Mom takes a Plunge with Son in the Hot Tub

He pulled the car to a halt in the yard. Unclipping the seat belt and opening the door he jumped out, leaning over the driver’s seat he grabbed the strap of his rucksack and hauled it over the back. Slinging it casually over one shoulder he strode to the back door. Stepping into the large, warm kitchen he was surprised to find only the dog that left her basket by the range and with a tail wagging, trotted across the tiled floor to greet him.

“Are you on your own girl?” he asked the dog as he bent to tickle the back of her ear “Where’s Mum?”

He put his head around the sitting room door. The smell of the wax polish that was always applied to the wooden furniture on a Friday hit him with the welcome of home. The room was though, unoccupied.

Where was she, he thought. Not like her to be out when she knew he was due home.

Since starting his job in the city, he had been staying in a flat share all week, returning on Friday afternoon for the weekend. In the six months since it had begun, she had always been there waiting when he had arrived home. He wondered what was different today.

The dog followed behind playing ‘warm or cold’.

“Am I getting warm?” he said as he checked in each room. Returning to the kitchen he touched the teapot on the table, it was still warm. He stood at the sink spotting her down the end of the garden. Her feet were apart as she stood in the vegetable drills. Planting, he thought. She was lost in her own world.

She cleared a stray hair from her face with the back of a gloved hand as she straightened up. That has got to hurt, he thought, all that bending. He also realised the garden was one of her greatest pleasures. She could lose herself there for hours.

He tapped on the window to get her attention. Showing no surprise, she waved back, he was expected after all. She beckoned him out.

“It’s too soon for me to get cleaned up.” she called “Come out and get some spring sun.”

“It’s freezing out here, that sun is very watery.” He replied.

“Come here and give your Mum a hug. I hope you haven’t gone all city-soft on me.” She opened her arms wide.

Her wool cardigan smelt of a mix of cool air, earth and her. Its slight scratchiness brushing his cheek as she put her arms around his neck being mindful not to touch her earth covered gloves to his clean work clothes.

“Great to see you Mum.” He spoke into her ear, squeezing her tight. “You are early with the shorts this year aren’t you?” He said with a laugh, as he stepped away and surveyed her legs. Sturdy walking boots and chunky socks, just visible at her ankle. Remnants of her summer bronze still remained on the long slim extremities topped off with belted denim shorts the turn ups of which reached mid- thigh.

“Not at all, a good tan begins in spring you know.” She laughed softly. “I will be done here in a few minutes, only a few of these left to get in and a quick sprinkle of water. If you’re going back in, pop the kettle on.” she said over her shoulder, as she returned to the job in hand.

“Will do, see you in a minute.” Smiling, he turned towards the house.

He walked back up the garden, noticing the flourishes of colour from the daffodils and crocus that were swaying to and fro in the breeze in their little clumps dotted around the grass. He remembered how they had planted them together all those years ago when they had first moved into the house.

Crossing the threshold back into the kitchen, the warm air wrapping around him, he removed his jacket, draping it over the back of a dining chair. He will be told off for that, he thought, she hated things being left around.

He picked up the kettle and took it over to the sink, holding the spout under the tap. As it filled he looked out at her watering her plants.

The kettle overflowed as he watched. He tipped out the excess and set it on the hot plate.

She clapped her hands to remove the excess muck and collected up the tools. She had sown enough for today and was looking forward to the warm kitchen and the catch up.

“Comfortable are we?” She said with a smile as she entered the house. He was going through the opened mail on the kitchen table.

“I see you got the hot tub guys around again, was it for maintenance?” He looked up from the papers.

“The thermo-thingy was broken but it’s fixed now, piping hot.” She bent to loosen her boots and then shook them off with a flourish. She moved towards him in her stocking feet.

“Come here for me to feel you.” She wrapped her arms around him. “As I suspected you need to be fattened up. I hope you stay longer than last time.”

“Staying two nights this time.” He replied.

She pulled the wool jumper straight off as she walked towards the dresser. The peach coloured top underneath rode up to show the caramel colour on her back. Her skin held its colour throughout the year. He did not see a bra strap or even a sports bra. Unusual, he thought, hoping she didn’t go braless when the maintenance men were there.

She turned bearing crockery and he was stunned to see the braless look really suited his Mother. The boiling whistle broke his thoughts. He made the tea as she lay the dishes out on the table and began to cut thick slices from the bread that had been cooling under a cloth on a wooden board.

“There’s butter and jam here.” She pointed with the knife to the china jam pot and butter dish on the table. “If you want cheese it’s still in the fridge.”

He retrieved the box of cheeses and placed it on the floral cloth and sat in his usual spot.

“Oh, hang on a minute.” She rushed across the room and stretched her arm up to a high shelf, returning with a jar. “Try this, it’s a chutney I made with the surplus apples, it’s lovely with cheese.”

They ate in silence for a few minutes. He was hungry having left work without lunch. Her appetite gained from working in the fresh air.

“There’s nothing like your cooking you know.” He laid his hand over hers. She smiled at the compliment, catching his thumb and stroking it with her own.

“Tell me you didn’t.” He said.

“Didn’t what?”

“Didn’t wear that top when they came to fix the hot tub. It’s lovely but somewhat revealing.” Shooting her a mildly disapproving look.

“You are funny, exactly like your father. Boob mad but never wanted his woman to show any cleavage.” She smiled softly as she said this.

“I think all men are the same.” He said thoughtfully. “Anyway, I hope you have made room for someone special in your life Mum.”

She made no reply.

They chatted amiably and danced around each other in the kitchen as they tidied the things away. The dog watched every move, hoping for a titbit from the table.

“The walk in shower is finished, come and see.” She held her hand out, he took it. “I think you will approve.”

She hurried him to the end of the hall into her bedroom.

The room was transformed with the walk thru from bedroom to bathroom, he was indeed impressed. A glass shower partition and marble everywhere, her clothing hung drying here and there. She plucked them down as she walked.

“You can walk from sink to loo to shower. Something I was always going on about and now finally, I have it.” Excitedly she pointed out the tiling and fixtures, all the stuff she had researched and dreamed of for years.

“I think this will be the final house for me. It is just perfect.” Her expansive grin reflected her pride in her home.

“Am I confined to the shower down the hall or can I use this? You could fit a rugby team in here now.” He asked, his expression, cheekily feigning sadness.

“Ah go on, you can use this one, it would be rather selfish of me to keep all this luxury to myself.” She generously relented.

“Thanks Mum, I knew you’d give in.” He laughed as she swatted his arm playfully.

She deserves this. He thought, of all the years she had struggled and made do when his father had been ill. Of how selflessly she had cared for her husband until the end. The sacrifices she had made to get him, her only child, through college with never a word of complaint. A little luxury was the very least she should have.

“Oh, to answer your earlier question. No, there is no one in my life.” She looked at him with soft eyes, touching his upper arm. She raised up onto her toes on the cool tiled floor to kiss his cheek, “Only you, my man. Now, I need to get cleaned up.”

He sat up on the bed as she tidied. She folded the underwear she had collected in the bathroom, tucking them into the drawer with all the other bras and bright white panties.

“This is perfect, you can see right through to the shower from here.” He was looking in the direction of the bathroom.

“That was the idea.” She said “It was something I saw in a Rome hotel years ago, where washing hygiene and the necessary hygiene of sleep are seamless. It also has a cooling effect on the bedroom. Not that it gets very hot in here lately.” She drew her brows down in a mock frown.

She stood looking at him. Fingering the top button of her shorts.

“Well? Privacy? I need to clean up gorgeous man.”

He tipped himself backwards onto the soft plushness of the bed and spread eagled with an exaggerated sigh.

“Can’t I just stay here it’s so comfortable. I won’t look…promise!” He chuckled.

“I think all this city living is making you bolder than ever.” She moved to the end of the bed, leaning down and grabbing his ankle, not realising her unrestrained breasts were falling forward and jiggling as she shook his leg.

“Get yourself up, and take the dog for a trot around outside while I sort myself out.” Extending an arm to point to the door. “Come back in ten minutes I’ll be done and you can use the shower then if you want.”

“You are a harsh woman.” He joked, still watching the sway of her wonderful breasts.

“Go! You may be twenty one but you are still young enough for a spanking.” She warned.

He reluctantly got off the bed and left her alone. She turned on her heel and stepped out of the shorts and lost her top. Stepping into the shower area, leaning in she flicked on the taps.

As the water hit the rough marble floor she examined herself in the mirror. Everything is in place she thought. A side view showed her she still had a bum that still had some upward tilt to it Something she credited to good diet and exercise The 38GG breasts had still some elasticity to them. In the past she had considered a reduction, but at this stage it seemed pointless to tamper with nature. She placed her hand in her panties and watched her knuckle move about as she dipped her fingers. As she removed them, the aroma told of a good ph balance too. All in all if there was a hot tub fitter in the area again, she mused, she may have to consider he test the hot tub out with her. Maybe it was time to get a little wicked into her life.

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Removing her panties she stepped into the slightly hotter than required shower, it was just the way she liked it. The needles of hot water stimulated her skin, raising the blood to the surface. Turning 360 degrees so every inch of her was massaged by the forceful gush. When the flow hit the spot on her back just between her shoulder blades she gasped, this always happened; it was an extra sensitive spot. She stayed still for a moment, relishing in the delicious pleasure.

She quickly took the puff of scrunched netting from the hook and poured a little body wash onto it, rubbing it briskly over her entire body. She loved the amount of lather the puff made and the rough exfoliation it provided. She dropped it to the floor and raising her arms, turned fully around to rinse, using her hand to make sure any remaining suds were gone.Turning off the water she reached for the towel and patted herself dry. She hung the towel back on the heated rail and walked to the basin to brush her teeth.

He strolled back up the garden, the dog sniffing her way behind him. The evening was cool but clear. The full moon making an appearance in a twilight sky. He stopped as he reached the hot tub, tonight would be the perfect night for a soak in there, he thought. One of the things he missed about the country was a pure black night with no pollution from the city lights. He would enjoy watching the stars again and focusing and refocusing on the constellations.

He returned into the house and made for his room. He grabbed his towel and made for his darling one’s room.

“Are you decent? I’m coming in.” He shouted.

She called him through and he walked straight to the en-suite not wanting to stare as she dried and dressed. He turned right and hung his towel on the heated rail, undressed and fiddled with the taps from a safe distance until it was just how he liked it. He clawed his toes and felt the rough tile beneath. He thought how sophisticated his mother was after all, a far cry from the telephone shower in the bath of his childhood twenty years ago.

As he turned around under the jet of water to let it wet his back he watched her through the soft fog of steam. Already dressed in her underwear: Black satin panties and a matching lace camisole. The idea of confining her breasts in a bra too much after the freedom of the day. Magnificently she strode to the dressing table and took a brush from the top. Bending at the waist, hanging her head downwards she began to brush the underside of her hair. With each stroking movement of her arm her breasts swung heavily under the black lace. Each brush stroke was followed by the other hand smoothing down the same trail, she did this several times until all of her hair was tangle free. She then flicked her head back and straightened her back and began to brush the top, giving him a perfect view of her statuesque beauty. He was thrilled by what he saw, his body reacting to this visual feast.

She turned to continue dressing, facing him directly. She raised the dress above her head and she let it fall to her shoulders. She helped it down from her shoulders and across her breasts and then let it fall free to cover just below the knee. The shoulders straps complemented the camisole straps but did not hide them. As much shoulder was on view as was wise this spring. She smoothed it down and checked the profile in the mirror.

She fit on her earrings and, almost absentmindedly, looked through to the shower. The shape and mannerisms, for a second, took her back to her husband and she realised that fruit of his loins was indeed a fine man now and so like his father.

“You have grown to be a fine son.” She said. “You take after your father in so many ways.”

He cleared some condensation and replied. “Can’t hear you mum, this water flow is great.”

She came closer. “I was just saying, you should get all the suds out.”

He stopped the water flow and opened the partition door. “Pass that towel please.”

He took the white towel from her outstretched hand saying, “You look lovely.”

“Thank you.” She smiled graciously.

He quickly dried his chest and legs and tied the towel around his waist. She took another from the rail.

“Turn around, let me dry your back.”

He did as instructed. She smoothed the thick softness across his shoulders and down the dip of his spine catching the droplets that clung to his skin. He felt her fingertip touch just below his shoulder blade.

“You have a dry patch here, does it bother you?”

“It can get a bit itchy sometimes but it’s hard to reach.”

Stepping away she moved swiftly to a shelf taking down a small jar, she removed the lid and returned to his side.

“This will cure you.” Her voice had a soothing tone.

Carefully applying the balm, working the soothing softness into the sensitive skin. Dipping her fingers back into the jar coating them with the salve and spreading it across his shoulders, working it into him with her thumb.

“That feels so good.” He wriggled his shoulders a little, feeling the release of tension. “Your fingers are still magic.” He smiled at her as she replaced the lid and set it back in its place.

Turning to face him, resting her back on the cool tiled wall, rubbing the excess lotion into the backs of her hands. In three steps he was standing in front of her. Touching her cheek with his large hand, trailing a finger down the side of her neck.

“Thank you for that.” He whispered.

“My pleasure.” She smiled.

Dipping his head, he kissed her lips. Arms circling his waist she held him close. Quite by accident, or maybe design, she dug her fingertips onto his firm bottom. It was almost instinctive, and too hard to resist. She could feel that his half dried body was now dampening her dress, but she didn’t concern herself with damp patches on dark clothes. That will dry, she thought. The hastily wrapped towel could not hold and it opened. He grabbed it before it fell behind him and he resumed his drying. She could see his thickness in her vision but kept her eyes fixed on his jaw line. She reached to his hair and combed her fingers through it. The wet patches on her dress made a wonderful impression for his gaze.

“I’m glad you didn’t cut this.” She let her fingers draw to the ends of his jaw length curls. “Are you growing a beard too?”

“Well it’s all the go now and it’s a lot easier than dragging a razor over at 7am.”

“It’s nice.” She rubbed the back of her hand over the half inch of hair, loving the feeling of the softening stubble. “I had better give you some peace to finish off.”

She had become aware that her nipples were tightening. Must be the cooling damp she told herself reassuringly. The outline of her erect breast tips were clearly defined, his eyes were transfixed.

“You don’t need to go.” Without thinking, he brought his hand to her breast passing a thumb over the hard point. “Please, stay.”

His thickness shifted, and stayed at an awkward sideways angle to his body as he cupped her breast weight it straightened some more and began to rise. His thumb traced the shape of the hard tip of her breast. The back of his other hand lightly brushed her tight belly, an almost reassuring instinct. A slight flush of colour rose in her neckline and her teeth parted to reveal a prone tongue. Taking a ragged inhalation of breath she closed her eyes, melting momentarily into the sensations that were awakening.

“We shouldn’t.” She put her hands out and reluctantly removed his.

He caught both her hands and raised them above her head, pressing them and her back to the marble wall. “Shhh.”

Claiming her lips in an open kiss, teasing her tongue with his own, waiting until he felt her relax and she began to respond before releasing her hands. As soon as her arms were freed, she buried her fingers in his hair gripping just a little too tightly. With one foot planted firmly to the floor, she raised the other leg around the backs of his thighs, pulling him even closer. His penis tip pressed firmly to the soft fabric covering her belly from the pressing of her leg on his thighs, sensation fizzed through him like an electric shock of desire as he was letting go of his control. And letting desire overtake him. The kiss was deep and long and neither wanted to stop and risk breaking the spell. She pulled from his embrace and she looked at him from under her fringe.

“Let’s try the hot tub. It’s a good place to let the stress go free.” She reached into the hot press and pulled out a white robe. “Take this, it’s a family heirloom now. Let me see it on you.”

He put it on and left it hang open. She approached him and taking the belt in both hands went to tie it up.

“Let’s cover that up for a bit.” She smiled the sweetest smile and made for the door.

Taking her robe off the hook on the back of the door and carrying it on her arm. He was glad now that he had turned the tub on earlier. It should be at perfect temperature by now, he thought, pushing his hands down in the pockets of his father’s robe. In the kitchen, she stopped. Taking two glasses from the cupboard and pouring wine from the open bottle on the counter. Handing him one with a slightly trembling hand.

“I opened this to go with dinner, but now seems a good time.”

He accepted the offered glass and took a large sip, she mirrored his action. He led the way through the back door to the patio. The air was cool, a clear sky with the silver globe of the moon casting light onto the steaming water of the tub. Putting their glasses on the ledge of the deep pool, He gently kissed her lips before removing his robe, laying it over a garden chair and climbing in beneath the blanket of hot water. He gently moved to the far side of the hot tub, turned and sat on the seat, He watched as she placed her robe on his, drop the straps of her dress and remove it confidently, she approached the edge of the tub.

“Temperature ok in there? I hope it works ok now.” She asked.

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“You will have to get in to find out.” His reply came with a little wink.

The camisole was dispensed with. After a slight delay and look towards him she finally removed the panties. They momentarily held in the gusset and she released and dropped them to the ground. She used a band on her arm to tie up her hair in a well- practiced move. With a fully open neck he could now see the beautiful curves of this great woman. He did not take his eyes off her as she climbed in.

Watching the curve of her hip as she threw one leg over the edge then, taking his offered hand for balance, the other. She settled herself on the seat next to him, stretching her legs out in front of her. Her breasts, buoyant in the water, found their resting place as she allowed the edge to support her head, her face pointing to the starry sky.

Taking a deep relaxing breath, feeling the contrast of cool air on her face and the hot soothing of the lapping water curling at her throat. His own head now lolling back on the edge. a hairs breadth from hers, his hand finding hers beneath the water, fingers interlacing. They relaxed in this closeness, breathing in unison overlooked only by the winking stars. She turned her head silently to look at the profile of his beautiful face, feeling his thumb caress the side of her hand, she tightened her grip, and he turned his head towards her. Eyes locking, he released her hand bringing his above the surface placing it on the side of her neck.

“Follow my finger for the guide to constellations, just like it was done for me all those years ago.” He spoke softly.

“Ok, I am all yours.” she smiled.

He placed his arm around her neck and she snuggled in instinctively, moving in tightly her hips met his. She perched herself lightly on his thigh, her bottom met with his hip bone and the sensitive skin by his groin. She placed her hand on his other hip to steady herself.

Watching down his arm he pointed out the stars to her in the pitch black evening. She moved her leg between his and in the weightless water they could almost float. His other hand wrapped around her waist and his fanned fingers lay on her tummy with the fingertips, touched her light pubic hair. She felt the warm vapour of his breath as he whispered the story of Orion’s Belt and the tale of the seven sisters that she made up when he was a child.

She moved her hips in a natural reaction to the stroking hand on her belly and pubis, breathing deeply causing her breasts to bob up in the water. The hand which had just been pointing moved and caught one before it disappeared beneath the surface again. He gently kneaded the soft flesh, she arched her head back, exposing her throat. His hand stroked up and over until his fingers reached her lips, he brushed them softly. Parting them she extended her tongue, touching it tentatively to his index finger before drawing his finger into her mouth sucking gently. This sucking action produced in him a rush of desire to dominate and possess. However, he knew that would shorten the pleasurable time they could have together. His finger was sucked and his other hand played with her weightless breast. Time slowed for him.

She turned away and faced him in the water. Their hands met and their bent knees allowed them to bob in the water like he was being taught basic swimming again. They were both smiling with the memory. He brought his legs together and stretched them out and lay backwards his feet reached the opposite side and his back touched the soft edges of the tub. His rock hard cock just broke the surface, offering up to the night.

Taking him in her hands, holding reverently. One hand held the length while the other covered the tip, slowly allowing her thumb to caress this most sensitive place tracing the ridge where the head joined the shaft. Bending her head she kissed the bulbous tip, her tongue following the route her thumb had taken.

The sight of her tongue, cheeks and neck produced a spasm at his very root. She controlled his twitching member with expert hands. Raising her head she sucked in air and wetness from her lips with an audible sound and watched for his reaction. She returned to his cock head with a more rapid tongue flicking motion and his hands reached to her ears to control the explosions that was building, but not wanting it to stop.

Sensing his urgency and fully aware of the short recovery time of the young, she began to move the hand on his shaft continuing the pressure of her lips and the flicking of her tongue. He tightened the hold on the sides of her head, his hips rising, feet pressing firmly to the side of the tub. Overtaken with ardour he could hold back no longer, exploding in a symphony of sensation spurting warm fluid to the back of her throat.

She looked up without moving her head. He watched as her throat undulated with a swallow. With a final tongue swipe she smiled, and stood up. Reaching for her glass she took a deep slug of the red liquid. Steam was rising from her body as the cool air hit her. He raised a hand to reach for her, she stopped him by resting her hand on the top of his head and massaging her fingers into his scalp.

“Come to bed, beautiful son.”

He stood and followed her as she stepped out of the tub and shrugging into her robe led the way wordlessly to her room. He picked up his robe and glass and followed. The change in temperature was bracing as they moved through the garden, then the kitchen and finally to her room.

The house and her room was their private domain. The high large bed was going to be both their private beach and refuge uninterrupted by the outside world. Setting down her glass she turned and smiled a welcome, beckoned him to her and took his glass. She pulled the dressing gown open and smiled to see his semi hard cock was already showing signs of inflating again. She opened her gown to show him her bounty. He cupped a large breast in each hand, they were goose bumped, giving a tightness to the skin that changed their texture to the touch. Her nipples were rosy and almost an inch erected, he dipped to suck and warm them with his lips and tongue.

Feasting on her with open mouth, he sucked and licked each nipple in turn, stroking the soft yielding fullness. Pleasure sounds passed her lips. He kissed between them loving the feel of a cool breast touching each cheek. Kissing his way up to her neck he pushed the robe off her shoulders, it pooled at her ankles. He stepped back, taking in the beauty that stood before him. No other woman would ever be a match.

Dispensing with his own covering he embraced her again, hands feeling her from back to thighs, lingering on her bottom, squeezing a little. Breaking from him, she pulled back the cover on the bed, revealing fresh white sheets. Crawling up onto the mattress between the crisp cotton, holding up the top sheet as an invitation, which he took up without hesitation.

“Will you guide me tonight?” He asked. “I want to give back some of the love you have always shown to me.”

“We don’t need to plan too much.” She whispered. “I will give you hints to the pleasures I enjoy.”

He slipped between the sheets and slid across to be next to her. She reached down and held him backhanded and she gently twisted that to a forehand without breaking contact with his fullness.

“Am I like him there?” He dared to ask.

“Your father treated me very well in all ways and showed me gentle loving. You have grown into your own man and I expect your cock to fill me differently”.

She bid him lie on his back and she sat on his thighs, straddling him. She pushed her hands up his chest and bent over him so her massive breasts made a gentle noise as she ran skin against taut skin. Soon her face was level with his, slowly she began to kiss his lips. First the bottom one, then the top, he was tantalised as her tongue ran across his lower lip. He held her face, deepening the kiss.

“Lay on your back.” He whispered. “I need to taste you.”

With her head on the pillow, he reached behind to release her hair and fanned it on the pillows. Kneeling by her side he ran his face just above the surface of her skin, hovering above her chest and the valley between her breasts, he inhaled the blossom of her skin, she reacted as his nose grazed the skin near her belly button. His nose finally detected the female smell of her pubic hair and finally his top lip alighted on her outer lips.

Turning his back to her, he straddled her and buried his nose into her soft sex while his lips kept contact with her clitoris. She moaned at the perfect contact. He was greedy for her moans and her praise tonight. Her pleasure mounted as he flicked his tongue as he allowed it to explore the soft wetness of her inner lips, to taste the fragrant juice that was beginning to trickle. He came back to her clitoris, sucking softly. Her breathing became heavier, her arms stretched above her head, hips writhing. He inserted two fingers into her hot wetness, beginning a rhythmic beckoning action on the soft spot within, while still flicking, and sucking her clitoris. Such was the intensity of sensation that filled her, she half screamed, half groaned with the release that came, in squirts.

“Oh god!” Breathlessly, she spoke. “You are magnificent. I need to feel you in me…now!”

She directed him to lie on his back. He watched as she stood at her full height with feet planted either side of him, she lowered herself to him, hovered above his tumescence.

“What do you think it will feel like hun?” She asked softly, looking into his eyes. He reached down and moved his cock to point at her.

“It will feel wonderful to have you finally hold me safe in there.”

She gently lowered herself and as the lips parted, giving access to her softness, they both exhaled a sigh of release. She brought her full weight to bear on that first insertion allowing the motion to start. Shifting her feet back to replace her weight to her knees and deepen the fit, she slowly began a slow rhythm. He soon tuned in to, raising his hips to meet her downward motion, lowering them when she lifted hers. He watched as his cock, slick with its coating of her creamy essence, the aroma of which still clung his facial hair, became visible for a moment then disappearing again into her highly aroused body. The sight fired his own desire, he lifted his hands to catch the swinging breasts, raising his upper body from the bed his mouth open to feed at her nipples once more.

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She cupped her breast to provide a steady target as he latched on. His sucking action fired a shock of stimulation directly to her clitoris. As she increased the rate of her hip movements, he fell back, the soft light of the room let him see the rock hardness of his cock when her body was raised. Cupping both breasts she straightened up and was in another world. Bending forward she leaned herself on his chest, hands covering his chest area. She raised and lowered using just the swinging motion of her hips, dictating the speed of the passion. Slow, deep pelvic rolls ensuring the fullest penetration with every forward move. His combined length and girth touching every pleasure spot within her. Keeping the tempo slow, squeezing her pc muscles tightly with each forward roll, gripping him tighter and sending waves of pleasure through both their bodies.

With no desire to let this end too soon, she sat up, still keeping his cock in its warm haven. Once again she bid him to sit up, she brought her legs from the kneeling position and extended them forward, wrapping them around behind him. Instructing him to bring his own legs to a cross sitting position, as he did she raised her bottom slightly then relaxing back to sit on his crossed feet. The shifting movement bringing new erotic sensations to his buried cock. In this perfect position, a mere rock of the hips was enough to fire extreme sensual pleasure, she enfolded him in her arms and kissed him wantonly, inhaling her own feminine scent that lingered on his face. Her elevated position allowed her to drape her arms over his shoulders, she rocked back and forth and held his gaze. Her half smile and sparkling eyes showing a side of her he had not seen unlocked before. She bid he rest his chin in her cleavage. She tensed her legs around and took control of the stroke, using the full length from root to tip. Their passion rose, the room filled with the sounds of pleasure and desire. Stopping abruptly, she looked into his eyes.

“You are amazing.”

She punctuated with a kiss to his throat.

“You are perfect.”

A kiss to his chin.

“I want you to TAKE me, any way you desire, I am YOURS.”

A kiss to his lips before untangling her legs and easing herself off his pulsating, engorged length. She lay on her back, one leg bent the other stretched straight out, her arms out to the sides. The sight of her exposed, breathless and wanting, excited him further.

“Anything you want.”

He raised her leg fully, stretched it out and directed his cock head towards her. She rolled to her side and straddling one leg he barely reached inside her, her raised leg was taut and stretched, she let it bend and rest on his shoulder she was open wide and he drove deep into her, hearing the noise of her moist pussy reacting to his penetration. He smacked her bum hard which surprised them both and the sound flew around the room, her breathing quickened. As he pushed harder his ball sac hit her lower leg and pussy lips.

“Cup your breasts. Let me see the indentations you make.”

She obeyed his command, squeezing the flesh and primping the nipples. He brought her raised leg down and stayed inside, he was now fully on top, still on his knees. He raised both her legs to an angle, leaned forward and whispered.

“Have me again. Bring life again and we will be together forever.”

He lay on top, looming above her and watched her as she reached and grabbed his young bum, holding firmly, keeping him in place, her eyes searching his face she whispered back.

“I don’t understand what you want me to do. I want you to have everything you want. Show me, tell me.”

“Just spread your legs and let me feel what it was like to give birth to me – I will fill you up again.” He replied

Surprised by his request, not knowing what to expect, yet trusting him fully, she did as requested. With legs spread wide, knees slightly bent, she lay back, open to him.

“Fill me my love, fill me however you want.”

He took her hand and placed it on the underside of his cock, he bid her stroke and bring to full erection. He watched as her hand expertly twisted with a practiced motion, he thought of the pleasure she had given in the past and this made him warm inside, felt at complete rest. He bent his cock down and entered.

“Place your hands on your knees and coax me to come.” He asked.

He was fully inside, she could feel the balls beat a rhythm on her taut skin below her pussy.

“Come my love, come inside, don’t strain, don’t reach. Let it come in jets and fill me up.” Her words uttered in her soft, loving tone were the only encouragement he needed. His body filled with the heat of excitement. Staring down at her body, the flow of her relaxed breasts, each movement he made causing them to ripple. The tightening of her belly as she raised her hips to meet his rampant thrusts, further spurred him on.

The first spasm washed over him. He let go without straining, his head went back as he came. She was delighted she had this power over him right now, he was completely vulnerable. His moans of pleasure and his spasms lasted what seemed like minutes.

“You come just beautifully, I am so happy to have witnessed it.” She held his face gently as she spoke with emotion.

He lowered himself into her welcoming arms and let out a sigh, he clenched in a final spurt. Her hand found the small of his back and she pressed him to her. His head nestled in the solace of her voluptuous breasts. With the fingers of one hand she traced soothing circles on his back; with the other she stroked his sweat dampened hair away from his brow. His softening cock still held within her depths.

Replete, he rested in this safe haven, not wanting to move, to break the connection. As if reading his thoughts, she whispered. “Sleep there a while, my love.”

Removing the hand from his head long enough to gather the quilt that had been pushed aside and lay it across their joined bodies. He drifted into sleep, held and comforted in the knowledge that he was truly home.

He woke to the sun breaking through the curtains. He was back in his old room. A hand on his comforter he stroked a little and brought his hand to this face. He could smell the love making on his hands and was thrilled with the prospect of the day to come. Earlier that night he had kissed her on the cheek and made his way back to his old room. He wanted them both to get a full sleep. He could hear movement beyond the bedrooms and he dressed in the dressing gown he used the night before, landing inside the kitchen he was greeted by a bright:

“Good morning sleepyhead, come kiss your Mum, my wonderful man.”

She was leaning against the rail of the range, her damp, freshly washed hair curling slightly at the ends, face glowing, eyes sparkling. Her dressing gown loosely tied at the waist, she looked resplendent. He crossed the room to stand in front of her, bending his head he kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Good morning.”

He smiled as she slipped her warm hands inside his robe to circle his waist. He nuzzled into her neck, inhaling her clean fragrance.

“So,” she said, “what would you like to do today?”

“I plan on warming my hands near the range.”

He smiled and he gently placed his hands inside her dressing gown and cupped her breasts. He looked down and was again proud of this beautiful woman that had shared her bed and herself with him.

“It is such a pleasure to be with someone and still want to share the following day with them. I am glad we aren’t rushing off to our separate lives just yet. He wrapped his arms around her as he said this.

“You really surprised me last night; I wasn’t expecting what happened to happen”. She stroked his hair as she spoke. “Yet here we are still able to be comfortable together. I wished the night we had could have gone on forever. Go into my bathroom and get a quick shower to wake yourself up. I will make some coffee.”

As he retreated to the bathroom, she switched on the kettle, scooped coffee into the waiting pot and lost herself in the memory of the night before, her body still tingling in the aftermath.

The water needles cut through his morning fug, he reluctantly washed away the physical memory of the night before, he knew it was a small price to pay, especially when you were still in the favour of the woman that put it there.

He grabbed a towel and dried himself, as he dried, he had a snoop in the drawers of his mother’s room, all the usual items in their place. Her underwear now took on a new profile for him. The sensible ones on the top and the lace below, he hoped he would experience all the lace items. He fingered the gusset of a black and red pair and dreamed of dampness there caused by her arousal in turn caused by him his cock twitched at the thought.

She came through with the coffee, one mug in each hand.

“What are you up to nosy?!” She laughed as she set the cups down a bedside table. She sat upright on the bed, one leg bent flat to the mattress, the other bent over the first, knee pointing upwards, resting her back against the pillows. He hastily closed the drawer shooting her a coy glance.

“Sorry. It seems I’ve been caught red handed!” Chuckling softly he hastened across the floor, joining her on the bed with an exaggerated crawl towards her. Stopping briefly to graze her cheek with his lips. He reached past her to take a cup, sitting back on his heels he took a sip, looking directly at her.

“Don’t forget yours. Get it while it’s hot!” He grinned, winking theatrically, swotting his bare thigh.

“Cheeky.” She laughed, reaching for her cup.

“I was just going through your delicates. I am fascinated and hope you will provide me with fashion show one day, nothing like lingerie for the perfect build- up.” He casually stroked her leg.

“It wasn’t necessary yesterday.” She replied with a smile.

“I watched you from the shower, and when I saw you in black I just knew I had to have you.” He confessed.

“Guessed as much, black tends to do it most times for you men” she touched his face. “Next time I will give you all you desire and the build up you love.”

They sat on the bed chatting and enjoying their closeness. It was the perfect start to their new adventure.

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