Bengalee Film Queen 29

There didn’t exist a smudge on her face and not a smudge on the engorged stalk of his eager cock….. despite the fiery blow-job she’d just given.

Rachana’s eyes were wide and expectant….. her exhausted mouth was gaping open. Her ample chest was heaving as she gasped for air. A long, single strand of drool was hanging from one corner of her tender young lips.


She was still knelt on the bed, a purely high priced blue relaxing cushion on the 3rd floor of the famous five-star hotel. The room was modified what anyone would expect for a modernized office cum film-studio with different video tapes filled in a bookcase…..

One of it’s wall was covered with that huze bookcase and apart from it, at the far end, a sink was kept with a mirrored cabinet above it. Numerous photographs of Kader with the (predominantly female) actresses like Satabdi Roy, Debasree Roy, Mimi Chakraborty….  covered another wall.

Other important items….. like computer, hd camera, intercom to the secretary, paperwork, the usual crap on the desk, a couple of filing cabinets, a few plants, lights and a fine sofa were arranged beautifully.

Although Kader had christened himself now as a ‘Miracle Award Winner’….. some critiques could find fault with his lack of originality but not with his accurateness.

Now upon the sofa was Rachana’s sophisticated leather handbag and a pile of clothes….. recently thrown there. Her expensive Jamdani Saree, Saya, lacy bra and sleeveless blouse were crumpled underneath Kader’s black trousers, belt, shoes and socks.

There was a blue tie that hadn’t quite made it to it’s destination and was snaked across the floor in front of the settee. There were five objects between the currently locked door on one wall and the large window with the blinds shut on the other.

The objects were some luxurious chairs and desks…. which Kader’s clients and guests used, and of course the half-naked actresses. The other item was an arm-chair with a black suit jacket hanging on the back. Normally it was contained by Kader, a name so inconspicuous, it always aroused suspicion.

Previously, this Bangladeshi guy had been one of many unknown agents until a little amateur photography, with a little voyeurism. But a whole lot of luck turned him into one of Tollywood’s most prominent producer…. a few years ago.

Industry insiders rumored the fact that Kader started to operate alone his office with some mean, unlawful business. He’d accumulated quite an array of mostly young, B-grade Bong actresses. There was no doubt that he’d made mostly a lot of money in recent years.

For this instant however, he looked just like any other 25-something with his hand on his dick. To go with his great name was a very average looking man…. not ugly but not a head-turner.

He wasn’t not too skinny and not fat but highly muscular with a strong body. He was in his early 30’s with short, curly dark hair…. highly-styled in a messy fashion.

He normally wore a completely unbuttoned white shirt. He was black like an African Nigro, due to his Nigerian mother to whom his Bangladeshi father had married.

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