Bengalee Film Queen 28

“You don’t mind if I join you two… do you? Or is it a little late to ask?” Koel smirked and returned to her slow blow-job.

Between watching Koel’s lipstick coated red lips sliding over his black dick, Kader had noticed that Sreelekha was beginning to stir. She raised herself up on her elbows slowly as she tried to clear her head.


‘Where had that wonderful feeling on her pussy gone to?’ Sreelekha thought as she pulled her legs up under herself.

It caused her large ass to rise further in the air and her butt cheeks to flex more. She then began to stand up slowly. Her legs felt a bit wobbly as she stood, still wearing her in high heels.

At one point, she turned and said, “Kaderbhai that pussy licking felt great. But why did you sto….”

But her questioning was stopped suddenly in midway as she took in what was happening before her now. There was a nearly nude, dark headed woman with her head in Kader’s lap…. giving him head.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Sreelekha asked with a confusing tone. And her sudden questioning surprised Koel as she looked up at Sreelekha.

“Koel must have come here to change her script, but noticing our hot encounter, she decided to join the fun” answered Kader.

“Hi Aunty, so my assumption was right all those times when I asked if you have ever fucked Kaderbhai to get a chance in his film. I was sure that you were too interested to have that role,” said Koel smilingly as she turned towards her aunty and touched her feet. “Moreover when I told you what a great fuck he is, you couldn’t help yourself and finally you end up with this cock in you.”

Sreelekha’s head was still spinning from everything. She had been getting a great fucking, a fucking like she hadn’t had in years, and had a tremendous cum which made herself senseless. And now suddenly Koel was here too who was giving Kader a slimy blow-job.

“Koel dear? I thought you were headed downtown for visiting your parents, your husband Nilay intimated that few days ago. But what are you doing back here in the Kaderbhai’s office?” asked Sreelekha.

“I had come here to change my script and found you bent over Kaderbhai’s desk with his Nigro cock in your cunt. Now do you want to keep playing endless questions or you want to have some more fun?” asked Koel with a naughty grin.

“Come on Lekhadevi, finish taking off that Saya and blouse and I think we can find a way for both of you to have another cum or two, right Koel?” asked Kader. Koel just looked up at him and nodded not wanting to take his cock out of her mouth.

“A girl can’t turn down that kind of an offer.” smiled Sreelekha.

She quickly found the knot on her Saya and loosened it…. thereby dropping it on the floor. She kicked it out of the way and quickly her blouse followed the same treatment.

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