Story of an Indian family

Aarav was delighted to see the color TV his father bought, it was the first color TV in his village and he wouldn’t get tired of boasting about it to his friends.

Aarav was a little immature for an 18 yr old and his physique didn’t helped either anyone would easily mistake him for 15 or 16 yrs. It had some benefits too; his father wouldn’t include him in the farming.

Last time when his father took him to the farm for sowing of rice, he put all the seeds in a single hole, in his defend he said “father, you told me to put the seed in the ground, you didn’t mention anything about spreading it evenly.” After that incident his father never took him to the farm.


“Mother, Aarav disturbs me, he isn’t letting me watch my episode, I have been following it from a month.” Aarti complained to her Mother.

“Mother, I have to watch Shaktimaan, I am following it from a year.” Aarav said he knew his mother loved him more and didn’t deny his any wish; after all he was the single son of the house.

“Hey we didn’t have a TV back then.” Aarti yelled at her brother.

“Aarti, let your brother watch the TV, did you do the dishes.” Shalini yelled from the well.

she liked to take bath at the village well which was just outside her house, unlike other women who took bath in the river outside the village. Normally the women would take the water from well to their home, but miraculously whenever Shalini took bath many men would come to fetch water from the well. It wasn’t that Shalini didn’t know it, but taking bath at the village well was her favorite part of the day, she waited all day for it.

“Fucking whore.” Aarti muttered under her breath at her mother.

Aarav grinned victoriously at her wounding her ego even more and indulged himself in watching TV.

Aarti took the dishes and went out on the well to clean them, but she was shocked to see the site before her, her mother’s blouse was wet and her red nipples were clearly visible, she could see the two men openly feasting their eyes on her. Even though she was angry with her, she felt protective of her and she decided to warn her.

“Hey, Mother will you draw me some water from the well.” Aarti asked her mother hoping that she would turn towards her so she could indicate her about her condition.

“Mom, your blouse.” Aarti indicated her mother as she turned towards her to take the bucket from her.

“Oh…” she acted shocked and adjusted her blouse, she was regretting that she called her to do the dishes and she took a mental note, next time when she takes bath she would let her watch TV.

“Mother what did you make for dinner?” Aarav asked his mother lovingly making faces at Aarti who sat nearby.

They lived in a very small house made of mud and wood, the roof was made from the dry shrubs which barely stopped the rainwater from leaking in the house making the floor muddy, they had two small rooms. They had placed the cooking material in one room and other household stuffs in other, both room was connected with a small hole in the muddy wall with a small door.

“Aarti, sleep with your brother today.” Aarti couldn’t suppress a smile when she heard her mother’s shy voice she wasn’t dumb like her brother to understand that whenever they were in a mood to have some personal time together, she was sent to sleep with her brother otherwise normally she slept with mother and her brother would sleep with their father.

Aarti wore a flowery red skirt which barely came to her mid thighs and was stitched at many places, she saw her brother beaming when he heard she will be sleeping with her.

“If you do anything today, I’ll tell father and he will beat the shit out of you.” Aarti said firmly to her brother, last time when she slept with her brother, he had somehow managed to insert his hand in her top and was fondling her breast, Aarti was pissed at him but she knew the graveness of it so she didn’t bust him with her parents and decided to handle things on her own.

“I didn’t do anything.” Aarav replied boldly, he knew she was bluffing.

Aarti ignored him, she busied herself in making the bed, she spread the small mat on the floor and rolled the sheet to make pillow. Her mother had coaxed her father to buy the color TV, while they could have bought many house hold stuffs out of that money.

Aarav wasn’t able to sleep out of excitement, he was thinking about the softness of her breasts, how it felt in his hands, he knew she was beautiful with her almond shaped eyes, cute little nose, her unblemished rosy cheeks but the best part of her face was her lips, naturally pink in color and it looked like it was sculptured on her face. “What the hell, am I thinking she is a jerk.” He thought, it felt odd to him appreciating his sister like that.

Aarav turned on her side and saw his sister sleeping soundly, she looked very beautiful while sleeping, he was aroused to see her pink lips and wanted to kiss her but instead he moved his left hand on her breast covered with blouse, he pressed her boobs slightly and saw her face to see any reaction, none. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slid his hands inside her blouse, it felt so good cupping her naked breast in his hands, and he could feel her nipple grazing against his palm.

He slowly moved his hand rotating her breast with it and he could feel her nipple growing in his hands, he uncovered her right breast and for the first time he saw her naked gorgeous breast, he leaned above her exposed breast and kissed on her nipple, but he wanted more so he bent down and hungrily took half her breast in his mouth sucking wildly at her smooth, soft but supple boobs.

Aarti felt aroused, she was in a frenzy she couldn’t comprehend what was happening to her breast, it seemed to her that someone was trying to pull out her breast from her body and it made her wild with excitement. Then she realized it was her brother sucking her breast, she sat up with a jerk moving his head aside.

“What the fuck, are you doing.” Aarti asked feeling dual emotions at the same time, she wanted to yell abuses at him but she couldn’t because of her aroused state. She was flushed with excitement her cheeks had gone red and she looked at him but didn’t know what to do.

“I am very sorry, you looked so beautiful, I couldn’t control myself, I am really sorry, please don’t tell father.” Aarav blurted out in anxiety, he knew he had gone too far, touching is one thing but sucking at her breast was completely different, it was a line crossed.

She calmed down when she heard her brother say she looked beautiful, no one has ever told her she was beautiful, she was always conscious about herself, she always wondered was she good looking or not, so when she heard her jerk brother( who wouldn’t praise her anything in a trillion year ) complementing her, she felt pride surge within her.

“Do you think I am beautiful.” She asked her brother forgetting everything else, who was looking at her still exposed breast.

He realized he has touched her weak spot. “Of course, you are beautiful.” he replied suppressing a grin.

“Let’s go to sleep, but no hanky-panky.” Aarti said in a serious tone to Aarav.

Shalini was left horny after her husband came just within few strokes, and she felt ashamed to use her fingers beside him, it has been 19 yrs of their marriage and she couldn’t remember even a single day when he fucked her to satisfaction, he didn’t even touch her there.

As a young girl when she worked in the village’s head mansion, she saw his son fucking his wife. She was curious that they didn’t fucked like her parents (missionary position). What she saw shook her to the roots, she has neither heard nor seen anything like this, the woman was on all fours and the man had her dick in her asshole pumping her very hard. She felt grossed by the sight before her but it excited her as well, from that day she would sneak in their room and watch their activities.

She watched all kind of activities, she watched and learned and she dreamed she would do all these stuffs when she got married, but here she was married for 19 years and her husband didn’t even touch her there. But she loved her husband no matter what and wouldn’t betray him ever, many men tried to seduce her.

Few years back in an early summer morning she went out on the well to draw water, Ramesh (her brother-in-law) was also there brushing his teeth, Shalini stepped on the edge of the well to draw water, she bent down and threw the bucket in the well while she was pulling the bucket filled with water Ramesh came behind her and groped her ass cheeks with both hands, Shalini flinched with the excitement to be groped in the public.

“Hey, I will fall in the well, please leave me.” Shalini begged him.

“Don’t worry Bhabhi, I have got a good hold of you.” Ramesh said squeezing her ass through her sari.

“Later, someone will see.” Shalini said to get rid of him.

‘She agreed easily’ Ramesh felt wildly happy

that getting her would be so easy, after all those years of craving for her he finally got the goddess of her fantasy.

Shalini regretted her comment immediately; she cursed herself for getting so easily manipulated, she knew Ramesh wouldn’t leave her so easily; he would keep pestering her until she gives what she promised.

Later that day when Aarti had gone to river and Aarav and her husband were out, Ramesh entered her house and locked the wooden door behind him. Shalini was cooking; she sat on floor on a wooden stool. Ramesh was married but her wife was no match to Shalini’s beauty and she never let him touch her other than in the night.

With 5″6′ Shalini was the tallest women in the village, she had a soft face with rounded cheek bones and sat there her proportionally slim nose and best part of her face; her pouty pink rose, but Ramesh was attracted to her well shaped ass, Ramesh longed to see them naked, he would always be present on the well when she took bath to see her naked flesh.

“Bhabhi, I came as promised.”Ramesh announced shamefully.

“Look, Ramesh I can’t betray my husband.”Shalini said hesitantly while cooking, she didn’t dare look at him.

Ramesh knew he had to act before she becomes guilt ridden; he squatted down behind her and grabbed her breast with both hands squeezing it roughly, Shalini felt his hard cock poking at her back, reflexively she arched herself back pressing her back on his dick. Ramesh taking it as approval to continue kneaded her breasts. Ramesh pinched her nipples through the blouse and it stood up appreciatively.

“Nooooooo…please leave me, pleaseeeee…” She begged him. Ramesh was possessed by devil noting could stop him now, Shalini had to think a way out of this, she wanted to shout but it would not be wise, she wanted to run away but she couldn’t and she couldn’t fight him.

Ramesh was breathing very heavily like a animal out of excitement, he pushed her roughly away from the stove on the floor and he started pulling her sari by one end of the drape and succeed in removing it after a little effort.

Shalini felt aroused at this sudden use of force she wanted to submit herself to the assaulter she wanted him to use her anyway he liked, she wanted him to spank her cute ass, she wanted him to fuck her wild, but she controlled her urges, she wouldn’t let him fuck her, she is too strong to give in her desires.

Ramesh looked up and saw the goddess of his dreams in front of him in just her thin underskirt and blouse, Shalini flushed red when she saw Ramesh had taken out her black monstrous dick, the few dicks which she has seen in her entire life it was easily the largest of them all and it fit his large body, Shalini couldn’t take her eyes off his dick, she licked her lips, then it hit her if she makes him cum with her mouth he wouldn’t be able to fuck her then.

Before Shalini could turn her plan into action Ramesh pulled her underskirt down in one swift tug exposing her worshipable ass, her cheeks were smooth and supple, the jiggling of her cheeks was sending shivers down his spine, he was locked in a state of entrancement by her ass, he wanted to move but he couldn’t, somehow he went behind her and sat on his knees and with shivering hands he touched her smooth cheeks lightly.

“Uuunggghhhh… “He came with a groan hitting her cheeks with his cum, the second spurt landed on her feet, Shalini smiled with pride and relief. His manly pride was hurt, he came just touching her. Ramesh left Shalini alone after the incident, he felt ashamed whenever he saw her.


“Ahhhhhh…” Aarav ran out when he heard his mother’s cry, she was sprawled on her back, she slipped from the well while drawing water and landed on a stone sticking out from the ground.

“I always say to keep the well dry, I was lucky that I fell away from the well.” She said with painful voice, tears trickling down her cheeks.

“Mother, where are you hurt.” Aarav asked, Aarav loved his mother very much and he was agonized to see her in pain.

“I hurt my back.” Shalini replied, rubbing her hip.

Aarav helped his mother to her feet and took her in the house; he spread a mat on the floor and helped her lay on it.

“Where’s Aarti, call her she will massage some oil on my back.” Shalini said to Aarav. Aarav headed out the house but he couldn’t find her anywhere.

“Mother, I think she has gone to river to wash cloth, should I call father from the farm.” Aarav said concerned about his mother’s state.

“No no… he would be working, don’t disturb him.”

“Take some oil from the kitchen and heat it for a while in the bowl, then bring it to me.”

Aarav came back with the oil, Shalini was lying on her front, Aarav noticed her ass for the first time. He saw its roundness and the way it had filled her sari, her ass was much bigger and better than Aarti’s, this was the first time Aarav wanted to explore a woman’s south otherwise he was always tried to get a glimpse of her mother’s or Aarti’s breasts .

“Son, can you apply oil on my back and I can’t rub oil on m back myself.” She asked in a soft voice, she knew he didn’t like working and he will try to find a way out of it.

“No problem, mother.” Shalini was both happy and surprised to hear it.

Shalini was wearing a green sari and a blue blouse, she loosened her sari. Aarav was watching her every he was hard just by the anticipation and he was glad his mother was facing away from him otherwise there was there was no way she wouldn’t have noticed his 7″ cock straining his pants.

“Pull my sari a little, but not too low and apply oil.” Shalini was embarrassed to ask her son to do this but she had no other option.

Aarav with trembling hands took hold of either side of her sari and pulled it down a bit exposing her lower waist and waited for his mother.


With shaking hands he pulled her sari lower exposing even more of her unblemished waist and just a hint of her crack, and waited for her signal.


Did he hear correctly, did she say ‘lower’? Aarav was going mad with excitement; touching his sister was one thing but touching her mother and that too with her consent, it was a different level. With pounding heart he took hold of her sari and pulled it even lower, exposing half her buttocks and ass crack. Aarav gasped at the sight in front of him her smooth gorgeous skin was making him mad.

“Take some oil in your hands and rub it on my back.” Shalini said interrupting his inspection.

Aarav dipped his finger in the oil and rubbed it on his palm and placed his oily hands on the small of her back, his cock was fighting to get out of his pants. He massaged her back with his hands careful not to wander over her ass crack.

“Apply pressure on the middle, the pain is there.” Shalini mumbled, Aarav’s hands on her naked back were getting her aroused and pain mixed with pleasure was getting her mad.

With trembling hands Aarav touched her crack putting pressure with his fingers, he pinched the flesh of her butt sticking out from the sari.

“Ahhhhh, right there,” his mother moaned.

Aarav had to fight the urge to move his hands and pull down her sari whole satiating his desire to see her fully naked. But he didn’t want to put a stop to his new found toy and to piss his mother.

“I think the pain is spread lower, can you massage oil little lower.” Shalini blurted out; afterwards she cursed herself that she is getting aroused by her son.

This time he didn’t need her approval, he simply pulled her sari lower exposing her whole gorgeous butt, he moved his oily hands and put it on her globes and circled his oily hands around feeling the smooth skin of her ass. He slid hands down and squeezed her both cheeks together causing it to jiggle, he was mesmerized by the movement, he wanted to do it again and again but he controlled himself and began massaging her ass.

“Aarav, apply oil in the middle, the pain is

below the tailbone.”

“What,” Aarav couldn’t contemplate what his mother just said so to make sure if he had heard right he asked again.

“The region under my tailbone is hurting badly, apply some oil there too.” His mother said.

He dipped his fingers in the oil and put his index finger of his right hand on her tailbone, with pounding heart he started tracing her tailbone down, Aarav wasn’t sure what ‘below the tailbone’ meant, Aarav slid his finger down and he could feel the beginning of her puckered hole. He slid his finger down touching her hole very lightly; he kept it still to make sure to withdraw his fingers back to safety in case of any objection.

“Ohhhhh yes, right there.” His mother groaned.

Aarav pressed on her ass hole with his index finger and it slid in up to first knuckle very easily as it was slippery from the oil, Aarav was going wild with excitement and his raging boner was hurting him, he wanted to free it of his tight pant. He pushed his fingers more and was surprised feel her contracting her asshole nudging him deeper, he pushed his fingers more and now he was in to his second knuckles, he could hear his mother gasp when he slid his finger the deepest it could go.

“unghhhhhhh,” Shalini moaned with pleasure when her son pulled out his finger all the way out and inserted it all the way in, she wanted to finger herself right there, but she remembered that Aarti could be back anytime.

“Aarav, I feel better now thanks, I will need your massage till the pain goes away completely.” Shalini said to Aarav who reluctantly pulled his finger out of her ass, it was the best Shalini has enjoyed in years, to be more precise it’s the farthest anyone has touched her ass, she wanted more.

“Okay mother, anytime you need me.”

“I am your sister, you can’t touch me like that.” Aarti said very calmly, Aarav withdrew his hand from her blouse and he was relieved that she wasn’t pissed.

“I am sorry but I can’t resist myself, your presence makes me wild.” Aarav shot his best arrow; he knew complimenting her would take her mind of his doings.

“If he finds out he will kill me,” Aarti couldn’t control herself, tears began rolling from her eyes and she looked very beautiful like this.

Aarav was shocked to see her cry, he couldn’t remember when he saw her crying last time, he knew she was a strong girl and she wouldn’t ever cry for such a small thing, he knew something was troubling her. Aarav felt very bad for her, he has always seen her as a strong girl much stronger than him but seeing her cry like this he felt very protective and caring towards her. He lifted her by the arms and hugged her tightly.

“No, get away from me, he will kill me.” Aarti pushed her brother away.

“Who” Aarav was confused why she was acting like this.

“I can’t…” Aarti suppressed her voice when he saw her father standing at the doorway.

“Why aren’t you sleeping, its midnight.” her father hissed looking right in her eyes.

Aarav sensed something odd so he decided to step in. “there’s lot of mosquitoes; we are not able to sleep.”

“Aarti go out and fetch some dry grass and burn it, it will keep away the mosquitoes.” He said coldly.

Aarav would have felt happy to see her work but not anymore, he realized how she was made to work against her wish, it was a curse to be a girl in India.

Aarti went out of the house, she became anxious when he saw her father following her and silently she began to collect the dry grass near the well, she could sense her father standing behind her. She moved away from him. ‘Wham’ her father slapped her across neck; the force of his hit was so hard that it made her fall on the ground.

“What were you going to say to Aarav, don’t ever dare say anything about it to anyone.” Her father hissed at her, he grabbed her by the

hair and pulled her to her feet.

“You are mine only mine.” He kissed her hard on the mouth sucking at her lips forcibly, she wanted to push him away but she knew he will hit her again if she does that, so she stayed still and let him have his way.

“Go inside and burn the grass,” he said coldly licking his lips taking the remnant of her taste inside his filthy mouth.

Aarti hurried inside taking the dry grass with her. It started when she was barely five; Aarav always remained with his mother, so it left Aarti with her father. He would take her to the farm and he would touch her at places, unknown to the little girl ‘what her loving father is doing’. As she grew so does his obsession towards her, when it was hard to get her to obey him he started hitting her.

“What happened, why are you acting so weird.” Aarav asked her.

“Just go to sleep.” She said coldly without even looking at him, she was trying to hide her tears.

Aarav wasn’t going to give up so easily, he turned towards her and casually put his arms around her, his palm was lying on her belly covered with her blouse, Aarti tried to move away from him but if she moved she would end up on the floor so she remained still not responding to his touch.

After about an hour everything was silent Aarti tried to listen to her father’s footsteps…None, she snuggled closer to him, Aarav was sleeping on her side facing her while Aarti slept on her side facing away from him, so when she snuggled closer she could feel his hardon pressing into her ass covered with the skirt, she liked the feeling and involuntarily she pushed her ass into his hardness.

She was getting a very nice sensation between her legs, she pushed again harder this time, his cock nudging in her ass crack, Aarti separated from him for a bit and pulled her skirt up from between them, she wore a baggie panties underneath. Aarti was going mad from the excitement, her heart pounding very hard; slowly she nudged his cock with her panty clad ass, now she was able to feel him nicely between her cheeks.

Aarav felt something very spongy and smooth trying to engulf his cock, the arousal was making him wild he wanted to thrust harder and take in more of it, in his sleep he thrust hard into her ass.

Aarti was excited when she felt him thrust his cock harder but she knew he would make sound and draw the attention of her father so she separated herself from him.

Aarav thrust again but was disappointed that the spongy material has vanished, the disappointment woke him up, he opened his eyes to find that it was Aarti’s ass in which he was thrusting, he could see her panty clad ass from the moonlight coming in from the small window of his room. He was aroused wildly and his cock was throbbing to find relief.

Aarav took out his cock and snuggled closer to Aarti his cock nudging in between her cheeks, Aarti could feel the heat emanating from their body heightening the sexual tension in the room, he was so close to her they never been like this before, she felt more attached to him now, she always knew he is good from heart and only acts like a jerk to show off.

Aarav with trembling hands reached around her and took her breast in his grasp and he thrust his cock in her clothed ass, he thrust again harder reaching as deep as he can between her soft cheeks, he squeezed her breast with his hand from her blouse rolling her erect nipples between his fingers. Aarti was trying very hard not to moan, if she made any sound or indicated that she is awake, he would apologies to her creating commotion. She bit her lips very hard cutting herself to control the moan.

Aarav could feel his balls tightening so he began to hump in her ass, eventually he came on her panties and some of the cum splattering on her thighs, Aarav moved aside with a satisfying sigh. But Aarti was still horny and she wanted to relieve herself. She took off her panties and sucked his cum from it, the bitter taste and the musky smell made her go wild with the arousal, she reached down and inserted her index finger in her tight pussy, she stroked herself and with other hand she caressed her breast which was molested by her brother, she dipped two fingers in her pussy and with her thumb she flicked her clitoris she stretched her legs wide, Aarti could feel the orgasm building inside she started to stroke her vigorously.

She couldn’t resist any longer and she came very hard wetting the bed with her juice, Aarti closed her eyes and went to sleep satisfied.

“Aarav, get ready fast, I need to go to the market for grocery.” Shalini said.

“You can go with father or Aarti.” Aarav replied pulling the sheet over his head.

“Your father has gone to the farm and Aarti has gone to the river to wash the clothes, not everyone has the privilege of free time like you.” His mother said mockingly, no one criticized Aarav for his sitting idle at home because they knew he would fetch dowry when he get married unlike Aarti for whom they will have to give money.

“Why can’t she go alone,” Aarav muttered under his breath frustrated.

“I heard that, well I can’t carry all the grocery myself.”

“Okay mother, just let me get ready.”

Shampur village had a population of around 200 people and it had a very isolated location with a mountain range in back and a river in front blocking it from the outer world, the only way of transport was an old bus.

As the old bus engine groaned away its boisterous sound, Aarav was happy that he came with her mother who sat next to him with her hand on his thigh; the bus was large as it was the only bus from his village which goes to the market 33 km away. Fortunately Aarav was able to take the last two seats, as no one wants to take the last seat which is located above the tires and is very bouncy, people preferred to stand rather than sitting on the last seat.

Aarav had took the window seat and his mom was sitting next to him, she wore a red sari and a matching blouse and she had her long hair open which she has moved to the side of her neck exposing the sexy length of her neck. Adjacent to their seat (after a gap for the ticket collector) sat a old man with a girl, looked like his daughter.

As the journey continued, the bus began to fill with the snores, most of the people were sleeping and those who weren’t sleeping were on the verge of, except Shalini who was busy toying with the zipper of Aarav’s pant, she was having difficulty in sliding down the zipper no matter how hard she pulled it won’t come down, she gave up and grasped his soft cock through his pants, squeezing it in her hands.

Aarav felt his cock growing in his mother’s

hand, he looked from the corner of his eyes and saw his mother had her eyes shut, as he glanced in the direction of the old man he caught the eyes of the girl looking directly towards her mother’s hand, she shut her eyes when Shalini got up to bring down the jute bag from the stand.

When his mother got up to bring down the bag Aarav took the opportunity to slide his zipper down. Shalini kept that bag on Aarav’s lap and slid her hand under the bag on his cock; she couldn’t keep a grin when she found the zipper open and she slid her hand in his pants and fished out his erect cock out of his underwear, now his cock was only covered with the jute bag.

“Son, I am feeling sleepy, I will lie on your

lap for while, is that alright with you.” With this twisting her body she laid her head on his lap.

“Okay, mom.” Aarav couldn’t understand what she was trying to do.

Shalini slowly pulled the bag out from under her head and engulfed the meat that stood in front of her, Aarav moaned with pleasure when he understood what has happened, Shalini sucked at his cock, devouring it, Aarav spread her long hair on his lap covering her head from it, Shalini was wild with excitement her fantasy was getting fulfilled of sucking someone in public and it was not just someone it was her son so this was like a bonus on top of it.

She lost all inhibition, Shalini lifted her head a bit and kissed the head of his cock slowly, licking all around it, she touched his opening with her tongue making him writhe his ass in pleasure and then she slid it whole in her mouth, Aarav grasped her hair and forced her head down on him, he could feel her nose scraping his pubic hair, wild with ecstasy he lifted her by her hair again and fucked her mouth wild rapidly inserting and pulling out his cock in her sexy mouth.

After 10 sec Aarav came very hard filling her mouth with his cum while she gulped all his cum not even a single drop going waste, they remained like that for a while, his spend cock in her mouth. Aarav looked up and saw that the girl was grinning broadly at him, he averted her gaze immediately.

The bus stopped to a halt and the conductor announced that they have reached their destination.


Aarti was always afraid when her mother and her brother would go to market because it would mean an empty house till evening, an opportunity for her father. Her heart fluttered with anxiety when she heard the sinister creaking of the wooden door, she prayed that it was her brother; no one could ever believe that such an simple, kind man could do this to his own blood and flesh.

“Aarti, bring me a glass of water and something to eat.” Suresh said looking at his daughter’s legs.

Without replying anything Aarti took out some

rice from the vessel and poured some dal (curry made of pulse) in a plate, she poured water in a glass and took it to her father, who was sitting on the floor cross legged. Suresh looked at her daughter’s deep cleavage when she bend down to serve him dal.

“Come lie with me, Aarti,” Suresh said to her daughter after he finished the meal and decided to take a nap.

“I have to finish some household works.” Aarti replied her legs trembling of the anticipation for what was to come.

“You can do it later, come lie with me.” He said in a serious tone.

“Mother, said to finish them before she comes back home.” Aarti replied, somehow trying to avoid sleeping with him.

Suresh was maddened with anger he got up and grasped her long open hair in his left hand and slapped her on the face from the other, the force was so vigorous that her soft cheeks turned red immediately, Aarti shrieked of the pain.

“Bitch, you didn’t learn your lesson last time, did you…” Suresh shouted in her crying face.

“pleaseeeee… father I will not do it again, pleaseee..” Aarti replied trembling, tears flowing down her cute face, no man with heart could ever hit her.

“You have spoiled my mood.” Her father said.

“Take off your skirt.” Suresh licked his lips; he had seen her naked many times but every time seemed like first time for him.

She obeyed him without arguing this time; she took of her skirt and blouse now she was only in her bra and panties still shivering because of the pain and the hurt pride.

“All of them.”

Aarti unsnapped her bra took it off and threw it on the table beside her, she could feel her nipples standing because of the cold air, she put her fingers in the waistband of her panties and rolled it down taking it off.

Suresh looked at her gorgeous breasts, her wife’s breasts were bigger but her breasts were firmer and she had a flawless skin, his gaze travelled down on the v of her legs covered with curly pubic hairs.

Aarti never looked even once at his father, she just stood there to his prying eyes hoping it to end soon… but it was just the beginning. She saw her father approaching like a bull, his eyes were red and he was breathing very hard out of the arousal, Aarti shivered when she saw the large pole tenting his lungi (a long piece of cloth worn around the waist like a skirt by the male).

He grasped her by the hair and bend her on the

table beside the window, Aarti looked very hot like this, her naked ass and tight pussy on display to his hungry eyes, her father stood behind her and nudged her shut lips with his cock, Aarti shivered with fear as he inserted his large pole inside her lips stretching it with his large pole. Suresh slid his cock all the way in moaning with excitement.

“Not whole, please…nooo.” She pleaded him, but her sound fell on deaf ears as he plunged even harder inside her.

He took hold of her hair and started thrusting in her pussy his large balls slapping her belly repeatedly, she cried but her cry heightened his energy and he plunged it even harder fucking her wild with every thrust Aarti was pushed up on the table making it creak.

Suresh could feel himself building up inside her, so with a loud groan he pulled out his cock and spurt his cum on her daughter’s ass the first spurt landing on her left cheek followed by second and third which landed on her thighs, Aarti took a breath of relief.

“I am going to the farm…not a word to anyone.” Suresh hissed at the sobbing Aarti.

Aarav and his mother arrived to an empty house.

“Aarti must have gone to the river and your father won’t return until night.” Shalini said to Aarav as she directed him to put the grocery on the rack.

Aarav couldn’t understand her invitation, Shalini laughed at his naivety.

“You should be more in-charge of the things, after a few years you will get married and we can’t be around forever.” She said in a motherly tone.

“What do you mean, mother.”

“Nothing, change your clothes.”

Aarav went in other room to change he forgot to close the door separating the two rooms, he changed quickly and decided to go out for a while, when he entered the other room, he stopped dead in his tracks. Her mother was standing with her back to him. She wore a white bra which was unclasped and a underskirt and she was fiddling with its knot.

“Aarav, can you open it for me, please.” Shalini said to Aarav seductively.

“Okay, mother.” Aarav managed to speak.

With trembling hands he took the knot of her underskirt in his fingers, he could see in great detail her sexy waist and the tan on her upper hip, somehow he managed to open the knot of her underskirt, when he left her underskirt it slid down her thighs momentarily stopping at the rise of her, leaving her naked. Shalini peeled her bra from her breasts letting it slide down her arm which fell on the floor near her underskirt.

Aarav with trembling hands reached out and touched her shoulders nudging her to face him; Shalini wanted him to take charge so she just stood still, Aarav was going wild with excitement, he grasped her shoulders and tried to turn her towards him, but she resisted and wouldn’t turn. He grasped her hair and pulled her head back and he planted a kiss right on her delicious mouth, he kissed all around her neck.

Shalini moaned loudly when he kissed her nipples, Aarav kissed her belly and moving down he planted a kiss on her hairy mound, he could smell the muskiness of her pussy, Aarav got down on his knees and with both hands he spread her thighs and kissed on her pussy licking all around her slit, his left hand travelled on her ass searching for the rosette of her asshole.

Shalini pushed her ass back on his fingers wanting him to insert his finger in her ass, but to her disappointment he rose up and undid his pants, he took hold of his large cock and rubbed it on her slit making his mother flinch with arousal. Shalini wanted his cock desperately inside her, she grasped his ass with her hands and pulled him to her taking his cock deep inside her, she could feel him throbbing inside her, she stroked his ass with her hands, her fingers pressing at his asshole. Aarav moved his cock inside her pussy fucking her slowly while she inserted her index finger in his ass upto first knuckle. She began moving her finger in his asshole fucking his ass while he fucked her pussy.

Everytime his mother would push her finger in his ass he would push harder in her, Shalini wasn’t able to resist anymore she came very hard wetting his cock with her juices, Aarav began to thrust very hard and after a few seconds he came inside her mother spurting his cum deep inside her pussy.

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