Bengalee Film Queen 29

Her silky hair which flowed down her back like a dark waterfall….. was bouncing slightly with her majestic walking. She walked closer with a sexy devlish grin on her face as she finally aproached them.

“Well If it isn’t the man of the hour!” She said as she continued. “I just wanted to come over and tell you that I just loved the movie Priyatama and would love to work with you once again…… if you kindly provide me a chance. I see that you basically won Porimoni the award with your spectacular supervision and was wondering, I would be the luckiest person to work with you in our second movie.”


“Actually Porimoni worked very hard to win her award. I’m just honored that she even did my movie!” Kader exclaimed. And thought to himself that she fucked his brains out for the three months straight…. during the times of that film’s shooting.

As Kader stood there motionless…. listening to the “Didi No. 1” Rachana talk, he won’t lie that he stared at her enormous overflowing tits in awe. When he kept his feet first time in Tollywood, he offered her for his movie and she agreed to work with him.

After that although they didn’t work together, they met few times in filmy-party. He was now thinking that her and Porimoni pretty much had the same kind of body…. except in chest area.

He was sure that the 46 yrs old Rachana Banerjee could easily beat the 28 yrs old Bangladeshi heroine. However they could pass for twin sisters as Rachana being her elder sister.

And then he thought about how Rachana probably taught Porimoni about sex and taught her some of the erotic sexual positions which they experienced two yrs ago.

It hit him that as good at fucking as Porimoni was, she was the student and Rachana was her teacher….. meaning that Rachana would probably be the most amazing fuck in Tollygunge.

Kader was reminiscing in wicked head……. his last encounter with Rachana and thought what it would be like to lay her down once again and make sweet love to the Bong glamour-queen.

As he was thinking about it, she said something by breaking his trance, “Hey Kaderbhai, where are you? I would love to work with you real soon, and I was expecting an invitation eagerly from you for two years!”.

“Ok, when would be a good time for you?” Kader asked.

“How about tonight there sexy! Here at the party it will probably take an hour or so for me to say what I have to say!” She winked as she told him.

“Alright Rachanaji, meet me on the third floor of this hotel in roon no. 303 to the right in 30 minutes.” Kader proposed her.

He then watched the Bong Queen Rachana Banerjee as she walked away and went up the stairs to the third floor. He knew that she would be waiting as he thought to himself.

‘Will Rachanaji actually wanted to discuss a movie role or was this an excuse to throw me down on the bed and fuck me to have a chance in my movie? Even though I would be used by her like the others who wanted to get a role in my movie, I surely prefered the second option. However this time I wanted to fulfill some of my weird desires which she didn’t allow me last time.’

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