your biological father and mother.
It is true Padma, Mother says that too. She says my cock is bigger than her father-in-law’s is.
You have special cock, you are born to fuck, Shiva.
While you are fucking what does your father do?
He sleeps in other room, as your husband is doing now.

Shiva, Lover boy, Save your energies for tonight. You will be fucking my daughter-in-law Madhu tonight and impregnate, she said.

I will send Tea and biscuits for you. Do not show your monstrous cock and fuck my young beautiful maids. She kissed me, and said, you have a perpetually hard cock, and left the room. Save your energies for Madhu tonight.

Chapter 9

In the night Madhu came to my room, led by Padma. Madhu and Padma bathed, hair washed, shampooed and dried, combed and arranged into a beautiful braid adorned with Jasmine flower malas. Both of them wore thin light color chiffon sari with small green border and green blouse. They were looking like sexy sin sisters. They came into the room sat down on the bed. I was amused and thrilled that I will be having threesome.

Padma said, I know what you are thinking lover. Tonight You will have Madhu only, because I want you to impregnate her soonest possible. Padma kissed me and said, ‘Make my daughter-in-law pregnant,’ she added, if she is exhausted I am available for you tonight.

Padma, why don’t you stay, we will have fun.
We will have fun later, Shiva, she left the room leaving Madhu and me.

Madhu said, ‘Shiva My mother-in-law said, you are her son and you are my husband. Are you more interested to fuck mother than your wife?’

Madhu, Padma is my lover. you are jealous already. I am amused in one night you have become a jealous wife to me.
‘Shiva, You are a mother fucking son. I am not jealous, I want to have all of you for me.’

Ok. Madhu “It’s time to make love now,” Shiva softly whispered. As he looked deep into Madhu’s shining, expectant eyes, Shiva saw the absolute and complete surrender of a girl who wanted not just to be fucked, but consumed and even sexually enslaved!

Shiva eased Madhu’s trunk down to the edge of the bed. His long thick cock was just wildly jerking and throbbing with anticipation. Her heart was thudding. He was about to enter her. Shiva positioned himself at the edge of the bed and gently spread her legs. Her vagina was just glistening with sexual juices! In fact, there was a huge, spreading wet spot on the sheets even though she had been lying in that place for less than a minute! What a hot, wanton bitch Madhu had become!

Shiva placed his hands on her hips and effortlessly pulled her down a little closer to the edge of the mattress. As he did so, Madhu began to spread her legs even wider. Soon she was actually doing the splits! God! She was so ready to take Shiva’s massive monstrous long thick huge shaft deep into the innermost regions of her body! And yet her readiness was entirely the product of trust in him because, truth be told, she still didn’t see how that stallion-sized cock could possibly entered her cunt yesterday! This was clearly a matter of faith!

Shiva laid his immense, vein-latticed shaft on her pubic mound. Then, almost as if sizing her up for the next stage in their lovemaking, Shiva thrust his hips forward. Madhu raised herself up on her elbows to see what he was doing. She was shocked to see that the baseball-sized head of his massive monstrous long thick cock had come to rest some two or three inches above her navel! Good God in Heaven! What was she in for?

In response, Madhu flopped back onto the bed and spread her legs even wider. There was simply no way a cock any cock, let alone a cock as thick as her arm could possibly reach a point that deep inside her body. But no matter, she wanted him, she needed him, and she just had to have him. She wanted to be fucked by him.

She was too overcome with passion and anticipation even to speak words of assent. Spreading her legs almost to the breaking point was the only way she knew to tell Shiva that she was totally his to do with just as he pleased!

Shiva leveraged the base of his horse-like shaft with both of his hands and guided its giant tip up to Madhu’s swollen pussy lips. He rubbed the enormous head up and down the entire length of her sopping, accepting wet juicy cunt lips. When it was glistening wet, he slowly eased it up against the slit between her cunt lips and began to apply a gentle probing pressure.

Soon, because Madhu was so open and so ready, the fist-sized head began to disappear into the mouth of her pussy. No sooner had the head fully entered her vaginal canal than Madhu began shaking and shuddering with a truly powerful cum – the strongest of the night, and thus the strongest of her life.

Madhu looked up and locked eyes with Shiva, her new husband as termed by her mother-in-law. His dark smoldering gaze was reassuring; she could relax. He was going all the way in! And it was OK!

By now, four inches or so of cock had entered her pussy. Madhu was up on her elbows watching in utter fascination and amazement as the giant tool pressed on and on and on. Four inches was not all that deep, of course; however, the incredible girth of Shiva’s horse-sized shaft was utterly reaming out her pussy. Her nerve endings were feeling a massive pressure they had never known before. Her cunt was stretched and spread. In response, Madhu began convulsing once again with her umpteenth cum of the evening.

God! As more and more inches of cock worked their way down her cunt, Madhu felt as if she were starting to split in two! By now, the gorgeous blonde guessed that about ten inches of Shiva’s fat shaft had disappeared into her vagina. That meant, though, that there were still lots of inches yet to go. Shiva was so patient, so thoughtful of her fears, so mindful of the tightness of her pussy, as he carefully eased his mule-like love tube deeper and deeper into the far reaches of her body. What a lover he was!

Suddenly, Madhu cried out in both pleasure and pain as she felt Shiva’s gigantic cock head bump up against her cervix. What now?

Shiva implicitly answered that question by moving against that barrier with short, gentle probes. She could feel her cervix, already more open than ever before in her life = begin to dilate even more. Then all of a sudden – Shiva was in! His giant cock head had passed though her cervix and entered her uterus! God! The pulsating mass of man meat had actually begun to invade her womb! That had certainly never happened to Madhu before! She wasn’t even aware that it could happen to a girl! But feeling was believing!

Shiva began pumping a bit harder as he pushed his final four inches of cock inside Madhu’s womb. By now, he was carefully working his cock head deeper and deeper into the far reaches of her body. It was as if he had entered a second vagina!

Still, with a cock this long, Shiva had to thread the needle between Madhu’s internal organs as he stretched out her uterus and squeezed that organ into an unnatural position between its fellow organs. His cock head, after all, was destined to come to rest somewhere just below his lover’s breastbone! Fucking with a member the size of Shiva’s meant that his cock was going to go where cocks were not designed to go! He had to be both gentle and careful as a result!

Still up on her elbows, Madhu looked on with equal parts awe, astonishment, and relief as she saw the last couple of inches of Shiva’s horse-like cock finally and completely disappear inside her body. It was all the way in! She could feel its head somewhere above her stomach! Amazing!

They then looked up at each other and actually grinned in relief. Madhu suddenly realized that Shiva was as relieved as she that the huge shaft actually made it utterly and completely all the way in. What a con artist he was! She was willing to bet that on many occasions his log of a cock would not fit at all or perhaps only halfway. But no matter, it sure was in now — as far in as it physically could go! And Madhu knew she was in for more of the most thrilling sex of her life.
“I told you it would fit,” Shiva teased.

“That’s yesterday’s news,” Madhu retorted with a giggle. “Now, precious, show me what you can do with that thing once it’s inside me like this!”

Madhu’s entire trunk felt completely filled up with cock as she lay back onto the bed and closed her eyes in ecstasy. Shiva slowly withdrew his rock-hard prick back out of Madhu’s body; he stopped just as the tip of his baseball-sized cock head began to appear at the mouth of her cunt lips. With his cock head half in her pussy and half out, Shiva once again surged back down his lover’s fuck canal.

This time, though, there was a whole lot less resistance. The unbelievably gorgeous girl’s cunt was getting seriously stretched out to accommodate its gigantic visitor. Madhu moaned in absolute rapture as the giant love snake again buried itself in the very depths of her womb.

Shiva remained motionless for a moment but then began to move his hips in little circles. This increased the pressure of his fantastically rigid shaft against the soaked, slimy walls of Madhu’s cunt.

Both when it was still and especially when it was being wiggled, Shiva’s cock was putting enormous pressure on nerves deep down in Madhu’s pussy that had never before been visited by male meat. What’s more, even those nerves at the upper six to eight inches or so of her cunt that had been tickled by favored boyfriends had never been mashed or squashed like this! Even the biggest of those cocks, after all, had come well short of even half the girth of Shiva’s massive tool. This was sex in an entirely different dimension!

Shiva eased himself almost all the way back out of Madhu’s scum-slick pussy again and, with a bit more force, thrust his giant sex tube back down into her womb. The delicious yet almost painful pleasure of feeling Shiva’s massive cock head pass though her cervix once again made Madhu cry out with indescribable joy. It also started another fantastically strong orgasm that made her shudder with ecstasy for nearly five minutes!

She could tell that Shiva was getting seriously excited. He had thrown his head back and was moaning at nearly the top of his lungs. She thought she could sense that Shiva’s titanic dick = harder than rock when he had entered her – was -actually getting even more stiff and swollen with each stroke.

As Madhu’s convulsing pussy got increasingly more stretched out on account of these repeated probes down into her womb, Shiva started pumping his lover with greater speed and force. He was now fucking her in earnest. The fact she had been seized by an almost unending orgasm since his cock head first passed through her pussy lips told Shiva that the gorgeous buxom blonde was ready for some really up-tempo loving.

Accordingly, Shiva grabbed Madhu’s ankles and lifted her legs high in the air. The giant-cocked lover was looking for a straighter shot at his sweetheart’s cervix and uterus. With her vaginal canal at a perfect angle, Shiva was able to pound his cock down the soaked channel at a faster and faster pace. Each stroke, it should be noted, was a long-cocked stroke. That is, Shiva was nearly withdrawing on each upstroke before ramming his super-stiff amalgam of flesh and gristle back into the very center of his lover’s body. It took a lot of leaning back and good balance, but Shiva was a true sexual acrobat – it was no problem!

Before long, Shiva’s pelvic bone was just smashing into Madhu’s clitoris on each stroke; he was fucking her so very strenuously that, as he continued to pound away at her snatch, each thrust made her body shake as if she had colliding with a moving vehicle!

Both lovers were just uncontrollably grunting and groaning as their lovemaking increased in intensity. Shiva was pounding more and more wildly with each stroke. His muscles were rippling in response to this ecstatic exertion, and entire body just glistened with rivers of sweat that helped to define his heavily muscled frame. What a build the guy had! Madhu marveled at how incredibly toned and buffed Shiva’s body was, how his washboard-flat stomach slowly moved in rhythm with his slim, shapely hips.

Shiva had fully thrown his head back in almost overpowering sexual ecstasy. The randy fellow was totally overcome with passion. On account of the mind-boggling size of his long thick gigantic monstrous cock, every cunt was tight. But even after their pre-coital workout, Madhu was still super tight in even absolute terms. As a result, the pressure of her hot but narrow cunt walls was making his cock skin feel like it was on fire! Yet she was so wet, so lubricated, that Shiva was able to roar down her cunt at nearly breakneck speed. As a result, each fuck stroke was producing the near equivalent of a mini-orgasm. He was so hot, and Madhu was so sexy!

The way in which Madhu’s big tits were bouncing and quivering to the command of her lover’s fuck stroke was ratcheting Shiva’s sexual excitement up to even higher and higher levels. Clearly, this could not go on much longer! A shattering climax was just around the corner!

For her part, Madhu was using her vaginal muscles to suck at and clamp onto her lover’s speeding cock. The feelings being created by Shiva’s massive cock as it sped in and out of her entire reproductive tract were like nothing she had ever felt before in her life. Madhu had not only never felt sexual pleasure like this but in fact did not even know it was there to be had!

Shiva had now begun to incorporate some side to side gyrations into his straight-ahead sex thrusts. In response, Madhu had started to buck wildly beneath him. God! The incredible knockout felt as if she was impaled on his massive tool. How great it was!

Madhu began to run her hands along Shiva’s sweat-coated chest and shoulders, and then back down to his hips. After caressing his hot flesh in this fashion, Madhu slid a hand under his testicles. God! They were beyond the size of billiard balls! She caressed them and felt them go tight against his body. She knew this guy had only a few more strokes left in him before he wildly began spewing jism all over her womb. She wanted to help him get there.

In response to Madhu’s caresses, Shiva had reached down to fondle and grope her melon-sized tits. At the same time, he maintained the steady methodical rhythm that Madhu knew was bringing her lover to completion. The sensation of having her breasts squeezed and mauled while Shiva fucked away at her convulsing pussy was more than Madhu could take. Yet another huge cum overtook her body. Wave after wave of delicious tension and shuddering passion rippled through her body from head to foot and then from foot to head.

Madhu was simply overwhelmed by the intensity of this cum. She screamed and convulsed wildly as the walls of her cunt contracted tightly against Shiva’s enormous, ever-thrusting cock. Another flood of sex juice just gushed out of her pussy and onto the bed; the orgasm was so long and intense that Madhu thought she might faint.

The effect for Shiva was to lubricate his sweetheart’s slimy cunt to an even greater degree. It was just astonishingly slick and slippery! As a result he was able to slam his enormous shaft down her tight love canal with even greater force and speed. One measure of Madhu’s extreme wetness was the fact that Shiva’s plunging shaft was making extremely loud sucking noises as it slammed in and out of his sweetheart’s drenched, heavily leaking pussy.

Madhu could tell that Shiva was on the brink. His eyes bore a mindless glaze that evidenced the fact that his cum was only seconds away. In response, the luscious blonde contracted her pussy even more strongly around her lover’s plunging sex snake.

Madhu pushed her body up by her elbows, threw her arms around his neck, and sucked Shiva’s fat lower lip into her mouth. She was soon passionately licking and tonguing that sexy wedge of flesh. She then released the lip and drove her tongue deep in her lover’s mouth and wildly frenched her still-fornicating lover. Then, after withdrawing her tongue, she bit Shiva softly on his chin and started to lick his jaw and cheek like the friendliest but most passionate of puppies. Shiva was, of course, wildly fucking away while getting kissed and tongued by Madhu; he did not miss a stroke!

This extra stimulus took Shiva over the top. He felt his cock, already the consistency of stone, begin to swell and harden to an even greater degree. The throbbing shaft was now harder than granite. Shiva began to convulse as unbelievably powerful waves of orgasm washed over him. He let out a series of loud moans as uncontrollable shaking and shuddering totally commandeered his body. “Oh, baby! This is so fucking strong!” he screamed.

“Ugh … Ugh! … God! … Oh! … Narghh!” Shiva was not sure if he had ever had so strong a orgasm in his life! The thrills and shudders just coursed through every fiber of his being. “Uh! Uh! Ugh!” he shouted.

Then, some fifteen seconds into the cum, Shiva felt an incredibly urgent blast of cum just rocket out of his cock slit. It happened on a down stroke so that Shiva found himself just hosing down the slimy, contracting walls of Madhu’s womb with hot jets of sticky sperm. The cum was so strong that he could sense Madhu’s shock at its force and volume. The hot spunk was blasting against Madhu’s uterine walls like hot pellets of molten iron!

Yet the ejaculation would not stop. It went on and on and on as if the sex-stunned fellow was determined to fill up his lover’s entire uterus with warm spunk! If Shiva had been counting, he would have guessed that this single ejection of jism had lasted three or four strokes up and down his lover’s pussy.

By now, the cum was nearly a minute long and showed no sign of weakening. Every single inch of Madhu’s reproductive tract was just splattered with Shiva’s loving gift of hot semen. At the same time, long ropes of the gray, gelatinous glob were gushing out of her pussy. Simultaneously, though, her lover kept replacing this outflow with a fresh supply of hot, sticky sex cream!

And the cum went on and on! Shiva was still grunting and shuddering and showering sticky love seed upon her some two minutes after his orgasm had begun. He knew that this was by far the longest and most intense cum. And why not? He was fucking the most beautiful and built girl he had ever met!

Finally, at about the 150-second mark, Shiva’s thrills had subsided and little more than drips and drabs of spunk were slurping out of his cock hole. Madhu was nearly floating in a puddle of nut butter! It felt wonderful!

As Shiva slowing pulled his softening mega-member out of Madhu’s fantastically stretched-out pussy, she put a hand on Shiva’s cheek and looked up into his eyes with utter awe and devotion.

“Oh, baby, baby, baby that was. oh, golly! it was!” Madhu was too undone to even utter a simple declarative sentence! “I did not know that it was even possible” For a second time, Madhu tried but failed to vocalize her overwhelming emotions.

Instead, the sweethearts drew together and began a tender and loving post-coital French kiss. Their mouths were absolutely wide-open, and their tongues wildly dueled for a few moments until the lovers switched to sucking and licking their erotically fat lips. As they licked and sucked and kissed, Madhu had gone back to fondling her lover’s horse-sized cock. She simply could not get enough of it. And Shiva? He was fondling and stroking Madhu’s generous tits. Each lover had his hands working on what for him really mattered the most!

“Really?” “And so you saw some big bulges in my dress .. The lovers were soon once again deep kissing and groping their remarkable bodies. Shiva was paying particular attention to Madhu’s melon-sized tits. They were so great!

I think you love my breasts best of all, honey,” Madhu announced. Then the beautiful girl got a knowing. and the rest is history … right?”

“Not right,” Shiva broke in. “Everything about you is what caught my eye. Actually, it was your innocent face initially … you’re so innocent and beautiful! I’ve just never, never seen a face as drop-dead gorgeous as yours! It’s just so stunning! But, yes, I do love your breasts … they’re so big and firm … they’re the biggest ones I’ve ever seen on a lean girl like you. I also like your long bewitchingly and tantalizingly thick beautiful hair”

“Really. I have observed that you were looking at my breasts during the Wedding Ceremony and Reception despite the fact I was your friend’s wife.

Did you notice my looks?
Yes. I have also seen you and my mother-in-law publicly and shamelessly flirting with each other.
“My breasts are big but not that big. Not as big as my mother-law’s.”
“Well,” Shiva chuckled, “I’ve seen bigger and larger breasts but on matured women.
Madhu laughed. “If you only knew,” she exclaimed.
“Knew what?” Shiva demanded a tone of definite interest in his voice.”

It was my breasts that your friend liked most, because they reminded him of his mother’s big breasts. He sucked my breasts for a very long time the first three nights like a baby, but he could not fuck me. His cock was flaccid. He could not get it up.

Madhu It was not your fault. You are sexy. He could not fuck you because of his ED problem. Do you think that his ED problem was permanent and incurable.

I do not know exactly. But he must have obviously thought so to take such a drastic decision.

“Thanks again handsome for understanding” Madhu replied, reaching down to give Shiva’s massive hunk of meat a couple more slow jerks.

“You look fabulous, Shiva moaned. His left hand had migrated to Madhu’s pussy and his four fingers were busily pluming in and out of her once-again dripping pussy.”

Madhu’s ceaseless attention to Shiva’s shlong had achieved its intended effect; he was again as stiff as aboard.

“Do I look more fabulous than Padma, your so called Amma? Madhu smiled, “I want to get you truly stiff. I saw my mother-in-law sucking your cock. I don’t know how much of this baseball bat of yours I can get in my mouth but I’m sure going to try. Baby! You’re so huge! And that’s so exciting!” and I will try to suck your cock better than her.

Madhu leaned down and started to lick the huge cock head that crowned her lover’s unbelievably gigantic shaft. As she licked and rained soft kisses on its satiny surface, gobs of pre-cum began to slurp out of its slit. “Hmmm!” Madhu moaned, “it’s so great to see you get so excited!”

Madhu licked up the sexual scum as fast as it leaked out of Shiva’s cock hole. “Wow!” she exclaimed, “It’s so salty and delicious! I just love it!”

By now Shiva was moaning almost helplessly. These sounds only got louder as Madhu started to take as much of Shiva’s swollen cock into her mouth as she was physically able to manage. It was a huge amount in absolute volume but only a very small percentage of the cock flesh that was actually lewdly jutting out of Shiva’s groin! Still, as he looked on in lustful appreciation, he could tell that Madhu’s mouth was open to nearly the breaking point. Lots of women, he knew, simply couldn’t open their mouths wide enough to get any of his cock inside their mouths. This woman was different!

Shiva felt a warm tingle run the entire length of his super-stiff, nine-inch erection as Madhu’s full, wet lips wrapped around the head of his cock! She was not able to take in much more than his cock head … but what a job she was doing on that part of his genitalia!

Because of the extreme size of his penis, A lot of women had been unable to take in even his entire cock head … or even any of it. Madhu had certainly passed that test; at this point, her mouth was an inch or two below the bulge of the apple-sized head of his shaft. Shiva was frankly amazed that the buxom young girl could take even that much cock in her mouth.

Shiva going crazy as he felt Madhu’s big, meaty, collagen-swollen lips draw on his nearly fossilized sex tube. God! The way her tongue was whipping all around its crown! In response, Shiva began pumping his hips in a frenzied attempt to fuck her stunningly beautiful face! If this kept up, there was a powerful blast of jism in Madhu’s future … her very near future!

Madhu kept right at it, and in fact sunk her mouth even lower on his throbbing cock. As her head dipped still lower, Shiva could feel the entire inside of her mouth working on his shaft! It was being massaged by the inside of her cheeks, the roof of her mouth, and especially by the flat of the entire length of her tongue as it slipped and slid along the crown of his dick. All the while, her big full lips were pressing, pulling, and wrapping all around his slippery cock head! This girl could suck a cock!

As Madhu’s hot mouth slurped up and down on the jerking head of Shiva’s dick, serious streams of drool began pouring out of her mouth and sluicing down his rock-hard shaft. Madhu then began using both hands to lubricate his shaft with her hot spit. Soon, his entire shaft was slick and shiny with his lover’s saliva, and Madhu had shifted to wildly jacking off the massive love snake.

Shiva was getting so excited! He was mere seconds away from blasting an enormous load down his lover’s throat. But he understood that these oral ministrations were supposed to be preparation for a big long fuck. And that was an experience he did not want to miss! Reluctantly, therefore, he pulled Madhu’s head off his giant cock with a loud “pop” so that the lovers could move on.

The mechanics of making love to Madhu’s big bosom were complicated by the stupendous length of Shiva’s cock. A straight tittie-fuck would have repeatedly stabbed Madhu in the throat. Shiva therefore approached her breasts at an angle so that his cock head and a major portion of his shaft could whiz by his lover’s right ear as he copulated with her melon-like knockers.

Shiva’s ultra-erect cock was still liberally slathered with Madhu’s saliva and drool, so that his massive sex snake easily slipped back and forth between her breasts. The gorgeous girl was mashing her big melons together to provide a lot of friction against Shiva’s already inflamed cock skin.

Shiva imagined that during the usual tit fuck, Madhu’s big tits would completely envelop the width, and perhaps, in the case of a little fellow, even the length of her lover’s thrusting cock. Given the fantastic girth of Shiva’s seriously obese shaft, however, her breasts did not come close to bridging that gap. Still, the pressure that she was able to apply to Shiva’s cock was extremely strong and thus very exciting! God! The valley between Madhu’s tits was so soft, so deep, and so velvety! The pressure she was applying with her mashed breasts was rubbing Shiva’s slippery cock skin with real erotic force. In fact, it promptly took him right over the top! Shiva now wanted to fuck her cunt.
I spread her thighs and rammed my massive cock into her wet juicy cunt.

“Ugh! God! Fuck! Ohhh! Wow!” She was ecstatic and felt his cock open and fill her cunt deep.

Shiva felt a tickle start in his anus that spread instantaneously to his scrotum, and then moved to his jerking shaft. The sex-stunned fellow sat up, took hold of his massive cock with both hands, and began violently jerking his foreskin up and down.

Extremely strong chills and thrills were already coursing up and down his body, and he had begun to shake and shudder from the electric excitement of a strong cum. As he continued to grip his giant cock like a fire hose preparing to douse a fire, an enormously strong splat of sperm came rocketing out of his cock hole.

The shimmering rope of love cream was so long! As the couple looked on in astonishment, the long, oscillating string of male seed extended some eight feet or more from his cock head all the way to a point on the bedroom wall a yard or so above the headboard!

As this extended flow of jism smashed into the wall with a noticeable “splat”, a second, blast that is even more powerful came flying out of Shiva’s sex hose. This one flew about six feet into the air and came down all over Madhu’s incredibly gorgeous face.

Shiva was grunting and moaning as this unimaginably strong orgasm went on and on. Every ten seconds or so another heroic discharge of hot, creamy semen would splatter all over Madhu’s body. Her breasts, her neck, and especially her face were getting just lathered with hot seed.

As the shudders and shakes decreased, Shiva’s repeated ejaculations correspondingly turned into little drips of spunk.. She was moaning with passion and lust.

Madhu looked up at Shiva with a mixture of love, surrender, devotion, and astonishment. Shiva responded by throwing his mouth at hers to begin an ultra-passionate French kiss that was so open-mouthed that it looked as though the amorous fellow was trying to swallow her head!

Shiva could immediately taste the strong tang of his own spunk, for Madhu’s swollen lips were just coated with the stuff. Almost without thinking about what he was doing, Shiva began licking the thick sheen of seed off her lips. Once finished there, the handsome banker began, once against almost out of instinct, to lick the scum from her face. Soon, the lovers were mutually licking each other like out-of-control barnyard dogs; each was trying to outdo the other in seeing how much spunk the other could swallow!

Shiva chuckled. “I plead guilty! I do have big testicles, and they work overtime to produce an amazing amount of sperm,” he admitted. “But it really depends on the girl; it’s your incredible face and killer body that pulled my seed up and out of there. You’re just the most gorgeous and sexy girl I’ve ever seen!”

By now, the hot lovers had been making love for hours; it was about four in the morning and both were just plain exhausted. After a little tender, post-coital necking and a passionate good night kiss, Madhu and Shiva fell asleep intertwined in each other’s arms.

After an hour or so of sleep, Shiva woke up. God! Madhu was passionately sucking his cockhead – she really could get no more than that in her mouth – and he was sporting an absolutely stiff boner as a result!

Shiva could not actually see her copping his joint because her huge mane of blonde hair nearly covered all of the sleepy banker’s genital area. He could hear the sounds of love, though – Madhu was moaning very loudly and the wet, slurping, sucking noises being produced by her ardent cock sucking were simply bouncing off the walls of the bedroom. That he could feel Madhu’s ministrations was a given; her wet, satiny tongue and warm mouth were threatening to drive Shiva around the bend! He was as hard as a rock!

At length, the stunning Madhu pulled off the monstrous Shivalingam cock and looked with blazingly loving eyes at her man. “I’ve just got to fuck you some more,” Madhu explained. She had now gotten to her feet and, while standing nearly straight up, had poised her dripping cunt directly above Shiva’s jerking, titanium hard shaft. “Take my hands so I can ease myself down on your cock, sweetheart!”

As Shiva held her hands, Madhu slowly slid down his impossibly massive shaft. She was clearly still totally stretched out from their earlier lovemaking because within moments she had buried the very hilt of that sucker all the way down to her pussy lips. Shiva’s cock head was deep inside her uterus; in fact, it was poking at the far wall of that organ. Using Shiva’s hands for leverage, Madhu began rising up and down on the thick cock so that she could begin to fuck her lover. It was so exciting for both of them.

Madhu started to shudder with a violent orgasm on about the third journey down her lover’s fat dick. Shiva could feel female cum just gushing out of her pussy; it was spreading all over his pubic area, groin, and even onto the sheets.

On about the thirtieth trip down Shiva’s cock, the young knockout’s tight pussy received a quid pro quo from her lover; he groaned, shook, shuddered, and then sprayed long ropes of hot semen into the young beauty’s womb. What a hot bitch Madhu was!

And so back to sleep. After an hour or so, however, Shiva woke up again. The lovers were sleeping with their trunks face to face. Madhu’s mouth was only inches from his. He leaned over and gave her a light kiss on the lips.

Even though she was still asleep, she returned the kiss. Shiva then returned that kiss. Soon, the lovers were semi-awake and passionately tonguing the insides of their mouths.

Shiva suddenly realized that, not only had he become fully engorged, but also that his stiff cock had somehow entered his lover’s sex-loose twat and was wildly fucking away at that dripping organ! He simply did not remember entering her at all; however, there was no doubt about it – he was giving her tight pussy a real reaming-out.

The kiss never broke during their lovemaking. This was a real quickie; within minutes, Madhu had come another two or three times, and only minutes after that Shiva was whitewashing his lover’s cunt walls with yet more shiny gobs of hot sperm. After another post-coupling kiss, the couple fell asleep once again.

When Shiva woke again, he found he was holding Madhu’s super-curvy ass cheeks in his hands. Probably as a result, he had sprung another gigantic boner. Sunshine was streaming through the windows and the clock read six o’clock. He already was up, in a sense! Something had to be done about that boner first, however. Shiva leaned over and gave the almost incomprehensibly beautiful girl a light kiss on the cheek. Her eyes opened and a huge smile spread across her features.

“Hi, lover,” she whispered. “It’s so great to see you. It proves that last night was not just a dream.”

Madhu moved into Shiva’s arms. She directed a smoldering look into his eyes, and, after moving her face to his head, bent down and slowly drew his lower lip into her mouth.

As she sucked and tongued the tender wedge of flesh, Shiva began to groan with passion. All of a sudden, he realized that his straining cock had actually once again entered his darling’s dripping pussy and was slowly heading for her womb. It had become so natural for Shiva’s giant sex snake to be inside Madhu’s now fully acclimated cunt that the lovers were hardly aware that Shiva had even mounted the incredible knockout. It was simply that Shiva’s massive log was so completely at home in Madhu’s twat that not to have his humongous pork sliding in and out of her pussy lips would have seemed unnatural!

The ardent lovers were soon wildly fucking and frenching. Shiva’s gigantic member slowly but passionately sawed in and out of his lover’s ravaged cunt. Notwithstanding the impressive number of couplings, they had enjoyed in the last ten hours or so, Shiva was soon hosing down Madhu’s ravaged cunt with yet another massive load of hot jizz.

As the couple wildly French kissed each other under the stinging spray of the shower head, Shiva was employing his left hand to squeeze Madhu’s fantastically luscious ass cheeks. He was using his right hand to fondle and rub the buxom knockout’s big left tit.

Moments later, Shiva picked up the stunningly beautiful girl by the thighs, lifted her head nearly to the ceiling of the shower stall, and gently impaled her on his unaccountably stiff and throbbing sex tube. “Fucking while standing up is so sexy,” Shiva thought to himself as yet another delivery of hot jism exploded inside the nearly wasted confines of Madhu’s reproductive system.

Shiva bowled over by her startling large black eyes, her and generous lips. That long, sexy tangle of blonde hair that reached down to the middle of her back… her startlingly curvy ass, not to mention the way in which the absolute knockout had her rump very much on display under her tight, astonishingly short dress. Her legs! – wow!.. what absolute killers they were – long, luscious, and tanned. Then there were her huge tits, so full, firm, and erect. Madhu simply had to be a babe for the ages, Shiva thought to himself. And for this one night, she had been all his!

The effect of these reflections was that Shiva roughly pulled the luscious beauty into his arms with a deep groan and began what might have been the most frantic deep kiss. His hot hand wildly plunged under Madhu’s super short dress and dipped deeply into her skimpy bikini panties. The lovers moaned with wild need as they continued to suck their faces. While Shiva was savagely fondling Madhu’s rump, she was grinding her sweet crotch against Shiva’s rapidly growing trouser snake. you’re the most wonderful lover I could possibly imagine. But do you know what?”
“What?” Shiva offered.
“Darling, I’m so sore I can hardly walk! I mean, this has been the most wonderful night of my life but I’m so sore I just can’t believe it. I’m a wreck!” Madhu then smiled. And do you know what else?”

What?” Shiva again offered.

My mother-in-law assured she will arrange a husband for me to get married again. After a loving like this, it’s going to be difficult for me to be interested in any other man – that’s for sure! After you, Shiva, it’s not going to be possible to find an extraordinary guy like you to satisfy me. That’s the truth!” I do not think I will get any other man like you with such a monstrous cock as big as horse’s cock. I want to live with you.
I want your cock lover forever.

Madhu, ‘That’s what exactly your mother-in-law says’
Shiva, I know. I have seen and heard you fucking my mother-in-law last night.

I have seen you and my mother-in-law openly, shamelessly flirting with each other during the wedding ceremonies. How long have been fucking her?
I saw her first time only on that night of your wedding.
Shiva, Oh! Don’t tell me You fucked her on that night of my wedding?
No, Madhu. I could have fucked her, but there was no opportunity.
You mean that you would have fucked her on the first meeting. Was she willing?
Yes. She was very much eager and ready for me on the first meeting.
Shiva, Then, when did you fuck her.
When she came to our university, to see Mohan’s body.
Oh! God. Did you fuck her on that day? I cannot imagine. It is unbelievable and kinky.
Yes. and also I fucked her in the night during Train Journey.
What a slut and bitch she is!!!!!
I said, She is a lovely sexy slut, love her.
Shiva, do you love me too?
Yes, Madhu, but I cannot marry both you and Padma.
Shiva, You cannot marry my mother-in-law. You can marry me. I am an young eligible widow. You marry me lover. You can have both of us – me as wife and my mother-in-law as your mistress.

Madhu, Your suggestion is great and I think It is thrilling and exciting to have you both. We should discuss this with Padma.
Marry me, Shiva, I want to be your wife, she said pleadingly.
Madhu, I will, I said


As a tradition the new widow has to sleep in the temple for one night. Padma sent beds with maids to Lord Shiva’s temple on the outskirts of the village in the evening. After dinner, Padma, Madhu and I went to the temple. The Pujari performed puja and left. Madhu was attired like a widow, in a new white plain georgette sari. Devoid of any makeup her curvaceous figure was more erotic, showing her huge breasts and ass exuding raw sexuality.

We were standing in front of sanctum sanatorium looking at Shivalingam. I took off my lungi and shirt and stood there. They looked at my cock and said, You are like lord Shiva with such a huge lingam. They took off all their clothes stood in front of me nude. Padma and Madhu were ready to perform linga puja. Both knelt before me, and kissed my cock in reverence and worship. They kissed my cock fervently and devotedly to worship. One after other they sucked my cock. I fucked them both.

It was exciting to fuck them in the temple. The fucking sessions went on till wee hours. In the morning all three of us returned home.

I stayed until thirteenth day ceremony, fucking both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, day and night regularly having steamy threesome sex and returned to the college. It was great experience enjoying both of them regularly day and night.

I told them I have to go back to the college. Padma said that both she and Padma will come with me to bring back Mohan’s belongings from his room. AC 1st class coupe was booked for us to travel. After four days of staying in Hotel room and enjoying steamy threesome sex they went back to the village. Both were happy. It was like a honeymoon.

Later on, I got a phone call from Padma and Madhu informing me that both were pregnant, impregnated by me. Both were happy. People thought it was Mohan who made his wife pregnant and it was Padma’s husband who made her pregnant. Padma’s husband knew that Padma was impregnated by me.

Padma’s husband knew about our affair. Padma and her husband adapted Madhu as their daughter.

It was Padma’s brilliant idea. Since their village has no proper medical facilities, It was agreed that Padma and Madhu come to the place where I was staying, rent a house and stay during pregnancy. Padma’s maids came to help them. I rented a three Bed Room independent house and arranged all the facilities. I too shifted from the Hostel to the rented house. I fucked both Padma and Madhu all through their pregnancy.

Both Padma and Madhusmitha became proud mothers within a gap of one week. Padma had a son and Madhu had a girl. Everyone in the family and relatives said, it was Mohan born again to Padma. The boy was named Mohan and Madhu’s daughter was named Mohini.


Twenty years later Padma’s son Mohan married Mohini. It is not considered incest and perfectly acceptable as per societal norms. Since Madhu was adapted as Padma’s daughter, Madhu became Jr. Mohan’s elder sister. It is perfectly acceptable to marry sister’s daughter. They did not know that they were actually biological brother and sister.

On the first night of Mohan and Mohini, I was fucking Padma and Madhu. Padma was still beautiful and sexy mature woman at 58.

I said, I hope that I need not have to keep the family honor this time. Padma and Madhu laughed.
Padma said, You don’t have a chance, He is like a you, a stallion..
How do you know? Padma, Have you seen his cock and fucked him? I asked laughing.
I do not know. If he cannot deflower her, You will make her pregnant You will get a chance to keep family honor, Padma said.

I have always been an ardent admirer and compulsive incurable romantic lover of longhaired beautiful women. I admire and adore women with long hair irrespective of their age -preteen, teenage, young, middle aged or old, of their marital status – virgin, unmarried, single, Spinster, married, widowed or divorced, of their structure – thin, lean, curvaceous, hourglass, pleasantly plump, fat or obese, of their body type – straight body, pear body, spoon body, hourglass body, top hourglass body, inverted triangle body, oval body, diamond body, of their breasts shape and size – small, pointed, conical, full, voluminous, heavy, hanging, hips and bottom size and shape, of their height – tall, medium or short. Seeing a woman with thick, black, full or half-grey colored, salt and pepper or white, straight, smooth, curly, smooth, coarse, curly, wavy long hair – hip length, thigh length, knee length or ankle length is a hobby, fetish, pleasure, obsession and aphrodite to me. I invariably observe keenly to appreciate the length, the thickness, the texture, the luxurious volume, the silky shine and smoothness, the swing, style of hair dressing – loose, pony tail, single or double braid, loose or tight bun, braided bun and every minute detail of women’s longhair with desire. It is an obsession, and pleasure for me to follow and keenly observe closely on the street to watch, admire and appreciate women with swinging hips and long hair arranged in a braid, bun, pony tail or left loose, irrespective of their age, height, color, fat or thin, obese or lean and skinny. I want to fuck them. To my surprise and pleasure some women noticed my interest in them, reciprocated, befriended, and became lovers. I immensely enjoy washing, shampooing, drying, combing and hair dressing.

My mother has jet black, smooth, silky, shining, lustrous uniformly thick voluminous knee length hair. My mother trained me ever since I was a child to oil and massage her hair with oil, wash, shampoo, dry, comb, arrange her hair into a beautiful braid or bun and arrange flowers. I have hair fetish known as hair partialism and Trichophilia, in which a person sees women’s hair most commonly head hair, particularly erotic and sexually arousing. Arousal occurs from seeing or touching hair.

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