Son can’t sleep & discovers that mom can’t either

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Son can’t sleep & discovers that mom can’t either, There had been many long nights. My girlfriend of three years had just broken up with me and obviously I was very upset. I was in between semesters so I was living at home with my mom. My parents had gotten divorced about four years ago and my mom hasn’t remarried yet. Maybe in the future, but she doesn’t seem to go out and date or anything so I don’t know.

Anyway, turning in bed, I looked at the clock; 3am. Damn, this is gonna be a long night I thought to myself. There was no point in just laying in bed and staring at the ceiling so I figured I’d go out to the living room to watch some TV. I only sleep in my boxer-briefs and being 3am, I never thought to put anything else on.


I made my way out to the living room and as I started getting to the end of the hall, I saw the flickering light of the TV. I wasn’t sure why it was on, surely my mom couldn’t be up at this hour. I figured that she had probably just left it on. As I got out to the living room, from the light on the TV I saw my mom laying on the couch in a red nighty.

Let me describe my mom. She’s not a model, but she’s pretty good looking for a mom. She stands about 5’5″, weighs somewhere around 120-130lbs I figure and has small 34B breasts. She’s got a nice body and cute face which made me the butt of many “MILF jokes” in the locker room through high school.

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I didn’t really care that I was only in my boxer-briefs. Not like she hadn’t seen me in less before.

I walked up to the back of the couch and just said, “Hey mom, mind if I join you?”

She looked surprised to see me, but said, “Sure hun, have a seat.”

I sat down next to her, “I couldn’t sleep. What are you doing up?”

“Same as you” She smiled.

I hadn’t even looked at the TV, “So whatchya watching this late at night?”

She looked a little nervous, but replied, “Oh just some movie.”

I laughed, “Thank you captain obvious, what’s it about?”

“Well…I guess you’re old enough…it’s kinda a dirty movie” She said laughing trying to play off the embarrassment of being caught by her son watching a porn.

A bit surprised, I said, “Seriously? I never knew you were into this kind of stuff.”

“Well, women like sex just as much as men and with your father gone, you can’t blame me for getting a little randy every once in a while. We should change it.” She said.

I thought about it for a minute. On one hand, watching porn with your mom was very weird. But on the other, I could totally use this to blackmail her at some point so I figured I might as well build up as much ammunition as I can right?

“No, that’s okay mom, we can watch this.” I said turning toward the TV. Just as I did, an obviously older woman gets down on her knees and begins sucking the cock of a younger guy. This was definitely a MILF scenario and I loved it. This woman knew how to suck cock and frankly, it was turning me on. My cock started to stir and I could feel the tent in my boxer-briefs start to build. I noticed that mom was rubbing her thighs together a bit so it was obviously turning her on as well.

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