Bengalee Film Queen 28

Now Sreelekha was naked except for her high heels. She leaned over and gave Kader a big sloppy kiss. Standing up, she then stepped closer and shoved one of her famous melons in his face.

Kader immediately began giving it’s dark brown nipple all the attention he could give and felt it grow hard against his tongue. As that nipple was now hard, he turned his head to her other melon and began to lick it too.


“Oh ho hooooo….. that feels so good. But I loved that pussy licking more, you were giving me a minute ago.” muttered sreelekha.

“Thanks Lekhadevi, I liked it too.”said Koel with a slight wicked nature in her voice.

“You? That was you…. that licked my pussy?” asked Sreelekha with surprise. It had never occurred to her that Koel had been the one that licked her pussy.

“Koel Sona, if I had known you had a tongue like that we could have modified our relationship in a better way all these years.”

Sreelekha then stepped away from Kader, pulling his mouth from her boob. Although his tongue was feeling so good on her nipples, she pushed his mouth away from her melon. Actually she wanted to try out the new dimension to her co-star Koel which she had just experienced few moments ago.

With that she got on her knees behind Koel, and brushed her silky black hair off from her neck. She leaned over and began to kiss her shoulder and neck…. up to her ear and slowly lapping at her earlobe.

Feeling her moist and warm tongue on her backsides, Koel slowed her head moving up and down on Kader’s black pole. She began to enjoy the new pleasures on Sree aunty’s tongue…. that was giving her so beautifully.

“Koel Sona, that was some of the best pussy licking I have ever had. Mind if I see what I can do to return the favor? Maybe if I get this bra off?” Sreelekha whispered into her ear.

With that she reached around and began to rub Koel’s tits with her palms. She could feel the iron hard nipples already trying to burst through the thin material of her lacy bra. She felt for the front-open clasp between the cups and deftly unfastened it.

Koel’s tits burst out…. being free from her cutest bra. She wore a bra….. a size…. too small to try as she wanted to show the size of her boobs in a bigger shape. Due to the bra’s smallness, it showed her boobs push up for the cleavage which she wanted to show during her shooting.

Now as they were free, Sreelekha couldn’t keep her hands off of them. She had always been mesmerized by Koel’s medium size perky boobs. She noticed that even some of the guys of the film-unit felt uneasy by her teasing.

Sreelekha had seen her in just her bra before as she changed clothes in the dressing room. Now was her chance to really get to enjoy them and play with them as she had always wanted to. While she let her hands roam and feel the heat and weight of Koel’s tits, she kept kissing the side and back of her neck.

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