Bengalee Film Queen 28

Koel turned her head to look at her Sree aunty. Their eyes were locked….. exchanging a look they had never given each other in all the years. At one point, Sreelekha stood up and stepped over beside Koel, in front of Kader.

Koel was still with his cock in her hand, “Want a taste Aunty?” she asked, offering Kader’s throbbing cock.


Sreelekha, still standing, leaned over and brought her lips right next to Koel’s lips and said, “Yes, I do want a taste, but I think I will taste it from your tongue first.”

She then kissed Koel. Their lips rubbed against each other as their mouths opened and their tongues began to dance with each other. She ran her hand through Koel’s dark hair and onto the back of her head…. pulling their kiss even tighter.

However, all the time, Koel kept one of her hands on Kader’s mighty weapon, slowly rubbing it up and down. Now she took her other hand and began to run it up the inside of Sreelekha’s thigh.

As her hand reached into Sreelekha’s pussy, she began to moan into Koel’s mouth. Koel’s hand began to rub Sreelekha’s pussy… letting one finger slip between the moist outer lips and then into her hot cavern.

Sreelekha stood up straight and arched back, threw her head back, her wild silky mane whipped around. Koel then used her finger to rub Sreelekha’s G-spot while her thumb began to rub her hardening clit.

Slightly turning towards Kader, she quickly dropped her head again to his cock and sucked it in. She slided it down her throat until her lips were at the base.

Pulling her mouth off from his pulsing cock, Koel could feel that he was nearing the edge of cumming. But she wasn’t ready for that. So she returned all of her attention to Sreelekha….. leaving only her soft hand on his cock, until he calmed down again.

Sreelekha meanwhile was running her hands across Koel’s tits and pulling on her long stiff nipples. At that moment, she herself felt her orgasm beginning to build from Koel’s nimble fingers.

Quickly she reached down and grabbed Koel’s hair….. pulling her face towards her own crotch. At the same time she threw one leg over Koel’s shoulder, so that she could get Koel’s mouth on her own pussy better. She now wanted to feel that silky, magic tongue on her pussy and clit once again.

Koel became surprised at first by the sudden move of Sreelekha but quickly pressed her mouth on her pussy. She began to lick her treasure and put her thumb on her hard clit. After only a few licks, while her fingers still rubbing the G-spot, Sreelekha let loose a animalistic howl.

”Oh My GOD!! Ohhhhhhhh…… my Sonamoni Koel darling…..! YESSSSSSSSS…….!” and let loose a sudden long spray of cum into Koel’s hungry mouth and then down her neck and onto her perky tits.

Few minutes later, Koel pulled her cum covered finger from Sreelekha’s pussy. Kader’s huze sperm was also flowing with Sreelekha’s pussy-juices which he deposited earlier in her pussy. So Kader’s muslim semen was now clung to Koel’s fingers as it was combined with Sreelekha’s pussy-juices.

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