Bengalee Film Queen 28

“Oh yesssssssss…..!” purred the actress.

At that moment, somewhere in the room a land phone began to ring. It was somewhat muted and went unnoticed. Then the mobile of Koel began to ring also. Right next to her head, the phone’s ringing jarred the slim beauty out of her post orgasmic bliss.


Koel began to waken and realise that it was her mobile ringing. She rolled over to reach the phone, picked it up and struggled to hold it to her head. As she sat up on the edge of the desk, she was lying, she heard her husband…. asking where the hell was she.

Reality began to roll into Koel’s world again. She recalled that she had a reason to come to Kader’s hotel-office….. something before enjoying Kader’s massive cock and Sree aunty’s sweet pussy.

She  shook her head to clear it. A wrong script! She had come to Kader for her accurate script. And after that she would have to visit her ailing mother….. OH GOD! She was so late now, and still nude!

She had to find her accurate script, get dressed, fix her hair and makeup and visit her parents.

There was a voice screaming at her from the phone. So loudly she couldn’t even speak. She dropped the mobile to the desk and began running around the room…… collecting her clothes.

At last, she found her panties. She quickly pulled them on. But where was her bra? She looked around the desk. It wasn’t there.

She looked across the room and saw Kader’s balls deep inside Sree aunty’s ass. He was pumping hard as Sree aunty’s hair was flipping around, and a look of total bliss was displaying on her face.

Then she noticed her own bra, on the desk under Sree aunty. She knew that Sree aunty was in her own world now. Nothing would matter to her but that big hard prick in her ass.

She ran around the desk to the stack of boxes and began to fumble with putting her dress on. She struggled to fit her boobs in the dress. She ran to other desk, began desperately looking for her vanity bag.

Finally finding it, she grabbed her hair brush, looked into a mirror and tried to fix her hair and lipstick so that she didn’t look like she had just been fucked ravishly.

It was no hope. She could do nothing with her hair. She grabbed her small hand bag and picked up the mobile. Her husband was still screaming at her. Breathlessly she said, “I am on my way, don’t be upset.”

Her husband finally hearing her voice stopped yelling and asked what did she said.

Koel opened her mouth to reply but she couldn’t as her husband heard another voice screaming, “I AM CUMMING! DAMN IT! I AM FUCKING COMING!!”

Yes, that voice wasn’t of Koel. It was Sreelekha who screaming at the top of her lungs as Kader stopped fucking her ass and blew his load into her ass.

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