Bengalee Film Queen 28

“Hi Koel”, Kader said, letting his eyes walk over her body.

His eyes locked in her medium size boobs…. capped with nipples that strained against the fabric of her bra. Looking at her small waist and round hips, and down to her sexy legs, he thought to himself, ‘Koel may be short but she is built for sex and every inch turns a man on’.


“Koelji, I have tried calling you and leaving a message but you are always busy and …….”

“Oh shut the fuck up Kaderbhai. I am not mad. I wasn’t expecting that night which was more than two people enjoying a good fuck, just like this afternoon is going to be.” said Koel harshly.

With that she leaned over to Kader and kissed him. Soft at first, then more insistent, soon shoving her tongue into his mouth. A move he quickly followed with his tongue.

After a minute of kissing, Koel ran her hand down his chest and on down to his limp dick, still sticky with the cum…. he discharged in Sreelekha’s pussy. She pulled back, breaking the kiss, bringing her hand to her mouth and giving it a lick.

“Mmmm, that’s so tasty,” said Koel. “But we aren’t going to be able to do anything fun if your ‘Leora ( cock )’ is all soft. What can I do to bring him back to life?”

She smiled as she leaned over and kissed his sticky pussy-juice & semen mixture coated dick. She then gave it a lick starting at the head and traveling up the shaft until she reached his groin. “Like that? Or maybe something else would help.”

Saying that she lowered herself to her knees, flipping her hair to the side and dragging her silky, long licks across his cock and balls.

“Still not enough? I think something more hot visual is needed for you?” With that Koel turned sideways and put a hand on Sreelekha’s smooth creamy thigh.

“I guess this will get you more interested”. She grinned as she leaned over and kissed the back of Sreelekha’s fleshy thigh.

Sreelekha was still lying over the desk being senseless….. from the harsh fucking and breathtaking orgasm, she had just had. Koel noticed Sreelekha’s condition and smiled as she began to kiss and lick Sreelekha’s thighs. She left a wet trail of her saliva….. moving her tongue up to her up-turned huze ass.

Once Koel’s tongue traveled across Sreelekha’s smooth butt-cheeks and later into her crack, she trailed her tongue down until it was on Sreelekha’s brown asshole. This began to draw new moans from Sreelekha as her senseless body slightly tangled.

But Koel’s action never stopped as her salivating tongue gave new attention to the nerves of Sreelekha’s still limp body. After swirling her tongue around her crinkled asshole for few seconds, she made the quick trip towards her dripping pussy.

“Still watching? Do you like this, Kaderbhai? How about your little friend?” Koel asked with a gleam in her eye.

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