Bengalee Film Queen 29

“Yes dear….  I also like your hot mouth and want you to suck me dry baby! It’s after two yrs….. so long gap….” He also expressed his wish.

In return, she winked at him and then kissed him lovingly. She then moved down and licked up his ‘Cobra shaft’ to the top where she slowly stuck the tip in her mouth.


Using her jaw musscles, she slowly sucked down his dick….. like a snake slowly taking a mouse into it’s mouth. She got down further to about five inches when Kader pushed her head down on his cock and she gagged.

He thought that maybe she could deepthroat like Sreelekha used to do to him as he guessed the Tolly ‘Sex-glamour’ learned that somewhere else.

Rachana was one of the best cocksuckers in Tollywood, Kader thought….. even when she wasn’t giving 100% of her talent. He couldn’t think of many other throats he’d prefer his dick buried in.

He watched contentedly as several inches of his firm Nigro-shaft disappeared between her skilled crimson lipstick coated lips at slow, deliberate intervals. Although she wasn’t giving her 100% skill now, which she rarely did without encouragement, it made Kader to reach the highest level of his enjoyment.

Normally Rachana offered her topmost skills to please her younger partners. However some of them thought they were worth something without him and needed putting in their place a little more than others. They thought Rachana was one of the cheap slags with delusions of class that it was always more fun to break.

“Come on slut!” he growled, “I know you can do better than that!”

Rachana’s big eyes opened and glanced up as far as they could, not giving anything away. They closed again and her pace quickened slightly.

She removed her right hand, which had been placed on the tops of his hairy thigh and wrapped it softly around the base of his veiny shaft. She tightened her moist cherry lips around his stiff length and pulled out so that only the bulbous head of his prick remained inside her warm mouth.

“Aahh!” he gasped as she squeezed her hand slightly….. sending a wave of pleasure straight through him.

He gripped the headrests on the hotel’s modernized bed and flung his head back. Sensing his enjoyment, Rachana began punching up and down on his thick root while simultaneously twisting her wrist around his throbbing pole.

While her hand occupied the base, her expert lips continued to suck around the final inch or so of his meaty dong. Her head was twisting and her mouth beginning to slobber like a hungry dog. She was hoping to get him off as quickly as possible.

“Mmmmmm.” She moaned, quietly and convincingly.

Despite her utmost enthusiasm, Kader smiled wryly, there was a time when it might have taken a slap or two to get such a positive reaction so quickly but he still felt she needed a bit more taming.

“Did I tell you….. you could use your fucking hands?” he snarled suddenly which startled Rachana.

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