Bengalee Film Queen 29

At present, his one hand was wrapped tightly around his own stiff cock ( another part of his appearance that was as immense as his name ). His other hand was however clutched a handful of the deep-black mane of the famous Tolly anchor.

“Don’t you dare close your mouth bitch!” hissed Kader as he glared into her eyes. “I know how much you loved swallowing this all down!”


Rachana knew what was going to happen. She just stared in glazy-faced at his slick bellend black pole….. awaiting for the forthcoming explosion of cum.

A couple of tugs on his bloated prick saw the first long strand of thick, creamy jizz fire towards Rachana. It landed just below her left eye and immediately started to dribble down slowly towards her lips.

She never tried to turn away through pure, disgusted reflex as Kader’s firm hand pulled on her hair…. compelled her to stay where she was. Moreover she herself didn’t want to miss a drop of his precious cream.

“You’re gonna take every last drop of my dirty cum….. you 3-rd class slut!” he snarled. With that another two similar strings followed, hitting Rachana’s lovely face with a couple more wads of his warm goo.

At last he was spent out and the final few drops of cum dripped onto the generous mound of her left boob. He released his grip on both his fading dick and her head. She instinctively raised a hand to scoop up his sticky seed from her face and drink it.

“Not yet whore, you know the drill”, Kader batted away her hand and reached down by the side of his pillow…. picking up his camera.

“Now open your mouth wide.” He chuckled.

Rachana raised a hand and gave him a OK signal with her finger. He smiled….. noticing her cooperation and said. “You’d better open your mouth Rachanaji and give me the impression of come-to-bed eyes…. like the slut you are…. Rachanaji.”

Obediently, Rachana opened her mouth as the small rivers of salty slime trickled down into her mouth.


Kader took his hd camera and framed Rachana’s cum covered beautiful face. Instantly the hard copy of that shot came out from the camera which he carefully placed on the bed beside him.

However the flash momentarily brought spots into Rachana’s vision. Taking his now sagging dick in his free hand he wiped it all over her spunk-coated face, smearing his goo into her skin.

SNAP…… Another shot….. this time of Rachana Banerjee’s jizz-coated features with an oozing cock resting on her chin. He placed this picture delicately next to the other on the bed.

He then aimed his flaccid prick at her closed mouth which she gladly took in her mouth. She started licking the sticky tool….. tried her best to clean it by swiping her tongue.

However she was disorientated from the camera’s bright flash as he quickly buried his prick in her mouth once again.

SNAP…… Picture number three.

“Don’t stop your cleaning….. you fucking slut.” Kader commanded, as Rachana obeyed with much more enthusiasm.

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