Bengalee Film Queen 29

“Mr. Kadersaheb, thank you for inviting us here tonight! And by the way I really loved your movie, Priyatama. I loved the fact that you used Porimoni in the film as well. She is a great actress no doubt but is neglected in your country.” Raima praised the Bangladeshi sexy actress not feeling a little bit of jealousy.

For the first time in his life when Kader heard Raima speak to him and when he just liked to drink her beauty, he was in love with her at first sight. He had to have everything that was Raima Sen.


As they stood there talking and laughing about Tollywood’s present crisis, Prosenjit gave Kader his cell-number and decided to leave. Even he said to call him later to hang out and he would like to discuss with him about some of his future planning. Noticing their conversation, Nilay realised that there grew a pair and walked across the party.

Few moments later, Moushumi arrived there and joined with their discussion whom Kader himself would love to talk. It didn’t even matter that moment as he was talking to the most beautiful person not in Tollywood but in the Bollywood as well….. in his opinion.

Kader listened to her talk being totally mesmerized and he already knew that Raima was a smart knowing lady. She was highly educated…… graduated from the Presidency college and after that she completed her Master’s degree from the Kolkata university.

She could speak like five different languages but anyone could tell that she seemed to have everything already figured out.

They seemed to hit it off, so that Kader decided to get ballsy and ask for her number. To which Raima replied something that he didn’t expect. Her sexy smile turned into a look of being annoyed and angry. Quite frankly it scared him.

“Listen Kadersaheb! No doubt, I love your movie and I can tell that you are a genius and a youthful guy. But don’t think for a minute that I am going to walk up the stairs and shake my ass for you…. giving you the go ahead signal….. to do whatever you want with me in your room. That same room…. by the way… I noticed Rachana aunty walking in like twenty minutes ago!” She said angrily.

‘Damn! He was ten minutes to get up there before Rachana gets pissy!’ Kader thought.

“But yes, if you don’t mind, I would love to work with you because you are an amazing and talented producer…. probably one of the best I’ve ever seen,” she paused for a moment.

“Thanks Raimaji….. it’s my pleasure….” Kader reacted.

Raima continued, “However, never think, I’ll sleep with you to get a role in your movie because I’m better than that. Moreover I’m now in a steady and close relationship with Parambrata. So I would love to see you again around Tollywood but as a friend and maybe as a colleague.”

“Yes…. whenever you wished…..,” Kader interrupted.

“Thanks for that…. but please, think of me when you go to produce your next movie and remember that I’ve been in this Tollywood game ever since I was seven years old,” Raima said.

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