Perfect family night

Hi everyone myself Sukesh a 25-year-old guy sharing my experience with you. The incident I am going to tell you happened around 11 months back and it looks strange to read but a true one.

My family follows a unique tradition from many generations that is inbreeding. According to this one of our family men marry his blood relative. Likewise, my dad married his cousin sister and give birth to me. As a continuation of the tradition, I got the chance to do the same in this generation.

It was the time for my marriage with my cousin sister Sumana and the date is fixed to the next day of the village festival. There is a bachelor party arranged before the wedding night and that time has finally arrived. All family members are eagerly waiting for the day and no one missed it too. The relationship between us is quite complex and hence I explained about each member briefly before starting the actual story.

Me Sukesh: 24-year-old good looking guy of height 5.10′.My manhood measures around 7” and thick.

Sudhakar: My dad, 46 years of age with strong physic. He was 5.8′ tall with his cock measuring 7” and thick too. (Dad)

Padma: My mom and also my dad’s cousin sister. She is 45 years old and having a height of 5.6′.She was a very attractive woman with a figure of 38D 34 38. (Mom)

Shobha: My step-mom and also my dad’s stepsister. She was the most beautiful woman in the family at the age of 40. She was 5.6’tall with a perfect figure of 36C 32 36. (Stepmom)

Prabhakar: My maternal uncle and also my dad’s cousin brother. He was aged 47 and around 5.7′ tall. He has a slightly thin and small dick of around 5”.(Uncle)

Lakshmi: Prabhakar’s wife aged 45. She was a little fatty with a height of 5.5′.Her figures are heavy and measure 40D 36 42. (Aunty)

Subhash: My cousin brother aged 27 and married. He was 5.7’tall and have a cock of 6” medium-thick cock. (Bro)

Ranjali: Subhash’s wife aged 25. She is 5.5′ tall and very attractive. Her assets measures about 34C 32 36. She was an active lady and a good speaker too. (Ranju)

Sumana: Subhash’s sister aged 23. She was 5.6’tall with a fair and soft structure. Her figures are good and measure around 34C 30 34. She was the one whom I am going to marry the next day. (Sis)

Sahana: Shubha’s daughter means my stepsister. She was 21 with a height of 5.8′.She maintains a thin figure of around 30B 28 30. She also becomes mine if family permits my second marriage. (Stepsis)

The time has finally arrived and we successfully completed the village festival. As we are the village heads, the whole responsibility of the fest is ours and we do it in a neat manner. That night we are going to celebrate my bachelor party and we gathered in the family hall at around 7’o clock. All the men wore shorts with a T-shirt and the ladies with saree. The two beautiful girls wore a long skirt with top and Ranjali dressed herself in churidar.

Initially, I thought it was a cocktail party but the reality reveals when Ranjali announced it as a family orgy. We youngsters became little nervous by hearing this but gain confidence when every elder of the family welcomed us with their encouraging words. The party was simple that everyone should have sex among ourselves irrespective of our relationship. That means there is lot to see like Brother-Sister, Mom-Son and Dad-Daughter.As we the little ones have some shyness the party is planned in the form of games.


Ranjali become the host of the first game and started announcing the rules. Each one of us is so excited and I have no fear left inside. Ranjali told that the game is a pair game and the pairing is left to us. Bro takes my mom and dad selected Lakshmi aunty. I choose my favorite member Shobha and uncle choose Sahana as partners.

Sumana left unpaired and joins Ranjali to host the game. They both readout the rules. The game was a simple orgasm test. The rate of orgasm produced in the female partner when their breasts are caressed is measured by the wetness below. The most wetted lady become the winner. At first, each one is given with a fresh piece of panty which is inspected at the end to know the results. If anyone cheats by pissing in the panty they are straightaway disqualified from the event.

The game begins when all the four ladies wear new panties. We took a seat by facing each other and I put my hands on Shobha’s boobs when the bell rang. Her soft boobs promote my hands to squeeze them with the greatest possible efforts. She enjoys my actions with her eyes closed. Her breathing sound increased my power.

As we are free to do anything, I decided to make it sexy. I dropped Shobha’s saree and unhooked her blouse. For my surprise, she didn’t wear a bra and hence her hardened nipples came to my hands. I pinched them and squeezed her milky white soft boobs. I no longer waited to take them in the mouth. The salty taste of her nipples was fantastic and I like it so much that I didn’t even stop when the end bell rang. I circled them with tongue, licked and chewed them until Sumana came to wake me up.

I finished my actions and turned around to see what others are doing. My mom is putting her blouse hooks back. Lakshmi aunty has already moved aside whereas Sahana is adjusting her top. All the ladies took off their panties and handed over to the hosts. Ranjali smelled each one of them to check for the piss. Sumana inspected the wetness and noted down the results. The results finally arrived in which my mom got second place. All are curious about the winner and for our surprise, me and Shobha got the first place. Everyone congratulates us and moved on to the next game.


Ranjali is again ready to announce the second game. As the game is between real couples Ranjali should be replaced by someone else. With her directions, I joined Sumana and Sahana to host the game. As the pairing is between real couples there is no question of additional pairing.

The game is about one verses one cum shooting game. The female partner should do anything to opposite male partner to cum early. Whoever holds the cum for a long time become the winner. Contestants were ready to play and the coin was tossed to decide the opponents.

The first game is fixed between Dad-Mom verses Uncle-Aunty. Bro-Ranju got byes to the finals. I didn’t agree with this and argued with them, so the family came to a decision that I should take Shobha as partner and should play against Bro-Ranju.

As ours was the second game we got time to rest. The first round begins in which Dad stood in front of Lakshmi aunty and Mom kneel down in front of her own brother. When Sumana rang the first bell both the ladies opened the shorts and take the cocks in hand. They start giving harder handjobs with their possible efforts.

Both men try to hold their cum with closed eyes and become successful up to the next bell rings. After the second bell, Lakshmi aunty takes dad’s cock in mouth and started sucking and as the same Mom takes uncle’s cock in mouth. Both are sucking them so hard that both men are ready to shoot. Uncle didn’t tolerate mom’s heat for a long time and thus leaked his load fully into mom’s mouth. Sahana rang the bell and announced that Dad-Mom has qualified to finals.

It was our turn to participate. Shobha kneels down in front of Bro and Ranjali sat before me. Her look and smile were so hot that I feared if she is going to eat my dick. She pulled off my shorts and take my fully erected dick in hands when the first bell rings.

Her soft hands give me a massage and I enjoyed it with closed eyes until the next bell rings. It was the time to fuck her mouth and I have done it like a pornstar. I somehow managed to hold my cum up to the third bell against her erotic suck.

When the third bell rings Ranjali pushed me on the floor and removed her pants and panty. Her beautiful cleanly shaved pussy give me more hardness. It was the first pussy I was going to fuck in my life and hence I was very excited. She didn’t waste much time and directly inserted my dick into her pussy by sitting on my lap. She was jumping and jumping on my dick.

Initially, it was tight and gave a little pain but become easier when she leaked a load her juices with an orgasm. Her juices flow down on my rod and balls. In her high-intensity fucking, she is slipping away from me so I supported her by holding her tightly with my arms. Although her efforts are good I tolerate it with ease. Bro on the other side can’t able to hold his cum and hence surrendered to Shobha and ejected his load deep into her heavenly soft pussy.

Once finished Shobha informed it to Sumana, she then checks out the pussy for confirmation and announced us as qualifiers. So the next game is between Dad and Son, in other words, it is between two wives of my dad. Although I am happy about the qualification I feel shameful to do this with mom. The atmosphere got disturbed a while and finally, I agreed when mom herself convinced me to join her.

Shobha this time kneel down in front of her husband whereas I stand naked in front of my own mom. I got thriving confidence when mom gives a killing look at my dick. She starts jerking it slowly when the bell rings. The jerking becomes more intense and my opinion towards mom turned erotic. I enjoyed her actions with closed eyes and this continued up to the second bell.

Mom takes my dick in the mouth without hesitation and started blowing it like one I have seen in porn. Although her sucking provokes my cum I somehow managed to calm it down. It was the time for the third bell which means the time for pussy fucking.

Mom lifts her saree up to show her hairy pussy to her son. She sat on my lap and directed my dick to her hot hole. I am so lucky to the moment because the only second pussy I am going to fuck belongs to my own mom. I was gone deep into my birthplace and the heat there take me to heaven.

She is jumping on me with all possible efforts but failed to do it faster. Although I supported her by holding tightly her age factor plays a vital role. I and dad hold our cum up to the fourth bell.

The next actions were really shocking as we have to fuck the assholes. I was feared a lot but mom told me that she is ready to take me inside. She turned around and stood like a dog. I beat her buttocks with my dick and made it wet with saliva and her pussy juice.

She stretched her hole with both of her hands and told me to go inside. It was so tight that both of us feel pain. Mom cried literally and her cry made me a little nervous. She again told me not to worry about her.

But I decided to quit and hence give her a couple of strong strokes to leak my cum inside her ass. When I stood up Sahana came and inspected for the cum and announced Mom-Dad as winners. I feel happy in my parent’s success.


As all of us enjoyed each game, the two girls remain out of it. Hence Ranjali announced the third game for them to enjoy. She became herself as a judge and selected my mom as her companion. The game is about the orgasm test of two untouched pussies.

The two girls lay on the sofa and the two judges take their position. I and Bro are invited to help them as penetraters. Each of us should select one to do the actions. Bro selected Sahana and hence I remained with my future wife Sumana.

Before the game begins Mom and Ranjali undressed Sahana and Sumana to make them naked. As I am with Sumana I was so excited to see her beautiful assets. Ranjali was with me to guide in the process. She told me to caress Sumana’s pubic area when the bell rings.

Her soft pussy lips make my hands divine and my actions become more and more intense. I rubbed her clitoris like a vibrator and this makes her leak out several times. I inserted my finger into her hole and started fucking it. I tried to insert my second finger too but she resisted me with her hands.

When the half time was gone Ranjali told me to use my mouth for further actions. I positioned myself on the sofa in front of Sumana’s legs and bent down to take her pussy in mouth. I kissed her thick bulged lips and take them inside my mouth to eat. I inserted my tongue deep into her hole to give her a heavenly feel. She was totally enjoying each of my actions with a large sound of moaning. I continued it till the end bell rings.

Ranjali told me to stop and started inspecting Sumana’s pussy to conclude the results. Bro has already finished eating Sahana’s pussy and stood in front of her. Sahana was bathed in sweat and her whole body became red in the action. Mom inspected her pussy and also came to inspect Sumana’s.

Both Ranjali and Mom discussed among themselves and concluded the results. Sumana aroused a lot more times and also leaked out a large volume on the sofa and hence become the winner. But Sahana is no lesser than her so they announced a joint winner.

After the game3 Lakshmi aunty announced that it is the time for the dinner. Ranjali take her chance and announced that everyone should present here within 45 minutes with their clean shaved pubic area. All finished dinner together and moved to their rooms. As I already shaved my thing in the morning I remain in the hall. They all came back after a long interval to participate in the next game.


The game is about to begin in a few minutes and the properties are made ready. A large curtain was hanged in the middle of the hall in which I can see the holes. Ranjali announced this game is for the two sons of the family ie. Me and Bro. It was the identification game in which we have to identify the pussy of our moms. Before the game begins three ladies Mom, Lakshmi and Shobha went behind the curtain. As I lost the toss I was put to play the game first. Bro was sent to stay in a locked room.Sumana takes me to the game place and removed my shorts to free my erected dick.

Ranjali read out the rules, in the game I have to identify my mom’s pussy with hands or mouth and should leave it aside.I have to select another pussy as second preference and should fuck it without shooting the cum. The third pussy is considered as dumb and I should cum deep inside it. If I failed to identify the correct pussy and if fucked my mom I have to face the penalty.

When I become ready the game begins with a bell. I moved to inspect pussy under lable A. The pussy has thick lips and a very fair complexion. I rubbed it hard until it becomes red. I was no longer ready to wait and take it in the mouth. The taste was superb and it feels like it was my mom’s.

I then moved on to pussy under label B and touched it with hands. It is also thick and wet, but the complexion is dark and thereby I decided it as Lakshmi’s. I didn’t take the chance to taste it by mouth but instead I just take it’s juices in fingers and licked it and confirmed it as dumb which is starving for my cum.

The pussy labeled C attracted me a lot and hence I spend more time caressing it. Its lips are thinner than the other two but softer than them. I fingered them to get the juice and tasted it with my mouth. I eat it like a mad and came to the conclusion that it belongs to Shobha.

I informed my selection to Ranjali and when she gave permission I inserted my dick into pussy labeled C. I fucked it hard until I got an orgasm. I hold my dick’s base to control myself and moved to B and started fucking straightaway. The pussy was free to move and hence I take more time to cum. I unloaded all my cum in it and moved to the room where Bro was kept all this time. Bro replaced me in the game.

I waited until he finishes and came out to know the results. Bro has identified his mom and as I told you before it was an easy task. The shocking news was I identified the wrong one. I left Shobha’s pussy aside and fucked mom’s instead.

For my good sake I avoided cumming inside mom which may draw the penalty of direct disqualification from the game. But also for fucking the pussy I have to face the penalty. The family members planned a mind throwing penalty round. They told us to have a public sex as real.I am not ready for it intially but has to do as it was a penalty. Mom also committed in the same manner to do it in front of the family.

Ranjali undressed me while Shobha and Sumana undressed Mom. We both become naked in no time. They pushed us towards one another to play the penalty round. I grabbed mom’s boobs in hand and slowly started squeezing them.

She holds my face and kissed it with love. We locked our lips with each other and exchanged saliva too. I hugged mom and tried to insert my dick in that position but failed to go deep.

She noticed it and hence moved to the floor and slept on her back. I spread her legs apart and inserted my rod deep inside her pussy and started fucking. All the members applause and supported us. I continued my actions with more intensity and this makes me cum inside mom’s cunt hole to finish the penalty round.


Shobha announced this game as a game for husband and wife. The real couples are the game partners and she invited me to join her. I am very happy about her and joined three men in the row and stood behind the curtain inserting my dick in the small hole provided.

Uncle was behind A, Bro was behind B, Dad was behind D and I was behind hole C.The game begins when Sumana rang the bell. Contestant no 1 came to play.After a wait for a long time a lady’s hand comes to jerk my dick.

It was softer and aroused me more with her actions. She also takes my dick in mouth and sucked well and then moved on to next after making a guess.

The same thing is done by the other 3 contestants. Among the four ladies the contestant no 3 is a good cock sucker and contestant no 1 got the good soft hands. The game finishes when all the four submitted their choices. The results came in which Ranjali and Padma chose the right one.

For my surprise, Shobha failed to identify my cock and chosen dads instead. Lakshmi aunty also failed to find Uncle and chosen me as her beloved cock. I came to know that it was intentional after the penalty round.

The penalty is simple and nothing but a fuck by the wrong cock they have identified. The floor was again set and we four stood naked. Dad and Shobha started kissing each other and Lakshmi aunty came front to take my dick in her hand and started jerking it.

She did it for some time and directed my dick to her pussy. I fucked her in the standing posture for some time and take her to floor for better actions. On the other side, dad was fucking Shobha so hard that the room is filled with her moaning sound haa…hmm..ha.. darling….hmm…come on…. Dad finished his job very late,by the time we both already dressed up after leaking our juices. All are provided with some hot milk to drink before going to the next game.


Everybody is so excited to play this game as this is the last game of my bachelor party. Ranjali and Shobha make the necessary arrangements for the game. They bought 6 bowls in which chits are placed. 3 of them contains six chits and other 3 contains four chits in them. They asked us to pick one chit from each bowl. We four men have done as they said.

After each of us got the chits they told us to open it. Each chit has a name of the ladies along with chit number. I got the chits in the order Lakshmi, Sumana, Sahana, Ranjali,Padma and Shobha. After reading out the names Ranjali starts to explain the rules as this game consist of 6 rounds and each will be interesting to play.

Round 1

This round consists of an erotic handjob by the ladies. As I got Lakshmi, aunty, she came near to hold my dick tightly in her hands. She jerked me up to the time allotted for the round that’s for 5 minutes.

My mom is doing this for her brother while Ranjali is doing it for her husband. Sahana is giving handjob to her dad with a sort of shyness. All ended up the action when the time passed out.

Round 2

This round is about giving a blow job as I guessed. Sumana came to me to do her duty. As she is going to be my wife from the next day she never hesitates to take my dick in her mouth. I thank god for giving me such a wonderful wife who can keep me happy with her mouth itself. She is good at this and does it for 10 minutes which is the allotted time for this round.

On the other side, Shobha is blowing her husband’s cock madly. My mom is under bro’s cock and Ranjali is tasting her father in law’s fleshy toy.

Round 3

We men are very curious about the third round and feel blessed when we came to know that the round is doing the 69 positions. As my chit show the name of Sahana I moved to her and made her sleep on the floor.

I sat down near her head and gave my cock into her mouth. I wasted no time and spreads her legs to take the cleanly shaved pussy into my mouth. I kissed on it and started eating her thin and young pussy lips.

While she is busy sucking my cock. I want to get some more pleasure so I started moving my waist to fuck her mouth. As my dick went deep into her throat she feels some sort of discomfort with this.

I removed my dick from her mouth and get down from her. I moved to her front and bent myself down to lick her pussy. This time I can reach her deep with my tongue and this makes her feel more pleasurable. The allotted time for the game is 15 minutes and I utilized it correctly.

Uncle is so lucky to lick Shobha’s soft pussy. Bro is slowly eating his mom while fucking her mouth. My dad is using his best opportunity to suck his future daughter in law’s thick pussy lips.

Round 4

This is nothing but a one to one sex round. Sumana and Sahana are kept away from the further rounds. As per the chit I go near Ranjali to kiss her on the forehead and take her to the floor.

Although she has been practicing sex from past 2 years her pussy was still tight enough. I inserted my dick deep into her hole with a little more effort and this makes her to take a deep breath. When she feels comfortable with my dick I started fucking her hard. As the given time is only 10 minutes I increased my speed very early. This makes her moan like hmm…haa…hah…huh…. I continued the actions until the bell rings.

It is our pleasure to see Mom-Dad doing their private job in the public. Bro is so happy and lucky to have Shobha under him. Aunty-Uncle is also doing the same thing as mom-dad

Round 5

This round sounds horrible at first because it is penetrating the smallest hole that is anal hole. I got more fear as I got Mom again for this. But this time mom told me to do it confidently as she is ready to take it in her.

The allotted time is only 5 minutes and hence I got the confidence of doing it. Mom positioned herself as a dog and I entered her from the back. This time also I used my saliva and her pussy juice to lubricate.

She feels extreme pain when I entered her but she hides it from the face. I hold the dick unmoved inside her for a minute until she feels relaxed. I slowly started pumping when she is ready. She forgot the pain and starts enjoying once I increased my speed. She enjoyed my fucking a lot with closed eyes and biting lips. This time I successfully fucked her ass till the allotted time.

Ranjali is crying in pain because her virgin ass is torn by her own husband. Shobha didn’t feel much pain as Uncle’s cock is slightly smooth. Lakshmi aunty is feeling the hell under Dad’s hard and long hood. The game finishes when Sahana rings the bell.

Before going to the last round Ranjali announced that everyone should present before 7 am in the morning at the backyard garden to start our marriage rituals. All the members start discussing it except me as my full concentration is on the sixth round in which I got Shobha.

Round 6

It was my favorite part of the game as I got my beloved step-mom back. Ranjali told that it is a night partner round and one is free to enjoy with their partner the whole night. I become so happy to hear it and without wasting much time take Shobha in arms and walked towards my room.

Dad got his girl for the night as Ranjali is his night partner. Bro shows some sadness because he has to spend the whole night with his mom. My mom Padma didn’t worry much about the things and happily walked towards her brother’s room along with him.

I take Shobha to the bed and jumped on her like a hungry tiger hunting the deer. Shobha holds my shoulder and said “Wait, my son … don’t make a hurry … we have the whole night to enjoy ” although her words boost my happiness I didn’t care much about it. She also knows how much I love her and hence she takes me in without question.

I kissed her forehead, cheeks, and eyes, and locked lips. I also not forget to suck her nipples one by one. I kissed her navel and thighs passionately. Finally reached the destination when she is fully aroused. She already leaked a lot of loads and I cleaned them completely. When both are not ready to wait I inserted my cock into her cum-hole and started fucking. She enjoyed it by lifting her tummy up. This continued until both of us become tired.

Although we enjoyed a lot I need to fuck her from the back. I requested her to do that but she resisted me and instead allowed me for another vaginal fuck. During the fuck, I turned her around and all of a sudden inserted my dick to her ass hole. “Aaaa no. . . ” she literally cried and takes a deep breath.

“You are a real intransigent. . . “she smiled. I got the boost and fucked her anal hole till I cum. We both slept naked whole night hugging each other and the time is 7 when we woke up.

We reached the backyard garden at around 7:30 am. By that time all are already there and they became naked too. We also removed our clothes and joined them. I can see a variety of boobs and pussies along with different sized cocks there.

My mom and Lakshmi aunty came forward to take me to the middle and massaged me with the oil. They massaged all over me except the abdomen and handed over the oil cup to Sumana who pour oil on my dick and give a gentle massage. Shobha told her daughter Sahana to proceed so that she also gave me the oil massage. Now I confirmed that I am going to marry both of them today.

After they finished oiling me, it’s my turn to oil them back. Mom told me to oil their pussy first so that they can continue with the whole body. But Shobha knows me well and told me to oil both the girls completely. I took the oil cup and choose Sumana first. I poured oil on her head and massaged it for some minutes. Shobha makes room for her daughter to sit with Sumana, so I poured oil on Sahana’s head and massaged her too.

Once the oiling of the head is done I prefer Sahana first to proceed down. I poured oil on her shoulder and kept the oil cup aside. As her boobies were not that great the oil flows down easily. Because of this, my hands need faster action. I started massaging from her curved hip and navel and moved up to her lemon-sized breasts with a button like nipples.

After finishing the upper part I came to her secret treasure. I poured oil on it and massaged its lip and also the adjacent area. Finally finished with her by oiling milky thighs, beautiful legs, and attractive feet.

Everyone appreciates my work and told me to do the same with my first wife. I poured oil on Sumana’s shoulder and track it with my hands. Her boobs are bigger and fill my hands. I spent a lot more time on caressing, squeezing and pounding her breasts.

Her hardened brown nipples gave my hands a treat to play. I pinched them to such an extent that she takes a deep breath several times. I also massaged her soft curvy hip and bellybutton.

I gave a special preference for her pubic area. I poured oil on it and slowly massaged each lip for more than a couple of minutes. Oiling her buttocks, thighs, legs, and feet creates a divine atmosphere.

After I finished the process its time for others to oil their partners. Dad also has two chances to oil both Mom and Shobha and get a sensual massage back from them. Lakshmi aunty spends more time on uncle’s cock to increase its strength.

Bro’s oiling techniques keep Ranjali in heaven as she is twirling on the grass. Once all are finished with oiling I was taken to the bathroom along with two girls. Four matured ladies gave us a very ritualistic bath and dried us.

We three are dressed in wedding clothes while others wear traditional dresses. Our family hall is turned into a marriage place and uncle takes the position himself as a priest. At about 12 in the noon I married both the girls with the direction of uncle. After finishing all the procedures of wedding an interesting ritual awaits me. It was nothing but a saluting ceremony to the mother of my wives.

The ritual is done in order to honer their vagina which helped them to create those beautiful angels. At first, Lakshmi aunty sat before me lifting her saree up and by spreading her legs. All the ritual tools are handed over to me and uncle guided the procedure. First of all, I washed aunty’s pussy with water and dried it with a cloth. Then smeared sandalwood paste and turmeric powder and finally worshipped with flowers.

Shobha replaced aunt next and I started doing the same thing. I gave more time to wash her pussy. I massaged its every lip separately and also washed inside by inserting my fingers. Dried each corner of it with a cloth and applied sandalwood paste slowly to each lip.

I prefer turmeric paste instead of powder as it allows me to touch her once again. I take a lot more time to apply for which uncle know the reason and smiled. Finally worshipped with flowers and caressed with hands to finish off the rituals.

The whole afternoon spent like a minute and the time I have been waiting for has finally arrived. It was my first night with the beautifuls. My room was decorated with flowers and sprayed with an exotic fragrance. I was sent before the time and made to wait for the girls.
The door was finally knocked and my time has come to visit. Sumana was dressed in a silk saree of my favorite color and she literally looks like a dancer in heaven. But for my surprise, Lakshmi aunty and my mom also entered along with her.

I was little bit confused but they told me like it as a family tradition. They made Sumana to rest on bed in the welcoming posture. Lakshmi aunty lift Sumana’s saree up to her waist to show me the goal I have to reach that’s my wife’s naked pussy. Mom removed my dhoti to free my erected dick. I think Sumana feared a little with its size as she closed her eyes by seeing it.

When mom ordered me to proceed I take the position in front of my wife spreading her legs apart. Aunty helped me by stretching it further and mom directed my cock to the hole of love. Sumana feels extreme pain and literally started crying.

Lakshmi aunty unhooked her blouse and put her nipple into Sumana’s mouth. This helped Sumana to bear the pain and also me to proceed with ease. I entered deep and started pumping there. Due to my intense actions, my cum loaded to her pussy and drips out from it with a drop of blood too. After we dressed up they take Sumana out along with them and told me to wait till Sahana comes in.

Sahana also comes with two more ladies with her. This time my beloved Shobha and Ranjali came to guide us in the event. Sahana was made to lay on bed same as Sumana and Shobha lifted her saree up to the waist to show me the sacred hole. I myself removed dhoti and made my cock ready.

Ranjali likes my size and hence gave me a gentle cock massage. This makes me even harder. She also wetted me with her saliva and Sahana’s pussy juice. I take the position and try to enter Sahana like as I know.

Sahana can’t even tolerate half of my thing in and started crying. I told Shobha to do as Lakshmi aunty had done. Shobha unhooked her blouse and fed her nipple to her daughter. Ranjali was a sexpert and hence know some solutions. She rubbed Sahana’s clitoris like a vibrator which helped her to tolerate pain. She feels comfortable after a couple of minutes and I finally reached her deep.

I prefer slow pumping to feel relaxed. During my actions, Ranjali talks about her wedding night. She told that her wedding night was still a horrible memory for her. As her family is unaware of our traditions no one from her home participated in that. Bro got the help of Lakshmi aunty and Shobha is one who helped Ranjali.

Lakshmi aunty made some hurry burry things which gives her a pain lasts more than 3 days. Shobha also memorizes about the hard and round nipples which Ranjali is having which she pinched to give relaxation on that night.

I feel Sahana is completely relaxed during these stories and hence increased my speed. I fucked her for more than 10 minutes to reach orgasm. Shobha told me not to cum inside and hence I unloaded all on Sahana’s belly. Ranjali and Shobha shared my cum with a lot of happiness in their faces.

They left Sahana with me and went out to send Sumana. When both wives are in my arms Lakshmi and Shobha back once again. They lights the lamp and gave us milk to drink. They went out after wishing us ‘all the best’.

I have my first wife on the right and second one on the left. They both are very tired and I feel shameful to invite them for another round. I take both of them in my arms and rested on the bed. They didn’t get an easy sleep because of their pain and hence I gave them a cold massage which makes them feel better. But later I know all they need is sex and hence fucked them one by one whole night. The night was spent like a beautiful memory of my life.

On the next day, I again asked about the party but everyone laughed at me and said it is the annual get together and hence only performed on the last day of village fest. I feel a little disappointed but tried to take my pleasure in my two wives. We three are happily leading our lives from nearly a year.

A family like this can help us to solve any problems easily. We do not have jealousy, secrecy, and enemity among us which most joint families experience. We are living in a free sex environment which allows each one of us to get what we needed. We share each of our problems including the personal one with the family and get the solution.

The next annual fest is about to begin in a couple of weeks and I will surely share if we had another memorable get together.

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