Bengalee Film Queen 28

It had been her friend Satabdi’s twentieth wedding party at her house when they had hired a male stripper who was also a male escort. The two friends had gotten a couple of good turns with him.

After the ceremony was over, at 12:00 in the night, when most of the guest left the hotel, the young escort boy gave them a all-time memorable ‘fuck. Next day he had hangovers from all the fucking he had to offer to Rachana and Satabdi. And the two friends could hardly walk from the hard pounding, they had received the night before.


Sreelekha had barely made her walking easily for the next few days during her shooting without giggling every time she remembered the horny night. Few days later, she went to Satabdi’s house again to attend her son’s eighteenth birthday party.

She saw her VVIP friend dressed all in white Saree and blouse…… looking so pure and innocent. She couldn’t believe that night, only a few days ago, she had gotten a face full of cum after getting double fucked by her and the male escort.

That memory gave Sreelekha an idea. She had recently seen Satabdi at a filmy-party in Rachana’s house. Sreelekha and her friend Satabdi had planned a wild idea then….. having left their husbands at home.

Being away from the husbands and children, the two sexy celebs had found themselves that they more enjoyed sleeping late and getting massages. The happy ending they all got from the handsome masseur was a new experience to both of them.

Sreelekha came back to her present situation as she took her vanity bag in which she kept some of her special enjoyment toys. They were presented by Satabdi on her 48-th birthday anniversary few days ago. After that she was eagerly waiting to give it a try with Satabdi but since then both of them couldn’t find out a suitable moment to implement it.

Sreelekha realised that the dream moment was arrived as she reached into her bag and pulled out a toy. It was a strap-on double vibrator!! At one end, it had a seven inch black penis shaped vibrator.

The other end of it was about an inch, double pronged to fit over the clit of the woman who would fit the strap on. That way both women would enjoy the vibrations, which were controlled with a wired remote.

Sreelekha stepped into the harness, pulling it up to her fleshy, perfect legs. She adjusted the vibrator on her crotch…. positioning it so that the prongs gently held her clit.

She then pulled the straps tight so that it would not slip. This was a new feeling for Sreelekha. She had been able to look down and see a penis jutting out from her crotch, much less than Kader’s huze black dick.

She then reached into her bag again and pulled out a tube of KY Jelly. She put a generous squirting on the fake penis and rubbed it on all over the phallic.

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