Bengalee Film Queen 28

“Ready for some more?” asked Sreelekha.

“MORE? There is more? OH my God! How much more? It feels like a fucking tree is shoved in there now.” Koel took a deep breath and said,”OK, Give it to me!”


With that Sreelekha’s hips snapped forward….. pushing the last two inches into Koel’s butt. At the same time, Sreelekha’s massive tits mashed tight against Koel’s back.

And along with that, the other end of that amazing tool started pinching Sreelekha’s half-inch hard clit from the opposite pressure created by Koel’s ass. At that moment, Sreelekha felt her clit on fire, a fire that had her pussy became wild with spasming.

Koel meanwhile didn’t move. She felt as if she was being split in two. She had never been so stuffed full of cocks. The sensation was incredible but she was afraid to move for what it might do to her.

On the other hand, Kader began to slowly slide his cock in and out of Koel’s pussy, with short upward strokes. After a minute of his slow thrusting, Sreelekha began to move also, sliding her fake cock in and out of Koel’s tight little butthole.

The feeling was so great, that Sreelekha couldn’t wait to try what it would be like to turn on the vibrator and add another option to this wild sex.

Within minutes, Sreelekha and Kader reached a synchronized rhythm….. in and out of Koel’s slim body…. both increasing their speed and depth of fucking. And that moment, Sreelekha flipped the switch suddenly!

The vibrator came to life instantly! Sreelekha however didn’t pay attention that it was set on the ‘High’ mode. A wild buzzing and vibrating suddenly filled Koel’s asshole and attacked her own clit.

Both Tolly actresses immediately came and came hard.

Sreelekha pushed hard against Koel’s ass…… driving deep into her rectum. And Kader also felt the buzzing against his penis as Koel’s pussy began pulsating and grasping his embedded cock.

Now Koel had been enjoying orgasm after orgasm….. shaking her body violently. Her head was snapping back and forth as her long hairs flying back and forth….. a low growl was coming from her throat constantly.

“YES!!” was all that Sreelekha could utter as her whole body seemed to be connected to her clit.

She collapsed against Koel’s back suddenly…… pushing Koel hard against Kader. And Kader reached over to Sreelekha’s hand and took the control of the vibrator from her. He turned the vibrator off…. finally ending the continuous orgasm that both the heoines were enjoying.

Sreelekha was the first to recover, pushing herself up and pulling her hips back from Koel’s ass, withdrawing the fake cock from her asshole. The shiny black phallus slid from her butt-hole until finally the head gave a little popping sound as it exited.

Sreelekha stepped back propping against the edge of the desk as her legs felt shaky. And Kader stood up, holding Koel’s slim body in his stong arms, his cock still buried deep inside her pussy.

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