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I told her she lost game,pulled her over to my lap, facing the old farmers, sweating, and breathing hard,I open her long tanned legs ,bald pussy very wet,I put my finger on clit lightly rubbing,then felt her wetness,I said well I think we should help her out,said guys it’s up to you,well they picked every part of her ,pussy,asshole, sucking her tiny nipples, touching every part , well who is first,week highest card turned over wins,the highest cardbe
belonging to the fattest,hairy ,9″ thick cock ,very big balls,just lifted her up sat her on trying to get it in,while he was standing up,then managed bouncing her moaning with cumming hard fucking,then put her ass up on the pool table hard rough fucking till he erupted then all three took turns on her until 3.30am and it was fucking great,she had multiple orgasms,even squirted for very first time, copies of film,gave them each a copy,to watch back at there farms up north of Scotland place called Brydock banffshire,they promised to invite us up for a month holiday,we agreed,but told us there wil be a party and a lot of farmers hope it’s ok,see you then,xxx

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