Bengalee Film Queen 29

With that quickly she climbed on top of him…. laying flat on his hard muscular body. She then leaned over and kissed him passionately. He felt her soft sexy tongue massaging his coarse lips in a rythm that almost made him cum.

Kader felt her big boobs rubbing up and down his hairy chest as she made out with him and dry humped against his bulging crotch. Her mouth was hot which turned him on like there was no tomorrow.


As he sucked her tongue…. his hand ran down her silky back to her soft ass-gloves which he grabbed and squeezed through her Saya. She moaned in pleasure as she pressed her warm body more tightly.

Kader leaned up and she helped him taking off his jacket and shirt. Then she got off of him…. kneeling at the foot of the bed and pulling his pants off. She stood up leaving him in his briefs as she slowly unhooked her bra and let it drop.

He could’t see what he had always dreamed of this middle aged Tolly glamour-queen since he first saw her in the famous Tele-show ‘Didi No 1’…. as she kept her hands over them. Then with a innocent childish giggle, she let her hands drop and there they were…..  at their best.

He realized that after two years her twin treasures became much more firm and larger than before when he last enjoyed them. They were probably the second loveliest pair of tits he had ever seen.

They weren’t as big as Sreelekha but not by much. Also they were a milky white color which was very sexy and he always preferred white women.

Kader was in no place ready to complain…. so he loosened the knot of her Saya which fell down quickly on the floor. As she didn’t wear her panties….. instantly there revealed her most valuable treasure, she had….. that Sreelekha didn’t.

Yes, very recently Sreelekha decorated her mons with a landing strip while Rachana had a completely shaved area like Porimoni. This turned him on a lot as he pulled her to him…. still sitting on the bed with her standing over him.

He kissed her smooth stomach and squuezed her fatty ass. She let out moans of pleasure as she got down on her knees and took off his briefs.

Instantly his nine inches coal-black Nigro-cock was free from it’s tight confinement. She looked at it hungrily and was glad to see that it was already hard.

So she bent down quickly and kissed the mushroom crown of his dick softly. This made his dick jump and quiver. She laughed at this but swiftly bent down and licked from the top of his dick…. down to his large sperm-filled hairy sack.

Her tongue felt so incredible….. he should have cum on her face right then and there. But he controlled himself as she sucked on his sack for two minutes…. stroking him continuously with her manicured fingers.

“God! you taste incredible Kaderbhai….. you know I prefer most of sucking a circumcised muslim Leora!” She said as she looked up at him.

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