Young shy petite wife gets turned on

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My wife who is very shy,but very sexy, natural tan all over, hazel eyes,long black hair, shaved long slim legs,small boobs, bubble butt,aged 18,looks 14,I worked as barman,she would often sit with me,help pick up empty glasses from tables,where a lot of dirty minded old men sat, usually 65 years old and above,

Well one Wednesday night,slow no customers,very quiet,so I decided to close bar early 9pm,we started to clean up, sweeping, polishing tables,empty ashtrays,so about 10 mins later 3 old fat hairy farmers walked in, returning from farmers market,I said listen gents I’m closing in about 10 minutes,but would still serve beer,lagers or Scottish whisky while we clean and restock the bar ready for next barman in morning,so 3 beers 3 glasses of whisky,also bought me a beer and wife vodka come,I new she gets tipsy very quick,gets turned on when drinking alcohol,so my wife who looks like a 14 years old, attending school, and still had school uniform on,white blouse,black miniskirt,white lace panties, white knee length socks, black flat shoes,she sat at bar,one old pervert next to her,2 the other side,her skirt riding up,while legs open slightly everytime she moves.

So I asked if she could go into cellar to collect bottles of alcohol to restock the fridges in bar,off shee went,but noticed that one farmer helped her down off bar stool,hands on her waist, wandering as if accidentally feel her little bum,she giggled a little,sorry he said slip sorry,so I followed her into cellar, asked her if she was getting wet between her legs,she said soaking wet,can’t wait to get me home,she is going to let me fuck her everyway , position I want, anyway we finish working,said to the 3 strangers,we are going to have late drinks,if they liked they can stay for a couple of hours,so more drinks from bar vodka double,come ,beer shandy for us four guys,then the questions started,complimenting wife,and how they would never let her out ,

I’m a lucky guy to have such a sexy wife,they are jealous,all widowed,no sex,no one would let them,my wife feeling sorry,sexually turned on,goes to toilet and,I say if you keep talking like that,she will be soaking wet, tell them I don’t mind if you seduced her,she likes to be hugged,cuddled,but if they wanted to share her,like a school girl,she will not do anal or anal,she was abused when younger,bad experience, so they asked what about me,I said I love to watch,and film her having very good experience, ok yes please,I said I would get her to sit on there knees, or we could play strip poker,she never played before,she walked back,I suggested to her if she wanted to play cards with us, telling her if she loses the hand,the guys get to take a part of clothing off,if she loses the game,we all get a feel,maybe more,she is drunk now,so I was dealer,she lost,tho oldest farmer get to pick,

He said ok I choose your panties,told her lift skirt up,slowly pulling them down,past her knees, down to feet telling her to step out of them,puts in middle of table,she loses again my choice, miniskirt off,her little tight pussy and bum on show,puts hand up to cover it up, again loses ,white blouse off,so naked apart from socks,shoes,

I told her she lost game,pulled her over to my lap, facing the old farmers, sweating, and breathing hard,I open her long tanned legs ,bald pussy very wet,I put my finger on clit lightly rubbing,then felt her wetness,I said well I think we should help her out,said guys it’s up to you,well they picked every part of her ,pussy,asshole, sucking her tiny nipples, touching every part , well who is first,week highest card turned over wins,the highest cardbe
belonging to the fattest,hairy ,9″ thick cock ,very big balls,just lifted her up sat her on trying to get it in,while he was standing up,then managed bouncing her moaning with cumming hard fucking,then put her ass up on the pool table hard rough fucking till he erupted then all three took turns on her until 3.30am and it was fucking great,she had multiple orgasms,even squirted for very first time, copies of film,gave them each a copy,to watch back at there farms up north of Scotland place called Brydock banffshire,they promised to invite us up for a month holiday,we agreed,but told us there wil be a party and a lot of farmers hope it’s ok,see you then,xxx

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