Bengalee Film Queen 24

Episode : 24

While Porimoni was busy in her self-pleasuring, her newest lesbian lover Koel was giving head to her husband Nilay….. just one room away from her own room. Actually they were now at a five-star rated guesthouse of Kalimpong for an outdoor shooting of their second film ‘Boudimoni’, in which Koel was starring as Porimoni’s Boudi.


“Ohhhhhhhh….. Koel darling, you’re so good at this,” Nilay groaned as he stood in front of the steel Almirah.

Naked on her knees in front of him was his wife, Koel Mallick, who was hungrily sucking his cock. She had her hands behind her back and was only using her mouth as she blew her husband. After marrying for over five years, she knew how staring up at her husband through her glasses as she deep-throated him….. which drove him nuts with lust. She did not have to work too hard to deep throat him.

His cock was kind of like him, long and stout. It reached up eight inches on a good day, and good enough thickness that her fingers didn’t touch when she wrapped his tool in her hand. Just big enough to keep her content and get her to cum when she was in control of the action.

However not big enough to keep Koel from occasionally having some fun with the crew members, she came in contact during her film-shooting who were more on the larger side of the spectrum. But she wasn’t sure if her husband was aware about any of those encounters, she had cheated on him.

And more than one occasion, it was with some of her co-stars or producers which she had to do for boosting her filmy career, but she did not care. She was now aware after the three-some escapade with Indrani that he had done the same to her.

Even when he was outside of Kolkata and was without her for his filmy activities, he’d hook up with some of her colleague actresses like Swastika or Konkona. However at the end of the day, the two always came back to each other, so all was fine in her book.

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“Shit babe, I’m going to cum,” Nilay groaned before stepping back and pulling his dick from her mouth. He beat his dick hard and fast as Koel looked up at him with her mouth open and her tongue out.

“Fuck,” he screamed before he shot his load.

While she would have preferred that most of it had ended up in her mouth, only a little bit did. Instead, some landed on her forehead, some landed on her nose, and a lot of it ended up on her glasses. Koel didn’t know where this kinky fetish of his to cum on her glasses came from, but it was one that had really grown over the last year and it was starting to annoy her sometimes on how often she needed to clean her lenses.

“Babe that was amazing as always, but I gotta get going now or I will be late. Kaderbhai and I’ve to cover over fifty km from here to select the place of shooting,” Nilay said as he brought his pants back up.

“So what if you are late?” Koel said.

She then took off the cum coated glasses and wiped some of the other jizz off her face. She licked those tasty fluid throughly with a satisfying smile as she laid back on the floor.

“But Kaderbhai has his own ability to do that. So if you’re late, you’re late, I mean it’s not like Kaderbhai can’t choice the venue without you.”

“I know, but I was the one who came up with the time for our contract and outing. I don’t want to be that guy who sets things up and then blows them off. That’s not fair to him.” Nilay said in front of his dresser with his back to his wife as he finished getting ready.

“Are you sure that I can’t tempt you to stay a bit longer?” she said seductively.

Nilay turned around instantly, looked back at his wif and said, “That is so not fair”.

Koel was then sitting up with a foot in each hand as she did a split. Her shaved pussy glistening in the light and pointed right at him. She had done a lot of gymnastics when she was younger, and as she got older she found out that all that flexibility really came in handy both in seducing the producers and directors when she wanted the leading role in their films.

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“You know I don’t have time.” Nilay said gazing at her magnetic pussy.

“Not even for one little quicky?” She then laid back and put one of her legs over her head.

Nilay hesitated his response as he looked at his ‘Arundhati’ wife…… laying on the floor doing her best to tempt him. Koel thought she had him as she could clearly see his pants tenting outward.

“No. No, I can’t. I gotta go.” he said with a panting voice as he averted his eyes and headed to the bedroom door. “I should be back by 1 pm, and then we can spend the rest of the day doing whatever and however you want.”

He then opened the door and speed walked out before Koel could say anything to stop him. Thankfully the guesthouse was quiet and neither the caretaker nor the servant waked by because Nilay didn’t shut the door and any passers by would have gotten a hell of an eye full of the gorgeous Tolly celeb.

Koel could hear her husband talking to Porimoni’s husband Kamruzzaman Roni ( Zaman ) down the hall as she reluctantly got off the floor and put on a tight black tank top and loosened skirt. As she exited the bedroom, she heard her husband say “You know the deal dude, make yourself at home and what’s mine is yours,”

Nilay waved him before walking out the front door. Few minutes later, walking into the kitchen Koel saw Zaman sitting at the counter sipping on coffee and eating a bowl of cereal. Although Zaman was at least five yrs younger than her, he became her friend during the one month shooting with Porimoni of her previous film ‘Priyatama’.

Koel poured herself a cup of coffee while scrolling through her phone. She could feel his eyes checking her out. It probably didn’t help that while her tank top was not see through, it was extremely tight and her nips were still hard as diamonds and were poking out.

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After getting her coffee, Koel sat down and made small talk with Zaman. They talked for a while until he finished his cereal and coffee…. then putting his bowl and mug into the dishwasher, he left the place quietly.

Koel was now left alone in the kitchen and was on her second cup of coffee. Still feeling a little pent up from this morning, she found herself staring off and daydreaming. She was lost in her thought….. thinking about a well-hung actor friend of hers when suddenly a series of text came into her phone. Snapping back to reality, she quickly turned to grab her phone and accidentally knocked over her full cup of coffee.

“Shit,” She said as she watched her coffee go all over the counter and much of it went all over the floor.

Figuring it was too big a job for some paper towels, she walked down to the hallway/guest bathroom to get some towels. The door was closed but unlocked, so Koel thought nothing of it as she opened the door.

Just as the door started to open, the sound of the shower started up. Once the door opened up fully, Koel did a double take before her eyes almost bugged out of her head.

“Bhabiji, what the hell!?” Zaman yelled in shock.

“I..I…I’m sorry. I needed to get some towels. I made a mess. A big, big mess.” Koel stumbled over her words as she spoke.

Zaman was totally nude as he was about to get in the shower when Koel opened the door. He reached out for a towel to cover his massive circumcised manhood, but not before she got a good look at what was dangling between his legs. It looked like a chubby baby arm hanging down. Koel could not help herself from licking her dry lips at what she saw.

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