Bengalee Film Queen 29

He felt her hot sticky saliva on his mushroom size cockhead as she sucked it hard. He felt the surging blood in his throbbing dick build up and he knew it was about time to spew his load.

“Ohhhhh….. Khankichudi Koel Barobhatari re! I’m gonna cum for you!” He cautioned the slim Tolly heroine.


“Yes baby, I want you to cum in my mouth and on my tits baby!” Koel moaned.

With that, she started sucking more and more until suddenly he shot a hot load…. a big one in her mouth. There was so much force that some leaked out of her mouth and onto her chin.

He then took his cock out of her mouth as she swallowed his salty muslim cream hungrily. He started spraying on her lovely perky tits….. down at her belly with his hot white semen.

When he was finished, she got off from the bed…. went into the bathroom and took a shower. After that she got out of the shower….. a wet ‘Arundhati” came back to bed….. fully naked and laid in the bed beside Zaman.

Zaman then took her boobs in his mouth one by one…. sucking on them for a while and ate her out until she came.

They lie there sometimes…. talking about the sudden insurgency of young actresses in Tollywood as well as the gloomy future of Tollygunge film industry.

However Kader watched them intently but didn’t disturb them and walked down the hall….. turned on highly by the live blueshow of his buddy, Nilay’s wife Koel with Zaman. He then peered into the the next room on the left and saw Porimoni…… butt naked…… fingering herself slowly.

She must be waiting for Nilay…. that lucky dog…. he thought. He stared at Porimoni and thought for her boobies size….. she had an enormous set of tits on her.

They looked phenomenal as well. She, as he listened her moaning, suddenly shrieked in ecstatic plaesure….. which turned him on even more. However not to mention of those gorgeous globes on her millk-white smooth chest, that attracted him most.

He finally reached the second room on the right and knocked on the door….. when all of a sudden the door swung open. A hand pulled him swiftly in the room and threw him on the bed.

He looked up to see a glorious sight like no other. Rachana was standing there in a black Saya ( Petticoat ) with a tight red bra…. causing her huge tits to almost burst through.

A small red Bindi on her forehead, three inches long trail of ‘Sindoor’ in her ‘Sinthi’……. along with a golden necklace and some golden bangles in her hands, made the mature Tolly heroine a real ‘Sexy-glamour-queen’ like Rituparna Sengupta. It seemed that she just came down from the heaven.

“I Can’t believe you made me wait up here for thirty minutes!” Rachana objected… “You’re gonna pay for that Kaderbhai!” She smiled with a sexy grin on her angelic face.

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