Bengalee Film Queen 28

‘So this is what it is like for a guy to whack off’, Sreelekha thought to herself. The movement of her hand on the vibrator caused a gentle movement against her clit. ‘Oh fantastic! This is going to be a new fun!’ thought the horny mature celeb.

On the other hand, Koel was still riding Kader’s cock….. going wild….. throwing her long black hair back and forth….. and panting heavily. Noticing her passion, Sreelekha grinned as she stepped over behind Koel, rubbing her hand across her smooth back, and down onto her hips.


Gently she applied some pressure to slow Koel’s movement down as she slid her other hand, still covered in KY Jelly, down to Koel’s ass. She slided her palm down further into Koel’s butt-crack, until reaching her brown puckered asshole. Then she pushed her index finger against her tight ring, it slipped without any resistance as it was covered by the lubricant.

“OH DAMN!! AUNTY! That feels fucking great!” growled the excited younger actress.

“This is nothing compared to what you are going to feel in a minute”, replied Sreelekha as she looked over Koel’s shoulder….. seeing Kader’s satisfying face.

“I think this will feel good for you too, Kaderbhai”. With that Sreelekha sawed her finger in and out a couple of times in rhythm with Koel’s up and down movement on Kader’s skyward cock. Few seconds later, Sreelekha added another finger to Koel’s already greased asshole.

A few more ins and out of Sreelekha two fingers in her asshole made it’s tightness loosening and that’s when she slipped a third finger in. If not for the thick layer of KY Jelly, it would have never fit.

Sreelekha pushed her fingers in as far as she could and then pulled them out. Quickly she stepped forward, pushing the chair and it’s riders back, she placed the tip of the vibrator to Koel’s still gaping asshole.

“Here is comes!” said Sreelekha as she gave a push with her hips and drove the tip of the vibrator into her slippery asshole.

“Oh SHIT!!” exclaimed Koel.

She stopped her up and down motion on Kader’s rockhard cock as she felt the new intruder in her asshole. She took in a quick breath and tried to relax her ass-muscles.

Sreelekha noticed that and pushed a bit more….. driving another two inches into Koel’s brown asshole. The pressure from the vibrator also created an opposite pressure against Sreelekha’s clit…. giving herself a new sensation.

Sreelekha then slowly pulled an inch back….. and next moment gave another hard shove….. putting three inches more into her asshole. Koel felt as if her body was on an unimaginable fire. She was now stuffed in her pussy with Kader’s nine inches circumcised cock while had another five inches of a fake cock up her asshole.

She was no stranger to ass fucking. Hell Kader had been fucking her ass since her husband’s attachment with Kader’s unit, but she had never been sandwiched like this. It was painful but also felt amazing!! Her newest friend Porimoni had tried to describe to her what it felt like but no words could prepare a girl for the feeling.

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