Bengalee Film Queen 24

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Episode : 24

While Porimoni was busy in her self-pleasuring, her newest lesbian lover Koel was giving head to her husband Nilay….. just one room away from her own room. Actually they were now at a five-star rated guesthouse of Kalimpong for an outdoor shooting of their second film ‘Boudimoni’, in which Koel was starring as Porimoni’s Boudi.

“Ohhhhhhhh….. Koel darling, you’re so good at this,” Nilay groaned as he stood in front of the steel Almirah.

Naked on her knees in front of him was his wife, Koel Mallick, who was hungrily sucking his cock. She had her hands behind her back and was only using her mouth as she blew her husband. After marrying for over five years, she knew how staring up at her husband through her glasses as she deep-throated him….. which drove him nuts with lust. She did not have to work too hard to deep throat him.

His cock was kind of like him, long and stout. It reached up eight inches on a good day, and good enough thickness that her fingers didn’t touch when she wrapped his tool in her hand. Just big enough to keep her content and get her to cum when she was in control of the action.

However not big enough to keep Koel from occasionally having some fun with the crew members, she came in contact during her film-shooting who were more on the larger side of the spectrum. But she wasn’t sure if her husband was aware about any of those encounters, she had cheated on him.

And more than one occasion, it was with some of her co-stars or producers which she had to do for boosting her filmy career, but she did not care. She was now aware after the three-some escapade with Indrani that he had done the same to her.

Even when he was outside of Kolkata and was without her for his filmy activities, he’d hook up with some of her colleague actresses like Swastika or Konkona. However at the end of the day, the two always came back to each other, so all was fine in her book.

“Shit babe, I’m going to cum,” Nilay groaned before stepping back and pulling his dick from her mouth. He beat his dick hard and fast as Koel looked up at him with her mouth open and her tongue out.

“Fuck,” he screamed before he shot his load.

While she would have preferred that most of it had ended up in her mouth, only a little bit did. Instead, some landed on her forehead, some landed on her nose, and a lot of it ended up on her glasses. Koel didn’t know where this kinky fetish of his to cum on her glasses came from, but it was one that had really grown over the last year and it was starting to annoy her sometimes on how often she needed to clean her lenses.

“Babe that was amazing as always, but I gotta get going now or I will be late. Kaderbhai and I’ve to cover over fifty km from here to select the place of shooting,” Nilay said as he brought his pants back up.

“So what if you are late?” Koel said.

She then took off the cum coated glasses and wiped some of the other jizz off her face. She licked those tasty fluid throughly with a satisfying smile as she laid back on the floor.

“But Kaderbhai has his own ability to do that. So if you’re late, you’re late, I mean it’s not like Kaderbhai can’t choice the venue without you.”

“I know, but I was the one who came up with the time for our contract and outing. I don’t want to be that guy who sets things up and then blows them off. That’s not fair to him.” Nilay said in front of his dresser with his back to his wife as he finished getting ready.

“Are you sure that I can’t tempt you to stay a bit longer?” she said seductively.

Nilay turned around instantly, looked back at his wif and said, “That is so not fair”.

Koel was then sitting up with a foot in each hand as she did a split. Her shaved pussy glistening in the light and pointed right at him. She had done a lot of gymnastics when she was younger, and as she got older she found out that all that flexibility really came in handy both in seducing the producers and directors when she wanted the leading role in their films.

“You know I don’t have time.” Nilay said gazing at her magnetic pussy.

“Not even for one little quicky?” She then laid back and put one of her legs over her head.

Nilay hesitated his response as he looked at his ‘Arundhati’ wife…… laying on the floor doing her best to tempt him. Koel thought she had him as she could clearly see his pants tenting outward.

“No. No, I can’t. I gotta go.” he said with a panting voice as he averted his eyes and headed to the bedroom door. “I should be back by 1 pm, and then we can spend the rest of the day doing whatever and however you want.”

He then opened the door and speed walked out before Koel could say anything to stop him. Thankfully the guesthouse was quiet and neither the caretaker nor the servant waked by because Nilay didn’t shut the door and any passers by would have gotten a hell of an eye full of the gorgeous Tolly celeb.

Koel could hear her husband talking to Porimoni’s husband Kamruzzaman Roni ( Zaman ) down the hall as she reluctantly got off the floor and put on a tight black tank top and loosened skirt. As she exited the bedroom, she heard her husband say “You know the deal dude, make yourself at home and what’s mine is yours,”

Nilay waved him before walking out the front door. Few minutes later, walking into the kitchen Koel saw Zaman sitting at the counter sipping on coffee and eating a bowl of cereal. Although Zaman was at least five yrs younger than her, he became her friend during the one month shooting with Porimoni of her previous film ‘Priyatama’.

Koel poured herself a cup of coffee while scrolling through her phone. She could feel his eyes checking her out. It probably didn’t help that while her tank top was not see through, it was extremely tight and her nips were still hard as diamonds and were poking out.

After getting her coffee, Koel sat down and made small talk with Zaman. They talked for a while until he finished his cereal and coffee…. then putting his bowl and mug into the dishwasher, he left the place quietly.

Koel was now left alone in the kitchen and was on her second cup of coffee. Still feeling a little pent up from this morning, she found herself staring off and daydreaming. She was lost in her thought….. thinking about a well-hung actor friend of hers when suddenly a series of text came into her phone. Snapping back to reality, she quickly turned to grab her phone and accidentally knocked over her full cup of coffee.

“Shit,” She said as she watched her coffee go all over the counter and much of it went all over the floor.

Figuring it was too big a job for some paper towels, she walked down to the hallway/guest bathroom to get some towels. The door was closed but unlocked, so Koel thought nothing of it as she opened the door.

Just as the door started to open, the sound of the shower started up. Once the door opened up fully, Koel did a double take before her eyes almost bugged out of her head.

“Bhabiji, what the hell!?” Zaman yelled in shock.

“I..I…I’m sorry. I needed to get some towels. I made a mess. A big, big mess.” Koel stumbled over her words as she spoke.

Zaman was totally nude as he was about to get in the shower when Koel opened the door. He reached out for a towel to cover his massive circumcised manhood, but not before she got a good look at what was dangling between his legs. It looked like a chubby baby arm hanging down. Koel could not help herself from licking her dry lips at what she saw.

“Okay, grab the towels,” He told her.

The Bong actress was still frozen for a second before she entered the bathroom and turned her back to him as she pulled several paper towels out of a cabinet. When she turned back, Zaman had entered the shower.

However, the curtain wasn’t transparent, and it also wasn’t so opaque that she couldn’t pretty easily make out his dick through it. Koel gave him one last long look before she left the bathroom and closed the door behind her. ‘Wow’ she mouthed as the door clicked shut.

Koel threw the towels down over the spilled coffee but didn’t even bother wiping it up. Instead, she rushed over to her purse. Her husband refused to let her keep one of her vibrators in his nightstand for her, and he got really mad last time she used to base of his electric toothbrush as one.

So she kept a bullet vibrator in her purse on nights and she knew she wasn’t going to be alone. She didn’t even bother going back to her room. She knew the other roommates, eg. the other crew members of the shooting-unit were out for some lazy walking. So she just pushed her long floral skirt to the ground and sat up on the same chair, she was in earlier and began using her vibe.

Koel had the image of her producer Kaderbhai’s Nigro-like beefy meat stick burned into her brain as she worked her clit with her vibrator. She always would have the thought that he was hung like that…… although he was shorter and skinnier than Zaman.

Koel also then remembered the actions of a couple of nights ago when Zaman was fucking his wife Porimoni and her screams echoed through the guesthouse for two hours as the couple went at it madly. Porimoni later told Koel that she couldn’t control her passion when they had sex. So Koel and her husband thought that she had putting on a show for them to try and make Nilay and Koel jealous.

They believed that their realisation was correct because few minutes later they came across a naked Porimoni in the kitchen….. waiting for the coffee maker to finish. Porimoni didn’t even try to cover up her nudity as Koel and her husband entered the kitchen.

Instead, she just acted like nothing out of the normal was happening until she filled up two coffee mugs and went back to Zaman’s room. After fifteen minutes, they were back at it in the bedroom, and Porimoni was again as loud as before.

Now Koel thought that maybe Porimoni wasn’t faking and maybe Zaman had actually given her the fucking of her life. Sitting in the barstool chair, Koel had been working her clit with the toy in her hand for five minutes, but even though she felt like she was right at the edge, she couldn’t get off.

“Ugghhhh come on,” Koel groaned as she worked her pussy feverishly. “Fuck it!” She became frustrated….. getting off the chair and whipping off her skirt as she stormed nude out of the room and moved to Zaman’s room… knowing that Porimoni was out for at least one hour for some marketing.

Meanwhile Zaman was in the shower, and he could not help but touch himself a little bit. At first, he felt embarrassed having Koel walk in on him right as he was about to step into the shower, but as time went by, he could not help but think about her. He had always thought that the Bong actress was super hot and may have had a little bit of a crush on her.

On more than one occasion he’d fucked his wife Porimoni…. thinking about Koel, including a couple of nights ago when he heard Koel fucking her husband Nilay through the wall. He thought about beating off in the shower but knowing Koel was outside, he didn’t want to spend too long in the shower. So after 10 minutes, he turned off the shower, wrapped a towel around himself and walked back to his bedroom.

“Oh fuck, Bhabiji !” Zaman exclaimed as he entered the sitting room.

“Umm… hey,” Koel responded.

Zaman stood in the doorway in a towel looking wide-eyed at the bed where the naked Tolly Queen Koel laid on her back. She was angled towards the doorway with her legs wide apart, knees up and feet flat on the bed.

“Whaa…what’s going on? What are you doing here Bhabiji?” He asked still in shock.

“I think it’s pretty obvious,” Koel said licking her lips seductively. She then took her vibrating toy away from her clit, turned it off and gave it a lick.

“But what about your husband….. I mean Nilayda?”

“What about him? He isn’t back still now. And let’s not act like you don’t know he has slept with others while we’ve been together.”

“Yeah, but…”

“Zamanbhai, I’m horny and I need a good fuck. Right now I want you. More specifically I want that big fat cock of yours, and judging by how much your towel is sticking out, you want me.” Koel winked at him….. displaying her hot box more provocatively to Porimoni’s husband.

Zaman looked down and noticed that not only was his fully erect hardon trying to push its way out of his towel, but he had also unknowingly been moving closer and closer to the bed and now stood just a few feet away.

He thought about few seconds that this was his wife’s nearest friend. A friend who was doing him a favor by helping his wife to have a strong place in Tollygunge Film-industry. But he knew that this might be his one and only opportunity with the great Bong celeb, and she looked so hot and so tempting for him to say ‘no’ to.

“Nilay can never know,” He said to himself as he dropped his towel.

Quickly getting on the bed, Zaman got between her legs but instead of sticking his aching dick inside her hot box, he hooked his arms under her legs and brought her pelvis up to his face. “I’ve dreamt about doing this for a long time,” he said before burying his face into her soaking pussy and eagerly ate out the Tolly star’s pussy.

“Yessss! Eat me. Ummm. How’s the pussy taste?”

“So good.” Zaman went back to eating her out until Koel reached up and pulled his face away.

“That feels fucking great, but I need your circumcised dick now,” She told him in desperate need of release.

Lowering her back down to the bed, but keeping her legs up on his shoulders, Kamruzzaman got ready to fuck the famous ‘Arundhati’ actress. Both moaned loudly as his dick pushed into her aching slippery pussy. “Fuck! your dick feels so good.”

“Oh my god Bhabiji! your pussy feels amazing,” Zaman said as he felt her pussy stretch to accommodate his mighty dick fully.

“Yeah? Then fuck me!” Koel urged as the Bangladeshi started rocking his hips violently.

“Yes. Fuck me.” Koel hissed…. lifting her crotch to meet his downward thrusting. He worked her slowly….. wanting to make it last.

“Come on Zaman, give it to me” Koel begged as he picked up his tempo a bit.

“Harder!” she commanded as Zaman was giving in finally which she needed….. grabbing on to her slim waist firmly.

“UGGHH! YES! THAT’S IT! FUCKING POUND ME!” Koel screamed out. Zaman continued to rail her and soon Koel got the release she so desperately needed.

“AHHHH YYYEEEEESSSS!” She screamed out as she came. Zaman paused as he watched the Tolly star in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

“Fuck me I needed that,” she continued her urging as she calmed down slowly. At last she lowered her legs back down to the bed and pulled away from his dick.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“Are you kidding? I feel fucking fantastic,” Koel said as she sat up and pushed him onto his back.

With his dick now pointing straight up like a flagpole, Koel wrapped her hands around his phallus before wrapping her lips around it as well. Zaman didn’t say anything as he watched her start to suck off his pussy-juices glistening cock.

Looking up at him as she worked her tongue around his mushroom head “You know what tastes better than dick?” she asked as he shook his head.

“A dick that my pussy just gushed all over.” Koel winked.

She gave him one good hard lick along the underside of his cock before she slid several inches down her throat. Koel enthusiastically blew the husband of her newest friend. She got a thrill out of doing something like this on one of the person, especially one who she had known for a while and had a bit of a crush on her.

“Oh my god Koel Bhabi, you are so good at that” Zaman said while trying to hold off from busting his nut.

“I know,” she said confidently before going back to sucking him…… and happily deepthroating his large circumcised muslim rod.

“No, I mean you’re really expert at this. If you don’t stop, I’m going to cum,” He warned her but she did not stop.

Looking up into his eyes, the Bong queen worked his way all the way down his dick, before pulling back and rapidly moving her mouth back and forth on his dick. When he couldn’t take it anymore he blasted his load down her throat, and Koel swallowed every last drop of his salty juices. She continued to use her tongue to play with his cock even after his jizz was all gone in her belly….. making sure that he did not go soft.

“Do you have a condom?” Koel asked.

Zaman shook his head and replied, “Pori doesn’t like to use them and threw them out last time she was over.”

“Doesn’t matter….. nobody can brust my belly for which I’m trying since my marriage. However I’ll be lucky enough and would be grateful to you if you can do that. Now I hope you’re ready to go again,” She said as she straddled him and got ready to give the Bangladeshi guy the ride of his life.

“After all the times I’ve dreamt about you, I’m more than ready,” he said as he watched her lower herself.

“Ummpphh, you’ve dream about this? How long have you been fantasizing about me?” she asked as she lowered herself all the way down his large tool.

“I had a crush on you when I first saw you in your film ‘Arundhati’ I couldn’t believe my luck after I actually met you in person and started hanging out,” he said as he watched her perky b-cups with light brown colored nipples bouncing while she started to ride him.

“You ever think about me recently. You ever touch yourself while I was in the next room humping my husband.”

“Yes,” he confessed.

“Then you should have let me know that you had an eggplant tucked away in your pants. We could have done this a lot sooner.”


“Fuck yeah. Your cock feels fucking amazing.” Koel stuck out her chest and had her head roll back as she enjoyed the way his dick filled her up when she dropped down on it. She kept riding him for a bit before she spoke up again.

“With a dick like yours, it’s amazing you have only Porimoni in your bed. I know a few mature Tolly heroines like Satabdi or Debasree that you could probably pounce on easily. However for that you’ve to just wipe this beast out in front of them.”

“You can tell me about your slutty friends later, right now I am more than content with you,” he said and then pulled her down on top of him.

Taking one of her tits each time into his mouth, he began sucking on them like a greedy child. As he played with her nipples, Koel grounded herself harder against him until she came again. After her climax, she got off from him and spun around. Getting down on all fours, she presented her inviting ass to him. He scrambled up to his knees but once again dove his tongue first into her snatch.

“You taste amazing Koel Bhabi,” He praised the taste of her abundant flowing pussy-juices.

He worked his tongue into her pussy like a hungry wolf, trying to see how deep into her he could get it for a few minutes. He then removed his tongue and jammed two fingers into her leaking cooch.

“AHH!” Koel shrieked and her legs kicked up as she felt him shove his tongue into her backdoor.

“Oh my god, Zamanbhai!” she cried out as he fingered her while also tossing her salad.

“Oh my god, Nilay had never done this,” she said.

For Koel, while she didn’t mind anal, it wasn’t something she did very often, and getting her ass eaten was something that happened even less often. Zaman, meanwhile, happily ate the thirty-six yrs old Bong actress’ ass like it was his last meal and didn’t stop until she cried out. He felt her pussy gush all over his fingers.

“Holy fuck, Zamanbhai. Where’d you learn that? Nilay never does that, he thinks it’s gross.” Koel said looking back over her shoulder. Her hands no longer supporting the front of herself up, so she was just lying there with her ass sticking up in the air.

“I thought you had that too. And then one night after some party or something I was with a group of people at someone’s house and we were playing truth or dare. I got dared to eat out Joya Bhabiji’s ( Joya Ehasan ) ass and I got her to cum so hard and she started squirting.”

“Well I didn’t squirt, but maybe you can try again later. For now, why don’t you put your dick back to work.” Koel insisted.

Zaman didn’t say anything in response, he just grabbed her hips and very slowly, he buried his full dick into her second backdoor. After having her yell at him to fuck her hard earlier, he didn’t bother going softly, instead, he went straight to hammering her as hard as he could.

After banging her head up against the headboard, it was more than once. Koel looked back at him approvingly and grabbed onto the headboard. Pushing her ass back into him, she began to scream out for him to slap her ass while he drilled her. He hadn’t been much into spanking, but after she kept calling for it and listening to her moan after each slap, he found some enjoyment in leaving a red handprint on each of her creamy Bengalee ass cheeks.

“I hope you like creampies,” he blurted out.

“Yes,” she moaned and she got her answer seconds later when he grunted and began filling every crevice of her pussy with his  muslim cream juice. Few moments later when Koel felt him finish, she spoke up again, “God, that’s how you keep your wife warm and enthusiastic?”

“Yes, she always loves to get creampied.”

“I’d be a lot angrier if the sex weren’t so good.” Even though he had just cum, and the said cum was now leaking out of her tight box, Zaman was still slowly rocking his hips and sliding several inches in and out of Koel.

“Fuck, are you still hard?” she asked.


“Do you have any lube?” Koel asked and then giggled as she felt his dick jump at the question.

“There is some in the nightstand. Why?”

“Because we have time, your dick’s hard, and you’ve already cum in my mouth and pussy. Why not try and go three for three.” Koel winked.

Hearing this, Zaman smiled and quickly backed away giving Koel space to move. She quickly spun around and took his dick into her mouth….. making sure he was nice and fully hard. She also cleaned his cock of both of their fluids. Once she was satisfied with how ready his cock was, she moved to open the nightstand and retrieve the lube.

“Oh wow. Is this seriously strawberry flavored lube? I haven’t used this stuff since I was 18.” Koel smiled.

Then flipping open the cap, she squeezed some into her mouth to eat before squeezing some into her hand, getting her ass and his dick ready to fuck. Once they were both lubed up, Koel had his new muslim lover lay on his back and she got on top of him.

Bending forward and pulling her ass-cheeks wide apart, Zaman had a great view as his dick entered her puckered asshole slowly and she began riding him in reverse cowgirl position. Koel lowered down hard and worked herself rhythmically. It had been a while since she had had anything that big in her ass.

After a few minutes and have gotten accustomed to his size, Koel really started working her ass on his skyward rockhard poll. Putting her hands out in front of herself for leverage, she found her small vibrator from earlier. She picked it up, flicked it on, and began using it against her clit as she continued to get her ass fucked.

If only Koel’s fans could see her now…… being impaled in her ass by a circumcised cock of her newly Bangladeshi friend’s husband while flicking a small vibrator on her clit…. what would they think about their favorite actress?

The two went at it hard, and it did not take long for Koel to have another orgasm. She’d lost track of how many this was, but this was undoubtedly the most powerful orgasm of the morning. Koel’s whole body shook as she let out a silent scream.

When it was over, she fell forward…… with Koel laying down as Zaman got up and rolled her over. Folding her legs so that they were up above her head, he pushed his dick back in and jackhammered her booty.

The Bangladeshi guy fucked the former Arundhati star’s ass with everything he had. Looking down into his eyes, she could tell he was close to blowing his wad. Koel wordlessly just nodded letting him know it was okay.

Zaman then let out a loud grunt, and Koel could feel his cock blasting his load deep into her bowels. Few seconds later, when it was over, he pulled out his limp cock from Koel’s asshole and collapsed in exhaustion next to her.

“Oh Fantastic, Bhabiji! that was incredible,” Zaman said as he tried to catch his breath.

“Superb Zamanbhai….. mind blowing,” Koel complimented him and patted him on the chest while cum was leaking out of her slightly opened asshole. “Now I can understand definitely that Porimoni was not faking it the other night,” Koel accidentally said out loud.


“Sorry. She was so loud that me and my husband thought she was faking it and trying to put on a show. You know, trying to make my husband jealous or something.”

“Yeah….. she is a alltime screamer when it comes to sex. Trust me, in this area, she isn’t that type of great actress which all know.” They both laughed after that comment. Then looking at Zaman’s phone next to the bed, she saw she still had some time before she would have to start worrying about her husband or Porimoni’s coming back from her shopping.

“I’m going to go take a shower and then head out before your wife gets here. I promised him sex, and he might not be super smart but it won’t take a genius to figure out I’ve been getting my pussy pounded while he was gone.” Saying this Koel got up out of bed as Zaman watched her nude ass sauntered out the door.

Koel turned her head and gave him a wink before disappearing from his view. She then moved to the attached bathroom and began soaping up her body in shower when Zaman entered. He was once again at full mass.

Spinning her around, Koel pressed up her soaking body against the shower stall as Zaman slammed his dick into her pussy. The two fucked hard in the shower….. standing face to face…… ending with Koel’s legs wrapped around his waist while Zaman blew his load deep inside her spasming cunt once again.

Over the next few days, Zaman tried his best to act naturally around his wife and Nilay while memories of sex with his wife played on constant replay in his head. Koel meanwhile had no issue acting like nothing had happened when she was around her husband or Porimoni.

On Saturday Koel, Nilay, Zaman, Porimoni, Kaderbhai and other crew members, and a couple of other friends all went out to a club and had a great time. Later returning to the guesthouse, Koel laid naked in bed trying to get some sleep but it was not coming easily.

While her husband had totally passed out after they fooled around, Koel was drifting in and out of sleep, never sleeping longer than 30 minutes. It was 4 AM when she was woken up by a loud noise in the kitchen.

Immediately being curious, she got up from bed and slipped a short silk robe as she followed the sound but felt someone was moving around. Walking into the kitchen, Koel saw Zaman on his knees picking up ice cubes off the floor.

“What happened?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Stupid ice dispenser just wouldn’t stop.” He replied.

Deciding to help him out, Koel dropped down and turned her back to him to pick up a couple of cubes. Looking up at her upturned ass, Zaman saw how her robe rode up as she bent over.

He had a clear view of the bottom of her ass and could see her pussy-lips peek out underneath. He licked his dried lips in excitement. Meanwhile having picked up a couple of cubes, Koel stood up and went to drop them in the sink.

“What are you even doing up?” she asked being curious.

“I just haven’t been able to fall asleep, so I thought I’d get something to drink.”

“Do you want an Ambien to help get you to sleep?” She asked not knowing that Zaman was moving up right behind her.

“Actually I had another idea to help me get some sleep.” He grinned.

Then winking at Koel, Zaman pushed her forward so that she was bent over the sink. Then lifting her robe over her ass, he jammed half his cock right into her pussy with single stroke. Koel let out a loud yelp in surprise, but Zaman quickly covered her mouth.

“Shhh… we gotta be quiet,” he said and then uncovered her mouth.

“Why? Are you afraid of your wife or my husband that they might wake up and catch us? I don’t know about your wife but trust me….. my husband is a deep sleeper, especially when he drinks,” Koel looked back at her new lover as she spoke to him.

She then pushed her ass back, taking more of his dick into her seeping cunt. “Or are you afraid of Kaderbhai who may wake up and you’ll have to share me with him.” Koel said with a mischievous smile.

That comment made his dick twitch once again. “Ummm you like the idea of sharing yourself with Kaderbhai…” Zaman grinned…. grabbing a dish rag and put it in her mouth to stop her moans.

“Please Bhabiji, just be quiet.” He said before lifting one of her legs onto the counter…… giving his dream-queen Tolly heroine a nice hard fuck.

To be continued…..

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