Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunt Mercilessly- Nephew’s version (Part 6)

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Hey this is maddy again.
Thank you for your valuable feedback on previous parts. I know some replys are pending.I will reply soon to all of your comments.

Continuing from part 5 – Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunt Mercilessly Nephew’s version (Part 5)

Aunty and her children started to have dinner and i joined them.I quickly had my dinner aunty was preparing to make bed for her children in masterbed room. I went near grabbed her ass checks and said I want to fuck her here and now ,don’t make your children see you fucking all naked here, make them sleep in other room because today will be one hell of night and i don’t want to miss it and started to unbotton her nighty.She quickly went outside angrily adjusting her dress.I followed her as she went to hall.I stood right behind her touching her back with my front body.

She then made her children to sleep in other bedroom while I proceeded there.I made them sleep there and signaled her to go to masterbedroom.

She went inside bedroom after few mins i went inside and locked it from inside.She saw me oogling at her like a hungry vulture. She was depressed of her situation.I played romantic song to mood up .I pulled her towards me and started to slowly dance roaming my hands on her face and body.I told her not to waste time and instructed her to remove her clothes but she refused.I forced and removed her nighty bra and panty and undone her hair later I also got naked. I spanked her big ass with my cock to make it erect later told her to lie down on bed.I came over her and wetted our parts, widened her legs and positioned my cock to her pussy and slidded it in.After 3-4 attempts it got in and i lied on her.Then started to lick her neck and face region like she is an ice-cream.I asked her ” What magic you have got aunty? After fucking you so many times I get the feeling of fucking you over and over again.I have a unquenchable thirst of fucking you.Uncle is so lucky to have a chick like you who can fuck you anytime.But i get the impression that God had made you only to satisfy my hunger.Your body is only made for me to use it whenever I want.My cock feel more worthy inside your pussy and i get aroused by this desire.Im lucky to have sex bunny like you”

By tell this I gripped my hands on her hand and slowly thrust my ass in and out.With each push she started to mumble and moan.I moved my ass around to accommodate more space.I liked talking while humping her.I said” Sarita you are mine.Plz give me your love,lock me in your arms and legs.”I started to liplock her and thrusted my monster in regular pace.Later i proceeded to her boobs and started to press and kneld it.I kissed and sucked her one boobs while pressing other and vice versa.”What a boobs you have Sarita aunty it’s delicious ,give me more. “telling this I bit her boobs while she cried.I licked her navel area while she was breathing heavily.

Later I came off bed and stood for some time while she was lying with open arms and legs.”What happened Darling? Dear Sarita don’t you like my cock tearing your pussy? Don’t you want to please your real husband? Don’t you love me and have irresistible urge to get fucked by me? saying this I went near her and got on her in 69 position.

I pushed my cock inside her mouth and made her to suck while my mouth was busy exploring her pussy and sucking it.Later I cummed inside her mouth while she ejaculated.I made her to drink my cum.

I pulled her and slapped her ass while she screamed and made her to kneel on bed in doggy style and entered her from back.

I again slappd her ass and said you like me and my cock.Holded her waist for grip and started to ram her.

She started to moan loudly as room is filled with phat phat phat sounds.I started to increase my pace with every moan.I grabbed her boobs from back and started to kneld it.I licked her whole bareback due to which she shivered because of chillness.I said” Aunty you are that milf ,everyone who sees you like to taste you.You are a bitch, a hungry bitch.Tell loudly You are a bitch and my bitch”. Saying this I hardly slapped her ass to repeat my words.Her ass had become cherry red.She said” aaa ooo yeahhh I’m your bitch aaaa hungry bitch aaaahhh”in deep pain.This went on for a while.We both cummed.

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