Bengalee Film Queen 28

Sreelekha then dropped to her knees beside Koel…. now they were face to face as her cute brown nipples were grazing with Koel’s long nipples. Koel took her mix-cum covered fingers and put them in Sreelekha’s mouth, who eagerly sucked them off and cleaned them properly.

Then she looked over at Kader and locked her eyes with him…. slowly pulling Koel’s cleaning fingers from her mouth and said “So Tasty and Yummy”.


After that she grabbed Koel by the waist and pulled her hard to her. As the two pairs of tits smashed hard against each other, Sreelekha rolled some of the mix-cum from her tongue into Koel’s mouth.

With that she reached down and putting her own fingers in her own pussy, got some mixed-cum. Then looking at Kader, she queried, “Want a taste?” and held her fingers to his mouth.

He quickly licked her fingers and savored the tangy taste of Sreelekha’s pussy and his own cum.

The two hot Bong actresses then broke their embrace as Sreelekha leaned down and sucked on Koel’s hard nipples. She licked her own pussy-juices off that was still dripping from Koel’s nipples and raised her head.

“I want that taste of Kader’s cock now.”

Saying that, Sreelekha lowered her lips to his cock while Koel began to lick her huze melons. Koel ran her warm wet tongue around and around Sreelekha’s small nipples as Sreelekha ran her tongue around the crown on Kader’s cockhead.

After a minute of this, Kader grabbed two hands full of Sreelekha’s shampooed hair. He raised his hips out of the chair and shoved his hardening dick deep into Sreelekha’s hot mouth.

She gagged a bit at first when his cock hit the back of her throat. But she looked up at him and assured him with OK sign. Then locking her eyes with him, she took a deep breath and shoved his cock deeper into her mouth.

She let it slide into her throat as she flexed her throat muscles and massage the head of his dick. She let her tongue reach out of her mouth and lick his huge hanging ball sack.

As she needed to breath, Kader began to pull his cock free from her throat. That’s when she felt a sharp pain and realised that Koel had just bitten down on her left nipple. Actually Koel just held the small nipple between her teeth, and played it with the tip of her tongue.

“Ouch!’ groaned Sreelekha as she cleared Kader’s mighty cock from her mouth. “What the fuck are you doing Koel?”.

“I didn’t want you to make him cum just yet. You have already had one load. I still have plans for that fat cock.” replied Koel smilingly.

Sreelekha praised Koel’s intelligence as she reached over and grabbed both of her nipples. She pinched hard and pulled Koel’s tits up….. feeling their full weight being held up by her sensitive nipples.She twisted them few times before let them go. Koel’s tits started some little bouncing and swayed from the sudden release.

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