My sister gives me to a demon

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I gasped and backed away bumping into someone. I turned to find the demon. She was smiling at me and wearing a dark, blood-red gown. “I love this view,” she said as she guided me back to the railing. I stared, a little shocked at seeing my sister’s demon lord. She laughed. “Demon lord, huh? Can’t say I hate it, but fortunately, I’ve never been promoted to that level and God willing, I never will.”

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I’d be dreaming about you.”


“Well, you’re not dreaming… I mean, you are but you’re not at the same time. See, the only way a human can visit this realm is through a dream or death.”

“So, all of this is real?”

“Yes, and no. It is a replica of a real place that I put into your mind. It’s my place, my home.”

“It’s gorgeous.”


We stood for a moment and watched the planets pass overhead. “Why am I here?”

“We need to talk and I’ve got a party later so I figure this would be the quickest way to have our little convo.” She looked at me and I looked at her until she said, “Technically, I’m not supposed to just take the soul of an unwilling participant. It happens, but it’s frowned upon by the douchebags on the other side, so I brought you here to strike a bargain.”

“You mean like you did with Jess?”

“Pretty much.”

“No thanks. I don’t want to be anyone’s slave.”

She chuckled. “Don’t kid yourself, everyone is a slave to someone else. What else would you call where you work? The only difference is I’m upfront about it.”

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“And if I say yes to you, I go to Hell. I’d rather live my life working for Mr. Jensen than go to Hell.”

“You misunderstand, you’re living on borrowed time. Technically, when your sister poured her concoction on you, your soul separated from your body. The only reason you’re still among the living is that I allow it. So, if you say no to this deal, your soul will be released and it will go to wherever it’s destined to go. Your body on the other hand will be inhabited by an underling.”

“What about my sister?”

“What about her?”

“What’ll happen to her?”

The demon smiled. “Honestly, I’ll use her to get many more souls. As an influencer, she’ll have access to plenty of young impressionable people. The kind that needs a good dicking to seal a deal. You could hang around and give her a helping hand if you want.”

Suddenly, I felt something warm and wet wrap around my rapidly hardening member. I looked down and could see a phantom Jess kneeling at my feet with my dick in her mouth. “Is this supposed to be an incentive?”

“No, that’s happening to your body right now. Apparently, your sister still hasn’t had enough.”

“She’s sucking my cock while I sleep in her car?”

The demon waved her hand and we were suddenly standing in my front yard looking at Jess’s car in the driveway. I stepped closer and watched as my sister, who was awkwardly leaning over the middle console, sucked on my sleeping body. She had such a look of peace on her face as if my shaft was what had been missing from her life. My eyes traveled from her bobbing head up and down my body. I was a little confused and when I turned to the demon she shrugged.

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