My First Love Navya – Part 3

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read My First Love Navya – Part 2 before starting this.

Next day I went to institution early as previous day. After sometime Navya came.

Me: Hi Navya.
Navya didn’t respond to me even by seeing at me.
Me: Why are you not talking to me?
Navya: Won’t you remember what you did yesterday?
Me: What I did? I proposed you. I expressed my feelings on you.
Navya: Does any will propose that suddenly? I got shocked and frightened you know.
Me: Yeah I know that you got frightened by seeing at you yesterday. So I didn’t even tried to speak with you. Actually this is first time I proposed to a girl. So I didn’t understand or planned what to do and how to express. How are you feeling today? It seems you are good.
Navya: Yeah today I am feeling much better. I am not getting frightened of you.
Me: Thank You very much. I thought you won’t speak to me today as well. What about my proposal?

She given an angry expression look to me and went away towards class. I used to try to speak with her daily and to make her to accept my love. Daily I used to imagine her on my bed with me. That is not the feel of lust or horny. That feeling is different. Even though I am feeling for Navya my dick used to get erected very hard for sex. I used to fuck either of my mom, Anuradha Aunty, Sweety and Lavanya sister randomly whenever I want. They always accepted me to fuck them and they also used to enjoying to get fuck by me. After few days Sweety find another boyfriend and she used to get fuck by him. I am keep on trying to get acceptance for my Love proposal from Navya. Finally one day she accepted my Love. I felt soo happy.

We used to meet daily in the college and used to speak on phone. She is having a landline phone in her home. I used to call to her phone. It is going like that and one day one couple got caught by the institution staff for doing romance in the college. Two girls from our course helped the staff to find them. They are Shilpa and Shylu. After few days they caught another couple for doing romance in the college. Even this time as well Shilpa and Shylu helped them to find them as well. Even though doing romance is their personal thing for doing that in the college premises they suspended them. Due to this two incidents Shilpa and Shylu become well noted names in the college and all people and couples started to frightened of Shilpa and Shylu.

Me and Navya used to meet behind a lab after the lab practical sessions got completed. One day it is around 5 in the evening. We met behind lab as usually. We sat there and speaking to each other. I took Navya ID Card and looking into it. The photo in the ID Card is doesn’t seems like her. It is an old photo. So it is not matching with her now. I started to tease her for that and make fun of her. She got anger and tried to pull her ID Card from me. When she is trying to take it from me her body is touching to me randomly in different places. I got horny due to her soft body touching my body. My dick got erected. Finally I kept ID Card on my thighs and she is trying to drag it. I am holding it tight at my thighs. Her hand touched to my erected dick. She suddenly looked at my face. I am also looking at her face. I loosen the ID Card from my hand and slowly moving towards her face. She suddenly took her ID Card and tried to move away from me. When she is going away I hold her hand. She is standing in front of me with her hand holding by my hand and I am sitting in the same place. She looked me and asked

Navya: Leave me I need to go.
Me: No
By seeing deep into her eyes
Navya: Leave me it is paining.
I am not saying anything and looking into her eyes. She repeatedly saying to leave her hand it is paining. I slowly removed her hand little bit and holding her fingers and waited whether she will go or not. She stood there without saying anything after leaving her hand and looking at me. I dragged her at once towards me. She came and fell on my lap between my legs. I made her to sit on my thighs. She is looking into my eyes and I am looking into her eyes. Suddenly we liplocked each other. We liplocked for 5 mins. I placed my fingers on her lips and playing with her lips. After sometime we started to liplock each again in deep inside each other mouth and we are licking each other’s tongues. I am touching her boobs and pressing her waist. We kissed for 10 mins suddenly Navya stopped kissing and looked at me and asked

Navya: What if Shilpa or Shylu notice us.
Me: They won’t come now. They would have already went to their home.
Navya: No I can’t trust. First let’s go from here.
In a frightened tone.
Me: Why are you so frightening. We can go after talking for some more time. Why are you so hurry.
Navya: No, we can talk later. First we need to go. I will call you on the phone.

We started from there and went to home. After going to home we started to talk in phone and she said on this Sunday their parents are going to their village to discuss about some property related things. I said we can meet in her house on Sunday. Finally Sunday came and I went nearby to their house. Behind their house there is a ground and my friends used to play cricket there. I just joined with them to play and also to analyse the situation around her house. Her house is in the first floor. If I want to go their house I need to walk for one kilometer on the streets to reach. The another way is by jumping the 8 feet compound wall from the ground which gives an easy access to their house from backside of their house. I decided to go from the wall. I called Navya and told her. She said no one is there in the house so that I can come from the main entrance itself. I didn’t listened to her and went nearby to the wall. There is small hole at three feet height from the ground. I utilized that hole and climbed on to the wall and looked around inside the house. All the doors are closed in the ground floor and no one is there in the house. I brought one cricket ball with me for safety if someone asks me why I am here I can show it and escape. Wall is just 5 feet height from inside. I jumped inside and went towards main entrance and went to first floor through steps. I knocked Navya house door. She opened the door and pulled me inside and closed the door and hugged me. Her height is 5’8″. Her structure is 32-24-34. We hugged each other for five minutes. I tried to kiss her. She pushed me away and said can’t you wait in angry tone. I am looking at her like a small kid and starving for kiss. She hold my jaws and pampered me by like a small boy and kissed on my both cheeks and ran away. I ran behind her and hold her waist and we both fell on sofa. I am squeezing her waist. I made her to sit on my thighs and her ass is touching to my dick. My dick got erected. She suddenly stood from me and went into kitchen. I went behind her. She is preparing chicken. I hold her tight from the behind. By smooching her neck I asked

Me: What are you doing?
Navya: Preparing chicken for me.
Me: For you? Then what I need to eat?
Navya: Eat me.
Immediately I bite on her cheeks and said
Me: You are so tasty.
Navya: Leave me.
She made me to leave her. She called me to show her house. She is wearing a kurta. While she is walking she is making her ass to move up and down. It is making me horny. She shown me all the rooms and finally she took me to her room. Her room is facing towards ground from back. If we come and stand in balcony we can see the ground clearly. I went nearby to bed and made her to fall on the bed by placing my hand on her navel. I am smooching near her and cleavage. She is moaning slowly umm.. She suddenly pushed me away and ran towards kitchen. I am sitting on the bed. She completed her cooking and came back to bedroom and looking at me. I can’t control myself and went nearby her and started giving liplock to her. She is also responding well. We kissed for 10 mins and moved towards bed. We both fell on the bed and started to kiss each other. I am squeezing her boobs and her waist. I slowly started to insert my hand inside her dress to touch her boobs. She stopped me and not allowed to touch her bare boobs. We stopped kissing and sleeping on the bed by placing her head on my stomach and I am squeezing her boobs over the dress. We are speaking about something randomly. After sometime we went to eat food. While eating when we find boneless pieces we are keeping them between our lips and started to eat them by kissing each other. While kissing we used to hold each other head with hands. I used to touch her on her face, boobs, waist and navel. She is touching me only on my face. It took one hour to complete our eating. When we complete our eating we are having full of curry stains and meals on each faces. We licked on each face and eat them. Even there are some stains on Navya dress when I touch on her boobs, waist and navel. I started to eat those meals by biting her boobs, waist and navel. She is feeling horny and biting her lips. We completed eating and went into her bedroom.

We are sweating a lot. Navya turned on the fan. I removed my shirt. We both are sleeping on the bed by keeping hand under the neck and facing each other and looking each other. She started to roll her fingers on my bare body. I kept my hand on her dress at boobs and navel and asked her that I want to see her as well. She said Ahhhh…. Noooo…. Immediately I dragged her towards me and started to kiss her and I inserted my hand in her kurta pant and touching her bare ass cheeks and squeezing them. She is hugging me tight by keeping her hands on my back. I started to insert my hands in her kurta from back. She didn’t stopped me. I slowly moved my hands towards her boobs. We stopped kissing and she is kissing on my body and squeezing. She wearing bra inside. I removed her kurta. She is on her bra. I started to smooch her cleavage and squeeze her boobs. After sometime I removed her bra. I started to smooch and bite her nipples. She is moaning and holding my head tight towards her boobs. I inserted my hand in her kurta pant and trying to touch her pussy. She is wearing panty. I loosened her kurta pant. Navya removed it. Navya removed my pant. She saw my dick. She looked at me with shy. I inserted my hand inside her panty. Her pussy is already wet. I removed her pant. Now we both are completely naked. I started to rub her pussy with my dick. She is holding my dick. She is trying to give handjob to my dick but not doing properly. I helped her to give handjob properly. After sometime I asked her to give me blowjob. She asked me how to do that. I said to keep my dick inside her mouth and suck it just like eating a lollipop. She hold my dick and took nearby to her mouth. She tasted tip of my dick and hesitated and looked at me like she is not interested to keep it inside her mouth. I hold her head and inserted my dick in her mouth. She is beating on my thighs to take it out. I kept it like that and asked her to lick it. She slowly started to lick it and after sometime she started to suck it properly. Now she is enjoying the blowjob and looking at me with full enjoyment. Water is coming out from her mouth due to excitement. She is looking at me with full excitement. She sucked my dick for sometime and I started to lick her pussy. Her pussy is so wet. She is moaning a lot. I licked for 10 mins she released orgasm. It is so tasty. I continued to lick her pussy deep inside. She released another orgasm. I am pointing my dick to her pussy and looking at her. She immediately asked me to stop and asked to wear condom. I turned towards my pant. I brought two condoms while coming to her house. Within the time she took her college bag and took one complete condoms box. I got shocked and asked why she is carrying that many condoms in her bag. She said from the day we kissed in college behind lab I want to get fuck by you. If we get that situation just for safety I am carrying them. I kissed her and took one condom from that box. I asked Navya to place that condom to my dick with her mouth. She placed condom between her teeth and lips and inserted my dick into her mouth. It didn’t placed properly on the dick. Again she placed it properly with her hand. This is first time I am wearing the condom. I pointed my dick towards her pussy. I slowly pushed it inside. It is soo tight. I inserted my tip of the dick. She is shouting in pain and asking me to take it out. I started to kiss her to calm down her. While kissing I inserted my remaining dick inside her pussy. She given a big jerk and shaken her body and crying and tears are coming from her eyes. Her hymen was broken and blood is coming from her pussy. This is first time I am fucking a virgin. I slowly started to give strokes. She is feeling paining and after sometime she started to enjoy it. I fucked her for 40 mins and released sperm. I took condom out and placed it on her boobs. Sperm is coming out from it mixed with blood marks on the condom. I licked it from her boobs and took into my mouth and started to give liplock to her. She hesitated and I made her to give liplock by saying this just my sperm and your blood and she accepted for liplock and took into her mouth.

When we stood up we noticed blood stains on the bedsheet. She got frightened what if her mother see that and immediately took it into bathroom and made it soak in water by adding some detergent. I too went into bathroom. We cleaned our parts and standing naked in the bathroom. After sometime Navya started to clean the bedsheet with clothes washing brush. She is rubbing very hard to make that stain to gone. When she is rubbing her boobs are moving up and down. My dick got erected by seeing them. She is feeling her hand shoulder pain for rubbing it for long time continuously. I took the brush and started to rub it. When I am rubbing my erected dick is touching the bedsheet each time I rub it. Navya laughed at me and said Are you rubbing it or fucking it? I rubbed it for sometime and we made to vanish that stain. I stood and hold Navya and we went under shower. We are licking each other and cleaned each other body and completed bathing and came out. We wear our dress and I started back to the ground so that no one find me. Navya asked me to go through the main gate. I said no problem no one there in the ground floor I will jump the wall and go from ground.

I came down and started towards backside wall. When I am going one aunty is sitting there and watching me. I took ball from pocket and shown her and said that I came here for ball. She immediately got anger and took stick beside and came behind me to hit me by saying how many times I need to say don’t hit the ball towards this house. I started running towards wall and jumped from wall. She thrown stick towards me from the house and said if anyone come towards my house by saying ball came into my house I will beat them. Luckily that stick didn’t hit me. It went far away from me. Navya looked at me from first floor balcony from her room and laughed for that and mocking at me by showing hand signs that she already told me to leave from main gate. I went to home.

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