Bengalee Film Queen 29

His intention was to grab her wrist and get her hand off his cock. He was enjoying the succulent moistness of her mouth so much that he wasn’t sure he could retain himself much longer.

It didn’t matter anyway because he’d trained this Tolly whore as well as one of Sonagachi bitches…… knowing that she would promptly place her soft hand back on the top of his thigh.


Yes, she gripped them for better leverage and sat up slightly from her kneeling position. She continued to pump her slavering mouth up and down the half of his chunky shaft. Her eyes were shut tight in what looked like concentration.

“That’s it bitch, suck my fucking fat dick!” he snapped as her bobbing head didn’t give away whether she even heard him.

“Oh yeah slut! Do you know how good you look with my big black cock down your throat?” he asked rhetorically as Rachana never miss a beat and kept up the wet suction on his shaft.

“Fucking cock-sucking slag. You’ve had plenty of practice at this…. haven’t you? Lost count of much dick you’ve blown?” he taunted the Tolly glamour-queen.

Straight sex, anal, oral, hand-jobs, whatever might be the case, they both knew that when the insults was attached with raw and obscene language…. it turned Kader to the highest and that’s why he was now about to shoot his creamy load.

So he forcefully gripped the back of her head, strands of her long, silky hair falling between his fingers. “Yeah bitch, faster!” he demanded, firmly but slowly trying to push her head further down his rock-hard prick.

Deep-throating was generally a movie-inspired myth, very few actresses could actually do it without gagging and Rachana was no exception.

But Kader loved watching the shock on the mature TV-hostess’s face when she thought that he was going to slam her pretty face down and embed his eager penis entirely down her throat.

Like clockwork, Rachana’s eyes opened wide as he tugged on her dark black hair with one hand. He pulled the panting TV-celeb’s skilled ruby lips off from his throbbing cock. He then gripped his swollen member with the other hand and aimed at her beautiful face.

If ever there was Kodak moment, this was it for Abdul Kader Sk. Quickly he raised himself from his lying position as Rachana knelt down in front of him…… being fully nude.

Her big, ripe tits not needing any help from the Wonder-bra to form a perfect cleavage that could put a couple of grand on any photo shoot fee. Her long, straight dark-black hair, which until around 15 minutes ago had looked like she just stepped out of the salon, was now slightly messier.

Her milky white flesh was glistening slightly with an almost invisible film of sweat but her makeup remained perfect.

Kader guessed she used that stuff they advertise on TV. Some famous make-up artist started extolling the virtues of the waterproof mascara….. used on the latest Tollywood film.

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