Bengalee Film Queen 29

“Bro, you have got to tell me every detail about your encounter with Rachana aunty in the morning!” Nilay exclaimed as he continued….. fixing his lust-filled eyes at the swaying ass of Rachana, “I think she has got to be the most sexy actress in Tollygunge!”

Kader was about to agree with him when across the party it was as If God or something stepped in and It seemed as the party was just split. Across the room he saw an actor that looked very familiar to him but it was the woman he was with…. that drew his attention in the first place.


At first his gaze fell on the back of her…… she was thin (not anorexia thin) but had a very sexy athletic body. She was wearing a dark blue dress with glittery material on it that made her shine like an angel.

She was medium in all the sense…. he noticed. She was about the same height….. maybe slightly higher than Porimoni was.

She had her dark hair put up in a bun on her head and she looked like she was a princess. Her dress had a slit down her back that stopped right there where anyone could easily see the crack of her ass.

And by the way, this gorgeous creature had the most fantastic ass ever, he thought. It was small but it had the sexiest tight round shape he had ever seen.

This angel’s skin was extremely smooth and tan. He had to know who this was and then the actor walked up with her. Kader knew who they both were as soon as they got closer to him.

“Hey man! How’s it’s going….. I’m Bumba….. I mean Prosen….!” the man stopped midway by Kader’s interruption.

“Prosenjit Chatterjee! Yeah I know you very much and I love your acting.” Kader told him.

“And I loved your movie too, man! Out of all those films at the Dhaka Film Festival last year, yours stood out more than anyone,” He exclaimed heartily by praising the Bangladeshi producer.

Wow Prosenjit just said he loved his movie! He meant…… this was the man who wrote and produced the film ‘Protihinsha’ three yrs ago which became a blockbuster in both the countries.

He was also a master of writing where anyone came from and the way his home town Kolkata can affect the major portion of the civilians. His movie actually inspired the Bangladeshi film-producer to write a movie about where he was from.

“Oh where are my manners! Must’ve left them back in Mumbai! Oh yes Kadersaheb, meet with her….. this here is someone who I am great friends with and of course liked her enough to use her in my movie!” Prosenjit introduced his colleague lady.

“No need to be introduced….. I’m a fan of her acting. Yes…. she is Raima…. granddaughter of Tollywood’s all-time best actress Lt. Suchitra Sen! At last I feel myself being honored by meeting with someone a talented actress like Raima Sen!” Kader exclaimed.

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