Bengalee Film Queen 28

On the other hand, when in a filmy-magazine the article about Sreelekha and Kader came out, Koel knew that Sreelekha must have gotten a hot screwing from him. She had questioned and questioned Sreelekha but could never get a straight answer out of her.

Now as she noticed that Kader was sawing his cock in and out of Sreelekha’s horny cunt while she lost in her own moans of pleasure….. Koel finally had her answer.


“Oh God! Oh God! YES!! YES Kaderbhai fuck me…… FUCK ME Hard with your circumcised muslim Leora!!” Sreelekha started moaning like a bitch while using some raw obscene words.

She appeared to be getting close to cumming and was getting vocal like a 3rd class street whore. Her voice woke the jarred Kader out of his near trance while he concentrated on the pleasure and the heat, he was feeling in Sreelekha’s pussy as she used her controlled pussy-muscles to grip his Nigro-penis.

Suddenly Kader opened his eyes as he noticed Koel standing by the door, that she had now shut fully. She was clearly turned on. Her nipples were poking out through her T-shirt…. emphasizing the size of her boobs. She also had one hand in her wrap around the skirt…… beginning to rub her pussy through her panties.

Koel and Kader locked their eyes and both smiled. Without saying a word Koel began to untie the red wrap around her dress she wore. Forgotten was the reason she had came to Kaderbhai’s office….. all that mattered now was that moment and the promise of great sex.

“Harder, Harder, fuck my pussy with all you have Kaderbhai! Damn! OH GOD! I am so close, so fucking close! I am going to CUM!! CUM WITH me, Kader! Shoot deep in me…. NOW!! YES GOD YES NOW!!!!” Sreelekha hissed in uncontrollable lust.

She began trembling all over as her body was wracked with a mind blowing orgasm that lasted more than one minute.

The pulsing in Sreelekha’s pussy, her screaming for him to cum and the new visual of Koel standing in the room….. now wearing nothing but a tiny red bra and panties set, was more than Kader could take. He let loose with his own flood of cum, bathing Sreelekha’s cunt with his hot muslim sperm.

As her orgasm finally relented, she felt herself being blackened out. Kader, his hand still wrapped in her black mane, slowly lowered her limp head on the desk. He then stepped back, pulling his dick from her overflowing sperm-filled pussy, and sat down in the desk chair.

Koel then walked across the room, still wearing her 4 inch heels, as her boobs were gently bouncing in her push-up lacy bra cups. She threw her dress onto a stack of boxes in the corner and stepped to the side of the desk.

“Hello Kaderbhai. I would ask what you have been doing since we last saw each other but now I see you have been doing it with Sree aunty.”

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