Story of an Indian family

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Aarav was delighted to see the color TV his father bought, it was the first color TV in his village and he wouldn’t get tired of boasting about it to his friends.

Aarav was a little immature for an 18 yr old and his physique didn’t helped either anyone would easily mistake him for 15 or 16 yrs. It had some benefits too; his father wouldn’t include him in the farming.

Last time when his father took him to the farm for sowing of rice, he put all the seeds in a single hole, in his defend he said “father, you told me to put the seed in the ground, you didn’t mention anything about spreading it evenly.” After that incident his father never took him to the farm.

“Mother, Aarav disturbs me, he isn’t letting me watch my episode, I have been following it from a month.” Aarti complained to her Mother.

“Mother, I have to watch Shaktimaan, I am following it from a year.” Aarav said he knew his mother loved him more and didn’t deny his any wish; after all he was the single son of the house.

“Hey we didn’t have a TV back then.” Aarti yelled at her brother.

“Aarti, let your brother watch the TV, did you do the dishes.” Shalini yelled from the well.

she liked to take bath at the village well which was just outside her house, unlike other women who took bath in the river outside the village. Normally the women would take the water from well to their home, but miraculously whenever Shalini took bath many men would come to fetch water from the well. It wasn’t that Shalini didn’t know it, but taking bath at the village well was her favorite part of the day, she waited all day for it.

“Fucking whore.” Aarti muttered under her breath at her mother.

Aarav grinned victoriously at her wounding her ego even more and indulged himself in watching TV.

Aarti took the dishes and went out on the well to clean them, but she was shocked to see the site before her, her mother’s blouse was wet and her red nipples were clearly visible, she could see the two men openly feasting their eyes on her. Even though she was angry with her, she felt protective of her and she decided to warn her.

“Hey, Mother will you draw me some water from the well.” Aarti asked her mother hoping that she would turn towards her so she could indicate her about her condition.

“Mom, your blouse.” Aarti indicated her mother as she turned towards her to take the bucket from her.

“Oh…” she acted shocked and adjusted her blouse, she was regretting that she called her to do the dishes and she took a mental note, next time when she takes bath she would let her watch TV.

“Mother what did you make for dinner?” Aarav asked his mother lovingly making faces at Aarti who sat nearby.

They lived in a very small house made of mud and wood, the roof was made from the dry shrubs which barely stopped the rainwater from leaking in the house making the floor muddy, they had two small rooms. They had placed the cooking material in one room and other household stuffs in other, both room was connected with a small hole in the muddy wall with a small door.

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