Bengalee Film Queen 29

Kader smiled, “I know that…. even I’ve seen that movie in which your mother Munmundevi also played with you.”

“Thanks…. one thing more,, I will not fall for the other stuff that these other bimbos do. I really do want to get to know you and work with you Kadersaheb! Just give me a call sometime as a friend!” she said throwing her generous smile.


With that, Raima handed him her cell number and kissed him on the cheek as she turned and walked away. Kader noticed that she put a little extra swivel in her ass to torture him as she walked away.

However, one thing was for sure, he hadn’t been rejected by Raima and he was so in love with her at the first shight that it almost made him sick.

He rebounded quickly when he realised that he only had two minutes left. So he left Moushumi and Prasenjit….. however taking their permission and ran to the bar. Yes, he thought…. it was quite natural to have a revolving bar in this five-star mansion.

Fuck that! it would be awesome to have a mansion like this hotel. He thought as he threw back three shots of whiskey and turned around to see his cameraman Jakir yelling at him from across the way.

Oh Allah! I’m late…. Rachanaji must be pissed off….. No, he thought as he quickly ran upstairs. He noticed his buddy Nilay was gossiping with Sreelekha in the lobby as he moved towards his room cum office.

He walked down the hall and came up to the first door on the right where the door was slightly cracked. He peeked in to find Porimoni’s husband Zaman and with Koel….. however both were completely nude.

Zaman was on the bed on his stomach giving the lovely Koel and even lovelier naked he might add, the pussy eating of a lifetime. She was bucking her hips madly…… fucking his face and moaning like a horny bitch in heat.

Few minutes later, Koel pushed his head away from her pussy and announced, “Now….. it’s my turn.”

Quickly she rolled over beside Zaman and grasped his rockhard cock in her hands…. putting it in her mouth. Although she wasn’t a specialist in blowjob skill like her Sree aunty, still she had her own way of sucking dick and it was awesome.

She gave him slow head the entire time and moaned everytime she sucked him. She sucked him slowly for three minutes and then she pulled her mouth off from his cock….. keeping it between her two dangling melons.

As she stuck his salivating dick in between her spongy tits, Zaman squeezed them together and began fucking her luscious tits. They felt silky smooth as his hard meaty-rod moving up and down…… between the slippery valley of her boobies.

She would give his cockhead a little lick every now and again when it came up to her lips. He was almost ready to cum when she took him into her mouth again and started sucking…. faster and harder.

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