Mom and I squeeze in Bus to Paradise

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Mom, dad, and I just finished our first week of vacation in the Bahamas. It’s been amazing so far; we spend every day lounging at the beach a few miles from our hotel. The only downside is that we have to take a to get there.

Dad wasn’t feeling up for another beach trip this morning, so only mom and I shuffled into the bus. It was more crowded than usual; apparently, a big group of tourists had just arrived. By the time mom and I made it to the back of the bus looking for seats, there was only one left next to the lavatory.

“We can catch the next bus,” mom suggested.

“That won’t be for another hour,” I pouted, looking around the packed bus, “and the next one might be just as crowded. No, we should try to head out now.” I plopped into the seat and looked up at mom, staring back somewhat confused. “If you don’t mind, just try to sit on my lap. If it’s not too uncomfortable maybe we can manage until we get to the beach.”

Mom looked me up and down before sighing and sitting down on the end of my knees, pressed up against the seat in front. “That’s not going to work mom. Here,” I said, pulling her hips back onto mine. “This will distribute the weight more evenly, and give you some leg room.” Mom shifted to get comfortable and leaned her back into my chest. I sighed as the bus started to move.

I should have thought it out more. I was only wearing board shorts and flip flops, with no shirt. Mom was in a one-piece swimsuit with a sheer top. I wrapped my arms around her waist to keep her from moving over the bumpy rural roads, but with every bounce I felt her thick hips fall down my lap, then slide back up as she returned to her position. The motion quickly gave me a hard-on.

I sat deathly still for the next few moments. My arms stayed wrapped around mom’s stomach, feeling the underside of her large breasts brush against me with each bounce of the bus. It was getting hot, our bodies pressed together. Mom and I were both starting to sweat, and her hot, misty thighs began tugging at my shorts as they moved with each bump.

My cock grew with each gyration. Worse, I realized I had forgotten to tie the waist of my shorts this morning; my cock head began to protrude from the top of my shorts, ever more as it grew and mom’s movements pulled down my shorts.

After one more bounce mom stood up, pushed my knees apart and sat down firmly on the top of my groin. That time we both froze, as she undoubtedly felt my half-naked dick planted firmly between her ass cheeks.

Mom turned her head to the side, speaking softly and not daring to look down. “Is…everything alright honey? Do you need me to get up?”

I felt ashamed, but knew that if she got up mom would have a perfect view of me, completely erect from her touch. I had to avoid that.

“N-no mom, don’t get up,” I replied.

We sat still for a few more moments, bumpy road temporarily behind us. Then, mom slipped off her thin top and placed it over her lap.

“Here, son,” she whispered, fishing between our legs. Mom pulled my shorts down ever further, just past my balls. I sank further into the seat, unsure what she had planned. She raised up her hips, grabbed my stiff cock and pushed it down until it stuck out between her legs. She then sat back down, springing my stiffness against the front of her bathing suit, just covered by her top.

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