Bengalee Film Queen 28

“Ok, it did feel great in my pussy earlier. I bet you will love it too.” Sreelekha stepped away as Koel returned her attention to Kader.

Koel gave  his cock one more deep throat and a lick. Then stood up and said, “I am now ready to feel that big thing in my pussy.”


But before she could finish the statement, she felt Sreelekha’s soft fingers pulling her panties over her hips and down her legs. Instantly Kader reached out and took the panties from Sreelekha. He held them to his face and inhaled the sweet perfume from the wetness that had leaked from Koel’s aristocratic pussy.

Koel smiled approvingly noticing his fetishism as she threw one leg over his legs and the chair’s arm rest. Then grabbing the back of the chair and pulling forward, she raised her leg over the other arm rest and straddled him.

It was a position like this….. that made herself far easy as she took all those yoga practices regularly. She reached down for his ‘Cobra-cock’ as she felt Sreelekha’s hand already on it.

“Go ahead Koel Sona. I will put it in for you.” smiled Sreelekha.

She held Kader’s skyward cock straight up with her right hand and with the other, she reached to Koel’s pussy. She held the pussy-lips apart and placed the mushroom head at the opening, so that his cock would slide in easily.

As Koel’s pussy made contact with Kader’s circumcised cock, she lowered herself very slowly. It was a tight fit as she had been too busy the last few days to find a new boyfriend and hadn’t been fucked since Kader had found her half drunk in a filmy-party.

Kader’s dick felt so good and big in her cunt….. pushing in, more and more until she finally hit the bottom. She could feel all the nine inches in her, the head next to her cervix.

She was so damn full, no wonder she herself became so fucking crazy when she first met with him in his office during her audition. It was two yrs ago when her husband first introduced Kader with her….. and after that Koel became a fan of his cock…. his cock was fucking amazing.

Koel then began her slow movements…… up and down….. a little at a time…… then more and more….. faster and faster as she began to match her rhythm fully with Kader’s upward thrusting. Her tits started bouncing in front of his face.

It was all a blur of a milky skin and her nearly black, inch long nipples were dancing up and down with her speedy up-down. Kader finally was able to catch a nipple in his mouth and sucked for all he was worth, not wanting it to get away. The new sensation from her nipple turned the hot actress on even more.

“Oh my fucking, yesssss….. Chudir-bhai!! Suck my titties you bastard!”

Sreelekha was turned on watching the scene in front of her. She hadn’t been so close to a couple fucking for a long time before she had attended a wedding party last month.

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