My First Love Navya – Part 4

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read My First Love Navya – Part 3 before starting this.

After going home mom stopped me and asked

Mom: What happen to your lips?
Me: No Mom nothing.
Mom: What nothing. It is looking like someone bited your lips very hard. It is bleeding.
Me: Mom…. Actually I went to fuck Navya today. While kissing it would have happened.
Mom: Is she that much sex hungry. See how hard she bite your lips.
Me: Mom don’t scold her. It is first time for her to have sex.
Mom: Ahh.. you started to support her. A woman came into your life right. Then how you will listen to mom.
She turned around and stood like that like a small kid and turned around. I slowly placed my hands on her waist and hold her from backside and holding her navel.
Me: Nothing like that mom. She is a very good girl. She did like that due to excitement.
She took ontiment and came towards me and by applying ontiment on my lips she said in anger
Mom: Teach her how to kiss. If I saw these types of injures on your lips again I will pour ontiment in your mouth.
Me: Mom do it slowly. It is paining.
Mom: Won’t you get the pain while kissing.
In angry tone. I immediately pinched on her waist and went away. Next day I went to institution and Navya saw my lips she asked like a innocent

Navya: What happen to your lips. They are soo dark.
Me: Don’t you know?
Navya: How would I know why your lips are dark.
Me: It happened due to excitement of kissing. It happened during our sex.
She got shocked and felt shy. We both went to class. We used to go and come to class at same time. Shilpa and Shylu started to spy us. We used to meet daily in college in normal way and they are not getting a chance to catch us. Navya got very angry on them for spying us. After few days Navya mom and dad are going to village again due to some property related things. This time they are going for five days. From Thursday to Monday. I felt soo happy. Navya said they will start at 10 in the morning on Thursday and they will come any time on Monday.

I said to Mom that I am going to stay in Navya house those five days. On Thursday early morning around at 5 O’clock I started from my home and went to the ground near Navya house. By the time I went there many people are doing morning walk in the ground. I joined along with them and waiting for the chance. A bunch of people in front me. I went in last of them. I stopped at the wall. Before someone come I climbed the wall. This time I don’t want to go to their main door. I am intended to go to Navya room directly from her balcony. I climbed towards her balcony by using a pipe and jumped into her balcony. Her balcony door is not closed. She is feeling cool breeze from outside and she is in deep sleep. I went nearby her and sat on the bed and looking her face. She is looking very beautiful. I am pinching her cheeks and her nose. She thought her dad is waking her up and said like this

Navya: Dad don’t wokeup me. I want to sleep for some more time.
She slowly opened her eyes and saw me infront of her. She got shocked and pretended like shouting. I immediately closed her mouth and said
Me: It’s me. Why are you shouting.
She slapped on my hand hard and asked me remove my hand from her mouth. I removed my hand.
Navya: Won’t you have mind. You came this much early. What if someone had noticed you.
Me: Does your dad wakes you up daily.
Navya: No not daily. Only if I am sleeping for long time than usual he will wake up me.
Me: Does your room main door opened?
Navya: Yes, I will keep it open. If you don’t know my room door is opened how you came inside?
I immediately went to her room main door and locked it from inside.
Me: I climbed the wall and came from your balcony.
Navya: You climbed the wall and pipe and jumped into balcony? Why you did that much risk? You would have come later.
I dragged her towards me and held her waist and looking into her eyes and said
Me: Previously when I came, that aunty thrown a stick at me. That too today is Thursday. I can’t escape by saying cricket. If someone see me I can’t escape. So I planned like this.
Navya: Ok. Stay in the room till my mom and dad starts. Don’t open the door if someone knocks. I am going into bathroom.
Me: Shall I come inside bathroom?
She slapped me twice on my ass and said
Navya: Shall I call my mom and dad inside my room?

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