Bengalee Film Queen 28

He took three steps over to the other desk, setting her down on it. He stepped back slightly as his cock slipped the loose pocket of heat that was Koel’s pussy.

Koel’s eyes here still rolled up in her head and she was nearly limp. Kader laid her back across the desk. Her legs were dangling off the edge, as her pussy gaped open. Her head almost falling off the otherside of the desk.


Before Kader could turn to look at the other actress, she was on her knees in front of him and took his cock into her mouth immediately. She sucked Koel’s pussy juice from his still hard dick.

She then stood up, kissing him and shoving her tongue into his mouth. After a moment she pulled back from him. “How did that taste lover?”

“I always love the flavor of a pussy, even better when it is from another beautiful sexy woman’s lips.” said Kader.

“So Kaderbhai, would like another taste?” Sreelekha asked naughtily.

She then turned and dropped her head to Koel’s open pussy. She ran her tongue up and down, shoving her tongue in deep, gathering as much juices in her mouth as she could.

Then giving Koel’s clit one last lick and kiss, which caused her body to involuntarily shake and make her tits quiver. After that she stood and kissed Kader again, filling his mouth with Koel’s pussy juice.

While kissing, Sreelekha grounded her pelvis against his dick, standing on her toes to get it rub on her pussy. Then breaking the kiss to get a breath, she and Kader both panted. He looked down at his hard throbbing dick, asked her,”What are we going to do with this?”

“Kaderbhai, we started all this, so you could shove that big pole of yours up my ass. I still want you to give me a good hard ass fucking.” said Sreelekha with a big smile on her face. Her finger traced her lips and then licked off the cum that had still been on her mouth.

She then reached down as she took hold of his hard glistening cock and pulled him with her over to the desk. Giving his dick a lick, she made a quick suck into her mouth…… all the way down her throat…. and at last, she stood straight.

She turned her back to him and leaned over the desk. Shaking her ass at him she invited him, ”Shove that giant prick up in my ass until I can taste it. I need a good ass-fucking like only you can give me.”

Kader reached down and shoved two fingers into her sopping pussy. Wetting his fingers, he moved them to her asshole and began to lube it up. He shoved the finger into her tiny pink asshole. He began to loosen her up as she impatiently wiggled her hips.

“Damn IT! Just do it! Shove it in!” groaned the busty actress impatiently.

Kader stepped forward….. rubbing his dick between her deep ass-crack. He then took aim at her pulsing asshole as he removed his fingers and began to shove the blunt head of his cock into her perfect butt.

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